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How Much Does It Cost To Irrigate Your Lawn

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Additional Underground Sprinkler System Costs

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need? Sprinkler irrigation tips

Routine maintenance on underground sprinkler systems includes replacing the timer , valves , valve boxes , rotor heads and spray heads . To replace most of these components, with labour, could cost $750-$1000. New pipes cost more. Doing it yourself would lower the cost.

Do-it-yourselfers installing an underground lawn sprinkler system should be aware of hazards such as utility lines. Remember to call before you dig. It is generally advised to leave this step to a professional.

DoItYourself.Com offers a tutorial on installing an underground sprinkler system.

Type Of Water Tap Required

Irrigation systems will also require different types of water taps, which in essence simply means that the hook up to your main water supply comes with varying levels of difficulties as well.

A simple pit tap located next to your water meter, for example, will be easier to tackle than hooking into a deeply buried copper water line.

Most of our customers reside in Illinois, which comes with its own hurdles in the form of plumbing licensing requirements. Each Illinois sprinkler system installation means contracting with a licensed plumber to tap into the water main, which increases the cost to install the sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System Water Usage

According to the EPAs WaterSense, the average household in the U.S. uses 400 gallons of water per day and landscaping uses a third of the residential water of the entire country, or 7 billion gallons. What makes this number even more extraordinary is that they believe that as much as 50 percent is wasted due to evaporation and overwatering.

The average water usage cost for a household in the United States is $1.50 per 1,000 gallons. Of course, some areas of the country may use significantly more or less water on lawns because of climate and humidity differences. However, regardless of the cost, we should all be doing what we can to conserve this resource.

If you add a weather-based controller to your sprinkler system, the EPA estimates that you may cut your water usage by as much as 37 gallons per day. Even more encouraging is that using native plants and grasses can reduce your outside water requirements by 20 to 50 percent.

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When To Water The Lawn

If you find your lawn has taken on a grayish cast or appears to be dull green, its telling you that it needs water. You can also check your lawn by walking on it: If your footprints dont disappear quickly, its because the grass blades dont have the needed moisture to spring back. While it may seem like you can head out to water your lawn anytime during the day, your lawn actually needs more specific care. Watering in the morning is the best time for your lawn its cooler and winds tend to be calmer so water can soak into the soil and be absorbed by the grass roots before it can evaporate. If you must water in the evening, try between 4 and 6 p.m. which should give the grass blades time to dry before nightfall. The later you water, the greater chance of disease becoming prevalent in your lawn. Its worth noting, though, that you dont necessarily have to water your lawn. Lawns are resilient. Established and properly cared-for lawns can survive weeks without water by going dormant , then recover once the rain returns.

Sprinkler Head Cost By Type

How Much Does It Cost to Install A Sprinkler System in Your Yard in Eau ...

One challenging part of planning a is sorting through the available heads and their specific purposes. There are two main types of sprinkler heads to choose from: above-ground and in-ground. The former simply fit onto a hose and are easy to install but present more hazards and require you to move and adjust them manually. With in-ground sprinkler heads, you pay more for the installation, but you can automate the watering process and avoid manual watering work week in and week out. This table shows the various options and national average costs ranging from $1 to $35. Remember that the price of these sprinkler heads is typically included in the overall installation cost.

Head Type
$11 – $35

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How Lawn Aeration Helps Your Lawn

If your lawns soil has become compacted, you should aerate it. Dense and compacted soil inhibits root growth by cutting off access to nutrients. This environment encourages weed growth. Weeds make your lawn even more prone to stress and vulnerable to drought. Below are some of the ways lawn aeration helps your yard transform into a healthy lawn:

  • Relieves soil compaction: Compacted soil prevents air, water, and fertilizer from reaching your lawns root system. This leads to dead spots, patches, and thinning. Aeration removes cores, so soil density decreases.
  • Increases nutrients: Soil aeration helps nutrients penetrate deeper into the root zone. This process improves the effectiveness of fertilization and watering.
  • Builds a thicker lawn: Aeration stimulates root development and growth. Therefore, when you overseed the lawn, you create an optimal environment for growth. This benefit occurs because aeration improves seed to soil contact, improving germination and creating a more moist lawn.
  • Reduces puddling and runoff: Aeration helps reduce puddling or water runoff occurrences as the water seeps into the loosened soil.

Zone Sprinkler System Cost

The average cost to cover one zone with a sprinkler is $650 to $1,000. This is used for small lots with less than ¼ acre. If the front lawn or small backyard grass receives consistent shade, then a 1 zone system could work. While this is the most affordable option, it doesnt make much sense for a larger lawn with several sections with different requirements.

