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Are Electric Lawn Mowers As Good As Gas

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Does Noise Bother You

Why an Electric Lawn Mower is Better Than a Gas One | EGO 21″ POWER Review

Unless you are a contrarian, youll agree with me that noise is no fun. Regardless of the presence of effective engines, gas mowers will always produce a loud noise. While you can protect yourself using earmuffs, you might not do much to prevent the noise from being felt in your neighborhood.

An electric mower is much quieter. The mower runs at 75 decibels, thus youd not require earplugs when working with it. You can listen to your favorite music without interference by noise.

Noise aside electric mowers are more environment friendly, producing zero emissions of greenhouses gases. When gasoline burns during operation with gas mowers, it puts the mower and the surrounding environment in great danger of emissions. However, battery-powered electric mowers have an indirect effect on the environment, given the making of the lithium batteries.

Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers: Which One Is Good For Wet Grass

If you have a lawn that is regularly wet or damp, then a corded mower is a better option. Gasoline-powered mowers can emit harmful fumes when used in enclosed spaces, so its best to avoid using them in garages or sheds. Electric mowers are also less likely to spark, making them safer to use around flammable liquids.

Should You Buy An Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers have improved significantly in recent years. They are quiet, lightweight, and incredibly easy to start.

Once limited to very small yards, battery powered electric mowers are now capable of mowing bigger areas without the bothersome difficulty of dragging around an extension cord or waiting to recharge the mower after very short run times.

While really big lawns, thick grasses, or tough terrain are still a challenge for these mowers, the average homeowner will be very happy with todays electric mowers.

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The Choce Is Yours But Let Me Help You Decide

So now that we know just about all of the important factors, itss time to decide on a mower. With all motioned above if you have a smaller yard , an electric lawnmower would be a great choice. I will mention that there is a lot of competition for an electric mower. My advice would be to not get hung up on all the features some of them have.

Ask yourself this: How long will it take you to mow your yard? If its under 20 minutes, a cheaper electric mower should be okay, if its anything over, I would invest in a good quality electric mower. That way you can get better battery run time and a slightly more powerful motor.

On the other side of the coin, if you are someone who doesnt need to watch the noise level, or someone who lets their grass grow pretty high, I would get a gas powered lawnmower. The horsepower a gas lawnmower combined with its longer run time make it optimal for both large yards, and yards with high grass.

Bonus: Should a landscaper have an electric powered lawnmower? The answer is no. Being a landscaper means you probably cut a lot of grass everyday. Doing so with an electric mower will be highly inefficient as your battery would run out often and the power an electric lawnmower has is significantly less than a gas powered lawn mower.

Environmental Impact Of Electric Mowers And Gas Mowers

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If youre looking for an environmentally friendly solution, getting an electric mower is clearly a better choice. Corder electric mowers and battery powered mowers do not emit greenhouse gases and airborne pollutants. And, if you can use a sustainable electric system, youll be doing nature a huge favor.

But, lets not forget about noise pollution as well. Gas mowers are really noisy machines. This may not bother you but it can bother your neighbors.

The noise an average gas model produces measures around 95 dB. So, youd want to check your local noise regulations and ordinances before you power up your gas mower.

Its also a good idea to wear hearing protection when using a gas mower. The average electric mower is not louder than a washing machine.

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What Were Comparing: Push Mower Vs Push Mower

Electric mowers have come a long way in just a short few years and there is quite a variety of them on the market. You can find everything from petite and inexpensive 13 push mowers all the way up to 54 zero-turn riding mowers suitable for mowing multiple acres.

As much as wed love to compare everything across the whole range of the electric lawn mower market, that would make this article a wee bit long to read in a sitting. Instead, were going to focus on comparing the most common kind of lawn mower when used on an average lawn. For American readers, the most common mower type is the push mower, and the average lawn size is around a quarter of an acre.

On top of that, were also limiting our comparison to battery-powered electric mowers and excluding corded electric mowers. Even in small yards, corded mowers are an unbelievable hassle and battery-powered mowers are now so cheap and efficient that theres just no reason to bother with the nonsense of being tethered to the wall of your garage.

If youre curious about larger mowers and larger lawns, dont worry. The way were comparing gasoline-powered push mowers to electric push mowers can be easily adapted to other sizes. The general concepts are the same.

Choosing The Right Lawn Mower Begins At Home

When searching for a new lawn mower, grass trimmer, chainsaw or other piece of outdoor power equipment, there are lots of options to choose from, each with different features.

To help you decide what would work best for your needs, we spoke to Steve at JLs Home Hardware Building Centre in Guelph.

There is actually a lot more to consider than just brand, features and price.

