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How To Fix My Lawn

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What Should I Do If My Grass Is Uneven Around My Water Pipe

How to FIX an UGLY Lawn with RESULTS – Step by Step for Beginners EASY

If there are irregularities around the water pipes or problems with the drainage, consult a professional as a damaged hose can cause problems. One way to level out any small depressions or dimples covered with healthy grass is to cut off some of the grass and add potting soil underneath, then reposition the stain.

Landscaping On A Budget

Has your lawn seen better days? From overgrown weeds to brown patches, an unkempt yard might be bringing down your curb appeal a few notches. But before you shell out the money to hire a pro to fix itor worse, give up on your lawn completelycheck out these affordable solutions. All your yard needs is a little TLC.

Some chronic lawn issuessuch as browning, thinning, and wiltingmay stem from poor soil conditions. Get to the root of the problem by using the Covery 3 in 1 Soil Tester Kit. After inserting the probe into the ground, youll be able to measure the moisture, light, and pH levels of your soil. Use these measurements to determine whether the conditions are ideal for healthy grass growth, or whether the soil composition needs improvement. Making a few simple tweaks may give you the lush green lawn youve always wanted! Available on $12.99.

If you’ve ever mulched your garden beds or created a rustic path in your yard with it, you know that windy days or mischievous squirrels can throw that soil all over your yard. Not a great look. Lucky for those who love the look of mulch, but hate picking pieces of bark out of the lawn, there’s a faux alternative. This mulch-like mat, measuring 22 inches wide and 6 feet long, can be cut to size to create a custom garden path that will stay put all season longno raking required! Available from Plow & Hearth $44.95.

How To Repair A Damaged Lawn

If there are bare or yellowed spots in your lawn, it means you need to refill them. An easy and cheap solution is to spread soil and grass seed.

Quality grass seed blends not only give a fresh new look to your lawn, they also contribute to reducing the amount of weeds in the soil.

Here is how to repair a damaged lawn in 4 simple steps:

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What Is A Good Lawn Mower For Tall Grass

Best riding mower for tall grass 2020 TroyBilt Pony 42x lawn mower The TroyBilt self-propelled mower is known as one of the best on the market. Husqvarna Briggs & Stratton hydrostatic lawnmower. The Husqvarna MZ61 is a zero-turn lawn mower. Husqvarna Z254 zero turn mower. Ariens 915223 Artisan T225 Briggs and Stratton Gold Zero Turn Mowers.

Be On The Straight And Level

Fix My Lawn Diy

All those bumps and divots in your yard can make you mad or even twist an ankle. Luckily, theyre both quick fixes.

For Depressions

For small divots, throw on a little top soil and a layer of compost. Easy enough. Use a landscaping rake to make sure its smooth and level with the area around it. For larger depressed areas, remove the sod and fill the hole with a mixture of soil, compost, humus, and fertilizer. Then, replace the sod and press it down. Remember to water any repaired areas.

For Bumps

Remove a 2×2 section of sod and the excess dirt below it. Throw in some compost and soil, soak it with a hose, and cover it back up with the removed sod. Place some of your remaining dirt around the cut edges to help blend in the patch.

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Youve Got The Wrong Grasses

Not all turf is created equal. Different grass varieties have different traits that make them better suited to different climates and soil conditions, to say nothing of different maintenance practices. Suffice to say: make sure youve planted a suitable variety to begin with. Beyond that, stay on the lookout for invaders. Often, Phipps says, a discolored patch in your yard is an indication that a combination of inappropriate species has taken off.

Bentgrass is a common culprit. Though its great for greens, it isnt good for lawns, Phipps says, as it doesnt take well to taller mowing heights.

The cure: Tearing up the turf and replanting works, but thats a draconian approach. Though Phipps isnt big on chemical applications on home lawns, in this instance, he says that the easiest fix is probably a targeted application of an herbicide.

Reseed Lawn As Necessary

Depending on how much topsoil you had to put in to make your lawn even, you may find that you have some bare spots where grass doesnt grow through. If this is the case, replant using grass seed in those areas, following the steps you usually would, to patch the bare spots. Once the new grass grows in, youll be amazed at how smooth and even your lawn looks.

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What Do I Need To Level My Yard For A Pool

Aligning a specific area of your yard for a pool setup isn’t that difficult, but with the right tools, it’s much easier. What do you need: a lawnmower or a motorized cultivator.