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Cost To Install Above

Labor costs for an above-ground sprinkler average $120 to $400. These sprinklers are generally affordable and require just a few hours of work to ensure everything is in the right place. Its much easier for sprinkler companies to set these sprinklers up because they dont need to do any digging, keeping labor costs and timelines down. The price may increase if you have a large lawn or add special features or additional services to this project.

Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

How Much And How Often You Should Water Your Lawn | Smart Irrigation Tips

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Lawn Drip Irrigation Vs Agricultural Systems Prices

Residential lawn drip irrigation is typically less expensive to install than an agricultural or farm system. Its easier to install a drip system on a small, residential plot than it is on an acreage or farm. Many homeowners choose to DIY this project to save on installation costs. It can cost as little as $50 to professionally install a small home garden drip system.

High-end agricultural systems can cost as much as $2,500 per acre or more, depending on the project.

Compare Quotes to Install a Drip Irrigation System

Cost To Buy A Lawn Aerator

The average cost to buy a tow-behind plug or spike aerator is $100 to $400. Core and spike aerators come in tow-behind, manual push, and self-propelled models. Handheld aerator tools are inexpensive and can handle small bare patches of grass depending on the soil compaction.

Cost to buy a lawn aerator


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Drip Irrigation Installation Cost Factors

Here are a few of the cost factors that go into a drip irrigation installation:

  • Quality of materials: Better materials may be pricier up front, but theyll hold up in the long run.

  • Time of installation: Pros may offer deals for installation in the off-season.

  • Above ground vs. subsurface: Below ground systems are typically more expensive.

  • Size of project: The larger the square footage, the higher the cost.

  • Density of coverage: More water lines with denser coverage is pricier.

E How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace Sprinkler Parts

2021 How much does a new lawn cost?

The cost to repair or replace a sprinkler valve runs from $12.50 to $40 before labor costs. Sprinkler head replacements cost $2.50 to $30 per item before labor. Timers cost anywhere from $10 to $325 depending on features and number of zones. Installing a residential irrigation pump costs about $80 to $500 or more, plus the cost of labor.

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Gear Driven Sprinkler Head Price

Homeowners usually pay between $8 and $25 for gear driven sprinkler heads designed for above-ground use. These sprinklers rely on uniform rotation to water large flat areas and are quieter and lower maintenance than other varieties on the market. Plus, gear driven sprinklers are currently more popular than impact rotor sprinkler heads, thanks to the even distribution and dependable watering.

So What Is The Total Cost Of The Fire Sprinkler System

In our experience the average cost per sprinkler head is £200 plus the pump and tank cost or control valve arrangement for the mains. This figure per head is based on a 2/3 bed new build. This price will reduce when scaled over larger projects with supplies from boosted water sources found in high rise residential blocks for instance. This price may also rise where there are only a few heads on a project.

Pump and tank costs will vary, however typically start from £2000 depending on the risk category and system duty.

Mains fed systems will require control valve arrangements and in some cases alarm panels, solenoid valves, sounders or interfaces. Price start from £300

These prices would all be subject to taxes where applicable and should only be used as a guide.

We could never attempt to list all the factors that may influence the cost of an installation. Some of the main factors that affect the cost of a fire sprinkler system include:

For the most accurate estimate please send building plans or arrange for a survey.

We hope that this guide will give you an approximate overview but it is no replacement for consulting an expert and getting an accurate quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to talk to an expert or arrange a survey to get a more accurate cost.

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Types Of Sprinkler Heads

One of the biggest decisions youll make when youre looking to install a sprinkler system is the type of sprinkler heads. You can choose any sprinkler head provided that its suitable for the water pressure in your lines and will ensure that your lawn gets enough water.

Some of the common types of sprinkler heads include:

Sprinkler Type
-For areas where you dont need the sprinklers to disappear when not in use.

Pros And Cons Of Installing A Sprinkler System For Your New Home

âªHow does lot size impact the cost of a lawn sprinkler system?

When youre building a new home, one important landscaping question you may face is whether to install a permanent irrigation/sprinkler system in your yard. While certainly a convenient and potentially cost-saving option for caring for your lawn, having an irrigation system professionally installed can come with steep upfront costs, and its best done before any landscaping is completed as the soil will need to be dug out and replaced for installation to occur.

In short, there is quite a bit to consider when it comes to adding a residential irrigation system to your yard. Heres what to think about:

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Lawn Sprinkler System Cost

Every lawn is unique. For this reason, it is almost impossible to determine the exact cost of installing a lawn irrigation system without first inspecting your yard. The best way to determine a lawn sprinkler system costfor your property is to schedule a free, no-obligation estimation with our irrigation specialist.

Some of the most common contributors to the outdoor sprinkler system cost are:

Variance in the landscape

  • If your landscape has a mix of sun and shade, lawn and garden, and maybe even displays some exotic, delicate vegetation, you will likely need a more complex system design.

