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Do It Yourself Lawn Care

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Mulching A Young Tree

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Misconceptions | Greenskeeper Lawn Care in CT

Mulch provides a buffer zone to keep lawnmowers and weed whips away from young trees.

Clipping the grass around trees by hand is time-consuming. By adding a 4-in.-deep ring of mulch, you eliminate that chore. Youll also better protect newly planted trees and bushes. Nursery pros report that the most common reason young trees die is that lawn mowers and weed whips damage the bark. For a neater look, surround the mulch with a plastic, metal or brick border.

Diy Lawn Care For Beginners

Have a new house? Or are you just sick and tired of spending your money on a professional lawn care service that seemingly only waters the weeds? If you want to try your hand at DIY Lawn care and you are a beginner, you should not be intimidated.

There is a lot of information on the internet as well as YouTube videos that have all the information you need concerning DIY lawn care for beginners. DIY lawn care is not rocket science nor is it costly.

You probably have all the tools you will need taking up space in the garage already. So, give it a try, DIY lawn care for beginners is easier than you think.

Tip : Fertilize In The Fall

If you want the best lawn in town, fertilize four times a year. But you can keep it simple and still have a great lawn if you only fertilize oncein the fall. Choose a fertilizer thats labeled 4-1-2. Better yet, ask an expert at a garden center for advice about the best fertilizer blend for your grass type and local soil conditions. Apply the fertilizer about three weeks before the last mowing of the season. Fertilizing in the fall provides energy and nutrients for the grass roots as they multiply in cooler weather before the grass goes dormant. The roots store food for the winter as well, which gives the grass an initial growth spurt when it emerges from dormancy in the spring.

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Weed Ph & Bug Control Options

Just fertilizing won’t cut it so we include the products your lawn needs, when it needs them, sent right to your door as part of your plan.


I wasn’t sure which product to go with so I called the lawn gurus and they walked me through signing up, it was all really easy there after. Plus, I love that they have an All Natural product that actually works!

– Chris W.


I’ve been using Lawn Serv for over a year now. My lawn has never looked better and it was more affordable than the other national service we hired, and just as convenient with deliveries each month.

– Ty K.

Lawn Serv

Choosing A Lawn Care Company


If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are many companies that maintain lawns and control pests. Some may include services marketed as organic or pesticide-free.

To choose the option best for you:

  • Find out what programs and prices companies in your area offer, and what results you can expect.
  • Avoid lawn care programs that apply pesticides even when pests are not present.
  • If pesticides are used, make sure that they are used as part of an Integrated Pest Management program.

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Mowing Frequency & Direction

When you take care of your own grass, you will need to establish a mowing frequency and alternate the direction. It is never a good idea to set your mower blades really low as this could scalp the grass. If you want a lush lawn, you need to pay close attention to the height of the mower. It is also smart to alternate the direction you cut the grass as it is healthier for the grass.

Can Homeowners Apply Fertilizer And Weed Killer To Their Grass

When you choose a lawn company or even a DIY lawn care company, you will need to make sure that they are certified and licensed. You need to go through quite a bit of training to go over to a persons property and put chemicals and pesticides on their turf. There are health and environmental impacts that require education.

However, if you are a homeowner trying to fertilize your own lawn, you are able to do so because of the products that are offered to you. These are not commercial-grade products, and they are only being used for home use. This allows you to apply them yourself.

Many homeowners are trying to find options that are better for their health and environment, but this can be hard to do. Some things are just not as effective as we would like them to be.

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Check For And Identify Problems

Check your lawn regularly, so that you can find pests and other problems early. Make sure to identify lawn problems correctly, then decide whether action is needed.

  • Plant damage may not be caused by pests. Plants can be injured by poor growing conditions, poor maintenance, road salt, or dog urine.
  • A few weeds or insect pests in healthy lawns is usually not cause for concern.
  • Knowing about the pest and its life cycle will help you decide if and when to take action, and how to prevent further problems. See Pest control tips for more information about controlling specific pests.

Where Do You Start With Getting Your Lawn In Shape

Do-It-Yourself Weed & Feed Lawn Care in Phoenix

Every solid project requires a good foundation. The foundation for a good lawn is the soil in which it grows. If you have soil issues, you will have lawn issues. Perform a soil test for your lawn soil. This will give you valuable information on what your soil has and what you need to add to it.

