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How Much To Pay For Mowing Lawn

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How Much Does Professional Lawn Care Cost

How to pay lawn care employees

Professional lawn care costs anywhere between $48 and $211, depending on the customers yard. If the customer only wants basic lawn mowing services, then they can expect to pay $25-150 per week.

The numbers cited above are national figures, so professional lawn care fees in your area may be different. The numbers can also differ if you take per hour and per square feet rates into account.

Many factors play into the pricing of lawn care services, but the most prominent ones are:

  • Lawn size: Naturally, larger lawns lead to higher costs because theres more work to be done. However, especially large lawns may cost less per square foot because its not as detail-oriented.
  • Labor requirement: Especially large lawns may need more lawn care professionals. The more lawn care professionals are assigned to a job, the higher the cost.
  • Lawn layout: A flat, empty lawn is easier to take care of than hilly lawns with fences and trees. More complicated lawns will lead to more labor-intensive jobs and higher costs.
  • Travel expenses: Generally, travel costs are included in your hourly quote. However, clients who live especially far away may be charged a travel surcharge to cover excess fuel costs.
  • Equipment costs: Advanced equipment helps lawn professionals get the job done more effectively but usually at an increased cost due to more expensive upkeep.

Consider Special Services And Materials

Lawn care isnt just mowing grass. As you know, a lot goes into maintaining a lawn, and therefore, a variety of services that your business could offer.

Additional lawn services include:

  • Aeration.
  • Winterization.

You should price each of these additional services separately instead of putting them together in one lump sum. This ensures that you account for all elements of the job.

Not only do these services require different types of labor, but they also require different materials that affect the total price of the job.

Discuss these special services with your customer beforehand to ensure that youre both on the same page.

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Lawn Care Price Sheet

A lawn care price sheet lets your customer know your prices in advance and gives you a baseline to help develop accurate estimates for your customers.

To create your lawn care price sheet, you should use a lawn mowing pricing formula to determine your prices.

Heres what your lawn mowing pricing formula will look like:

Hourly labor rate + overhead + profits + taxes = Total job price

Sod Or Turf Installation

MS Excel Printable Lawn Mowing Receipt Template

For obvious reasons, turf installation is an expensive process. Whether you are installing sod, or artifical turf, its a labor-intensive process which requires expensive materials to complete.

You should expect to pay as much as $4,800 for this to be done professionally.

Before the company gives you a quote for a flat rate, it will need to visit your property to determine its size.

Some companies can do the estimate remotely via satellite images.

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How Much Does It Cost To Mow A Lawn

According to, the average cost for mowing a lawn is a penny per square foot plus $30 per hour. If you have a 5,000-square-foot lawn and it takes someone about 2.5 hours to mow it, edge it and handle the clippings, youre looking at $125 for the service.

But thats just an average based on very basic lawn care services. Your cost could be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors.

Current Condition Of Lawn

For some lawn care services, the healthier you keep your lawn, the less you may need to pay.

For example, if youre not maintaining your lawn with the proper detaching, aeration, or watering regimen, then you may have to spend more money to fight off pests, disease, and heat stress. Or, if you havent had your lawn mowed in weeks, you may be charged a higher fee to cut the overgrown grass.

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Owning A Lawn Mowing Business

In most urban and suburban areas, lawns dominate the landscape. Having a lush lawn with grass is often something worth bragging about. The problem, however, arises once the grass is overgrown and needs to be cut. Considering that not everyone owns a lawn mower or cuts their grass, owning a lawn mowing/landscaping business is a worthy investment.

In the US alone, around $45 billion1 is spent on caring for lawns. Because of the health and environmental concerns with using chemicals to get rid of grass and weeds, most of the money goes into mowing, with over 800 million gallons of gasoline being used to run lawn mowers annually.

Choose The Right Equipment

How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

Since you will be spending a huge chunk of your time and effort, it makes sense to get the equipment you are comfortable using. Consider the number of hours and days that youll be working and take the right steps to ensure you are comfortable during all your working hours.

If you dont mind walking for a long time, you can get a push mower. You can also consider a riding mower if you have a knee problem or cant manage to be on your feet for a long time.

