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How Much Lawn Sprinkler System Cost

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Cost To Add A Zone To Sprinkler System


In some instances, it may be necessary to add a zone to a sprinkler system. Suppose a certain area isnt getting enough water, or the existing heads or sprayers are not far-reaching enough. In that case, a homeowner may decide to add an additional zone to an existing system. The cost per new zone is $500 to $650.

Bubbler Sprinkler Head Price

A bubbler sprinkler head costs $1 to $10 each. This basic sprinkler is designed to water flower beds and trees, saturating the ground soil to water plants otherwise obstructed from thorough watering. You can attach bubblers to traditional sprinkler heads above the ground or connect to irrigation pipes in underground sprinkler systems. Bubbler nozzles are available to convert other sprinkler heads.

Diy Sprinkler System Cost Breakdown

Although it might seem daunting at first, do-it-yourself sprinkler installation is a gratifying, humbling and cost-effective project that any weekend warrior can accomplish in just two weekends. Typical materials needed and associated costs are as follows:

Required Material
TOTAL $280-$455

As you can see, even taking worst case scenario into account, the cost of installing your own sprinkler system is far lower than most people would have originally thought.

There are a number of issues that could arise when installing you own sprinkler system including broken or cracked PVC pipes, lacking knowledge of connecting to the main water line of your house, broken sprinkler heads or risers, or hidden existing water lines or gas lines in your yard.

To avoid the hassle of having to dig up a line with a leak after installation is complete, I suggest turning on the system to check for leaks or cracked lines prior to filling in the trenches. This will allow you to see if there is anything wrong with the system prior to covering it up.

If you simply dont know how to connect your sprinkler system to the main water line, a licensed plumber can be hired for a fraction of the cost of hiring a landscaper to do the entire project. Search online for the best price and get a plumber to add a line or connect to an existing spigot to supply your sprinkler system with water.

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Ground Sprinkler System Costs

Even in areas that receive higher-than-average rainfall, the inconsistency of rain makes it necessary to manually water lawns and landscaping in order to keep them full and verdant. The alternative to time-consuming hand watering is a lawn sprinkler system. Not only will a sprinkler system save you time, but it also conserves water through its more efficient delivery system. Sprinkler system installation is cheaper than most homeowners think and DIY installation can save homeowners 30 to 40 percent over professional installation.

How Much To Maintain A Sprinkler System

Backyard Sprinkler System Cost

Maintaining a sprinkler system costs $50 to $150 per year to winterize, which prevents freeze damage and cracked pipes. Spring start-up service costs $75 to $160 per year, depending on the number of zones. Additional sprinkler maintenance may include:

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D Commercial Vs Residential Sprinkler System Prices

The cost of a commercial irrigation system is generally higher than a residential one thanks to the larger pipes, more powerful equipment and extra-durable materials used. The true price of each project varies greatly depending on the size of the job and number of zones. Talk to a pro for an accurate estimate to install commercial irrigation.

A Underground Sprinkler System Costs

An underground sprinkler system costs anywhere from $1,740 to $3,400 to install on a one-quarter acre residential lawn. Larger lawn areas and yards with multiple zones will cost more to irrigate. This project requires you to pay the cost to dig a trench, purchase materials and complete the installation.

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Repair & Maintenance Costs

If the system components are expensive, expect to pay a hefty price for repairs and maintenance. Youll also need seasonal maintenance from professionals to prevent water leaks and freezing.

Expect to deal with a few pest problems such as voles, moles, etc., that will damage your sprinkler systems if not controlled. Keep in mind that if the pests are not controlled, your water bill and repair costs will only go up.

How Much Does A Sprinkler System Cost

DIY Underground Sprinkler System Cost

Lets get right to the number you want to know. The cost to install a sprinkler system in your yard is between $3,000 and $27,000+, depending on the size of your property and the water source.

We know what youre thinking: Thats a wide range and a professional will have to eventually give you an exact cost.

Youre right. Here are some of the factors that affect sprinkler system cost:

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Types Of Irrigation Systems With Their Lawn Irrigation System Cost

Below are five different irrigation systems with their uses and benefits and the cost of a lawn irrigation system for each of them per ½ acre and acre.

This will help you choose the right type of irrigation system for your lawn and provide you with an approximate estimate of what you can expect to pay for your lawn irrigation system.

Drip Irrigation Sprinkler System Cost

Drip irrigation is another form of above-ground sprinkler system, and also one of the most popular forms of irrigation. The system delivers a designated amount of water directly into the soil to plants in a small area. The main benefit of drip irrigation system is that less water gets lost to evaporation.

However, since the lines are exposed to mowers and trimers, this makes pruning and trimming the area more labor-intensive. Regardless, the main draw for this system is water conservation and the lower cost. Drip irrigation systems cost an average of $1,800 to $2,150 per acre.

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What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Sprinkler System

The following are the main benefits of installing a sprinkler system:

  • It saves time. Whether you install an in-ground, automatic or drip installation, you will no longer have to drag hoses around the yard for irrigation.
  • More accurate targeting. You will better target the plants that need water and reduce waste.
  • A tidier yard. Without hoses and sprinklers lying around, your yard will look nicer.
  • Greater flexibility. Automating your watering means you dont have to worry about being home to ensure your lawn gets watered.