Lawn mower won t startWhy my mower won’t start?Always check the spark plug first. It is best to always check the spark plug.Spray cap. Now let’s look at the second reason.Check the fuel.Connect the carburettor.Check whether the coupling is damaged.Hardware can be a problem.Why does lawn mower not start after winter?Here are three common reasons why your mower won’t start after a long winter: 1. Dirt clogs the car

Repairing Patches And Dead Spots

How to Fix a Patchy, Weedy Lawn | This Old House

Bare patches in your lawn can be caused by any number of things: from common lawn pests, lawn disease and drought to wear and tear from boisterous kids and pets.

Regardless of why they appeared, these spots offer an open invitation to weeds which will cause an even bigger problem if theyre allowed to take hold.

Early to late summer is the best time to repair bare patches because thats when the new lawn will establish quickest.

Patches in your lawn can be repaired with new turf or seed, depending on which type of grass you want to use.

Either way, youll need to prepare the patch by removing all dead lawn or weeds and gently digging into the soil to loosen it up. This will give new plants the best chance of establishment.

Water new grass regularly in hot, windy or dry weather it might need a drink several times a day to give it the best chance of survival.

Note: Most modern Buffalo grasses wont reproduce from seed. Depending on how big an area needs repairing, you might choose to buy a few rolls or slabs of Buffalo Grass from one of our myhomeTURF suppliers.

If youre trying to save money and are in no rush, you might opt for Buffalo Grass plugs or runners.

Specialist growers sell trays of plugs individual Buffalo Grass plants which can be planted into prepared soil.

Runners also need to be planted out individually in trenches. This must be done as soon as possible after theyve been removed from the original spot to prevent the roots from drying out and dying.

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How To Fix Bald Spots

Some areas of your lawn may suffer from bald spots because of several reasons. It could be a particularly sun-exposed patch. It could also be a patch that does not have much topsoil left. Here is a quick fix.

  • Mix about 3 pounds of grass seed into a wheelbarrow of fine sawdust, mulch, or peat moss.
  • Water it and keep it moist to allow the seeds to germinate
  • Cover with a tap and wait about 5 days
  • Once your grass seeds have sprouted, mix the seed-sawdust mix with topsoil in roughly a 1:2 ratio.
  • Spread the mix over your bald spots and add starter fertilizer.
  • Dont forget to water!

What Is The Best Way To Replace A Lawn Chair

Use the old cable you removed to get the correct length for the new cable. Insert a new vinyl cord into the hole in the seat of the lawn chair. Then place the mesh backrest in the seat frame. The rope is in the hole and the mesh comes out.

How to level an above ground poolWhat tools are needed to level ground? The first step in leveling the floor is to loosen and move the floor until there are no more ups and downs. Digging tools include a flat or sharp shovel, a garden fork, and a hoe. A sharp shovel cuts through hard ground and is the first step in loosening it.How do you ground an above ground pool?Wiki response. 1 answer. Floor Leveling Met

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Use Your Hose For Large Areas Of Weeds

  • Pour concentrated herbicide into a dial sprayer and hook it up to your garden hose.
  • Turn the dial on the top of the sprayer to the setting recommended on the herbicide container .
  • Spray the weeds.
  • Pro tip: Spray the herbicide on a calm day so the weed killer won’t drift onto your plants and flowers.

Insects Rodents And Birds

Ask a Lawn Specialist: My Grass Has Brown Spots. How Do I ...

Insects , rodents, and birds work together to do damage to a healthy lawn. Certain beetle larvae, usually referred to as grubs, can infest the soil beneath the grass and attack roots. This can kill the grass and leave brown splotches on an otherwise green lawn. Animals such as moles, voles, chipmunks and skunks can riddle your yard with their tunnels and digging, often as in a skunk’s case looking to feast on grubs. Certain bird species can nibble on the grass leaves themselves, as well as make your attempts at seeding new grass more difficult.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent these attacks. While there are a number of available insect-control products and rodent-control products at your local True Value hardware store, it can be hard to stop all infestations. Usually, you just have to take your lumps and work on repairing your grass after the fact.

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Give It A Little Patience

Grass doesnt grow in a day — or even in a week. Your trampled lawn might need to take a month or so to show signs of life again. Make sure that youre watering the grass seed regularly, and dont mow new growth until your lawn is between 3 and 4 inches.

In the meantime, work on establishing traffic patterns that bring life back to your outdoor space. Cultivate behaviors in your dog that will allow your efforts to take root. Pay attention to the ways that your family are using your lawn, so that you can maximize the space that you have. As your formerly trampled lawn transforms into a lush green carpet, youll be so glad you made the effort to create a space that feels good to spend time in.

