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Are Ryobi Lawn Mowers Any Good

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Are Ryobi Electric Mowers Good

My Ryobi 40-Volt Lawn Mower 2 Year Review | Is It Any Good?

The RYOBI 40-Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Mower is a surprisingly powerful machine that requires little pushing. We purchased RYOBIs 40-Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Mower so our writer could put it to the test in her own yard. Few people enjoy mowing their lawn, but its a job that has to get done.

Ryobi Electric Lawn Mowers

The largest line-up of Ryobis lawn mower range, the electric model is available as 18V, 36V and one corded 1300W model, offering a number of options to help you tackle the lawn with. The entry level 18V One+ lawn mower features a 33cm cutting width, 35L catcher, 30-minute runtime, instant start capabilities and five cutting height settings. Another option is the 18V One+ Brushless motor mower, which includes load-sensing technology, vertical storage capabilities, quick release telescoping handles for optimal usage, as well as a 40cm cutting width and mulching function.

The Ryobi 36V Brushless motor features a 46cm cutting width, 45L catcher, five height settings, load-sensing technology to give you a boost when the mower senses a tough patch, in addition to collapsible folding handles for easy storage. The 36V 6.0AH Brushless mower bumps up the cutting width to 51cm, in addition to a 58L catcher alongside self-propelled functionality to help you work smarter, not harder. It also features seven cutting heights, space on board for a spare battery to help with those big jobs, as well as telescopic handles that can be folded for easy storage.

Does Ryobi Make A Leaf Blowerdoes Ryobi Make A Leaf Blower

In recent years RYOBI has branched out from producing just push mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, and string trimmers to full-fledge riding mowers that use sealed lead-acid batteries. My RYOBI zero turn is one of the newer models released in 2019. Who owns RYOBI? RYOBI is a subsidiary of TechTronic Industries Company Limited, TTI.

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Ryobi 38 Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Ry48110

Now, with the 48V Ryobi RY48110 riding lawn mower, you can eliminate the gas and fumes from your lawn mowing completely. The mower is fully electric and battery operated, which ensures that there are zero emissions. Powered by 75Ah battery, the lawn mower has a runtime of around 2 hours or 2 acres on a single charge and is greener alternative to gas-powered mowers. The lawn mower features a 38-inch 2-blade cutting deck and the 12-position cutting height adjustment lets you get a clean and level cut. The mower is equipped with 3 brushless motors that deliver power and performance. The low-maintenance lawn mower is equipped with cruise control, USB charger and LED headlights that make the mowing convenient and efficient.

Final Word

If youre in the market for a lawn mower and want to escape the hassles of operating and maintaining a gas-powered lawn mower such as handling oil, gas and not to mention the hazardous emissions, then you can opt for a hassle-free, electric lawn mower from Ryobi. Ryobis lawn mowers are an eco-friendly and a greener alternative to gas-powered mowers and they deliver reliable and efficient lawn mowing performance, with zero emissions.

What Are The Best Commercial Mowers To Buy

Ryobi RY401110 40V Brushless 20"  Lawn Mower
  • The Swisher BIG MOW is made with fabricated steel it is powerful enough to handle the toughest and tasking lawn mowing tasks. It is rated as one of the best commercial zero turn mowers on the market because it produces top-notch results on lawns. It features a massive 66-inch cutting deck that chops off a large area in one swipe.

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Is Ryobi A Good Brand

Ryobi is a good brand and worth buying if youre a DIY hobbyist or beginner. However, if youre in the trade and need something thats going to last you for years to come, then its best to buy one of the better-known brands such as Makita, DeWalt, or Milwaukee.

A lot of the terrible reviews youll have read online come from posts that are several years old and dont take into consideration the vast improvement the company has made in recent years.

Ryobi has dramatically improved in the last couple of years, now producing over 125 products all using their improved 18-volt lithium-ion batteries as standard as part of their One Plus system.

Despite these improvements, many industry professionals remain firm in steering well clear of Ryobi, insisting that theyre not even worth their cheap price. So whats the deal? Heres our review of Ryobi tools.