There are do-it-yourself kits available from some lawn care services or lawn and garden shops. The cooperative extension offices in many states will also test soil for free or for a low fee. Private companies also provide kits and testing for a fee. Once you get the results returned, you will see what you may need to add to the soil in order to get the lawn of your dreams.

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Make Sure Your Mower Blades Stay Sharp

Once you have gotten into a routine, it is important that you keep your mower blades sharp on a regular basis by checking them regularly and purchasing a sharpener when you realize that they have started to dull a little bit. This is inevitable over a period of time, but the more you take care of your lawn mower and its blades, the better it will take care of you.

Try And Prevent Weeds From Popping Up

Another thing that you are going to want to be mindful of is dealing with weeds, as they are a constant nuisance for anyone trying to take good care of their lawn. In order to prevent the weeds from even showing up in the first place, you should try treating your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide to keep the weed population down to a minimum. This will be especially useful in the springtime, when their growth becomes much more aggressive than normal.

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What Is Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn care is a company that provides curated solutions to all of your lawn care needs. You will send a soil test kit to Sunday Lawn Care in addition to data about your climate and property. The results will be analyzed, and a plan will be put together that suits the needs of your property.

Sunday is very intentional about the type of chemicals and fertilizers that they use. Everything that you put on your lawn will be safe for both children and pets. Whether you want to use a crabgrass preventer or get rid of some of the dandelions growing in your turf, Sunday can help.

Establishment Of An Annex

Do It Yourself Organic Lawn Care Program

A Lawn Mower

Healthy lawns are those maintained on a regular basis. Depending on the climate and the time of year, most lawns will need to mow at least once in seven days during the growing season. The health of your yard is, the less chance you will have a problem with the weeds that take it back. Do not cut your grass too short as it can hurt and deplete the nutrients in it. Cut your lawn to a height of 2 to 3 inches. The best thing you can do for you is to learn what type of herb you have and what it needs to be healthy. Also, keeping your flower beds lined on a regular basis, you will not have a problem with grass and weeds crawling into their lawn.

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How Can The Prices For A Professional Lawn Service And Scotts 4

To be clear, the prices are not exactly the same. Some of the Scotts services are more expensive and some are less than a lawn care company would charge. However, in the end, you will see theres not much of a difference.

Three things make this possible :

  • An Efficient Route is Very Important

The postal system is a great example of an efficient route. If someone decides to mail a letter across the country by DIY, do you think they could drive it to California for the price of a stamp? Of course not.

So how does the post office do it? They have the routes lawn care companies can only dream of they have every single house which allows for highly efficient routes.

Route efficiency is, by far, the most important piece of the puzzle. A lawn care company needs to have a lot of customers in an area to make this work but when they do, they can be very efficient.

Heres an example:

  • Lets say we have 20 customers within a 2-3 block area of a neighborhood, once we get to the neighborhood, we will have very little travel time between homes.
  • If, on average, it takes 15 minutes to service each lawn, it will take about 5 ½ 6 hours to complete all 20 lawns.
  • Conversely, if we had 15 minutes of drive time between each job, it would take about 9 10 hours to do the 20 jobs.
  • Purchase materials in bulk

This is pretty simple, we are purchasing in bulk. We get tractor trailer loads of fertilizer and other materials which means we are paying less than the retail price.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Schedule

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To keep your lawn in tip top shape throughout the mowing season youre going to need to do a little more than buy a good robot lawn mower. Even though these mowers do take a lot of the hassle out of lawn maintenance, they cant do everything so youll have to do a few jobs here and there.

With the changing seasons come different weather conditions so the types of jobs youll have to do will change throughout the year. Thats why Ive broken up this post into sections, according to the seasons to show you the kinds of jobs you need to do for each.

Just follow all my tips and youll have a lawn to be enjoyed for the entire year.

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Protect Animals And Insects

It is important to protect birds, beneficial insects, earthworms, and other organisms that play an important role in keeping your lawn healthy.

  • Birds and predatory insects feed on grubs and other pests.
  • Insects, earthworms, beneficial fungi, and other micro-organisms break down thatch and aerate the soil.

The best way to protect these beneficial animals and insects is to only use insecticides and fungicides when absolutely needed. See Understanding your lawn’s lifecycle for more information.

