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What Is The Best Brand Of Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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And 13 Troy Bilt Mustang Z46 And Z42 Zero Turn Mowers $2499+

Buying a Zero Turn Mower Guide – New, Used, Brands, Models

The Mustang Z46 exactly the same as the Z50, especially for deck size. The Z46 is 46 and the Z50 is 50. The price difference is $200, so you need to decide whether the extra 4 of cutting size is worth $200. The Z42 has a 42 cut.

They have the same engine, so you may find the Z46 has a little less trouble in tall, wet grass because it has less to push. However, bogging down was not mentioned by any Z50 owners.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a dual hydrostatic transmission

What We Didnt Like

  • Not the best choice for inclined lawns
  • Only a single-cylinder OHV engine

My Top Residential Zero Turn Mowers For 2021

Im starting off this article with a list of my choice for the best zero-turn mowers for 2021. Remember What I think is the best may not be the best for you so please take the time and read the entire article before you buy your mower. Below that list, I discuss the more popular brands and why buying a certain brand may be the best choice for you. As always, if you have any questions please ask them in the comment section at the end of this article.

There are over 400 different Zero-Turn Mowers available for your residential lawn. Of those 400 there are actually quite a few good zero-turn mowers on the market right now. Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet, and Walker have all made major improvements in their ZTR lines. The models I list here cut great, bag well and have great parts and service networks.

By Paul Sikkema. Please Please Note: If you click on most of the links in this article and buy any product I will make a small commission from that sale. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. Read more here: How to Support

I will list below three different types of residential zero-turn mowers

Ryobi Ry48ztr100 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Best Zero Turn for the Environment

This zero turn mower from Ryobi is powered through a rechargeable battery and 4 brushless motors. Its highly powered without the gas, smell, and noise that comes with petrol. This battery mower uses 100AH batteries that are rechargeable through standard 120-volt output. In just one charge, the mower can cover 3 acres. It cuts effectively with 2 sharp blades under a 42-inch cutting deck. Its Zero Turn Technology can cope with moving around obstacles, such as posts, patio paths, or floral beds, making it a brilliant all-round mower.

This mower also comes with LED headlights, a comfortable high-backed chair, and the classic strong Ryobi frame. For precision cutting, this model offers cutting heights between 1.5 and 4.5-inches, controlled with an easy lever. In addition, as an electric-powered engine, there is less maintenance you don’t have any belts, spark plugs, or filters to change.

Ryobi has been a leader in the industry for a while now. Their garden power products use an electric battery as opposed to gas-powered models. Gas mowers can often be smelly or release additional harmful gases into your yard, and they’re loud when in use. Also, you have to worry about the fuel tank capacity.

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Briggs And Stratton Vertical Engine 19 Hp

Have you been looking for a good quality engine that doesnt burn a hole through your pocket? If yes, then you have hit the jackpot with this Briggs & Stratton vertical engine. This is a great quality product that is available to you in less than 479 dollars.

The specifications of this engine include an impressive 540cc power with 19 HP. The air cleaner of this engine is a pleated paper filter. The filter also contains a foam pre-cleaner that offers maximum protection and extended engine lifespan. This 33R877-0029 model comes with a Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder so your engine can last longer.

Are you worried about your engine getting heated up? Briggs & Stratton have taken care of that with their Overhead Valve design that works the cooler operation and keeps the valves healthy.

The company has its patented linear balancing mechanism installed in this system for high performance. You get a 9 am charging system and an electric starter with this engine that is sure to make your life easy.

Various customers have mentioned that this engine is effortless to install and replace the original dead one. The fitting of this engine into the mower has also been observed to be very straightforward.

The only issue noted by some customers is that the exhaust muffler is side-mounted. This positioning causes the hot exhaust to blow directly on to the engine cover, which is not good.

How To Lift A Zero Turn Mower

Zero Turn Mower

Lifting a zero turn mower can be very dangerous. It is very important that you take the necessary safety precautions before attempting to lift a mower.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way why would you want to lift a mower? This is normally only needed if you plan to do some maintenance on the mower yourself. If you plan to only take your mower to a dealer there probably isn’t much reason to lift your mower.

However, if you plan to sharpen your blades you will need either a car jack or mower jack to lift the zero turn mower. Be sure to chock the back tires with wheel chocks.

When it comes to sharpening your blades there are some tools you will need a grinder, blade balance, and safety glasses.

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Swisher Ztr2454bs Response 24hp 54

The Swisher ZTR2454BS is quite a machine. It has a 24 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton Engine, an 8 gallon fuel tank and a 54 inch wide deck. Its large, its fast and it handles beautifully, making short work of any large lawn.

Such is its size and power that it can be seen as more of an industrial model but with such sublime, responsive handling it can also be easily used for average residential lawn cutting.

