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How Much Is It To Get Lawn Mowed

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Additional Considerations And Costs

How much to charge for mowing the lawn | The most guarded SECRET in the Lawn Care community
  • Your lawn care provider may offer a discount for regular visits, including weekly or biweekly mowing. Many also offer neighbor discounts if you both sign up for services on the same day.
  • Your town or neighborhood may limit the type of fertilizers and chemicals that can be used on your lawn. Check with your community to find out if there are restrictions in your area.
  • Consider winterizing your lawn each year so that it does not die in the snow. Winterizing costs around $400 on average, depending on the lawn size.
  • If your lawn service uses a gas mower, remember that fluctuating gas prices impact the services cost. Check with your provider to find out if they have yearly rates or if their rates change.
  • To keep your costs down, sign on with a lawn care company. Many companies offer discounts for frequent visits, which keeps overall expenses down.

How Long Does A Mower Blade Last

High-quality lawn mower blades can last up to 400 hours, but on overage, lawn mower blades last for 100 to 200 hours depending on the level of care and maintenance. How long do riding lawn mower blades last? For your blades to last longer, you need to sharpen them after every 20-25 hours of use.

Pricing Guide: How Much Does A Lawn Mower Cost

You dont have to spend a lot of green to keep your lawn green and trim. The cheapest lawn mower, a manual push reel mower, could cost as little as $57. The average cost of a gas-powered lawn mower is $1,068. On the high end of the spectrum, an intelligent robot mower with special features can cost up to $17,063.

Most homeowners with a typical-sized yard will be better off with a walk-behind mower, which costs $363 on average. The average cost of a riding lawn mower suited for large properties is $2,450. While some robot mowers can reach astronomical prices like the one mentioned above, the average price for a standard model is $1,470.

How much you spend on a lawn mower will depend on your yards size, the type of grass you have, the power source you want to use, and the brand you choose. Weve broken down typical costs of different kinds of lawn mowers so you can figure out which one is best for both your needs and your budget.

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C What’s Included In A Lawn Maintenance Vs Lawn Care Service

Some companies offer more than standard lawn care packages. They might offer fertilizer or weed control applications. They’ll also provide tips for the types of grass that work best in different climates and with different soils.

A full-care lawn service can even install new grass or lay pallets of sod. For physical landscape changes like tree pruning or shrub removal, consider hiring a landscaper instead.

How Much Does It Cost To Mow A Lawn

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Someone To Mow Your Lawn ...

According to, the average cost for mowing a lawn is a penny per square foot plus $30 per hour. If you have a 5,000-square-foot lawn and it takes someone about 2.5 hours to mow it, edge it and handle the clippings, you’re looking at $125 for the service.

But that’s just an average based on very basic lawn care services. Your cost could be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors.

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What Influences The Prices For Lawn Mowing Jobs

Time, Place, Accessibility and Size

The typical lawn mowing cost is affected by several factors, some of which weve previously mentioned in the last section. Supply and demand tend to shift, depending on where you live.

The size and accessibility of your lawn can play a part in increasing prices due to the difficulty of the job, requiring different mower sizes to be utilized.

The time of the year can also be a big factor in whether you can take advantage of seasonal discount prices when demand might be slowing down.

Equipment Models

Lawn mowing services may also charge you depending on the equipment they use. Electric lawn mower variants may not cost that much but make use of your electric line to charge up instead.

Gas lawn mower models will have to consider gas usage and possible maintenance costs, raising the price but providing a more effective clean sweep of the lawn.

If your lawn only needs the barest of maintenance, they may opt to use a lawn cutter instead, which might lead them to charge you less for equipment use.

Cordless mowers allow a more quiet and compact way of trimming grass, although the limited battery life can be a barrier to a thorough cutting.

Ride on mower prices are the highest-prices of lawn cutter models, reaching up to $6,999 per unit, but arguably give the most convenient services provided your lawn has reasonable ease of access.

What Our Research Indicates About Landscaping Rates

GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over 10,000 lawn care service providers all over the country about how much they charge for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

As it turns out.

78% of lawn care professionals we polled responded they charge at least $60 per man per hour. Or $1 a minute.

