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How Do I Get Rid Of Ants In The Lawn

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Ant Treatment For Lawns Instructions

How to Get Rid of Ant Piles on My Lawn

Small colonies of ants may not be detrimental for the health of your lawn or garden but they are an indication of the potential threat in the near future due to their rapid growth of colonies and exquisite mound-building capability all over the fields or lawns. Most of the ant species may not use grass or other plants as a food source but the established colonies of ants can significantly damage the root system of plants and can cause serious issues if not controlled earlier.

Each ant colony may contain one or more queens and the survival of a queen depicts the survival of a whole colony. Therefore, multiple well-managed treatments of insecticide are required to completely wipe out the ant infestation from your lawn. Now lets see how you can save your lawn!

Boric Acid And Sugar Bait

Mix them into a paste, and the sweet sugar attracts the ants, and the boric acid kills the ants. Slow acting, it will be taken back to the nest as any other bait would.

The problem is, if mixed poorly with too little boric acid, it wont kill the ants. Too much, and theyll die before they get back to the nest.

When Is Flying Ant Day

This annual swarming event usually occurs in July or August and coincides with a period of hot and humid weather. Winged ants appear at different times around the country and local weather conditions are critical for the coordination of swarming activity.

Ants tend to fly earlier in urban areas than rural areas, probably because temperatures are generally warmer in urban environments, known as the urban heat island effect.

In summer, a spell of good weather often leads to sightings of winged ants, called alates, which emerge from their nests © Clint Budd via Flickr

It can be unfortunate timing for tennis players at Wimbledon. There are years when flying ants plague players during their matches, causing so much disruption it makes the news. However, swarms of flying ants can appear any time between June and the start of September.

A multi-year citizen science project by the Royal Society of Biology found that the widely held idea of a flying ant day is actually a misconception: there is no single day when ants fly all at once. Rather, there is a flying ant season. Winged ants actually emerge over several weeks, although there are often several peaks in appearances, each lasting only a few days. The precise pattern of swarming varies from year to year.

Swarming is triggered by the weather: the study found that ants only flew on days when it was warm, not windy and conditions had improved compared to the previous day.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Garden

Ants are amazing creatures. Think about it. They live in large, complex colonies, they are hardworking creatures, and they can even carry loads up to a hundred times their weight!

Ants are generally beneficial to your garden. Being natural predators, they can hunt other insects or pests that are in your garden or lawn. Ants also aid in pollination when they are foraging. They simply hunt and go about their task without being a nuisance.

However, during summer, homeowners may notice a surge in the number of ants crawling around their garden. During colder months you only see them outside. But when the warm days arrive, ants can infiltrate your home, and you may find them on your kitchen counters, inside your cupboards and other places where they search for food.

This is when some practical knowledge on how to get rid of ants can come in handy. Dont immediately resort to calling the exterminators. After all, there are techniques you can use at home that control the number of these creatures.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Lawn

How to Get Rid of Ants in Grass Naturally

It might seem easy to get rid of ants in your backyard, but be sure youre not also getting rid of your grass at the same time! A lot of ant-killing chemicals can destroy your grass, creating yet another lawn problem. Home remedies for ants can help remove the problem without removing your grass.

Here are 5 ways to get rid of ants in your lawn:

  • Rake ant mounds. It sounds too simple to work, but its the first and best step toward killing the ants in your lawn. Most ants prefer dry, sandy soil, and if an ant mound is left long enough, the mound can start to harden, protecting the nest and making it difficult to remove. By raking the mounds and spreading the dirt around, you can continually disturb the ants and their network of tunnels and entrances, making it less likely that they stay.
  • Spray soap and water. Choose an eco-friendly soap and spray in and around the mounds. Dont make the water too hot , but room temperature water is fine. By diluting the soap, youre lessening the chances of the soap interfering with your grass, and youre making it very difficult for ants to live.
  • Use chili pepper. This one is a big maybe. Some say it works to repel ants, and others call it a old wives tale. It definitely cant hurt, but its not proven.
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    What Kills Red Ants

    Control is one thing, but what you want to do is kill those pesky red ants once and for all. Below, we look at how to kill red ants outside and inside.

    Destroying their colonies, baiting their trails, dusting the plants they love to climb on, and dehydrating them with diatomaceous earth are the chief methods.

    Got pharaoh or flying ants? Click on these links to learn how to get rid or pharaoh ants and flying ants.

    Destroying Their Colonies Baiting Their Trails Dusting The Plants They Love To Climb On And Dehydrating Them With Diatomaceous Earth Are The Chief Methods

    How to get rid of ants in yard and house. Below, we look at how to kill red ants outside and inside. Sprinkling salt, pepper, or cinnamon is probably the cheapest way to keep ants out of your home, and chances are you already have at least one of these items in your kitchen. You need to make the whole yard undesirable to effectively remove ants from your yard.