What most people dont realize is that they should start by thinking about the type of lawn they have and the amount of energy they are willing to exert. Ideally, you can find a machine that matches your preferences.

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Gas Lawn Mowers Vs Electric Lawn Mowers: Which Is Right For You

Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

Sustainability Expert

Leigh Matthews is a sustainability expert and long time Vegan. Her work on solar policy has been published in Canada’s National Observer.

In times gone by, gas powered mowers were the only realistic choice for when you needed a mower with a good amount of power or had a large yard that extended beyond a safe distance for an electric corded lawn mower. Thankfully, innovations in lawn mower technology have led to the development of electric battery powered mowers that are almost indistinguishable from gas powered mowers, at least in terms of power.

For most of us, an electric mower is more than sufficient to maintain a standard sized lawn. Only those folks with huge amounts of grass to cut, or who have especially steep, uneven, or rock strewn lawns have reasonable cause to consider a gas powered model. Indeed, a smaller electric model is preferable in many ways to a larger gas powered lawn mower, for the reasons I lay out below.

Gas Vs Electric Cordless Lawn Mower Which Is Best

California is switching from gas-powered lawn mowers to electric

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How Operating Costs Compare Over Time

When comparing operating costs, its not just about how much it costs to charge an electric mowers batteries vs. filling the gas tank on a traditional mower. There are quite a few extra variables at play that tip the scales in favor of the electric mowerespecially for folks with small urban and suburban lawns.

We wont be comparing the purchase price of the mower itself. The cost of basic electric push mowers and basic gasoline push mowers are on parity now and the price scales pretty evenly into the premium model territory, too. Starting with the premise that you need a mower for your average lawn, were going to build out the operating cost over time from there.

Our stand-in for the average electric push mower will be the Ryobi 40V Brushless 20 Cordless Push Mower. Its currently a Home Depot best seller, frequently on sale for $249, and the 6.0A 40V battery offers about the same run time as the small gas tank on a similarly sized gasoline push mower. Youll get about 45 minutes of run time from the battery and about 45 minutes of run time from a tank of gas on your average push mower.

Are Electric Lawn Mowers Better For The Environment

Simply put, electric lawn mowers are probably, marginally better. However, it isnt a simple equation. Sure, electric motors put off zero emissions. Emissions are only one part of the deal though. Charging these batteries uses a significant amount of electricity. Depending on where you live, this power could come from coal-burning power plants. The other side of it is the waste. Eventually, we will struggle to find where/how to dispose of defunct Lithium-Ion batteries.

Secondly, gas mowers arent nearly as bad as they used to be. Bob Villa says they have become 35 to 75 percent cleaner in the past 10 years.

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Gas Lawn Mower Overview

You might remember gas mowers as being bad for the environment and difficult to use. Fortunately, modern gas mowers have evolved quite a bit in recent years.

For example, modern mower emissions are much cleaner than in years past. And some models feature the same kind of push to start feature that electric mowers have, which is great if you dont want to pull a cord each time.

Benefits Of Electric Riding Lawn Mowers


As technology advancements bring battery powered and electric lawn mowers to the marketplace, many landscapers are asking themselves if electric lawn mowers are any good and if its time to make the switch from gas lawn mowers.

Before considering the change to an electric lawn mower, identify the differences between gas mowers and electric mowers so you can make an informed decision. You might even be asking yourself if electric lawn mowers are any good? We say it depends on the brand, but read on to learn more about the benefits of a battery powered lawn mower, and choosing the best mower for your landscaping business.

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Electric Lawn Mowers Corded


Low MaintenanceCorded electric mowers require very little maintenance. You really only need to keep them clean and keep the blades sharp and you are good to go!

Endless Run TimeAs long as you have an electricity supply where you have grass, then you can do so indefinitely! There is no fuel to run out and no battery to go flat.

Light WeightIf you have trouble pushing around a heavy gas mower then a corded mower may be just what you need. They are MUCH lighter and are quite easy to maneuver.


Require a CordThe most annoying thing about corded electric mowers is the fact that they need to be plugged into an electricity outlet all the time to run.

This can be a real pain to work with mowing around trees, garden beds and other obstacles can be very difficult when trying to drag a cord behind you!

Mowing with a corded mower also has the potential to be dangerous if you happen to cut the cable with the mower then you can end up with live wires exposed!

Not Recommended For Wet Conditions

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that water and electricity dont mix. While corded models can take SOME moisture, they are not designed to mow in wet conditions. Doing so can cause your mower to fail prematurely and can even be dangerous.

