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How Much Do Lawn Services Charge Per Acre

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Tree Pruning Or Trimming

How to price a lawn, How much to charge for lawn service

Dont neglect the trees on your property. Its essential that you have them pruned every winter so that you wont end up with any dying branches.

This is a safety issue, and it will also encourage green growth when the spring arrives.

Beyond this, trees that are limbed-up and pruned allow more light to get to your lawn, which will improve the health and thickness of your lawn. It also just makes your property look better.

On average, homeowners with trees on their properties spend between about $292 and $638 to have tree branches pruned and to get their trees limbed up.

Beyond this number from my lawn care pricing chart, the exact price youll pay depends on the number of trees they have and the size of the trees.

Lawn Service With A Purpose:

We are here to put time back in your day and take the stress out of maintaining your lawn. When you hire B n B Lawn Mowing you can rest assured a uniformed employee will show up in a company vehicle with a smile on their face. If you are not satified for any reason, we simply apologize and return your payment.

Do I Need A License To Do Lawn Care

If youre wondering, Do I need a business license for lawn care? the answer in most states is yes. And aside from a state lawn care business license, there may also be local licensing requirements in your area. We recommend checking with your county clerk and the state department of business regulation.

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Monthly Lawn Service Cost

If you contract for a monthly service, you may get lower rates than you would for a one-time service. Keep in mind that monthly service plans are only for weekly or biweekly mows and service. Most companies do not offer plans with three-week or monthly mows. Most monthly service plans are around $200 to $250 a month for a 3,000 to 5,000-square-foot lawn. Costs are higher or lower for differently sized yards.

Aeration And Overseeding Cost

How Much Does Seasonal Lawn Care Cost : Free Lawn Care ...

The average cost to aerate and overseed a lawn is $160 to $425 for 10,000 square feet, depending on the grass type. Seeding immediately after aerating is ideal because aeration opens the soil, creating a healthy environment for new grass seeds to take root.

Aeration, overseeding, and fertilizing costs


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Diy Lawn Care Vs Hiring True Lawn Care Service

Buying and maintaining all your equipment is costly. On the other hand, hiring our professional team will free you up to complete other home projects or fun outside activities.

Our goal is to provide you a clean worry-free yard where you will be able to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Its time for you to put that mower away and let TLC take care of your lawns. Our expert team of landscapers and lawn mowing crews we have the best lawn mowing services without compromising and great quality. We understand the landscape services required in your yard and how to better-fit the services. You can try out our services and then we can address individual concerns as we progress. Our services are priced competitively in the market place.

We are your local lawn mowing service providers ready to be at your doorstep. Schedule a free consultation for all your lawn care needs with us today. For more info on our mowing service

For tips on how to do your own lawn care check out The Yard Pro

Dont Forget To Price Special Services And Materials Differently

Special services like mowing, mulching, and weed control and fertilization application should be priced accordingly, rather than lumped into one cost.

Jason explains that these are actually very different services because they require different types of labor.

Weed control and fertilization, for example, is typically a one-person operation, so your labor is cut downand that one person can actually generate a lot more revenue than one person can mowing, he explains.

But there are expenses in the weed control: the actual fertilizer, weed control product, labor, and drive timeall those things are factors.

The main thing Im concerned with is how big the actual yard is, and the actual amount of turf that Im going to be applying the fertilizer or herbicide to. The bigger the yard, the more of the product Im using. Thats my biggest expense, Jason explains.

So, Im pricing strictly based on the square footage. I need to get an accurate measurement of the square footage of the lawn so that I know how to price it. Then I use a pricing chart that shows square footage from 2,000 square feet all the way up to 30,000 square feet.

I can then look at my pricing chart and give them a price quickly. So as the square footage goes up, the price per square foot actually goes down.

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/2 Acre Lot Lawn Mowing Pricing

$50 Lawn Example

Amount of Grass: 11,500 Sq. Ft

Lot Size: 22,600 Sq. Ft

Notable characteristics:

This lawn has nearly twice the amount of grass than the 1/4 example above, but it is only $5 more per mowing service. Why?

  • Few obstacles This lawn has a couple trees and beds in the lawn, but for the most part, it is wide open mowing.
  • Slight slope in the back Its hard to tell, but this lawn has a slight slope in the back, not enough to affect the price though.

Pictures of this lawn:

Cost Of Winterizing Your Lawn

How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

Depending on where you live, you may need to winterize your lawn for the harsh winter weather. Winterizing your lawn will ensure the lawn your worked so hard to keep healthy and beautiful does not die from the first snow, and can also prevent dead spots or the unappealing brown spots that we all see too often at the beginning of spring.

