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Who Makes The Best Lawn Sweeper

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Pull Behind Grass Catchers For Perfect Garden Look

7 Best Lawn Sweepers 2019

Cleaning your garden with mechanical tools is clearly a better option than using a rake. With their help, you save time and your own energy and rescue your lawn from bacteria and possible diseases.

Check out my tow behind lawn sweeper reviews and recommendations before heading for shopping. Although these devices are simple in design, there are many things to consider beforehand. And dont forget to take proper care of your tool to make it serve you longer.

Please tell me about your experience of using pull behind sweepers in the comments. Which brand and model do you find most useful? Feel free to ask me your question!

Precision Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

Precision Products

Not just excelling in the sweeping efficiency but this sweeper excels in terms of durability. The making is done from the long-lasting powder-coated steel frame to enhance stability. At the base, there are semi-pneumatic wheels with aluminum hubs to improve comfort during the use. In this lawn sweepers configuration, there is an easy dump action and height adjustment. The process of sweeping cleans up leaves and trimmings. Since the included wheels are semi-pneumatic, they will glide smoothly on different terrains. The facility of varying size options allows you to choose the preferred one easily.In Short:

  • The build quality is made using an easy dump action and height adjustment
  • Prepared using the long-lasting powder finished steel frame
  • To enhance comfort during the use, this sweeper has aluminum hubs
  • Allows you to choose a preferred size option

Can I Use My Lawn Sweeper When Mowing

If your mower doesnt have a collection bag, then the sweeper can collect the clippings for you after you finish mowing. However, most gardeners use the sweeper before they mow to collect the debris on the lawn.

Running your lawnmower over pebbles could cause ricochets that break windows. Mowing over broken branches and fallen berries can damage the blades on your mower.

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Choosing The Right Sweeper

Homeowners whove decided between the two basic types have just a few more decisions to make before purchase.

  • Capacity The hopper capacity ranges widely. Large yards will require at least 20 cubic feet of storage, while smaller gardens can get away with ten or fewer cubic feet.
  • Sweeper width Again, larger yards will require a wider sweeper width to cut down on the number of passes needed. Smaller yards or gardens need a narrower sweeper width for better maneuverability and tighter turns.
  • Hitches Many tow-behind sweepers have universal hitches, but double-check what the specific hitch is on the tractor before deciding to ensure compatibility.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Push Lawn Sweeper 26

TOP 10 Best Lawn Sweeper to Buy in 2021

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, With 3.6 Bushel Rear Collection Bag

Your lawn will stay tidy and green, b thanks to the Scotts yard sweeper. You won’t have to worry about raking the lawn after you’ve cut the grass any longer. It’s a multi-purpose push rake with an adjustable height that makes picking up lawn debris a breeze. Easily compatible in the summer, fall, or autumn anytime you need a cleaning friend to help you with your yard work. The 3.6-bushel storage bag is what you’ll need.

The Scotts lawn sweeper is perfect for your garden because of its 26 width sweeping, which allows you to vacuum up more areas in less time. With the Scotts leaf lawn sweeper, you can reduce the manual labor of raking in your yard. In addition, using the high volume 3.6-bushel collection container, you can gather debris quicker and easier.



  • Difficult to assemble and comparatively small bag

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Are Lawn Sweepers Better Than Lawn Mowers

It would be impossible to say that sweepers are better than mowers. Mowers have the capability of cutting turf shorter sweepers do not have this same capability. Since the mower is a bit more versatile, it will be a necessity compared to the sweeper. The sweeper is more of a luxury item to have.

If your budget allows for both a mower and a sweeper, we recommend one. The process of cleaning up after a storm or keeping your yard looking neat in the fall is much easier with a sweeper on your side.

Lawn Sweeper Usage Tips

Only Sweep a Dry Lawn

Before you use your lawn sweeper, you need to make sure its completely dry. This is because the machine will have an easier time picking up leaves and debris on a dry lawn.

