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What Does Lawn Service Cost

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Getting Lawn Care Quotes

Cost of Lawn Care – Lawn Maintenance Cost | DoMyOwn.com

Wondering how to find and hire landscape contractors? When youre shopping for the right pro, there are a few things to take into consideration.

  • What youll pay for services. Get at least three quotes from different pros.
  • If youll hire an independent contractor or major company. Larger companies tend to be more expensive, but come with vetted pros.
  • The type of licenses and insurances the pro has. Especially if you hire an independent pro, make sure they have a current license and liability insurance.

You should also research ratings and reviews and take a look at their prior work experience.

Equipment Needed And The Cost Of Setup

I have a list of tools needed here and links to my recommendations. Please note that my suggestions are just that. You should buy the lawnmower you feel is best suited for your business and that may not be the one I have recommended here. That is fine as every business is different and has different needs when it comes to equipment.

Average Cost Of Lawn Care In Ohio

Every company is different, but the average lawn care cost in Ohio is $50 to $75 per visit. For an eight visit lawn care program, this equates to $400 to $600 per year. The price youll pay also is primarily based on the size of your lawn .

Since the cost of lawn care in Ohio varies significantly by company, its important to do your research.

As you consider lawn care companies, ask lots of questions about their company, staff, and programs features. The more informed you are, the happier youll be with the quality of services you receive.

At Oasis Turf & Tree, we specialize in creating green, healthy lawns for our customers in the Cincinnati area. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Take some time and read more about our lawn care programs, their pricing and request a free estimate.

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Rates Vary A Little By Location

Much of this depends on what part of the country you live in.;

For example, pricing for lawn maintenance services in warmer climates such as Florida or California are more competitive than they are as compares to cooler climates.

You might be wondering why this is?;

Well, think about it. The lawn care business is more stable in climates where the grass needs cutting year-round. Naturally, in an area where grass grows for shorter seasons, lawn care services have to figure out how to make ends meet, during the wintertime.

Put another way, lawn mowing services are treated more as a commodity in warmer climates.

And more as a luxury service in Northern climates.

Here Are Some Common Questions To Refer Regarding The Prices For Lawn Mowing

Lawn Care: Lawn Care Prices

Question: My lawn hasnt been mowed for several weeks and is a bit overgrow

On your very first mowing service, our landscaper will take a visit walkthrough to understand the space and the landscape services required. If the lawn is overgrown, it can take the landscapers 2-3 times longer to mow the grass. This initial cut will cost extra to establish defined edges and an appropriate grass length but after that, your price will fall in alignment with the standard fees.

Question: My lawn takes 10 minutes to mow. Why does it lawn mowing cost $35?

Thats a great question.; There are multiple factors that go into the cost.; A flat rate is usually applied as a starting point. We have a minimum cost of $35 per mowing service regardless of the size of your lawn. We want to assure the best services for our clients and an equitable environment for our employees to constantly thrive. Our full-time office staff takes immense efforts to offer our clients innumerable services such as billing, invoicing, managing, and providing active customer call service. Also, trucks, trailers, insurance, fuel, and other expenses make it important for us to charge that minimum fee.

Question: How often should you mow your lawn?

Question: What does lawn mowing services include?

Question: What if the plants or irrigation systems get unintentionally harmed?

Dont worry! If there is any damage, we will either fix it or replace it at our cost.;

Question: Do we provide any add-on service?

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Cost Of Seeding Your Lawn

Lawn seeding is another great way to improve and/or maintain the long-term health and vibrancy of your lawn. It depends on how large of a lawn you have, but the average cost of seeding your lawn is between $850 $1,700. The more area you need seeded the higher the price because it will take longer, and you will need more seed to finish the job.

Sod Or Grassy Area Costs

There are several approaches you can take when it comes to your grassy areas. The simplest approach is to work on some grass maintenance. This might mean that you hire a yard service and get regular fertilizing started.

If you want a bigger overhaul, it might mean removing your current grass areas and changing them up. You have a few options if this is your approach:

  • Spray grass seed
  • Artificial turf

Lets take a closer look at the cost of the two most popular options.