Next. 12% responded they charge on average $50 per man per hour

Lastly, 10% responded they charge $40 per man per hour or less

But thats just part of the story

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Why Does A Lawn Grow Faster In The Summer

Your lawn grows faster in the summer due to better temperatures and increased sun exposure. As part of photosynthesis, your grass depends on plenty of sunlight. Although too much will kill it off, too little prevents it from flourishing. Grass growth begins to peak when temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius. If they dip between 5 degrees Celsius, it wont grow at all. Its worth noting that poor moisture during hot mid-summer months reduces growth. Like sun and heat, your grass depends on a ready supply of water to thrive. If you live in an area where rainfall is poor, you may want to consider watering your lawn during hot months. This is a great article that discusses summer gardening tips Finally, some lawns will benefit from a nitrogen-based fertiliser. When nitrogen reacts with other factors, it accelerates your lawns growth, resulting in greener and lusher grass.

How Often To Get Lawn Mowed


When you think about it, lawns are odd to have in the middle of a city. Theyre big patches of ground that go unbuilt on for acres and acres. So why do we bother with them? The answer is simple because they make everything look better. In addition, a well-maintained lawn will significantly improve your curb appeal, boosting the value of your home by up to ten thousand!

Lawns also provide space for recreation like sports games or picnics with friends and family, which makes them great lengths to spend time outside when it isnt too hot out. If you want to reap these benefits without all the work , you should probably hire someone to keep your lawn in good shape. Here is what you need to know if you are thinking how often to get lawn mowed. This blog post will share everything.

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The Size Of The Business

Solopreneurs may charge less than those running a large business. Thats because the following costs dont mount up as much:

  • Business insurance

  • Advertising

  • Employee uniforms

Hiring someone who works alone doesnt mean youll get less for your money. However, they may not have backup resources. For example, employees to cover them if theyre sick. Or, additional machines if theirs breaks.

Is It Really Worth It To Get My Mower Repaired

Most of the time, fixing a lawnmower costs less than buying a new or used one.

A new mower goes for anywhere from roughly $150 to $3,000. The price tag depends on the type of mower. For instance, a gas-powered walk-behind mower likely will be the cheapest option, whereas a riding mower probably will be the costliest option.

Check online to get free estimates, then once youve determined how much itll cost to repair your mower, youll want to weigh that against how much it would cost to buy a new or used mower.

Hinton, the Texas repair specialist, says the life expectancy of a lawnmower ranges anywhere from a few years to 20 years. Generally, he recommends replacing a mower when repair costs will exceed 50 percent to 80 percent of the replacement cost of a mower has surpassed at least 50 percent of the mowers expected life.

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Factors Which Can Influence Lawnmowing Prices

Size of the lawn to mow as you would expect, the bigger the yard, the more time needed to mow it and the higher the lawn mowing cost

Density of the grass some types of grass are easy to breeze the mower through, but other types of grass are thicker to mow and therefore take more time and result in more clippings to remove

Height of the grass if a lawn has not been mowed for a while, it might need to be whipper snippered first, to get it down to a height that is easier to mow

Terrain and access a flat yard with no obstructions is much quicker to mow than a sloped yard and/or only accessible by stairs

Obstacles in the yard such as trees or garden features to mow around, trampolines or guinea pig cages to move, palm fronds to take off the lawn

Amount of edging footpaths, stepping stones, trees, swimming pool, garden features and/or multiple lawn sections can create extra edging work that adds time and money to a lawn mowing quote

Whipper snipper or edging tool most mowing guys will edge lawns with a whipper snipper, but for customers who prefer they use a specific edging tool, this too can add time and money to the lawn mowing cost

Clippings it takes time to collect the clippings, empty the catcher and get mowing again

Waste removal and dump fees if the mowing guy is unable to put the clippings in the wheelie bin , then the clippings need to be taken a dump/tip which incurs dump fees and labour fees

Lawn striping will add to how much your lawn mowing costs

Does Your Company Use A Gas Mower

Who should I contact about getting my lawn mower serviced ...

Fluctuating gas prices will have an affect on the cost of your lawn mowing and trimming services if your service provider uses a gas mower. Some companies will reflect those prices in their cost per service each time, while other companies may update their pricing yearly. For example, a company may increase prices by $5-$10 after a year if gas prices have continued to climb, but they wont change their prices on a week-by-week basis.

Some companies use only electrical mowers and trimmers, so fluctuations in gas prices dont affect them. Their equipment runs from pre-charged batteries or through extension cords plugged into your electrical outlets.

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How Big Is Your Lawn

Outside of considering your homes location when trying to answer the question, What is the going rate for lawn mowing?, a lawn care service will also consider the size of your lawn.

