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What Is The Average Price For Lawn Care

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Dont Forget Overhead And Equipment

What Does Lawn Care Cost In Phoenix

Once youve calculated the cost of labor, you will factor in overhead and other costs.

Your lawn care companys overhead costs may include:

  • Administrative staff.
  • Other bills
  • Equipment.

After labor, your businesss second-largest expense is equipment. Just like labor, equipment costs money, so you have to make sure that youre always in a position to maintain or replace it if necessary.

As a result, equipment should always be factored into your overhead costs. You should markup anywhere from 11 50% to cover your total overhead costs.

From there, add a markup for profit. Your markup should be based on how much profit you are looking to make from every job and is determined by your other expenses.

Before arriving at a final price, double-check that youve included every element of the job in your calculation and have priced any special factors correctly.To give your customer an idea of your prices beforehand, you can create a lawn care price sheet.

Questions That You Should Ask Of A Lawn Care Professional

If youve never hired a lawn care service before, you may not know what to ask them before deciding if theyre the right company for you. For the most satisfying results, its essential to do a little research on each potential company.

  • Do they have credentials for doing the services you need?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have experience in doing the services you need?
  • Can they provide references?
  • Are they going to be able to come up with a plan of action to get you the results you want?
  • How much are they charging you and what do they consider the minimum cost to complete the job?
  • Do they provide any guarantees for their work?
  • Do they have any discounts at any times

Hiring A Lawn Care Service Helps You Stay Safe

How dangerous can mowing the lawn really be?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 80,000 people are taken to the emergency room every year due to lawn related injuries.

Lawn equipmentincluding mowers, weed eaters, hedge clippers, and mulchersare some of the most dangerous items in the household. Also, flammable gas, harmful fumes, and sharp blades moving at over 200 mph, all bring added dangers to this chore.

Additionally, being in the sun without protection can have long lasting negative impact on the skin, including cancer and skin disease.

Why not leave this task to better trained pros?

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What Kind Of Business Model Does The Lawn Mowing Service Have

Another factor that will determine how much it costs to mow the lawn is the type of business model the company operates.

Less formalized independent contractors will typically charge less than their more established counterparts. If a lawn care company has a company truck, uniforms, and more systemized business practices, they need to charge more to cover their overheads.

Critical: Test Your Lawn Care Pricing

How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?

This is the lawn care pricing strategy for many lawn care business owners:

  • They count their operational costs
  • Then, they add 5% or 10%, depending on how they feel

Thats it.

Many of your competitors never test their prices, which is why it feels like the green industry constantly undercuts itself.

People are afraid to try anything… They’re afraid to talk to their clients, and nobody tracks data to figure out where they can make more money.

However, you can do better.

Make pricing part of your culture!

  • Get regular pricing feedback from your clients
  • Evaluate your prices on a set basis
  • Keep the value you can give to your clients at the forefront of your mind

Do all of these things, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a richer, happier lawn care business owner.

Now, comes the next part… the hard part the part that makes so many lawn care business owners squirm in their seats

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Lawn Care Service Prices

Lawn care professionals provide many different service outside of just mowing. Depending on where you live, and how long its been since your yard has been maintained, some additional services may be needed. Let’s take a look at some common lawn services and their prices:

  • Lawn Mowing: Average cost $25 – $50
  • Tree Trimming: Average cost $250 – $500
  • Lawn Aeration: Average cost $80 – $175
  • Lawn Weeding: Average cost $20 – $40 /hour
  • Lawn Winterization: Average cost $350
  • Lawn Fertilizing: Average cost $40 – $60 /application
  • Lawn Seeding: Average cost for professional $700
  • Leaf Removal: Average cost $50 – $80
  • Landscaping: Average cost between $3,000 and $15,950

Lawn Care Maintenance Costs Per Hour

Most professionals offer hourly rates on lawn care maintenance. You can expect to pay from $40 to $90 per hour for these services, depending on the additional maintenance tasks required. It is important to note that this price is per person per hour, so if multiple workers are used, the price per hour will go up, but the overall cost will likely be the same since having more people means it will be completed sooner. Very large areas often require multiple workers.

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Whats Included In The Price Of Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn care companies like to provide discounts on one-off services by bundling common lawn care services into a single package. These mowing packages often include mowing, edging, weeding, and leaf removal services.

Depending on what a lawn needs, itâs easy for homeowners to add on other services, such as watering and fertilization.

Remember that itâs common to provide discounts for committing to a long-term lawn care contract. Loyalty rewards are always appreciated in this hotly contested business.

Remember That Lawn Care Is An Investment

5 Tips for Lawn Care Pricing

Your home is one of the biggest purchases youll ever make, so youll want to protect that investment by ensuring your lawn is healthy and well-manicured.