Are Ryobi Battery Mowers Any Good


Similarly, are battery operated lawn mowers any good?

But the majority of buyers opt for cordless electric lawn mowers which run on batteries. Batterypowered lawnmowers, while not as powerful, are infinitely quieter and environmentally-friendly, don’t require lots of maintenance or regular expenditures on gas, oil, and plugs, and can do just as good a job on most lawns.

Likewise, does Ryobi make lawn mowers? Take back your lawn with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Lawn Mower! Equipped with a push-button start, this mower offers convenience that gas mowers just can‘t. These batteries fit all RYOBI 18V tools and will power your mower for up to 40 minutes.

Herein, which cordless mower is best?

The Best Cordless Lawn Mowers for Small Lawns are:


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Hows The Battery Life On The Ryobi 40v Mower

Okay, so I realize this isnt a review of the 40-volt 5.0 Ah battery, but this has been my biggest complaint so far.

Another reviewer on Home Depot had this to say about the battery life:

The normal battery will probably not get through most lawns in one charge but the 5AH can easily complete a lawn at least 1.5 times over.

This has NOT been my experience with this mower at all. Have you seen the video I posted up above? I have a pretty small yard a pretty typical suburban metro size. It cant be more than 5,000 sq ft and this mower cant finish the job on a single battery.

Im glad / lucky that I purchased the trimmer system that uses the same battery or I wouldnt be able to finish my yard in a single evening .

Im not sure why my results are so much different than some of the reviews I read before I purchased. Perhaps its the Florida heat. Either way, you shouldnt be required to purchase a 2nd battery to finish a yard the size of mine.

What Couldve Been Better

Ryobi Electric Mower Battery System Is It Any Good? Probably Not!!!

Nothing is perfect, and the Ryobi is no exception. Here are my complaints with it:

Poor runtime

As you would have guessed, poor battery backup is my biggest complaint with the Ryobi. The most youll ever get out of this machine is two hours of mowing in which, while it may be good for its class, does not stack up to gas-powered mowers.

Granted, the battery does last for ten hours without the deck, but whats the point of a mower if you arent going to use it for, well, mowing?

And when the battery does run out, it takes at least six hours to charge. Until Ryobi makes something like Teslas supercharger, this is a potential deal-breaker.

No suspension

While the Ryobis seat may be comfortable, the Ryobi as a whole is not. It has no springs or dampers anywhere except under the seat, and they are not adequate. Considering the fact that lawns arent paved and metalled, Ryobi shouldve sprung the chassis to make the mowing process comfortable.


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What Does Brushless Mean On A Lawn Mower

A brushless lawn mower is nothing but something powered by a brushless mower that automatically adjusts to the power the mower needs for the task. Since there is no heat application, these brushless lawnmowers generate comparatively less heat while delivering outstanding performance through the application of magnets.Sep 30, 2020


Are Electric Lawn Mowers Any Good

First things first, lets talk about whether or not buying an electric lawn mower is a good idea. As it turns out, CR recommends several electric lawn mowers. These mowers are best for lawns that are less than 12 an acre and, because theyre electric, are also more eco-friendly than their gas-powered counterparts. Electric lawn mowers tend to be quieter too.

The bad news is that electric lawn mowers are typically more expensive. Unfortunately, though, there is a reason that electric lawn mowers are more expensive. In fact, according to CR, you can blame their high price on the cost of their lithium-ion battery. The good news is that prices are trending downward, and you can score an electric lawn mower for roughly $300 or less.

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How Long Is The Warranty On A Ryobi Cordless Mowerhow Long Is The Warranty On A Ryobi Cordless Mower

5-Year Limited Waranty 5 Years Covered Under Warranty RYOBI continues to lead the industry in cordless mower innovation with their third generation 40-Volt 20 in. Brushless Push Mower. Combining 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery power with Brushless Technology this mower delivers gas-like power, without the hassle of gas, oil or maintenance.