Installing new sod gives your yard the immediate look of an established lawn. Sod costs between;14 and 60 cents per square foot. Once installed, you need to maintain it, including mowing, water, and fertilization. The average costs to maintain a 500 square foot yard with sod are $840 per year.

A new trend in landscaping is to install artificial turf in grassy areas. Many homeowners are seeing the short and long-term benefits of artificial turf.

It requires zero maintenance once its installed. It lasts for 25 to 30 years without the yearly upkeep of real grass. While you save on the yearly maintenance costs, it does cost more on the front end to install than sod.

Artificial turf costs run between;$5 to $20 per square foot. While this price tag is heftier, after installation, you will have zero maintenance costs for the life of the turf.

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Sodding Services In Toronto

Hire Sodding Canada today for the GTAS best, most experienced sodding installation services. We source our sod from trusted Canadian suppliers and our experts know how to lay new sod properly.

Before starting a project, our team will discuss all your lawn wants and needs.

Our goal is to make every single client happy and bring the joy of outdoor activities to the family.

We do not stop until our clients are fully satisfied with a new fresh and soft lawn.

Contact us to find out the new lawn installation cost in the GTA, experience the next level of customer service and find out more information about services from our professional crew.

Truck Or Vehicular Costs

How Much Does It Cost To DIY Lawn Care?

When you first start your lawn service company, you will need a vehicle to drive around from client to client. Unless youre intending to start with clients within walking distance, youll likely require a car, van, or truck. The best vehicle for a lawn service company is a pickup truck.

A truck allows you to tow a trailer . It also can have a pile of tools in the bed of the truck for easy access during your workday.

You can pick up a used truck or buy a new one, and depending on which decision you make here, the associated costs will change dramatically.

THE easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start your business!$0 Plus State Filing Fees with Incfile.com!

However, although a newer vehicle may cost more initially, statistically speaking, a new truck will cost less in maintenance and repairs than an older vehicle would. It is assuming for an initial period as all cars and trucks will eventually break down and require replacement.

With over half a million of each the Ford F-Series, Ram Pickup, and the Chevrolet Silverado sold in the U.S. alone in 2019 , theres no question as to the trucks popularity. Its their robust and versatile nature that makes them so accessible, and not just for lawn service trucks either.

Depending on options, and whether you buy new or used, a truck can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $75,000 plus.

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How You’ll Pay For Lawn Care Services

Most companies charge for lawn care services by application or by season . You can either pre-pay for all of your visits ahead of time with a discount, or you can pay for each visit as you go. Not every company gives the same discount for pre-paying, so be sure to explore this option.

Some customers may want an easy pay option where payments are automatically deducted from a bank account or credit card after a visit is completed. This optional payment method is becoming more popular in the industry. This auto-pay method does not always have a discount associated with it.

Adding Services For Your Surrounding Landscaping

The landscaped areas surrounding your lawn are also important to maintain as they contribute to the overall aesthetics of your property. Some of the additional services you might consider for your surrounding landscape include:

  • Landscape Bed Weeding

Lets take a brief look at each, including the cost.

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Diy Lawn Care Vs Professional Lawn Care Services

DIY lawn maintenance is a relatively cheap household expense. Aside from the initial cost to purchase a lawn mower, the only other expenses include buying gas and fine tuning the equipment, which costs around $20 if you do it yourself, or $50 to $75 if you take it to a repair shop.

Now, what I like to factor in which for many is the largest cost, that is the cost of your own time. What do you value an hour of your own time at? If your lawn takes you 2-3 hours to complete each week, that is 8-12 hours each month you could be dedicating to lawn maintenance.

Getting Your Lawn Overseeded

Selecting a Lawn Care Service

Overseeding your lawn via a professional usually cost around $1,200, which you saw in my lawn care pricing chart.

Overseeding can boost the health and appearance of your lawn by encouraging the grass to continue growing even when older and problematic patches die.

When you hire a company to overseed your lawn, you can specify that a disease-resistant or drought-resistant grass seed be used. This will be helpful for you if you live in a harsh climate.

I have an article with detailed recommendations about the best seed to use for overseeding if youd like to learn more.