The average cost for winterizing a lawn is about $400, but the price can vary drastically depending on where you live and the size of your lawn. If you have a lawn care provider you can ask them about their winterizing process and what your lawn would need, or you can find a lawn care professional today to take on the job.

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Professional Lawn Aeration Costs

If you hire a lawn care company to do the job, they may charge by the hour or the square foot. Or, they may set a flat rate for every quarter acre. Professional lawn aeration service costs, on average, about $15 to $17 per thousand square feet. For a 5,000 square-foot lawn, that adds up to between $75 and $85. Companies that charge an hourly rate usually want $15 to $32 per hour, so the total cost can vary depending on the size of the yard and the job’s complexity.

What Is The Going Rate For Lawn Mowing

mowinglawnrategrasshourly ratesfees

Great pay: Your child has the potential to earn multiple repeat jobs that last all summer. If he charges anywhere from $10-$40 per yard, depending on the size, he could earn a considerable amount of money by the end of summer.

Similarly, how much should I charge to mow 4 acres?

sq ft â acre
0 to 4000 1/8 acre $35
4001 to 6000 1/8 acre + $40
6001 to 8000 1/4 acre â $45
8001 to 10000 1/4 acre $50

Likewise, people ask, how much does yard service cost?

$25 – $50. The average cost for lawn care service is $35. Hiring a landscaper to maintain your yard, you will likely spend between $25 and $50. The price of lawn care can vary greatly by region .

How do I get a mowing job?

Take out ads in your local newspaper, community paper and specialty papers. Offer coupons and free services to help encourage potential customers to try your lawn mowing service. Pass out flyers and door hangers. Drive around your service area and place door hangers and flyers at the homes of potential clients.

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Lawn Aeration Price Factors

Lawn aeration prices depend on the lawn size, preparation, location, and site conditions.

  • Lawn size Aeration prices are based on lawn size. Some companies offer fixed rates for up to 5,000 or 10,000 square feet. Condos and townhomes with small lawns cost $40 to $75 minimum.
  • Prep work Aeration is most effective if the lawn is mowed and watered the day before. Some companies include this service while others charge extra. Most pros also charge extra to flag sprinkler heads, shallow irrigation lines, and buried cables.
  • Location Aeration prices are typically lower in rural areas.
  • Site conditions Lawns with hills or steep slopes cost more to aerate because it’s more difficult to maneuver large aerator equipment on uneven surfaces.

Lawn Mowing Cost Calculator

How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?
Cost Calculator
Range perlawn square feet: $0.02
Range for this type of project: $35
This includes mowing, edging, and blowing adjacent sidewalks and driveways free of debris.
Flower Planting
Handles the placement, digging, transplanting and initial watering. Does not include price of flowers.
Bed Weeding $130 arrow_drop_down
Pull weeds to preserve the health of your garden and allow flowers to flourish. Includes bagging weeds.
Lawn maintenance $130 arrow_drop_down
Can include leaf or pine needle removal, curbing, aeration, or other herbicide treatments. Includes labor and equipment costs.
Brush removal
Remove brushes and yard waste, involves transporting waste and recycling.
Mulching $130 arrow_drop_down
Provides erosion control while a seeding or shrub planting is started. Will conserve moisture and help with weed control.

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Remember That Lawn Care Is An Investment

Your home is one of the biggest purchases youll ever make, so youll want to protect that investment by ensuring your lawn is healthy and well-manicured.

Find your lawn care pro today, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful new yard for many years to come.

When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted lawn care pros:

Daniel W.

What Affects Mowing Services Prices

Great question! To determine a lawn mowing cost, we use your propertys total square footage as a basic starting point. We then take into consideration the unique characteristics of your lawn.

How well your lawn fits into our existing routes. The closer the lawns we cut are together, the more we can do in a shorter period of time. If you see us in your neighborhood already, you can bet we will be able to offer you our very best pricing for a property your size.

Slopes, obstacles, and fences. All of these features your lawn may add additional time and/or difficulty to the job. We have professional equipment, but these characteristics still add time to the job which we need to account for.

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Trugreen Weed Control Cost

The price for Trugreen weed control ranges from $65 to $110 per treatment. Trugreen offers a wide variety of services, including weed control, fertilization, customized lawn treatments, aeration and overseeding, tree and shrub care. With this company, you may select from three programs for weed control. The services for these programs change as the price increases. The company website states that Trugreen is the largest lawn care company in the U.S., with 2.3 million customers.