Care And Storage: Handle Folds Down For Easy Stowing

Ryobi 33cm Lawn Mower OLM1833H 18V ONE+ (Zero Tool)

To stow the mower, fold the handle down and over the body to make a neat rectangle approximately 12-inches by 30-inches. Then, its easy to store under a worktable, in the corner, or wherever its convenient to shove until the next time you need to cut the grass. Just make sure its in a dry, clean spot and out of reach of children and either in a vertical or horizontal position with the battery chamber on top.

But, before you put it away, make sure to take off the grass catcher by lifting it by the handle and empty any greenery out of it. Its good to also dust out the mulching plug if you used it so no stalks dry out inside. Then replace the bag before folding and storing.

Dont use any solvents when wiping this machine clean. Because its made of plastic, albeit heavy-duty plastic, many commercial cleaners can damage the body. Instead take a clean, dry cloth and rub away any dirt, grease or dust. Also check the bolts to make sure everything is tight and ready for the next mowing adventure.

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Ryobi Lawn Mower Reviews

1, Ryobi 18V Lawnmower Cordless OLM1833H

Key Features:

  • This is a perfect option for you if you have a battery and charger already which you use for other tools as this particular model number is a bare tool only and does not include the charger or battery.
  • Battery / charger will need to be purchased separately.
  • You get a 33cm deck and also the ability to change the height settings to 5 different levels and the height range varies from 22 to 75mm.
  • The design here allows you to collapse the machine and fold over so it will work great if you have tighter storage spaces.
  • The weight of this model is just over 12kg and the dimensions are 68 by 39.2 by 37.4cm. The lightweight feature makes it really easy to move around and mow.
  • You also get the grass collection box included with your purchase
  • Batteries which are separate should be a 4Ah or a 5Ah battery only and requires minimal assembly work upon delivery

Pros:Perfect and lower priced option if you already have the battery and charger or if you want to buy the battery separately. Fold over also for you which is excellent when storage space is limited. Perfect for small gardens as it is quite small so it very easy to get into tight corners. Really simple assembly process so you are up and running in no time at all.

2, Ryobi 36V Fusion Cordless 40cm Lawnmower

Key Features:

3, Ryobi Corded Rotary Lawnmower – 1900W RLM19E40H

Key Features:

Comparison Table

A short summary comparison table is also outlined below:


Ryobi Mower Long Term Review

After three years of use, and extensive research on the competition, I believe the Ryobi 40-volt cordless lawn mower is the best mower for the money, for people with small lawns. My mower is the RY40170 20 brushless mower. It came included with two 4 amp hour batteries, is capable of mulching and bagging, only weighs 44 lbs , and comes with a 5 year warranty. It has seven cutting height adjustments that you can easily adjust with a single lever and the handles fold down flat making it super easy to store. This is especially helpful if you have limited space in your garage or shed. Having two batteries included is a big bonus. Based on the reading Ive done, with the included batteries, the Ryobi has the longest run time of any cordless mower . With a robust 40 volt ecosystem, its batteries can also be used to power other Ryobi lawn equipment, such as a string trimmer and blower.


Three years ago, my Ryobi mower was among the first cordless electric mowers I had seen. Now, however, it seems that the cordless revolution has truly arrived. Battery operated mowers offer everything you like about mowing a lawn without all of the things you hate. No gas, oil, cords, or noise.


The main advantages of the Ryobi mower are that:


The main disadvangaes are as follows:




Check out my gear section for links to this mower and more.

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How To Set Up The Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower

Ryobi’s self propelled electric lawn mower impressed me from the minute I opened the box. There’s no assembly required, because the mower is folded up and ready to mow! Just turn the knobs, extend the handle, and you’re good to go!

Watch the video below to see how quick and easy the Ryobi battery powered lawn mower is to use!