    Property Obstacles

    Despite what you might think, smaller lots tend to be more labour intensive than large, open properties. Working around walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and raised gardens can make the installation more challenging.

    Type of Equipment

    When it comes to watering your lawn, there are many watering options. Choosing the perfect option can have a big impact on the final price.

    Smart Timers and Other Add-ons

    Depending on how efficient and high tech you want your irrigation system to be, optional features can quickly change the cost of in-ground sprinklers.

    The Number of Zones

    When designing an irrigation system, professionals zone the property to ensure optimal watering for all of your plants, grass, shrubs, and more. The final cost is also determined by adding up the price of each zone.

Watering Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Effective water management is crucial to the health of your lawn. If the soil is saturated, the growth of roots, photosynthesis, and leaves is inhibited. The soil should have the right amount of moisture to help the grass grow properly, but watering a lawn can be tricky.

Knowing when, how much, and how long you need to be watering your lawn allows you to maintain its appearance and health. This knowledge also gives you the ability to protect yourself from staggering water bills.Here are some common watering mistakes you need to avoid:


All living things need water. Turf grass is not an exception. Water contains vital nutrients it needs to grow healthy and green. You cannot depend on rainfall alone, especially during the summer when dry spells are rampant and rainy days are few and far between.

You can water your lawn manually or set up an irrigation system. Ample amounts of water are especially crucial within a year of starting your lawn. How much water grass needs depends on factors like the climate and type of grass you are growing.


A common and costly lawn watering mistake is overwatering. Too much water is just as bad as the lack of it. Excessive watering can suffocate your lawn. It starves your soil by reducing the amount of oxygen, which is a necessary component for promoting deep root growth and overall grass health.

Watering on Rainy Days

Inaccurate Settings of the Irrigation System

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Ready To Call In The Pros

If the DIY approach is more than you want to tackle, or your lot is larger than a third of an acre , consider hiring a pro. Expect to pay $3,000-$4,000 to have an underground irrigation system installed on a ¼-acre lot. Aside from saving you a lot of work, a pro is going to get the job done quickly and with minimal disruption. Hell also come with knowledge of what design best suits local conditions.

Common Cost To Aerate Your Lawn

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Irrigation System at My Orlando, FL ...

Lawn aeration is a process that will keep your lawn lush and healthy. The cost to aerate a lawn can vary. Discover the common cost to aerate your lawn so you can make the best decision possible when choosing your aeration method.

Lawn aeration is necessary when compacted soil is blocking out water and oxygen from penetrating the lower layers in your lawn. This leads to the grass not getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy. If you live in an area with clay soil, the chance of having too much compaction is greater because of the strong clay bonds underneath your lawn. On the contrary, if you live in an area with sandy soil your lawn is less likely to have compacted soil that will need to be aerated. Some other signs that you may need to aerate your lawn are weed growth, water pooling, and bare spots.

There are many methods you can use to aerate your lawn like DIY or going the professional lawn care route and hiring a lawn care company. After you do an assessment on the condition of your lawn, figure out what method may work for you. The costs vary, so here are some common costs to aerate your lawn. After reviewing these costs, you can better figure out what technique will work best for your lawn and your budget!

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Above Ground Drip System

Above ground drip systems run from $1,800 to $2,500 per acre according to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. This system involves laying drip irrigation tubing on top of soil. While highly efficient, this system can be a tripping hazard. Mowers, weed whackers and other lawn equipment can cut above ground systems in some cases.

Factors That Affect Irrigation System Technician Prices

Aside from the service package, other factors also affect the costs of Irrigation Systems.

Area Size & Terrain. How long jobs take largely dictates what Irrigation System Installers charge. Dimensions and size of the garden also determine the size and number of sprinklers needed.

Types of Plants. Exotic and flowering plants may require more attention as opposed to deciduous or native shrubs which are sturdier and require less care. For example, For example, vegetable gardens will need more water than a bed of native plants. Costs can vary according to any of these factors.

Equipment & Material. Extra special jobs and installations requiring design, technical skills and hard labour will vary in costs. Generally, Irrigation System Installers rates include the labour and use of equipment to complete the job. But if expensive materials and specialist skills are required, these may incur additional costs as they are unlikely to be included in the standard rates. The latest technology can be a factor.

Drip irrigation systems are extremely water-efficient, using less water, minimising evaporation, eliminating overspray, reducing runoff while delivering water directly to the roots of the plant. Additionally, there are three types of drip systems: water weeping hose, in-line drip tube, and plug-in drippers.

Change of Seasons. The upkeep and care for gardens, shrubs and plants may vary according to the season where the availability of water season matters.

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