Keep The Lawn Watered

Do-it-Yourself Lawn Care — Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

Watering the Lawn

Depending on the temperature, water your grass two to three times a week during the warmer months. In colder times, once or twice a week should do. Make sure when you make water that you do so profoundly. This will aid the root system of the lawn to develop deeper roots. By giving your lawn light doses of water, you run the chance of developing lawn roots and shallow infiltrating weeds. In periods of heavy rainfall, you can reduce the water, and in times of drought, you may need to increase its frequency. By overwatering your lawn, you will deplete the nutrients and open the grass for a weed invasion.

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Be Sure You Stick To A Set Schedule

Once you have done all of these other things, it is very important that you stick to a set schedule for caring for your lawn and try not to deviate it as much as possible. Your lawn is a living, breathing thing and it likes to be taken care of in a regular fashion, just like a human being. If you water, fertilize, and mow it with regularly consistency, it will reward you by continuing to look luminous and making you the envy of your neighbors for years to come.

When Should You Fertilize And Seed Your Yard

You should do both during the cooler parts of the spring and fall. In southern states, you can do it in the Spring between February and April. in the Fall, you would look at doing it between October and November. In the northern states, the Spring seeding would be handled from April to early June, while the fall seeding might occur between September and early October.

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Lawn Care Pros For The Win

In looking at the pros and cons of each decision, the pros of hiring a lawn care service far outweigh the cons. While the cost may be one of your biggest concerns in hiring a professional, with the right company you can actually end up saving money and preventing costly mistakes.

The key is to find the right company. In order to truly receive the benefits of the pro category, you must find a company that practices proactive lawn care with the best commercial grade products on the market. A company with knowledgeable and skilled technicians is also key.

Begin Planting New Grass On Your Weed

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Schedule EasyLawnMowing

Once you have finished removing all of the weeds from your lawn, the next step in the process is to begin planting new grass so that your lawn looks green and fresh and vital. To begin with, youll need to loosen up the soil a bit with a dirt rake and then plant new seeds in the soil you just went over. Afterwards, put a small amount of soil over the seed and gently cover it back up so that it is fully concealed. Afterwards, water it appropriately based on the instructions that came with the seed and watch your new lawn begin to grow!

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Learn About The Options Of Professional Lawn Care Vs Do It Yourself

Making a decision between professional lawn care vs do it yourself might seem like going in a circle. You can successfully learn DIY lawn care but you need the right equipment to do it. If you have a tight schedule, youre better off letting experts take care of your lawn.

Ultimately, it depends on your experience, schedule and budget . If youre thinking about trying a DIY route for your yard, check out this blog for extra tips.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Steps


  • Step 1: Remove Existing Weeds.
  • Step 2: Dethatch the Lawn.
  • Step 3: Aerate the Lawn.
  • Step 4: Apply Grass Seed to Bare Spots.
  • Step 5: Mow Grass Appropriately.
  • Step 6: Water and Feed Grass.
  • Planting new grass is actually a simple procedure for most homeowners.

  • Loosen-up the soil. At a minimum, start by raking it vigorously with a dirt rake.
  • Spread the grass seed evenly over the tilled area.
  • Cover the seed with a light layer of soil.
  • Water appropriately.
  • Also, is there an app for lawn care? FlowerChecker. If you’ve ever wondered about an unknown plant in your garden, then you need FlowerChecker . This app has a team of experts who can help you identify plants, moss, lichen and fungi. To find out about your unknown plant, snap a few pictures of it and upload them to the app.

    Consequently, how do I rejuvenate my lawn?

    Follow these steps to help wake up a tired lawn:

  • Step 1: Remove Thatch and Weed Buildup.
  • Step 2: Fill Depressions and Level Bumps.
  • Step 3: Adjust Your Soil’s pH.
  • Step 4: Add Nutrients.
  • Step 5: Increase Organic Matter and Microbes.
  • Step 6: Aerate Compacted Lawns.
  • Step 7: Prepare the Surface and Overseed It.
  • What is the best lawn care product?

    The Best Lawn Fertilizer for Your Needs


    How to Fix a Lawn Full of Weeds

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    What Type Of Grass Seed Should You Use

    The type of grass you have in your yard depends on your location. For people living in the hot areas of Florida and other subtropical zones, St. Augustine is likely the local neighborhood favorite. In other areas of the country, there are additional options. Tall fescue or Bermuda are both popular choices in many areas of the country.

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