The $20 to $40 price range that we mentioned a moment ago applies to small- and medium-sized residential lawns. But it doesnt always apply to lawns that are more than an acre or even several acres.

The larger that your lawn is, the more than youre going to have to pay a lawn care service to cut it for you. Its going to take more manpower, more equipment, and more gasoline for them to mow your lawn, which will lead to you paying higher prices.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Almost nothing is as gratifying as a well-maintained lawn. Fortunately, a lush and beautiful yard no longer requires endless hours of mowing and trimming by the entire family. The best lawn care professionals can help take care of your home, office, rental or commercial properties and they’re beneficial in many ways.

For one, lawn care professionals have their own lawn mowers and trimming equipment, so you don’t need to spend money on a mower of your own. Hiring a professional gives you back the space you would have used to store bulky lawn equipment in the garage or shed. You also won’t have to worry about keeping gas in the tank or a charge in the battery, or finding an extension cord long enough to let you weed-whack your entire yard.

They can also take care of your lawn beyond just a simple mow and trim with add-on services like laying down fertilizer or coming up with a mowing plan to keep your yard growing healthily year-round. Or, if your lawn has been neglected for awhile, they can revive it. No matter how poorly maintained your lawn has been in the past, the pros can bring a dried-up lawn back to life or tame an overgrown mess.

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Your Lawn Stays Lush And Green

An overgrown lawn can lead to issues such as weed infestations. When mowing regularly, you help grass blades stay healthy and moist. The mower doesnt cut the edges all at once it trims them gradually over time,

allowing the grass to keep its luster and green color for a more extended period. When grass blades are cut back slowly, the health of the lawn is less compromised than it would be if you waited too long to trim your grass.

Cost Of Fertilizing Your Lawn

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

Your lawn needs the proper nutrients to look its best and your soil does not always have enough nutrients. This is where fertilizer comes in. Fertilizing your lawn is the best way to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.Fertilizers contain the necessary minerals and nutrients that your grass needs to grow to its full potential. But it is important to note that different types of grass require different fertilizers.

  • The minimum cost for lawn fertilizer is $0.08/sf
  • The maximum cost for lawn fertilizer is $0.48/sf

If you do not have the time or the tools to fertilize your lawn on your own, you can hire a contractor to do the job. If you hire a contractor, the cost of fertilizing your lawn is about $12-$15/hr. You can also hire a lawn care expert or professional lawn care company, which will bring your lawn fertilizing cost up to about $60 per hour, on average. The more experience someone has, the more it will cost. That said, if you go with an expert you will do the least amount of work and you will likely get the best results.

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What Is The Difference Between Mulching Blades And Regular Blades

Standard blades, sometimes referred to as 2-in-1 blades, are designed to cut grass and then either discharge or bag the clippings. Mulching blades, also known as 3-in-1 blades, can be used to bag, discharge, or mulch grass clippings. Mulching blades feature more curves and an increased cutting edge.

How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn

Healthy lawns should be mown every two weeks during Summer as it is the growing season and during the winter you should only need to mow once a month. This may vary depending on your location, if you have a longer growing season and the kind of lawn you have.

Hot TIp – Avoid cutting your grass too short as it can get sunburnt like us!

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Diy Or Hire A Lawn Care Expert In My Area

When youre trying to find average lawn care pricing in New Zealand, you might start to wonder whether its a task you can tackle yourself. However, can you really put a price on convenience? Actually, you can, and youd be surprised at how little difference there is between hiring someone to mow your lawns, and doing them yourself.

You can put a reasonably hefty price tag on your time. Any time you spend mowing your lawns is time youre not spending with your family and friends. You also have to find a lawnmower for sale thats reasonably affordable, and that process is not easy either.

Once you buy the mower, you have to purchase fuel for it, pay for tuning costs, and servicing as well. If there are any mower repairs, then you have to do these too. And what about storage? The average property size is only getting smaller, which means that fewer people have garages and tool sheds in which to put their mower. No one wants to end up with a lawnmower in their laundry or living room.

It all sounds like a bit of a hassle, doesnt it? It might be easier to find someone in lawn care to hire who can do the job without you having to lift a finger.

Importance Of Regular Grass Cutting

Lawns are a soul

Regular lawn mowing is important for several reasons. For one thing, itll make your grass stronger .

Not only that, but itll ensure that your yard will have even growth you wont have to worry about it being patchy and uneven.

Last but not least, itll help you save moneyyou wont have to buy extra tools and products to deal with issues such as weeds if the lawn is properly maintained.

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