    If anthills pop up in bare areas, spray the mound with insecticide and plant grass in the bare spots in order to get rid of ants. Got pharaoh or flying ants? How do you get rid of ants?

    Some substances that often work to get rid of ants include: The trick is knowing that you will never fully eradicate ants from your yard. Check planters and yard areas near the houseonce a colony is located, pouring boiling water into the colony will effectively kill the ants that are entering your house.

    Eliminate the trails, and you eliminate the ants. To get rid of ants permanently, you should follow 3 basic steps: Ants navigate areas by leaving chemical trails to and from food sources and the nest.

    First, find and eliminate the ant trail. You can also use natural oils and citrus fruits to deter ants from the yard and home. Second, set out ant bait to kill the ant colony, and lastly, spray the perimeter of your house foundation, interior baseboards, and all entry points into the house to prevent new ant colonies, and repeat quarterly.

    8 Effective Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Garden Plants That Repel Ants Ants In Garden Rid Of Ants

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    How To Control Ants In Lawns Naturally

    Since ants form social communities, which can live in an area just a few inches wide or a space many feet across, ant populations and their associated problems will vary. If you have one of the huge groups entrenched in your lawn, steps need to be taken to eradicate the insects.

    Killing ants in your lawn is tricky business because children and pets use the area for play and traversing the garden. You can try a 3 percent solution of dish soap with water as a spray for an infested area.

    Other possible treatments include diatomaceous earth or a borax and sugar water spray. Unless the infestation is particularly troublesome, the best remedy is to live with these beneficial insects. Most ants eat the larvae of lawn pests that they find amongst the roots of the grass. This is a win-win for the grass lover.

    Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

    Lawn & Gardening Tips : How to Easily Kill Ants Without Poison (Organically)

    These are really simple homemade non-toxic ways.

    Combat Ants with Aspartame

    Brand name of aspartame Equal and NutraSweet. The little blue and pink packets found on the table in many restaurants. Sprinkle this around around on the hill.

    Its toxic to ants and causes their senses to malfunction. It over stimulates their brain cells and will cause them to die.

    Orange Guard

    You can actually purchase an orange peel spray or make your own DIY Citrus Spray. Citrus peels contain a natural extract, d-Limonene, which is not harmful to the environment or the soil. This is a food grade product, so safe for vegetable gardens.

    This immediately strips away the waxed coating on ants causing them to suffocate.

    Diatomaceous Earth

    This is a natural product made from crushed fossilized hard-shelled algae called diatoms. They are ground into a fine powder. The shells even in powder form have sharp edges that penetrates the body of the ant causing it to die from dehydration. This times takes about 2 weeks.

    Diatomaceous Earth is not harmful to humans, plants or even pets. Be sure when you purchase to get the food grade.


    Cinnamon is known to REPEL ants but not kill them. Remember, ants are attracted to sweet things and cinnamon is not on that list.

    If you use it, make a thick line around the plant that is being bothered or sprinkle on the ant hill heavily. This deters the workers that are out from returning to the hive.

    Dawn Dish Soap Spray

    Borax Will it Hurt Plants?

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    Home Made Ant Killers

    When it comes to killing off a nest, there are numerous home remedies that get recommended on the web. The problem is, they often dont work immediately, dont work at all, or have other side effects.

    These include

    Pour Boiling Water into an Ants Nest

    This is the most widely known way to kill a nest. Simply find as many entrances as you can and pour boiling water into them.

    The issue is that this

  • Often takes several attempts
  • This can result in wet, boggy areas in your lawn, and
  • It can scald your grass causing it to turn brown
  • Use Dishwasher Liquid and Olive Oil

    Another common method is to mix washing up liquid with olive oil and water. This penetrates the ants exoskeleton and suffocates it.

    Again though, it can take a while to work and the detergent can bleach the grass, making it paler than the rest of the lawn.

    Put Boric Acid and Sugar on Your Lawn

    The idea behind using Boric Acid and sugar is that you mix it into a paste and put it on certain areas o of your lawn near the nest. The sweet sugar attracts the ants and they take it back to the nest for the colony to feed on. Then the Boric Acid kills the ants.

    The problem with this approach is that it needs to be mixed very precisely. If you dont use enough Boric Acid, you wont kill the ants. Use too much and youll kill the ant that takes it before its reached the nest. Youll also kill the grass.

    Pour White Vinegar Onto a Nest

    Many people recommend pouring a litre of white vinegar onto an ants nest.

    Borax Based Ant Killers

    Borax and boric acid products were traditionally used as cleaning aids and as a cutting agent in many household products.

