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How Much Is Lawn Doctor Service

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Best For Lawn Mowing: Taskeasy

How to Price Lawn Care Services – How Much to Charge


Why We Chose It: TaskEasy makes lawn mowing services for both homeowners and businesses more accessible and easy to schedule.

  • Services may differ by contractor

Ken Davis launched TaskEasy in 2013 with the aim of making hiring a lawn mowing or yard service provider a hassle-free experience. Today, the company lets customers book lawn care services online across all 50 states and offers upfront prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

Serving residential and commercial properties, along with property managers and renters, TaskEasy provides lawn mowing services through licensed and insured landscape contractors. The process is simple: Enter your address, and the system will calculate your yard size or you can input the dimensions yourself. Youll then receive various contractors and options to choose from, including weekly, twice-a-week, and one-time mowing services. You can then select your preferred plan, schedule the service, and pay. If you’re not satisfied with the service, TaskEasy will provide another service for free or give you a refund.

The companys pricing varies by property location and lawn size. For example, the rate for a small yard in Los Angeles starts at $58 for weekly service, $67 for biweekly, and $91 for a one-time service. You can get your instant quote directly on the companys website.

So How Much Does Trugreen Actually Cost

Ah, now heres the part that you wont find on any TruGreen marketing materials.

Anyone who has been interested in the companys services will know that its almost impossible to find price lists for its plans and services.

Before giving you an example of what TruGreen charges , keep in mind that costs will differ according to various factors.

Where Should I Spray For Ticks

Ticks live in shaded areas with leaf or brush coverage. Areas can include tree stumps, under bird feeders, rock walls and near fences. Make sure all of these areas are treated.

  • Starting with the woods line, spray from about 5ft in the lawn to 15ft into the woods.
  • Move to flowerbeds spraying plants and mulch from the ground up to about chest height.
  • Spray any tree stumps, bottom side of bird feeders, rock walls and fences.
  • Move to the house: spray around foundation, under decks, around downspouts and any bushes or landscaping that is around house.

Whether you do this yourself or hire a lawn care service to help, pricing will be based off of the linear footage of the area treated.

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Scotts Lawn Service Cost Factors

There are a few things that can affect Scotts lawn service quotes. These are the factors that can determine how much you will spend on their service.

  • Size of Lawn The bigger your lawn, the higher the cost of the service. Wider areas will need more grass seeds and will require more products such as weed control and fertilizer. This is the biggest factor.
  • Type of Grass Different kinds of grass come with different prices. Bermuda for example is always widely available which makes it cheaper than Elite Bluegrass. Different strains will need different climate conditions.

Our Top Recommendation For Lawn Care

How Much Does The Lawn Doctor Cost / How Much Does Lawn ...

You might get a great price on the first quote you receive, but the only way to know if thats true is to shop around a little bit. We recently compared a number of the top lawn care companies in the business, rating them on factors like plan options, availability, technology, reputation and customer service.

Overall, our top recommendation is Sunday lawn care, an environmentally friendly lawn care startup that sends customized kits to your door.

This approach combines all the fun of DIYmeaning you get to get your hands dirty and dont have to let anyone you dont know onto your property while you arent at homewith expertise, since the kits are created with the help of lawn care specialists. The kit you receive is chock-full of natural ingredients to boost your lawns health and color, from kelp to molasses.To connect with the Sunday team or to get a quote, you can visit the companys secure website and get a free lawn analysis.

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Other Costs To Consider

Lawn care service isnt the only thing Scotts can provide. There are other services the company has to offer. These services will add to the above quote.

  • Scheduled Service Scotts provides scheduled maintenance that will be specific to every season. If you choose this service, your lawn will be in tip top shape all year round.
  • Equipment there are many types of equipment that you may purchase for keeping your lawn healthy. Products such as seeders can be used to evenly distribute grass seeds. Other items such as aeration devices will help the seeds go deep under the soil.
  • Lawn Maintenance Trimming and edging the grass of your lawn is equally as important as fertilizing it. You can hire pros to do these services for an added fee.
  • Tree and Hedge Care If you choose to have your trees and hedges trimmed and fertilized, Scotts has a service for this.

Factors That Influence Prices

  • Location which part of the country and how close you are to an urban center will play a part in how much you have to pay for TruGreens services.
  • Lawn size because a bigger patch of grass will take more time, work, and products to treat.
  • Initial health of the lawn if your turf is already green and thick, then it wont need a lot of treatments. If your lawn is damaged by dogs, imbalanced soil nutrients, or chemicals, then it will require more work to bring it back to health.
  • Treatment plan the more bells and whistles you want when it comes to servicing your garden, the more youll have to fork out.

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost for a Half-Acre Yard?

It is estimated that to have TruGreen service an area of roughly half an acre could cost you between $640 and $1,500 per year depending on the above-mentioned factors.

But lets break this down a bit more and get into specific prices for each TruGreen plan for different lot sizes.