Although it may be tempting to sweep your lawn right after a storm, try to hold off until the debris dries a bit. In addition, your yard should be cleaned regularly to make the job easier for your lawn sweeper. This will help keep debris from getting out of hand.

Avoid Using High Speed

Each lawn sweeper comes with a different speed. These varying tractor speeds are meant to help you handle all different types of debris. Its best to experiment and check out different speeds before deciding what will work best for you.

Although its sometimes okay to use a lawn sweeper at higher speeds, this should only be done on even ground. To be completely safe, use the sweeper at low speeds to reduce risks of product damage and to extend the products overall life.

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Lawn Sweeper Maintenance Checklist

Empty Hopper Frequently

As you use your lawn sweeper, its bag will fill up with plant matter. Instead of waiting for the hopper to fill up completely, which will weigh it down, make sure you empty it out each time you use it.

The longer the plant debris sits in the hopper without being cleaned, the more prone it is to mold and mildew. It will stay clean and fresh for much longer if you empty it out on a regular basis.


In order to get the best sweeper experience, there is some pre-preemptive maintenance you should take care of.

Before you use your sweeper, do some chopping, mulching, cutting, or shredding of the debris in your yard. This will lower the risk of your sweeper getting clogged, saving time and making your job much easier.

In order to have the best pull behind mower or best push lawn sweeper experience, these simple tips are crucial.

What Are The Different Types Of Lawn Sweepers

Top 5 Best Lawn Sweepers Review in 2021

There are several different types of lawn sweepers, depending on the functionality and the specifications. But overall, there are primarily two types of a lawn sweepers.

  • Tow behind or pull behind sweeper
  • Push forward lawn sweeper

You can pick based on your needs and the size of the lawn you want to clean up.

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Are Leaf Sweepers Any Good


Do lawn sweepers work on leaves?

A lawn sweeper can do more than just pick up grass clippings from your lawn. Its spinning brushes also can clean dust and dirt off a paved driveway, patio or sidewalk, and you can use them to pick up fallen leaves in autumn, too. Take the lawn sweeper down a paved driveway or sidewalk to pick up light snow.

who makes the best tow behind lawn sweeper?Top 10 Best Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers in 2020 Reviews

How To Choose The Best Lawn Sweepers

When choosing the best lawn sweepers for the yard, look for the functionality which closely matches your needs.

Knowing the size and layout of your lawn is essential as buying too big may make it difficult to pass it through smaller space. On the other hand, purchasing a too small size may result in making several cleaning swipes.

Overall, look for the yard sweeper that can pick maximum debris and leaves in each sweep. This saves you time and effort in cleaning. The second thing to consider is the minimum maintenance required to upkeep the machine.

Here are the following features to look for in the best lawn sweepers:

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How To Choose The Best Push Lawn Sweeper:

Picking a push lawn sweeper can be hard because of the many designs in the market. Theres no need to worry because we have the top tips on how to select the best push lawn sweeper.

Adjustable Height

Check to see of the sweeper lets you adjust the height level. This makes it easier and comfortable for anyone to enjoy a simple operation. Some models have 5 options to promote maximum flexibility.

Storage Bin

The best push lawn sweeper should have dirt container that accommodates the debris. It should be large enough to prevent constant disposal and, at the same time, encourage a continuous performance. Ensure you check if this item has a sturdy pouch that wont break or tear during use.


Lastly, when choosing this item, what do you look for? A multipurpose model comes in handy to allow flexible use. You can clear out leaves and other debris from different places. For instance, you can use it for sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, storefronts, garages, sheds, and more areas.

Craftsman Cmxgzbf7124266 Lawn Sweeper

Does A Lawn Sweeper Pick Up Pine Needles?

Best Lawn Sweeper for Heavy Duty Pick-Up

If youve got the right tractor or mower, this tow behind lawn sweeper will be well worth shelling out the extra money. The bag size is a whopping 22 cubic feet along with a 42 sweeping width. It will make short work of expansive terrain, even if it’s bumpy or covered with difficult debris .