It has a low center of gravity and its intelligent weight distribution makes it feel very solid on the ride, even with the seat being quite high up compared to most. Slopes can be tricky for most zero turn mowers but the Swisher ZTR2454BS handles them with surprising ease.

Technical specs include an 8 gallon fuel tank , a 54 inch 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck, 3 Gator mulching blades, Hydro Gear 2800 transmissions, Ogura clutch, and a cup holder! The frame is heavy duty welded steel and the foot controlled lift allows for easy raising of the mower deck.

Can I Store My Lawn Mower Outdoors

While it is definitely best practice to store your mower indoors if, at all possible, that doesnt mean that you couldnt keep it outside if you have no option for storing it. If that is the case for you, then you want to make sure that you get a high-quality cover to keep your mower protected from the rain and snow.

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Top 10 Zero Turn Mower Brands

Without the need to backtrack over your work because of the large turning radius of a traditional ride-on lawn mower, zero turn mowers save you timeand sanity. With an effectively zero-degree turning radius, youre able to get that lawn mown quickly and effectively, leaving you to get on with your day. Traditionally reserved for professional contractors, these handy mowers are quickly becoming the domain of proud home owners and small business owners alike.

Before we get into it, if youre after John Deere mowers and prices, we contacted the largest John Deere dealership in Australia and came up with their top 3 mower bestsellers and how much they cost. Go take a look!

Anyway, back to our top 10 zero turn mower brands. Which one is best for you? Lets take a look at the results!

  • Husqvarna
  • Find zero-turn mowers for sale here.

    How Large An Area Can I Mow With A Zero Turn Mower

    The Best Zero Turn Mower for You – Size, Brand, Budget

    The answer to this question depends on the mower you get while 42-inch mowers are best for lawns of 2 acres or less, larger models like the Toro TITAN 60-inch are ideal for mowing up to 7 acres.

    You can do even larger areas with any size mowing deck. It will just take longer if youre using one thats undersized for your yard.

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    How We Chose The Best Zero Turn Mowers

    If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know my story. I have experience in the lawn care industry and the mower manufacturer industry. I’ve seen all of the behind-the-scenes and used many different mowers extensively.

    I chose each of the best mowers on this list by extensively researching and demoing each mower. I didn’t only demo these mowers, but I took a very close look throughout every inch of these mowers. Of course, some of this will be my opinion and a bit of my personal preference, but I try my best to keep an objective perspective of every mower I test.

    Ariens Ikon Xd Zero Turn Mower 915267

    Ariens 915267 is among the flexible mowers with a user-friendly design. Because of the zero-turn capability, the mower stimulates you to control more obstacles such as trees and different textures nearby it.

    When you get a huge lawn to mow, you can invest in that version. That mower assists you with the mowing activities rapidly and perfectly. The most precious component of the mower is its 52-inch deck that is considerably larger than the typical cutting path. Thus, you could select that flawlessly built mower to mow a huge property.

    While you take the system with a tiny cutting path, you want various passes. However, thanks to IKON-X, you can achieve the task in a single pass. Therefore, you might save a lot of time because of that striking design.

    On top of it, the mowers deck contains a three-blade design and a height customization selector worked by a dial. As for various Ariens versions, the blade height customization process is time-consuming. Ariens has dealt with that issue by containing a dial design. Finally, the vital attribute is the foot-operated deck lift. You might customize the cutting height until 13 levels.


    – It contains EZT twin hydrostatic transaxles.

    – It brings a better design

    – It is built for ultimate and home usage.


    – It is not ideal for small yards.

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    What Is The Best Zero Turn Mower For The Price

    Almost any good model works fine if the grass cutting speed and ease of use factors are well maintained. However, we would always recommend choosing high-quality brands that have stood the test of time.

    The Husqvarna Z248F 48 in. 21.5 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower is indeed a preferable option for most.

    Budget-friendly and suitable for operations in mountainous places, the lawns are well maintained using this. Besides, as Kawasaki is the prime manufacturer, there is certain trustworthiness that customers would always think of, before planning for another brand or perhaps something cheaper.

    Craftsman T225 19 Hp Briggs & Stratton Gold Riding Lawn Mower

    Best Zero Turn Mowers for the Money

    This Craftsman T225 Gas Powered Riding Lawn Mower has a 46-inch cutting deck for cutting, trimming with a wash deck that is easy for you to clean. This lawnmower has the perfect mowing power suitable for larger yard jobs. Built with hydro-transmission and mow-in-reverse function that can take your mower in reverse to avoid any obstacles. This lawnmower has a very comfortable back seat to ensure your comfort while using it. It also includes a 2years limited warranty

    Your choice for the best commercial zero turn mower

    If you want to have less mowing time without using much energy, then these are the best zero turn mowers for your work. They have a robust frame and casters to ensure durability and reduced chassis flex. You will get worry-free performances and also maintenance free as well as integrated zero-turn transmissions. Their cooling fans will ensure that your mower is durable and offers superior performances. Dont leave these zero turn mowers here take them to your lawn!