Lawn Care Costs Per Acre

How to price YOUR service in lawn care

Just like with mowing, more significant lawn care such as seeding, weed control, fertilization, and aeration is typically priced per acre, with many companies performing more than one of these services at a time. Lawn care costs range widely due to the variety of services that may be needed, and they may include one or more services, such as seeding with fertilization or aeration. These services are usually done separately from mowing and are also billed separately from mowing.

Number of Acres

$400 – $700

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Almost nothing is as gratifying as a well-maintained lawn. Fortunately, a lush and beautiful yard no longer requires endless hours of mowing and trimming by the entire family. The best lawn care professionals can help take care of your home, office, rental or commercial properties and they’re beneficial in many ways.

For one, lawn care professionals have their own lawn mowers and trimming equipment, so you don’t need to spend money on a mower of your own. Hiring a professional gives you back the space you would have used to store bulky lawn equipment in the garage or shed. You also won’t have to worry about keeping gas in the tank or a charge in the battery, or finding an extension cord long enough to let you weed-whack your entire yard.

They can also take care of your lawn beyond just a simple mow and trim with add-on services like laying down fertilizer or coming up with a mowing plan to keep your yard growing healthily year-round. Or, if your lawn has been neglected for awhile, they can revive it. No matter how poorly maintained your lawn has been in the past, the pros can bring a dried-up lawn back to life or tame an overgrown mess.

Grub Prevention And Control Services

Grubs are the larvae of beetles. They live under the soil and eat the roots of your lawns turf. Left alone, they can cause bare and brown patches in your lawn and make it more susceptible to disease.

The grub prevention and control service gets rid of white grubs before the damage can begin. This is critical to maintaining a healthy lawn.

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Mowing It Yourself Vs Hiring Someone

It is possible to mow 1 acre with a push mower. With a push mower, you could expect it to take, 2+ hours of labor. If you have a riding lawnmower, you could get it done in a little over one hour. That is if you are not doing any of the extras. With the extras, you could expect it to take twice as long for each.

If you have the time, and the temperament, doing it yourself may not be that big of a deal. However, if it is a commercial property, or you just dont have the time, hiring someone would be the best option. Commercial properties, take a little more skill than just mowing down the grass.

How Much Does It Cost To Mow 5 Acres

How Much Does Lawn Service Cost For 1 Acre

far5 acresmowing

As far as 5 acres of mowing, I would be around $240 with a little trimming, or more with a lot of trimming. It just depends on your area.

Beside above, how much should I charge per acre to mow? No Property Is Too Big, or Too Small!

Entire Property Size
$60 per man-hour

Secondly, how long does it take to mow 5 acres?

A 48″ WB mower at 3.3 mph ground speed can mow one acre of turf in 46 minutes. That equates to about 11 acres in an average 8 hour working day. A 60″ WB mower at 3.3 mph ground speed can mow one acre of turf in 37 minutes. That equates to about 13 acres in an average 8 hour working day.

How much should I charge to mow 4 acres?

sq ft acre
0 to 4000 1/8 acre $35
4001 to 6000 1/8 acre + $40
6001 to 8000 1/4 acre $45
8001 to 10000 1/4 acre $50

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How Much Does It Cost To Cut 5 Acres Of Grass

4.7/55 acres

Similarly, how much does it cost to hire someone to mow 5 acres?

As far as 5 acres of mowing, I would be around $240 with a little trimming, or more with a lot of trimming. It just depends on your area.

Furthermore, how much does it cost to cut 3 acres of grass?

sq ft acre
4001 to 6000 1/8 acre + $40
6001 to 8000 1/4 acre $45
8001 to 10000 1/4 acre $50
10000 to 14333 1/3 acre $55

Additionally, how much does it cost to mow an acre of grass?

No Property Is Too Big, or Too Small!

Entire Property Size
$60 per man-hour

How long would it take to mow 5 acres?

We just moved from acreage, and I kept 5 acres mowed. With a 42″ White 18 hp rider it took right at 4 hours to mow. That included going around 6 trees, the house and a barn. We bought a 60″ Exmark zero turn a few years ago, and it cut the mowing time down to 1 hour.

What Our Research Indicates About Landscaping Rates

GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over 10,000 lawn care service providers all over the country about how much they charge for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

As it turns out.

78% of lawn care professionals we polled responded they charge at least $60 per man per hour. Or $1 a minute.

Next. 12% responded they charge on average $50 per man per hour

Lastly, 10% responded they charge $40 per man per hour or less

But thats just part of the story

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