Professional Sprinkler System Installation Cost Breakdown

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Sprinkler System in ...

The national average cost of a sprinkler system installation of just under $2,600 means the average cost of labor is anywhere from $2,100 to $2,300, a steep price to pay for an average of two days of work. The pros of hiring a professional include:

  • No trips to the hardware store
  • No hours spent in the sun digging trenches
  • Quick turnaround
  • Peace of mind that the job is done by a licensed professional
  • Opportunity to negotiate free maintenance visits

If you decide to let a professional handle your sprinkler system installation, knowing the true cost of the job will allow you to have the negotiating ammunition to make sure the project is done at a fair price. Always remember that you dont have to hire the first person or company you speak with. Call around and do your homework on the available labor in your area to find the best mix of price and reliability for you job.

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Different Types Of Sprinkler System Materials Affect Cost

  • Rotor Heads: The usual type of sprinkler head that waters a large area of turf. Least expensive type of sprinkler head.
  • Spray Heads: Used for smaller turf areas or odd corners.
  • Dripline: Special tubing that has emitters in the tubing to slowly water plant beds. The most expensive water delivery method.
  • Stainless Steel Sprinkler Heads: These sprinkler heads will definitely last the test of time. Made to be as durable as possible.
  • Wiring: Each zone turns on using a valve that has power run to it in the ground with wire. If valves have to be placed far out from the house, the cost will rise because more wire is used.
  • PVC: Used to go under driveways and walkways when necessary
  • Brand and Type of Sprinkler Head: Some brands of rotor and spray head cost more than others due to quality reasons.

Rough Draft of a Sprinkler System

Trust Your Sprinkler System To Rainmaster

Not all sprinkler companies in Eau Claire, WI and Minneapolis MN make things easy.

Your choice makes the difference.

Choose RainMaster, and we make it easy, from start to finish.

  • One less phone call, one less to-do: Dont worry about scheduling the plumbing or scheduling any routine maintenance. Our automatic scheduling takes care of that.
  • Simple Process: No need to coordinate the irrigation work with your landscaper, to make sure all the steps are done in the right order. Consider it done.
  • Reliability: No worries about whether well show up. You hired the right company.

Getting a great return on your sprinkler system investment really comes down to the choices you make. We commend you for taking the time to learn more about what goes into the cost to install a sprinkler system for your yard and how to choose the best sprinkler company to install and maintain your system. Wed be honored to help you get the lawn you deserve.

Want to learn more about installing a lawn sprinkler system? Request a quote today! Well review your options together so you can make a confident decision. Then, you can finally enjoy your lawn and whatever else is important to you.

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Rotary Nozzle Sprinkler Head Price

Most people pay around $9 to $30 for rotary nozzle sprinklers which can be used above-ground or in-ground. These high-efficiency sprinkler heads are ideal for slopes and clay to prevent run-off and erosion. Water conservation supporters often recommend replacing standard sprinkler heads with these nozzles due to the minimal mist and water-saving properties.

B Is An Irrigation System Worth It

Cost of Installing Sprinkler Systems

An irrigation system is worth it for homeowners looking for a way to water their lawn and increase their homes curb appeal. It may not be worth it for those with very small lawns, or those living in rocky areas.

Though the upfront cost of a sprinkler system may seem daunting, it can actually save you money on your water bills. Sprinklers evenly distribute water across the yard and allow you to set the time and duration of each watering. This conserves water and increases the efficiency of your lawn irrigation.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Sprinkler System

National AveragesHome AdvisorKeep your new lawn sprinkler in good working condition with these 10 steps.9 Budgeting Steps for an Irrigation System The size of your property including any slopes: Your propertys soil condition:How many zones youre putting in:Here are seven common sprinkler problems and how to fix them. Your lawn, landscape and gardening needs:The brand that you use: sprinkler systemHiring a contractor: Buying materials: Renting equipment:Repairing your lawn:How K-Rain Can Help You Install Your Sprinkler Systemonline storeLowesHome Depotcontractors

A Can I Install My Own Sprinlker System

DIY installing your system can help you save on the price of labor for this project, but it is a work-intensive job that requires a lot of skill. DIYers need to factor in the cost to rent digging equipment and the price of a permit . If you arent sure how to approach this project, ask a pro for a sprinkler system quote to get more information.

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Gear Driven Sprinkler Head Price

Homeowners usually pay between $8 and $25 for gear driven sprinkler heads designed for above-ground use. These sprinklers rely on uniform rotation to water large flat areas and are quieter and lower maintenance than other varieties on the market. Plus, gear driven sprinklers are currently more popular than impact rotor sprinkler heads, thanks to the even distribution and dependable watering.

Type Of Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System Costs

There are several common types of sprinkler irrigation system for residential properties:

  • Traditional spray systems
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Rotor sprinkler systems

Each type of sprinkler system has distinct advantages and disadvantages for different landscapes and uses. The cost of installation also varies significantly.