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    Cons Of The Zero Turn

    • Expensive with prices up to $10,000-$12,000 for famous brands such as Toro, Gravely, and Hustler
    • Traction is lost on slopes in inclines.
    • Large back tires with rear-wheel drive can tear up a lawn on the turns.
    • Cost more to repair
    • The faster the speed in cutting, the less quality in cutting
    • Takes time to learn and skill to operate

    Why Do I Need A Zero Turn Mower

    Space. It really is that simple. If youve got large areas to mow, you can be walking up and down for hours for a push mower, and youll end up leaving a couple of square metres at every corner with conventional ride on mowers.

    Zero turn mowers save time on boundary management too, making like work of scrub land and overgrowth. There are a few models that direct mulch, but with all ride on mowers, its best to stick to the models with clipping baskets.

    Ride on zero turn mowers are not for regular cutting of small gardens, and are usually seen managing civic spaces or public land, usually every 3-6 weeks depending on the landscape management plan, and occasionally just three times per year when managing wildflower meadows, cutting grass meadows, or maintaining prairie schemes.

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    John Deere Z345m 42 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

    Best Mower for Ease of Use

    This zero turn lawn mower from John Deere is ideal for homeowners with 2-5 acres of land. If you’re looking for exceptional cutting and a mower that maneuvers smoothly around obstacles and pathways, this could be the one for you. Thanks to its large rear wheels and strong frame, the John Deere mower can cope with small hills and bumps. It has a 42-inch deck, covering 3 large blades with several cutting heights. This gives you a flexible and effective cut, tackling all the grass you need it to.

    This is a reliable zero turn mower built with customers in mind. It offers excellent engine power with its 22 HP John Deere branded engine, and high ground speeds of up to 7 mph. It features Ready Start technology, meaning that the engine starts as a car would, without a pull-start. This is another feature built around the customers needs. The foot platform can also be removed, offering easy access to maintain and clean the deck. And it’s one of the cheapest zero turn mower around.

    John Deere lawn mowers and lawn tractors are always designed with residential users in mind, so its perfect if you have 2-5 acres of land to maintain. This is a fast mower with easy lap bar controls that moves quickly around turns and objects.

    Keep the Blades Sharp

    Briana Yablonski

    Snapper 360z 19hp 36 Zero Turn Mower


    Best zero turn mower under 3000 for small yards runner up

    This is a really great zero turn mower for small yards. It has a 36 cut which will get your lawns done in no time, and being a zero-turn, youll zoom around flower beds and obstacles.

    What I really like about this mower is the integrated rear cargo bed. Its a little carry platform where you could store a bag of fertilizer to disperse while youre mowing, or anything else you might want to take with you.

    As Snapper says: Haul dirt, carry tools and flowers, and of course, cut the grass with the 360Z Zero Turn Mower


    What We Didnt Like

    • 3-gallon gas tank is the smallest on this list
    • 36 cutting width is much smaller than the top mowers on this list

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    Briggs & Stratton 49t877

    Are you in search of a top-notch engine for your lawn mower for commercial use? Here is one of the best lawnmower engines by Briggs & Stratton from their Commercial Turf Series. This engine falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is definitely worth the money.

    This lawnmower engine is a fantastic commercial-grade option for OMEM and replacement use. Ultimate debris protection is provided by the unique five-step Debris Management System patented by Briggs & Stratton.

    So your engine will not give up under extreme debris conditions. This engine comes with cyclonic air filters and not panel-style air filter systems. This difference makes it two times more efficient when it comes to debris protection.

    Are you going to be putting your machine through some harsh mowing conditions and worried about the engine overheating? Worry no more! Because the Overhead Valve design of this engine, along with its cast-iron sleeves, makes sure that the cooling operation is running correctly. Its high-quality cylinder block structure ensures the durability and strength of this product.

    The charging system is a 16 amp alternator with a regulator on the cylinder. The engine has a heavy flywheel and a twin-cylinder. The starting system is 12V heavy-duty starter. The lubrication of the engine components is controlled by the spin-on oil filter that works on full pressure.

    How To Operate A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

    Below, we have provided detail instructions on how to use a zero turn lawn mower. Read them carefully.

    • Forward In order to move forward, you have to push both the levers forward.
    • Backwards To mover backwards, you have to put the mower in reverse gear by pulling both levers backwards.
    • Direction For turning a particular direction, push one lever forward. The mower will turn to the direction the lever is pushed. For example if you want to turn left, then push the right control lever forward and left control in neutral place.
    • Half-Circle To turn the machine in half-circle, keep one control lever still and turn other lever. This will turn the mower in 180 degrees.
    • Zero-Turn To a 360 degree turn, pull one lever back and other lever forward. This will make one when turn in reverse while other wheel moves forward making complete zero turning radius.

    Important Note

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