In Closing Dont Listen To Sales Reps

When selecting the ideal lawnmower for your yard, its vital that you look at how youll be using the mower. If you have a small backyard with manicured grass, then an electrical model will be more than sufficient to cut your grass.

However, if you live on a large property or estate, then a gas-powered model is your best bet. If you need advice on which model is the right choice for your yard, visit a garden center. Ask the consultants what they would recommend for your garden.

Avoid going to a lawnmower dealership if you have no idea about how lawnmowers work or what you need out of the machine. Lawnmower dealerships may entice you into buying a model that has more power than you need. Sales reps are always looking to upsell you to a more expensive model, so dont fall for this unethical sales practice.

Spend some time looking through suitable models online. This strategy will give you an unbiased viewpoint of which type of lawnmower is best for your application. After researching whats available, narrow your choice down to two or three models, and then visit the lawnmower dealership.

When the sales rep sees that you know what you are looking at, there is less chance of them trying to take you for a ride.

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Gas Or Electric Lawn Mower

Hopefully at this point you have some inkling which walk-behind mower type is best for you.

Do you need power and dont mind the noise? Gas it is.

Do you want a quiet mower that is maintenance-free but perhaps rather expensive for what you are getting? Then an electric lawn mower is likely in your future.

Of course the same money is on a gas-powered Honda Ive had the same one for 20+ years now but electric mowers are an increasingly compelling option that will lower your noise levels and cut down on fumes around your home.

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Electric Lawn Mowers Are Best Suited To Small Yards

Debating gas powered vs electric lawn mowers

Whether you are considering a plug-in mower or battery powered, you will be best served to tend a small yard with an electric mower. Although they continue to increase in power and runtime, electric mowers are not designed or intended for large areas.

How big is too big? For battery-powered mowers, Consumer Reports found that most electric mowers managed 1/3 acre at best without needing to be recharged . Unless you plan to have a stockpile of charged batteries on hand, you are best served to stick with a smaller yard.

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Electric Lawnmowers Are Better For The Environment

When it comes to environmental friendliness, electric lawnmowers win hands down.

Electric lawnmowers are powered by a rechargeable battery, so theres no air pollution from the gas emissions that come with their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Internal combustion motor emissions include carbon dioxide , nitrogen oxide , and non-methane hydrocarbons .

These pollutants may contribute to respiratory disorders or exacerbate existing diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

Gasoline lawn mower emissions also contain chemicals like benzene which is linked to cancer and toluene which can damage the brain and central nervous system.

Electric lawnmowers dont produce any of these harmful pollutants, making them a healthier choice for your yard as well as your familys health.

Electricity may be generated through different methods such as solar or wind power that do not emit greenhouse gases as gasoline-powered mowers do.

Electric motor emissions are also considered to cause less pollution than those from gasoline engines since electric motors have fewer moving parts and require no oil changes or tune-ups.

Benefits Of Gas Riding Lawn Mowers

Traditionally, gas riding lawn mowers have had more power than an electric mower. At least, thats the way it has been. The proprietary battery technology in the Gravely Pro-Turn EV is designed and proven to deliver as much power as its gasoline counterparts.

Initial expense is less.

A gas zero turn mower has a lower price point than electric mowers. The battery technology required for the electric mowers brings the prices up for this type of equipment, however, it only takes a couple years for a commercial operator to start seeing the payout from their investment in an electric mower.

Access to maintenance experts.

Electric mowers require specialized maintenance experts who understand the technology in these relatively new and lesser-used machines.

However, the factory-created learning materials supplied to Gravely dealers makes the Pro-Turn EV service knowledge more accessible to more dealers in more areas, giving users easy and reliable product support options.

Gas mowers are more portable.

Among the biggest concerns of a battery-powered mower is the combination of cut time and battery charge time. If the battery on your electric mower runs out, youre done for the day until fully recharged. With gasoline mowers, you can go as far as your portable gasoline tanks will let you. Its a valid concern if youre accustomed to other battery-powered commercial mowers on the market today.

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Electric Mowers Are Eco

Even when gas mowers have a better system for large yards, we cant deny that they contribute a little pollution to the air.

Electric mowers are a lot eco-friendlier than gas mowers because they do not produce any hydrocarbon gas, and battery lawn mowers only use their power to clean the yard without any emissions and it is easy to maintain an electric lawn mower.

Carbon footprint is a big issue not only for our surroundings but for the betterment of the whole world. If you can manage to spend money investing in a battery or corded electric lawn mower, you should not miss the chance because you can save the environment while having your lawn become clean at the same time.

Gas mowers are still influential on the field, but if you want to reduce carbon emissions that the world gets constantly, you should go for a battery-operated lawn mower.

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