Reason #: Its Better For The Environment

Ryobi One Plus Lawnmower Review

Lets be honest about something, shall we? Global warming is definitely real. Emissions from many sources, including gasoline, are killing this planet. We have the technology to dump gas. I wont get all political on you, but those are the facts. You cant argue with fact. If we can run cars on electric, we can certainly run all of our lawn tools on electric, as well. Zero emissions mean were protecting the environment. You dont have to feel guilty about harming the environment every time you mow your lawn

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Best For Tight Budgets: Hart 40

While the Hart 40-Volt Cordless Brushlessmower doesn’t have the raw cutting power of other electric push machines, it’s no slouch either. This mower’s blades never stalled during my test trims. It also powered through challenging low-brush without choking.

Despite offering a wide 20-inch cutting width, the 52-pound machine felt relatively light. It isn’t self-propelled, so pushing the mower uphill is a challenge. Even so, the mower’s low price and solid performance make it compelling to budget shoppers. The pair of 40-volt batteries and charger are compatible with Hart’s lineup of power tools to sweeten the deal.

Sun Joe 24V-X2-17LM 48-volt 17-inch mulching walk-behind lawn mower

This model from Sun Joe may be light and a snap to push. If you walk too quickly the mower can get bogged down with grass trimmings. You also have to slide the machine’s batteries into their sockets at an angle which isn’t as intuitive as it should be.

How Good Is A Cordless Lawn Mower

  • When your lawn isnt incredibly overgrown or wet, these mowers are just as good as any gasoline powered variety. So, people that mow often and dont live in rainy areas will probably be fine with a cordless mower. You wont have any problems and youll quickly fall in love with your new lawn mower.

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Ryobi 40v Battery 21 Lawn Mower Review

April 25, 2020 by Amy

Ryobi battery lawn mower review is sponsored by Ryobi Tools. I have been provided with product. All ideas and opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.

It is finally starting to look like spring around here in Utah. Sometimes we get teased with warm weather, and then a snow storm will hit the next day. Ha ha mother nature keeps us hopping.

As Spring brings in the good weather, it brings lots of yard work with it!

I dont know about you, but when I do yard work, I just want my equipment to work so I can get it done. I hate messing around with pull strings, carburetors, mixed gas and regular gas. When I was a kid, I would wait until Dad came back for lunch to start the weed eaterI could never start that thing on my own. Oh and the tiller, well that was always a challenge.

As battery powered lawn equipment has evolved, Ive always been drawn to it. No messing around with engines, just plug in the battery and get to work!

What Is The Difference Between Ryobi 18v And 40v

RYOBI P1100A 16 in. ONE+ 18

This translates to mean that the Ryobi 40v trimmer will work for you 3 times longer on a single charge than the smaller 18v trimmer. … In addition to the 40v trimmer having a bigger gas tank and a longer run time, the 40v trimmers also have more power to cut through long grass and wet weeds.Aug 26, 2020


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Ry48ztr100 100 Ah 42 Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower

I have owned this RY48ZTR100 100Ah mower since 2019 and couldnt be more impressed with it. Like I previously mentioned my lawn is not small and I have to do a lot of cutting for most of the calendar year. This mower has made a huge improvement in my cutting time.

My previous mower was a Husquvarna 42 gas lawn tractor. While it was a great mower it was loud, required a lot of maintenance, and was slow to cut the grass. I was never really impressed with the cut from that mower, and the RYOBIs cut is so much better in my opinion.

I cut my mowing time down from a total of three hours to a little more than 2hrs. The mower is more than capable to cut for more than two hours at a time. I have put more than 100hrs on this mower, and I havent had any issues I didnt personally cause .

I have used the mower to pull a lawn cart to collect limbs , and I have pulled a core aerator behind it as well. I am a little unsure what the towing capacity is , but neither of those was really heavy.

I have noticed and many folks on Facebook and other forums online have mentioned that the battery doesnt fully charge on the first try after putting some hours on the mower. It seems to sit at 70% then I need to unplug and then plug back up the charger. I suspect I have a battery going bad on me, but I havent had any real issue yet and my cutting time hasnt really diminished much if any.

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