This is the best lawn sweeper for people with gigantic lawns, tons of area to cover, country dwellers, and possibly even professionals. If youve got the machinery to pull it, this Craftsman covers ground with amazing speed and efficiency – youll definitely be happy you invested in this product!

Sweeping WidthHopper CapacityLawn Sweeper Type

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Ohio Steel 42swp22 Tow Behind Sweeper


  • Super wide 9 chute helps prevent clogging
  • Completely removable and collapsible hopper for rapid and compact storage


  • Tensioning rods were difficult to assemble

The 42SWP22 is a professional grade lawn sweeper. It features an extra-wide sweeping path of 42, as well as a 22 cubic foot heavy-duty collector bag which facilitates quick and efficient lawn care.

This machine has patented exclusive 11 spiral brushes which sweep more effectively than other standard sweepers and also puts a lot less stress on gears to encourage a longer life. Its hopper empties easily by pulling the rope while seated on your tractor.

Simply reverse to compost or debris area, pull the rope and the job is finished.

The 42SWP22 sweeper features sealed ball bearings on its brush axle, a hitch pin, and a 5-position hitch adjustment which gives a custom fit for all tractor brands. It has a positive lock no-slip height adjustment, which ensures that it wont vibrate out of the correct position.

The wider 9 chute clogs less often, especially if youre sweeping wet grass clippings that may clump together. The three position hitch adjustment provides effective level operation for any tractor hitch height, without having to use easy-to-lose spacer rings.

Dethatcher And Scarifying Attachments

If you want a dual-tool functionality from your machine, look for lawn sweepers that offer dethatching functionality and sweeping. The dethatcher scarifies your lawn, removing the dead thatching. As a result, you get more air to the roots of your grass, increasing your lawns health and growth rate.

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Yard Tuff Ytf Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper

Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper, 42′

Yard Tuff’s YTF-42STQA 42 Fast Assembly Lawn Sweeper is the ideal solution for all your lawn chores. The sweeper from Yard Tuff is suitable for sweeping up leaves, pine needles, twigs, lawn clippings, garbage, and other waste. The easy-to-assemble sweeper will help you quickly pick up your lawn. The sweeper from Yard Tuff has a universal pin-style hitch.

The sweeping route on this sweeper is 42 deep, which will help you finish the job faster. The sturdy mesh bag measures 31 x 44 x 22 and holds 13 cubic feet of material, allowing you to complete significant assignments with ease. This sweeper has a 4:1 sweep ratio and comprises four brushes, each about 10 in diameter. The anti-slip brush height change provides you with a lot of flexibility and control.



Faqs Best Lawn Sweepers And Leaf Collectors

6 Best Lawn Sweepers 2018

Some lawn sweepers will pick up dog droppings effectively, while others are only suited to pick up grass clippings and other small debris. It depends in part on whether the droppings are resting on the surface of the grass or matted down into the ground. It may also depend on the nature of the surrounding turf, for example, if it is wet or dry. In general, its a good idea not to rely on a lawn sweeper as a method for cleaning dog poop.

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Towable 42 Lawn Sweeper

Product Specification:

  • Capacity: 12.9 cubic feet
  • Weight: 35 kg

This towable grass sweeper is your best bet if you truly desire top cleaning performance. You can use it to collect leaves, grass clippings, twigs, and so on. It has a hopper capacity of 12.9 cubic feet, which is ideal for cleaning a large lawn. Its powerful brush has a diameter of 10 inches so that you can effectively handle all types of jobs.

Its collection bag is easy to empty, hence, you dont need to worry about demanding emptying of the debris collected. You will like its rust-resistant finish, which helps in boosting ultimate lastingness. It comes with unique rubber wheels, which make it possible for you to glide through your garden with ease.