Find your lawn care pro today, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful new yard for many years to come.

When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted lawn care pros:

Daniel W.

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Architect Vs Designer Vs Landscaper

Depending on the scope of your project, you will need to work with the right landscaping professional. There are three different types of pros you may need to work with depending on your project. Here are the differences between an architect, designer and landscaper, and their costs.


A landscaping architect is similar to a building architect in that they both provide construction drawings and work closely with surveyors, engineers, and other contractors to pull large scale projects together. Typically landscape architects work on commercial and government projects such as public parks, shopping centers, and golf courses to name a few. Residential work is often limited to new construction such as apartments and condos. A big distinction between other pros and architects is that architects require a degree, either at a masters or bachelors level, to enter the field.

Costs Of Hiring A Landscape Architect

Homeowners will typically hire a landscape architect for yard design during the initial construction of a new build home or for very complex projects that involve installing large structures such as pools.


A landscape designer does not require a degree or licensing to operate, they also do not provide construction drawings and typically do not work closely with contractors or engineers. Instead, a designer will work with your landscaper and provide design plans. They primarily work on smaller scale residential projects.

Costs Of Hiring A Landscape Designer

What Our Research Indicates About Landscaping Rates

GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over 10,000 lawn care service providers all over the country about how much they charge for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

As it turns out.

78% of lawn care professionals we polled responded they charge at least $60 per man per hour. Or $1 a minute.

Next. 12% responded they charge on average $50 per man per hour

Lastly, 10% responded they charge $40 per man per hour or less

But thats just part of the story

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How To Raise Your Lawn Care Pricing Without Losing Great Clients

No one and I mean no one wants to pay more for anything.

Youre raising my prices? My yard didnt get any bigger, so why should it cost more?

The stubborn client is every lawn care business’ worst nightmare. As a result, many lawn care business owners are afraid that a simple lawn care pricing increase will bring out the worst in people.

And it will

if you dont do it right.

  • How high is too high?
  • What number should you aim for?
  • When should you raise prices, and how frequently?

Use these 5 simple steps to properly raise your lawn care prices without losing your best clients.

Do You Really Save Time And Money By Mowing The Lawn Yourself

Selecting a Lawn Care Service

Are you really saving money by mowing the lawn yourself?

Have you ever wondered if the time you spend performing lawn care could have been spent doing something else?

Worse still, do you know the dangers associated with lawn care?

Interestingly enough, lawn care is one chore that most people believe saves time and money but does it really?

Lets find out!

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How To Price Lawn Mowing Services

Image credit: Daniel Watson via Unsplash

Coming up with competitive prices requires a lot of research and a thorough understanding of both your business and target customers.

However, once you find the prices that work for you, youll:

  • Find more opportunities.

Follow the steps below to price your lawn mowing services efficiently and accurately every time!

Save Money By Bundling Lawn Care Services

Does your lawn need a lot of love? Dont worry we are here to help with all of your lawn care needs.

Did you know?

You can save up to 30% with Lawn Love by bundling your lawn services. You can schedule a recurring mowing service along with leaf removal or yard cleanup depending on your needs. With flexibility on the frequency of your recurring services, you can create a fully customized lawn care plan while also saving you money.

Bundling services is especially helpful if youre hosting events like an open house or using your home as a vacation rental. By mixing and matching services, you can stay on top of your lawn maintenance and can also add a personal touch when needed.

Manage everything from one location and sleep soundly knowing that Lawn Love has all of your needs covered.

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Lawn Service Cost By Type Of Service

Mowing is not the only service that these professionals usually provide, nor is it the only service your lawn may require. Your yard maintenance cost may include many maintenance tasks that may be used to help bring your lawn back to a healthy state, prepare it for the upcoming season, or reduce the risk of weeds, pests, and other intrusions into your yard that can damage its aesthetic. Below, you will see the average lawn maintenance cost based on the most common maintenance tasks that may be combined with your mowing to keep the outdoor of your home as beautiful and healthy as possible.

$1,200 – $2,000

How Do I Know If Im Getting The Best Price For Lawn Care

GreenStripe: How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?

Lawn Love offers competitive pricing starting at $29. Not only are we extremely affordable, we also guarantee the quality of your service, unlike most alternative and more expensive solutions.

Still not sure? We want you to feel good about your decision so weve made our pricing as transparent as possible up front. If you want to shop around, you can! Enter your information for your own instant personalized price. If you dont like what you see, you have no obligation to book with us.

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Maximize Your Profits Using The Best Lawn Care Pricing Strategies

Lawn care pricing strategies can make or break your business.

For many lawn care owners, they feel like its a case of trial and error but it doesnt have to be.