All the working gear and equipment you buy should be new. Avoid buying second-hand gear because it will probably be low quality, and youll likely need to replace the parts often. Some of the pieces you need to buy include:

  • Lawn mowers

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Cost Estimator By Service Type

Lawn care services have a range of costs, with mowing usually being the least expensive. Some lawn care services require more labor and/or expensive equipment.

Below youll find the average amounts most U.S homeowners spend on standard lawn care services:

Lawn Care Service
$20 to $60 per hour
$0.08 to $0.20 per square foot
Sod Installation
$43 to $98 per hour or $20 to $45 per cubic yard installed
$50 to $75 per hour or $6 to $15 per bush
Hedge Trimming $48 to $79 per hour
Yard Cleanups

How To Determine What Percentage To Pay

How did I know you would ask???

It is a great question, so I figured it was coming! My best answer for this is to work backward to find the proper percentage.

Assuming you have existing data to reference, I suggest you look at several weeks throughout the season. We all know jobs go slower in the spring, and much faster in the summer, at least for lawn mowing which is probably the most common service we offer.

What you want to look for is revenue produced per crew and the hours worked, and also what there pay amounted to based on their hourly wage.

Lets look at an example of a 2-man mowing crew. If you have already read the Caveats of Performance Pay section of this page, this is why I recommend using option #1. Because when you are working backward to come to their percentage pay rate, the data you are referencing also includes hours worked performing maintenance tasks during those given weeks.

I am using an actual week from my own crew to give you very realistic numbers. This crew had a crew leader and a crew member, within a couple of months the crew member on this crew started running his own crew.

My crew leaders hourly rate the year prior was $15 per hour and the crew member was at $13 per hour. They completed 112 jobs this week, worked 47.35 hours each, and produced $4,724.12 in revenue.

What their pay would have been based on their hourly rate:

Crew Leader Hourly Pay = $765.38 + )

Crew Member Hourly Pay = $663. 33 + )

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Rates Vary A Little By Location

Much of this depends on what part of the country you live in.

For example, pricing for lawn maintenance services in warmer climates such as Florida or California are more competitive than they are as compares to cooler climates.

You might be wondering why this is?

Well, think about it. The lawn care business is more stable in climates where the grass needs cutting year-round. Naturally, in an area where grass grows for shorter seasons, lawn care services have to figure out how to make ends meet, during the wintertime.

Put another way, lawn mowing services are treated more as a commodity in warmer climates.

And more as a luxury service in Northern climates.

What’s Included In Lawn Maintenance Vs Lawn Care Service

How much does Citrus County Lawn Mowing Cost?

While the wording may vary from company to company, lawn maintenance typically includes all the services that keep your current healthy lawn looking sharp. Think mowing, watering, weeding, and a spring or fall cleanup.

Lawn care digs a bit deeper. These packages may include services that elevate your lawn’s health or address an issue throughout the year. Fertilization, pest and weed control, and dethatching all fall into this category.

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How To Price Yard Work

Pricing yard work requires you to calculate all the individual costs to come up with a quote. To get an accurate estimate of a yard work quote, first, find out what services the clients want.

For reference, here are some example price ranges for common lawn care services:

  • $25-65 per hour for lawn mowing.
  • $120-140 for lawn aeration.

Why Is Lawn Care Important

As most of us know, appropriate and consistent lawn care is essential if you want a beautiful lawn.

If your lawn doesnt get the care and maintenance it needs, you will end up with a variety of problems, such as pests, browning, ugly thin patches, and even lawn diseases.

Your grass can eventually die, as well. You dont want to end up in this situation, so make sure you learn about all the care your lawn needs and the steps you can take to make sure it gets it.

I have a lot of great resources for homeowners looking to make their grass green and healthy on this site, so I hope youll look around.

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Lawn Care Cost Per Square Foot

Though pricing per square foot is not the most common method for pricing this type of project, you can expect to pay between $0.03 and $0.08 per sq.ft. The square foot pricing method is almost always reserved for yard sizes that are less than an acre and may be the preferred method for heavily landscaped or wooded yards.

Lawn Mowing Service Cost

How To Make $500 A Day Mowing Lawns- Solo Mowing Business

All people want a beautiful yard or garden, but not everyone has the time or energy to keep it that way.