Besides, this machine has a working width of 42 inches so that you can effectively tackle a large lawn in no time. It weighs just 35 kilograms, and that is why you can rely on its flawless manipulation. It is produced from materials of high quality, hence, no one can dispute its strength and top performance.

Also, this machine comes with solid wheels, which boosts performance through smooth gliding. It is perfect for getting rid of debris, leaves and dirt that constitute a nuisance to your lawn. It is easy to use and maintain, meaning that you wont need to spend too much on its maintenance. This machine should be part of your garden tools so that you can always get it right in terms of effective lawn maintenance.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Suitable Lawn Sweeper

Here are a few things to consider before finalizing on the best lawn sweeper for your garden:

  • Types of lawn sweeper

There are three main categories of lawn sweepers: Automatic powered, manual powered, and tractor attachment.

An automatic sweeper uses electric power to work and resembles the mechanism of a vacuum cleaner.

A manual one is a push-type sweeper that needs a push and pulls for collecting leaves and picking debris from your garden, although these are often lightweight and easy to use.

Last but not least, tractor-type lawn sweepers can make great additions to tractors and remove any residues or left-overs.

  • Lawn size

Being a dictating factor over deciding which lawn sweeper will work the best for your yard is the lawn size. Push along types function well for areas up to 2000 square feet, whereas tractor attachments work better for larger lawns.

More than that, ensure to check the area you will be using the lawn sweeper for. Different varieties cater to varying terrains like sloped land, rough land, or even grounds.

Another considerable component is the size of the sweeping path. It decides the area that is coverable in one pass, and the wider it is, the more space it can include.

Here are a few basic size recommendations:

  • A lawn sweeper from 21 26 inches in width for a small lawn.
  • A lawn sweeper with a width ranging from 26 38 inches for medium-sized lawns.
  • Machines with a width that is above 38 inches make good options for large lawns.
    • Additional features

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    Tips On Using The Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

    Here are 5 tips when using the tow behind lawn sweeper:

  • Clear the lawn from larger items before you start sweeping. This prevents the damage and obstruction to the lawn sweeper.
  • Maintain the proper speed depending on the type of area cleaning. Over speeding may damage the lawn sweeper brushes when cleaning an uneven surface.
  • For the optimal cleaning result, attempt to sweep the area twice to pick up any leftover from the first swipe
  • Clean the hopper after each sweep if full. It reduces weight and does not blot sweeper with too much garbage.
  • Regularly sweep your lawn rather than waiting for it to get total dirty before you start cleaning. It requires less effort to periodically clean the yard than waiting longer to clean it once.
  • What Are The Different Types Of Lawn Sweeper

    Choosing the Lawn Sweeper For Clean Your Yard » Dailygram ...

    There are two different types of lawn sweepers. These are tow-behind and push yard sweepers.

    Tow-behind lawn sweepers are attached to the back of a ride-on mower or tractor. Push lawn sweepers must be pushed manually.

    The two different types of lawn sweepers provide similar results. Needless to say, you need to own or be willing to purchase a ride-on lawn vehicle to use a pull-behind sweeper.

    In both models, a cylindrical or wheel-driven brush is spun when the tool moves forward.

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    Precautions When Using A Push Lawn Sweeper

    Safety is not a huge issue when using a device of this type. There are no blades, no sharp points, and only one major moving part.

    You should always make sure that the handle is fully secured, and that it is unable to move any more than intended. A loose handle can easily cause an injury if it pops loose while you are pushing it vigorously.

    You should also keep your hands and feet far away from anything that appears to be moving. Even without any sharp parts, you can still hurt yourself if your digits get caught. Some models will have small gears that are only visible from beneath, although that is a non-standard design.

    You should also keep your eyes out for snakes, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies as you use the sweeper. All of these creatures enjoy hiding under dead leaves, and they can become very agitated when disturbed. This is why you should wear thick shoes and pants when sweeping an area that might contain small and dangerous creatures.

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