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Remember That Lawn Care Is An Investment

Your home is one of the biggest purchases youll ever make, so youll want to protect that investment by ensuring your lawn is healthy and well-manicured.

Find your lawn care pro today, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful new yard for many years to come.

When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted lawn care pros:

Daniel W.

Lawn Replacement Or Restoration Costs

What To Expect – Lawn Doctor’s First Visit

Sod costs between $120 and $400 per pallet. Youll pay between $2,500 and $6,620 to fully replace or restore an average-sized lawn thats about one-fifth of an acre.

To seed a lawn costs between $410 and $1,510. It takes between one and two years for a seeded lawn to fully grow in. During this time, its susceptible to pests and damage. Sod is a much quicker way to get the look and feel you want.

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Best Environmentally Friendly: Spring

Why We Chose It: Providing lawn care services for both commercial and residential communities, Spring-Green will create a personalized care plan for your home or facility.

  • Option to utilize organic-based fertilizer

  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee

  • Serves more than 14,000 local communities

  • Not available in every state

Spring-Green was founded in 1977 in Naperville, Illinois. Offering lawn care services for both homeowners and commercial facilities, the company has expanded throughout the U.S., serving more than 25 states.

As an active member of the NALP and committed to providing the best lawn care for your yard, Spring-Green offers lawn and tree care, plus lawn pest control services. There is an option to have the company use organic-based fertilizer on your lawn, which minimizes the treatment’s environmental impact while strengthening your lawn naturally.

The company offers a great selection of lawn care plans, which can be tailored to your propertys climate and specifications. These services range from fertilization and weed control to aeration and seeding. In addition, the lawn care experts on its staff can address any lawn pest infestation and will provide the safest treatments as needed.

Pricing is available upon request only. Contact your local office or fill out the contact form online for more information.

Annual Yard Work Prices

In general, the yearly cost ranges from $700 to $2,600. What youll pay changes based on where you live and the size of your property. For example, if you live in a temperate or cold climate, you probably dont need a pro to come by from November through March. This cuts down dramatically on the overall cost. If you live in a warm climate that needs frequent maintenance with no breaks throughout the year, youll pay more.

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Whats The Average Cost Of Lawn Care Per Acre

The average cost of lawn care per acre ranges from $60 to $2,000 and up. What youll pay depends on factors like the services you purchase, the size of your property and regional costs. For example, if you live near a large city and need to fertilize an acre, you can expect to pay significantly more than if you live in a suburban or rural area and need mowing services for your property.

Is Lawn Doctor A Good Lawn Service

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost? A Look at Prices in Memphis ...

Between the positive reviews and the lawn services it offers, Lawn Doctor is a solid choice. However, TruGreen scores better on several metrics, including availability and number of package options. Your choice will depend on your preference and what your lawn needs, but TruGreen is the reviews teams overall recommendation.

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Factors To Consider & Price Comparison For Pa Nj & De Companies

Simply asking how much lawn care costs is akin to asking how much a television costs. There are many different options in a wide price range based on the wants and needs of the consumer. For example, a customer with a very healthy lawn may only require a maintenance program consisting of a few visits for fertilization and weed control per year. A yard with severe weed, disease, or pest issues requires more attention and services. So, how much does lawn care service cost? Today, were looking at the factors that impact costs and comparing the pricing of companies local to Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Lawn Care Service Company Reviews

TruGreen was founded in 1973 in Troy, Mich. Today, the company headquarters are located in Memphis, Tenn. The company applies science-based solutions to meet residential and commercial lawn care needs.

The Lawn Doctor began in the 1960s when new homeowners in New Jersey sought professional help to maintain beautiful lawns. The company now has approximately 500 franchises in 40 states, making them the largest lawn care franchise in the United States.

Green Lawn Fertilizing was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in West Chester, Pa. The company is a small, locally owned business and serves parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Massey Services Inc. was founded in 1930 and is now one of the nations largest pest prevention companies. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla., the company serves Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Massey Services provides irrigation maintenance, pest prevention and control and landscaping services to residential and commercial customers.

SavATree has been providing tree and lawn care since 1985 and is headquartered in Bedford Falls, N.Y. The company provides organic and hybrid treatments to keep lawns and trees green. They service areas in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and Wisconsin.


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Plans And Services Offered

Both companies offer unique annual plans, allowing their customers a wide selection of services and plan options to suit client needs/ budgets.

Lawn Doctors Plans

Lawn Doctor provides annual lawn care plans that cover things like lawn fertilization and Weed plans, tick control plans, and mosquito control plans.

The services covered under the Lawn Fertilization and Weed Plan include pre-emergent weed control, lawn fertilization, and crabgrass and broadleaf control.

The Mosquito Control plans include one-time treatments that are recommended for special events, or the treatment could be done in a series of applications. They also use non-chemical, all-natural products.

They also have a Tick Control plan that involves regular applications using tick-eliminating sprays.