    They are also useful in the war against ants, and they are now the base for many pesticides. Borax, a naturally occurring chemical compound, is incredibly toxic to bugs, plants, and fungi.

    Effective against many ant species, it comes in powder form mixed with other ant attractant additives. This helps to mask it as a food source and encourage ants to ingest it.

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    How To Kill And Prevent Fire Ants In Your Lawn

    Dealing with fire ants can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re new to home ownership or fire ant territory. Their potential range is growing steadily,1 and these aggressive pests can’t be ignored. But effective, long-lasting fire ant control doesn’t have to be confusing or complex. You can protect your home and family with Over’n Out!® Advanced Fire Ant products.

    What Do Pavement Ants Eat

    How Do You Get Rid of Ants in Grass [Fixes that Work ...

    This is a crucial question? Pavements ants eat leftovers,dead matters, honeydew, sugary and greasy foods, meat, pet food, seeds,insects, meat, etc. They can eat almost many foods the humans eat. While insearch of these food, they have the ability to travel back to their nestefficiently.

    They move in discipline in taking the food back to the nest.When moving back to their nest, the release a scent though a stinger whichhelps the worker ants to find food and later take it back to the nest.

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    Consider Natural Ant Treatments

    When considering how to get rid of ants, and ultimately how to kill ants, remember that there are a number of natural ant remedies that are reported to be effective when consistently applied. If you prefer to avoid chemical treatments, a combination of home remedies for ants may help get rid of an ant infestation, though the process may take more time. Remember that while it can be helpful to find natural products to aid in ant prevention, a large-scale infestation may require the use of more stringent ant killers.

    Diatomaceous Earth: As with other insects, diatomaceous earth works to kill ants by lacerating their hard exoskeletons and dehydrating them. Obtain food-grade DE, as other types will not be as effective. Apply DE in thin layers in hard-to-reach areas between cabinets.

    Borax: Borax is odorless and thus less likely to be avoided by ants. A popular DIY ant lure is a mixture of one part borax to three parts powdered sugar. Even though borax has a low toxicity, avoid placing the mixture where it is easily accessible to pets and children, such as under appliances and inside cabinets.

    Ants that are more attracted by proteins can also be snared with a borax-based mixture. Combine a large spoonful of peanut butter with a tablespoon of powdered sugar and a teaspoon of borax. Mix thoroughly and create a lure by pressing the mixture into a short open tube like a piece of a drinking straw. Leave this near ant trails and refresh the bait every couple of days.

    Did You Get Rid Of The Crane Flies

    The best approach is to use a natural way to get rid of them, then try using a lawn pesticide if you cant get anything to succeed.

    After that, consult a professional if youre still not seeing the crane flies disappear.

    Questions? Drop a comment and let me know.

    And if you found this guide to be useful, please let me know also =]. Please tell a neighbor or friend who may get some use out of it.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Which Option Have You Or Will You Try

    Jacob Vaughn on September 08, 2019:

    Great article! One problem. I need to get rid of them humanely without killing them? I do not have a problem with them… except that when they are one my driveways and paths!?!? They spread seeds, are decomposers, control other insect populations, help areate the soil, and provide dinner for shrews, spiders, hornets, birds, and more. I just want them off my driveway and paths?!?! Help???

    Irene sheridan on June 09, 2018:

    I have used Grits on my patio to get rid of ants. This is the end best way to rid your yard of these pesky critters. After a few days I noticed an extremely large amount of ants gone. By the next season, none at all. It’s been 3 years now and have to do it again. A few new ant hills but I know I can get rid of them. Now to do the driveway…

    KARENLEE on February 08, 2018:



    bernadette on May 12, 2016:

    the cornmeal and grits sounds the best to me. I also pour kitchen salt in the cracks of the cement. Works for a while anyway.

    Coffee And Cayenne Pepper

    How to get rid of ants in your lawn for $2

    I loved this option because it was using something that I normally throw away. I took used coffee grounds and saved them for about a week and a half. If you dont drink coffee or want to speed up the process, you could ask a friend or neighbor to give their used coffee grounds.

    I put the used grounds in an airtight container and put them in the refrigerator so they would not get moldy. I have seen grounds get moldy after only a few days of being out at room temperature. Every day after the coffee grounds cooled, I put them into a container. I also added a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper. This is the part you want to be careful with so you dont have a pet licking it up. This is also a reason to complete the process at night after your pet will no longer be in the yard.

    After mixing the coffee and cayenne for about a week, I mixed it with water. I made the consistency runny enough so it would go down into the colony. I also used some chili flakes, thinking that would add some kick. I tried this one time but then realized I was either not pouring enough in or it was just not effective, so I moved to another option.

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