When you use the lawn care pricing strategies given to you in this article, you can:

  • Get your lawn care pricing right NOW
  • Guarantee your lawn care services are as profitable as possible
  • Discover which jobs are the most profitable
  • Find out how much you should raise your prices on your least profitable clients

Originally February 26, 2019 7:00 AM, updated May 18, 2021 9:07 AM

Why Do Lawn Mowing Costs Rise When The Grass Is Long

Even the best lawn mower wont slash its way through grass effectively when its too long. If the lawn care professional you hire attempts to do this, a couple of things could happen:

  • Theyll damage the blades on their mower
  • If they do damage the blades on their mower, they may not be able to complete the job
  • Youll experience uneven results, which nobody wants

To prepare long grass for a mower, the lawn service specialist who comes to your home will need to engage in a bit of slashing. In other words, theyll use different tools to chop the grass down to a cuttable size.

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How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost In Phoenix Arizona

How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost in Phoenix, Arizona?

Lawn Care and Landscape Service prices vary throughout Phoenix based off of lot size and how many plants and trees, grass and granite are onsite to maintain. If you are thinking the cost for full lawn care service should be between $40-$50 per service, since the yard should not take long to keep it looking nice, you maybe surprised to know all the costs associated with lawn care. When it comes to quality service and if your current landscaper isnt making a profit, they will likely stop showing up instead of requesting a price increase over time. Which is common in our field to hear the words my guys just stopped showing up.

Is it important to you that the company you hire for your landscaping service have insurance?

This is very important and rarely is checked but when you hire a landscaper in Phoenix that does not carry business liability insurance and workers compensation, you are really taking on all of the risk for the company. You can be stuck with a homeowners insurance claim if an employee gets hurt while onsite at your home, if the company you use does not have workers compensation. You can get stuck with a bill for repairs if the company you hire does not carry business liability to cover things like a broken window or other types of property damage at your home.

Is it important to you that the company you hire be licensed?

Equipment & Supply Costs

Truck, Trailer & Fuel Costs

Labor Costs

Insurance Costs

Sod Or Grassy Area Costs

Weed Pro Increases Organic Leads 181% With Website Redesign

There are several approaches you can take when it comes to your grassy areas. The simplest approach is to work on some grass maintenance. This might mean that you hire a yard service and get regular fertilizing started.

If you want a bigger overhaul, it might mean removing your current grass areas and changing them up. You have a few options if this is your approach:

  • Spray grass seed
  • Artificial turf

Lets take a closer look at the cost of the two most popular options.

Installing new sod gives your yard the immediate look of an established lawn. Sod costs between 14 and 60 cents per square foot. Once installed, you need to maintain it, including mowing, water, and fertilization. The average costs to maintain a 500 square foot yard with sod are $848 per year.

A new trend in landscaping is to install artificial turf in grassy areas. Many homeowners are seeing the short and long-term benefits of artificial turf.

It requires zero maintenance once its installed. It lasts for 25 to 30 years without the yearly upkeep of real grass. While you save on the yearly maintenance costs, it does cost more on the front end to install than sod.

Artificial turf costs run between $5 to $21 per square foot. While this price tag is heftier, after installation, you will have zero maintenance costs for the life of the turf.

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How To Price Tree Services

Tree inspections, pruning, removal, and other tree services tend to be expensive.

Like other green industry services, tree service pricing falls under the time = money rule.

Tree removal can cost anywhere from $75 to $3500+. Plus, you have to know your operational costs and an estimated time for removal in order to give a proper bid for tree-related jobs.

Since tree removal can be such a complex and careful job, experience is important to give a fair estimate.

As a result, you should consider positioning your business for premium services.

After all, many tree service clients are looking for premium services because they want to hear three little words: Licensed and Insured.”

Also, dont forget to upsell your clients! To name a few:

  • Pruning
  • Hauling and disposal services

Level Of Experience & Training

Paying technicians who perform the lawn care services is obviously a big factor in lawn care cost and its also a big differentiator.

Because a lot of lawn care companies employ technicians that dont have a ton of experience, they also underpay them. If you find a low-priced service, it may be that their employees are underpaid. Unfortunately, that can lead to workers who arent very committed. They may even cut corners on the job. Oftentimes, companies like this have a revolving door of employees.

Lawn care services that invest in quality staff and keep employees ultimately benefits the customer. At Master Lawn, we have technicians who have up to 25 years of experience.

We also ensure that all of our technicians are licensed applicatorsnot just some like most companies. Some companies have one individual that is licensed and then just registers other technicians underneath them. Thats not good enough for Master Lawn.

That level of experience costs more but it also directly benefits the customer. For example, techs who are well-trained and highly experienced are much more likely to recognize a disease and immediately know what to treat it with. The customer reaps the benefit with better results.

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