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How Our Pricing Works

Lawn Love is committed to setting prices that are fair to both our customers and providers. Service prices are determined by a number of different factors. The size of your property is the most important factor to consider, as this will determine the amount of time your service will take. The distance that a provider must travel is also a factor, as well as the current condition of your lawn. Your lawn pro may need to adjust your price if your grass is extremely overgrown, for example.

A recurring lawn care plan is cheaper than a once off service. Most customers opt for a weekly or bi-weekly service, but the frequency can be adjusted at any time as needed. No contract or subscription fee is required.

In most cases, you can get an instant quote on our website simply by entering your home address. Lawn Love then uses satellite imagery and our own quoting algorithms to create a full blueprint of your yard. We measure your lawn areas, driveway length, and more. From there, we can give you a highly accurate, personalized price quote, and you can book your service with just a few clicks.

We strive to make these estimates as accurate as possible. However slight adjustments may be made if the scope of work is deemed to be more than expected.

Getting a quote is free and takes only two minutes. Simply enter your address, select your service type, and receive your estimate.

How Much Does Trugreen Aeration Cost

Aeration certainly gives your lawn a new lease of life, providing the extra CO2 that it needs to produce the thick, lush grass that youve been looking for.

Piercing the surface helps break up thatch, which is the build up of dead grass on your lawn that inhibits new growth.

The removal of thatch allows more water, air and fertilizer to get to the roots of your lawn. This gives your lawn the nutrients that it needs to grow strong and healthy.

The cost of a TruGreen aeration treatment can cost anything from 200 dollars to 450 dollars depending on the size of your lawn, whether fertilizer is applied at the same time and if so what type and how much of it is required. Some lawns dont require aeration at all while others may need one or two aerations each year.

You should definitely consider a TruGreen aeration treatment if you can see a thatch build-up on your lawn or if you notice bare patches, or puddles following a rain shower.

You may still like to consider whether you could rent or buy a lawn aerator for less than the cost of the service.

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Have A Startup Budget For Your Lawn Care Business

Work out in advance how much you want to invest in your new business and how long it will take to generate the income you need to cover your living expenses. Do remember that it is a sliding scale as well. The more income you make at the beginning, the less of your savings it will cost you to cover living expenses. I will give you an example here.

I am assuming that you already have a vehicle for this scenario.

You spend $1000 on equipment to start your business. It could be new lower-end commercial equipment or slightly higher-end but second hand.

Your savings are $4000 and your living costs are $500 a week.

If you could increase the growth of your business by $50 a week and pay yourself 60% of turnover then your first few months then it would look something like this.

  • Month one = Turnover $500 Income $300 Living expenses $2000 = $1700 loss
  • Month two =;Turnover $1300 Income $780 Living expenses $2000 = $1220 loss
  • Month three =;Turnover $2100 Income $1260 Living expenses $2000 = $740 loss
  • Month four =;Turnover $2900 Income $1740 Living expenses $2000 = $260 loss
  • Month five =;Turnover $3700 Income $2220 Living expenses $2000 = $220 Profit

It is going to take you five months to reach BEP , and it is going to cost you $3920 out of your savings.

If you could increase the growth of your business by $100 a week and pay yourself 60% of turnover then your first few months then it would look something like this.

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To Lawn Care

GreenStripe: How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?

I hope that this lawn care pricing chart has given you a good idea about what the average cost of different lawn care services will be.

As I said in the beginning of this article its important to remember that where you live, what your property is like, and how big your lawn is will all play a role in the cost of hiring a lawn care or landscaping company in your area.

If the price of managed lawn care is more than you would like to pay, I encourage you to take control of your lawn and do it yourself. Theres a real feeling of satisfaction that comes with mowing and caring for your own property, and I have a lot of helpful articles on this site to help you get started. Please have a look around!

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Lawn Mowing Service Pricing And Installation Cost Checklist

  • Expect the Lawn Mowing Service prices to fluctuate between various companies each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
  • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractors down season.
  • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out for Lawn Mowing Service costs.
  • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Lawn Fertilization Service tools and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier I save on average 20%.
  • Lawn Mowing Service isnt an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a landscaping company to perform the work for you. Landscaping companies will most always get better prices on Lawn Mowing Service saving your back and additional costs of Lawn Mowing Service, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

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