Hiring a lawn mowing service could be just the solution if you have had a long break from caring for it yourself – be it due to illness, being so busy at work, retirement, or simply neglect. Hiring a lawn mower eliminates the cost of buying your own equipment. You also avoid the related maintenance costs.Lawn mowing services do not need to be expensive. You can choose the frequency of visits and how much work the lawn mowing professionals do.For basic service, hiring a gardener could be twice as much as using a lawn mowing service. A lawn mowing service generally charges around $100 to mow an average-sized yard in suburban areas.

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How Often Should A Lawn Be Mowed

When its growing, a lawn may be mown every one or two weeks. You dont want to allow it to get too short because that risks sun damage. In the winter, you may need it once a month. Lawn experts recommend that you enable enough time between mows to allow your lawn to dry out. This encourages root growth.

Dependent upon:


In the winter, its inadvisable to mow too often. In the summer, you are likely to need services about two weeks apart.

The type of lawn you have

Certain types of grass grow more quickly than others. Plus, a weedy lawn tends to look untidy faster than a uniformly planted lawn. Some examples of grass are unusually thick and take longer to mow.

Condition of the Lawn

If your grass is already quite high, your first mow may require a higher fee. Sometimes a lawn care company must do whipper snipping before running the mower. Since this may take twice the time, it maybe twice the cost. A big clean-up job will cost even more where shrubs, trees and obstacles are involved.

Where you live

The climate will be a significant factor in how slowly or quickly your lawn grows. It may also impact lawn mowing rates if theres a bigger demand.

How To Save Money On Lawn Care Services

If you love the idea of professional lawn care but not the added household expense, think strategically about signing on for the long term with a lawn company. Lawn mowing is a competitive business, says one lawn care pro. As a result, many companies will negotiate discounts and deals based on frequency of visits.

If you are planning to become a regular customer, ask about package rates and bundling lawn mowing and trimming with other lawn care services such as landscaping and fertilization. Lawn care pros benefit by providing you with multiple services, your pocketbook benefits from the discounts, and your lawn benefits from the holistic care.

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What Our Research Indicates About Landscaping Rates

GreenPal recently conducted a poll of over 10,000 lawn care service providers all over the country about how much they charge for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing services.

As it turns out.

78% of lawn care professionals we polled responded they charge at least $60 per man per hour. Or $1 a minute.

Next. 12% responded they charge on average $50 per man per hour

Lastly, 10% responded they charge $40 per man per hour or less

But thats just part of the story

Get It Right From Day One

How does one set prices and collect payments for a simple lawn mowing ...

Once youve sold some lawns, you want to ensure you actually make money with the price structure your market uses. Set yourself up for success and outpace competitors: track your time.

I cant emphasize enough how important this is. Track. Your. Time. The best way to track time is with the Service Autopilot app. If you dont use our software yet, use the notes app on your phone. Just track them somewhere. The most important numbers in your business are the amount youre paid per hour of labor sold.

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Lawn Mowing Service Price Guide

The average household spends about 10 hours a week on general gardening chores such as lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, edging beds, etc. Where you live, and any additional lawn services will definitely influence lawn mowing charges. Take a look at some estimated costs of various tasks below.


Mow lawn and tidy garden beds

$100 to $150

Spring clean (clean yard of leaves and debris, removes weeds, mow the lawn


A backyard garden is a sign of pride for many homeowners. A well-tended lawn and flower beds tell the neighbours that someone takes care of it.

First Set A Price For Lawn Mowing Services

Wondering how much lawn care costs, including mowing? Short answer, it depends. Here are a few factors that can influence what you charge:

Your experience: Seasoned lawn care professionals can charge more for their services. But when youre building your customer base, you may need to start with a lower price point. Then, once you get a few customers under your belt, you can raise them incrementally.

The location of your business: Theres an amount that people in your area are willing to pay for lawn care services. Do some research to find out that amount. Higher-end neighborhoods and businesses will often pay more. Meanwhile, lower-income neighborhoods usually want lower pricesor they might not need your services at all. Call a few lawn care companies in your area. Ask their prices. Then use those numbers as a starting point on how to price your lawn care services.

If you work with businesses or residents: Most commercial businesses who value quality are willing to pay top dollar. Homeowners, on the other hand, may be more budget conscious. Caveatall of this depends on your area, of course. Poke around. Do some research. Find out which clients are willing to pay more in your area.

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