Lawn Care Services

The Lawn Doctors range of lawn care services includes power seeding, fertilization, core aeration, tick & mosquito control, weed control, grub control, tree & shrub care, PH Balancing & lime application, perimeter pest/ insect control, and fire ant control. With insect control crucial to a healthy lawn, their protection mechanisms keep off armyworms, grubs, sod webworms, fire ants, and even the chinch bugs. But if you need a more comprehensive approach to pest control, their perimeter pest control services may be more ideal because they target not just ants and fleas but also boxelder bugs, centipedes, clover mites, earwigs, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, spiders, ticks, and sowbugs.

Fertilization And Weed Plans

How to price YOUR service in lawn care

Every lawn has a unique set of lawn treatment needs. Our annual lawn maintenance programs like Fertilization and Weed Plans make it easy to ensure your lawn will look its best no matter the time of year. With regular applications between 6 and 8 times each year based on our lawn care schedule, your lawn will have the nutrients and fertilizers it needs to grow into the lush, green landscape youve always dreamed of. From root growth to weed control, to color, our annual Fertilization and Weed Plans address all common lawn care concerns for a beautiful yard that can be enjoyed year-round.

Contact us to set up a fertilization and weed lawn care schedule today.

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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost

A lawn care plan will vary in cost occurring to what services and treatments you add to it. Some lawn care plans have a starting cost of $25, but the average cost of lawn care is around $100 and $200 per month. You can typically save money by opting for DIY options like Sunday, but the cost of having a lawn care professional treat your yard often yields effective results.

To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews Team at .

Trugreen Vs Lawn Doctor Overview

TruGreen and Lawn Doctor have both been around for decades, building their reputations across the country over many years.

TruGreen has five different annual plans, a much greater variety than its competitors. The lawn care company also offers an array of a la carte services so that you can customize your plan. Its TruSignature Lawn Care Plan even covers care for trees and shrubs.

TruGreen stands out because it is available in nearly every state, its specialists undergo rigorous, mandatory training programs, and the company offers extensive customer service through an online chat function and mobile app.

Lawn Doctor has the benefit of being a locally owned operation, so it combines regional expertise and national resources. The company offers an extensive range of services, from fertilization and aeration to pest control.

The lawn care company offers a more extensive guarantee than many of its competitors. Its 100% satisfaction guarantee offers a free re-application at no additional chargeor a full refund for your most recent service.

Below, you can see how TruGreen and Lawn Doctor stack up on several key metrics.

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Trugreen: Best Lawn Care Company

TruGreen is probably the first name you think of when someone mentions lawn care. The provider services 2.3 million residential and commercial customers across 49 states.

  • State Availability: 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii
  • BBB Rating: A+
$92.95 $177.95

TruGreen sets itself apart because, unlike its top competitors, the lawn care provider offers a selection of five annual programs in addition to its a la carte services, like pest control. This allows homeowners to customize their lawn care with everything from aeration and fertilization to overseeding, and more.

The companys benefits go beyond its range of comprehensive programs. Its commitment to customer service makes it stand out, with an online chat function that allows customers to speak with representatives in real time, a mobile app, and Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. The latter guarantees that a TruGreen specialist will return as many times as needed between scheduled visits to re-treat at no extra cost if the customer is unsatisfied .

The only other cost to keep in mind is that each plan comes with an initial application fee of $46.48. The TruNatural Lawn Care Plans first application fee is a bit higher at $88.98.

What Type Of Equipment Do I Need

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost : How Much Does Lawn ...

Typically, the main things youll need are one or multiple vans and our proprietary application equipment. Were very proud of our equipment, which allows Lawn Doctor franchisees and staff to execute lawn care programs with efficiency, economy and effectiveness. Youll also need other equipment and materials please contact us for more information.

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Franchisee Success Is #1 Priority

Lawn Doctor is dedicated to franchisee success through innovative systems, proprietary equipment and a commitment to customer care. Being part of a strong, national organization means franchisees benefit from exceptional training, outstanding resources, and strong buying power.

I’ve never seen someone who wants you to succeed more-other than your spouse-as the people at Lawn Doctor Corporate.Joe DiMarino, Lawn Doctor of Frederick, MD

Franchisees learn the business through two weeks of new franchisee training, as well as through ongoing training. Technical information about lawn care is covered along with operational systems for running the business. We also cover marketing and sales for growing your business.

During the first two years, skilled field representatives pay frequent visits to each new franchisees location to offer support and help develop the annual business plan. Regional and national meetings and seminars offer supplemental training and professional development.

A Leader in Many Categories

Not only is Lawn Doctor a World Class Franchise, as determined by Fran Survey, but Success Magazine considers Lawn Doctor one of the countrys best. Entrepreneur Magazine has repeatedly recognized Lawn Doctor as tops in several franchise categories:

  • #1 Lawn Care Franchise
  • A top 25 Home-Based Franchise
  • A top 100 Franchise Opportunity

ClickContact Meto have a Lawn Doctor franchise representative contact you about your interest in owning a Lawn Doctor Franchise.

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