*Results 28 days after application, applied and cared for according to label directions

Planting New Grass And Reviving A Dead Lawn

There are two ways of planting new grass and reviving a dead lawn. The first is to lay down seed. Use a high-quality grass seed and spread it evenly over your prepared lawn. For a larger lawn, you can rent seed spreaders from your local garden store. After the seed is laid down, cover it with a thin layer of soil.

The second method is to lay down sod. Sod is grass that is already growing and comes in rolls or squares with the roots and soil attached. To lay down sod, place it over the soil, making sure each section is set tightly against the one next to it to avoid empty patches. If you are only filling in dead spots, you can use plugs to fill in wherever you need new grass.

Whether you use seed or sod, follow up planting by rolling. Rolling sod helps press it down into the soil so the roots can attach to the ground. Rolling seed helps push the seed down into the earth so it can take root and grow strong.

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Fixing Large Thin & Patchy Sections Of Lawn

If your lawn is looking thin overall, you can try over-seeding or re-seeding instead to revitalize it. The principles are the same as fixing bald spots, but youre applying to your entire lawn.

First, youll have to rake your lawn thoroughly to remove any debris, such as leaves or dead grass. Then youll spread the seeds over your lawn and cover with a half-inch of compost or topsoil. Rake again, gently this time, to get the seeds in the grass. You want good seed-to-soil contact for the grass to grow. After that, water your lawn in the mornings and evenings until the grass starts to grow.

Quick Guide To Lawn Repair

How to Fix an Ugly Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

1. Patch your lawn. Repair thin or bare spots with Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair or Scotts® Sprouts. Both are great solutions, but take two different approaches . There is one exception: If you have a St. Augustine lawn, its best to pull up dead turf or edge out bare spots. Apply Scotts® EZ Patch Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns then place new sod or plugs.

2. Water well. New seed and sod require more frequent watering. Keep your soil moist, but dont drown it.

3. Feed your lawn. After 6 to 8 weeks, give your new grass the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong. Feed your entire lawn with Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food.

4. Kill weeds and pests. Bugs and weeds will try to creep into your lawn while it grows. Before you apply any weed or bug control product, check the product label to see when it can be applied to new grass.

5. Mow later. Be sure to wait until your lawn is at mowing height before you mow.

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Do You Need A Back Hoe To Drive A Bobcat

All you have to do is jog or be able to drive a bulldozer. Anyone can learn to operate one of these machines with a day’s practice. The steps below are a guide to help you level and use the mud sculpting machines. Site preparation.

Should You Overseed Every YearShould you neglect every year?.Do you also know that I can supervise twice a year?It all depends on the type of lawn you want and how much effort you want to put into it. If your ambition is a perfect lawn: perfectly leveled, no weeds, no spots, then twice a year, more seeds every year. This keeps the grass tight, helps against weeds, and doesnt take long to create.Secondly, how often should I monitor my lawn?If you re-sow every three to four years

Water Alone Won’t Work

Most of us know that wishing and hoping bare spots fill in on their own is futile. Did you also know that watering those bare spots and doing nothing else won’t work either? Sure, water is essential for growing a green, healthy looking lawn. But water’s only a part of what you need to fix those dead spots in your lawn and keep them from coming back.

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Dips And Bumps In Your Lawn

Top dressing the lawn will help to smooth out minor lumps and bumps use sharp sand to do this. Use a shovel to spread the sand over the lawn in a thin layer, then brush over the whole lawn to level it and ensure that the grass is not smothered anywhere. You can repeat this over a few weeks, adding new layers of sand as the grass recovers to level the area.

Large dips or bumps will need to be dealt with in a different way, as top dressing will never get rid of them. Use an edging tool or sharp spade to cut into the problem area, in the shape of an H then you can peel back the two sides and add or remove soil to make it level. Fold the flaps of turf back down and fill the cuts with fine soil or compost.

All project content written and produced by Mike Edwards, founder of DIY Doctor and industry expert in building technology.

How Do You Fix Uneven Lawn Grass

How to repair patches like this in my lawn? Can I just add ...

Over time, areas of your lawn can develop imperfections as a result of one or more issues, including natural and unnatural. If your lawn has slight or moderate unevenness, you can level it by covering it with a thin layer of leveling compound , but in extreme cases of unevenness, you will need to replant.

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Make Your Lawn The Envy Of The Block With Consumer Reports’ Expert Advice

If the lawn outside your window is giving you the blues, join the club. After a brutal winter walloped much of the country, our Facebook and Twitter feeds have been buzzing with lawn care woes from exasperated homeowners . Fortunately, many of the most common problems have fairly straightforward fixes, as youre about to read. And just in case your yard is already the envy of the block, our experts have advice on money-saving tips, the right and wrong ways to fertilize, plus results from our latest tests of mowers, tractors, and more.

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