Traditional spray systems consist of pop-up sprinkler heads or ground-level sprinkler heads. This type of system offers wide coverage for open landscapes. The sprinkler heads deliver water in a quarter, half, or full circle.

While traditional systems offer maximum coverage, they can waste water. This also increases the risk of oversaturation. If the soil cannot absorb the water, you may end up with puddles of water throughout the yard.

As traditional systems may waste water, they may not offer the same savings on your water bill compared to other options.

Drip irrigation systems are the most water-efficient option for delivering water to plant beds. They typically consist of plastic or PVC pipes with small holes that allow water to slowly drip.

Drip systems are an affordable option. They tend to cost about $80 to $100 for a 100-foot system. The same system would likely cost $320 or more for professional installation. Keep in mind that drip irrigation does not offer the coverage needs for watering your lawn. It is best suited for spot watering plants or flowers.

  • Pop-up spray
  • Gear-driven
  • Impact

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Cost To Install Sprinkler System And Sod

With in-ground sprinkler installation, homeowners should consider the cost of installing sod, which averages $2,000 to $5,000 per 1,500 sq. ft. lawn. The cost of installing sod and an in-ground sprinkler system at the same time averages $6,000 to $12,000, depending on the size and any special enhancements. Sod is a good option for properties with dull, dry, and dying grass that struggles to grow. Sod is grown in a special environment before its added to residential lawns. Combining sprinkler systems and sod projects is popular. You can get all the labor done at the same time, rather than pulling up fresh grass or sod to put in-ground sprinklers in at another time. Plus, sod requires more water during the first two weeks, and a new sprinkler system can meet those demands.

Lawn Irrigation System Cost For 5 Types Of Irrigation

Listed are five different types of lawn irrigation systems, their uses, benefits, and the cost of each lawn irrigation system per 1/3-acre, 1/2-acre, and acre.

I hope this will help you choose the right type of irrigation system for your lawn and have a good ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay to irrigate your lawn.

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Cost Of Sprinkler System For 1/4 Acre

The average price for installing an in-ground sprinkler system on a ¼ acre property is $2,180 to $3,270. Most homes in traditional suburban neighbourhoods have lots around ¼ acre, which are generally easier to work on for sprinkler installations. Sprinklers on these suburban lots have fewer zones and may not require as many advanced features as an expansive multi-acre property, but it depends on how high-tech you want the sprinkler to be.

Lawn And Landscaping Repair


Installing a sprinkler system in an existing lawn or planter bed requires repairing lawn damage. Hire lawn care or landscaping services to help with:

  • Grass seeding costs $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot and can repair minor lawn damage.
  • Sod prices are $0.30 to $0.80 per square foot for materials or $0.90 to $1.80 per square foot with installation, and repairs areas damaged by trenching or pipe-pulling.
  • Landscaping costs$50 to $100 per hour or $4 to $12 per square foot to repair damaged planter beds.

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Cost To Install Sprinkler System

You will find online sources that say installing a can be a DIY project. However, the amount of research and planning, the necessity of precise measuring and level digging, and specialized tools needed make this a massive undertaking for an amateur. Pros can, in many cases, complete the installation in one or two days. They already know the local ordinances, have experience pulling permits, and have all the nifty gadgets that will make the job a stress free experience for you. While most installers charge per job, the national average per hour cost is between $40 and $100. Sprinkler installation cost does vary significantly from state to state.

When looking at the price of sprinkler system installation, keep in mind potential plumbing issues. Connecting a sprinkler to your current plumbing system may not be a concern. Yet, if your current system is not sufficient for the size of your yard, you may require a plumber for upgrades. A plumbers cost ranges from $45 to $200 per hour, depending on the job and location.

Type of Sprinkler System
$640 – $1,600

What Else Does Sprinkler System Cost Include

We cant speak for the other sprinkler companies in Eau Claire WI and Minneapolis MN. Our goal is to try to make it easy for you. Heres whats included in your sprinkler system cost when you hire us:

  • No extra fees.
  • Expert design by certified irrigation designers.
  • Plumbing services included
  • Irrigation controller. This is the brains of your sprinkler system. We use smart controllers as standard equipment. Most companies consider that an upgrade.
  • Water-conserving irrigation heads and nozzles.
  • Three-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Proactive quality assurance follow up inspectionsA return visit a month after installation to check your irrigation system and make any adjustments if needed.
  • Your first years winterization. No need to call us. Our automatic scheduling means well take care of setting this up for you.
  • No dry spots guarantee. If theres a spot that isnt getting water, well readjust and take care of it.
  • Payment options. Pay with cash, check, or credit card.
  • A sketch of your irrigation system design so you know where everything is in your yard.
  • A tidy yard. Your grass will be repaired and grass seed spread as needed after installation.
  • Expert ongoing service for your irrigation system.
  • Top of the line products. Every manufacturer that sells irrigation system parts has more than one level of products, of varying quality. We believe in not giving you entry-level sprinkler heads, valves, or controllers. You expect the best.

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