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How To Get More Lawn Care Clients

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Take Care Of Your Existing Customers

How to Get More Lawn Care Clients – Land More Customers

When focusing on landscaping lead generation, its easy to forget the value of the customers you already have. In fact, only 29% of companies work to nurture their leads after they have made a purchase. Thinking about how to get landscaping customers is just as important as thinking about how to keep them.

Landscaping services are usually needed regularly, so its crucial to stay in touch with all customers through your communication channels. Some ways to encourage past purchasers of your landscaping services to buy again include:

  • Sending email/text reminders for routine services
  • Starting a rewards program for returning customers
  • Offering discounts for upselling or cross-selling

Set Up Sandwich Boards

A simple and relatively easy advertising strategy is to set up a sandwich board while youre servicing a property. It should have your business name, contact info, and an eye-catching design.

Knowing that you have done work in a certain neighborhood can help people who live there feel like they can trust you too. Plus, its easy for them to see that you do a good job, and can chat with their neighbours about your services.

Set Up Google Local Services Ads

If youre willing to spend a bit more money to get early sales, are a great option.

These simple ads show up at the very top of the Google results page when people in your area search for lawn care services. Potential customers can contact you directly from Local Services Adsno need to send you an email.

The best part: you only pay when someone contacts your business. This is a great alternative to the pay-per-click model that other types of Google ads useyou only pay for actual leads.

Costs per lead vary by region and industry, but LSAs let you set weekly and monthly budgets so that you never spend more than you plan to. When you connect Jobbers lawn care software with Local Service Ads, your leads can book jobs directly from your ad in just a few clicks.


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The Grass Can Be Greener With Your Lawn Care Company

Starting or expanding your lawn care business can be overwhelming, but using these strategies will help you grow your customer base and hit your goals.

Donât be afraid to get creative and even adopt some new technology thatâll help you streamline tasks and put you ahead of any competing companies in your neighborhood.

Collecting A Debt From A Non

Effective Marketing Ideas to Get Lawn Care Customers Fast

Look, there are a lot of headaches to managing a lawn care company.

Hands down, one of the biggest headaches is dealing with a client who refuses to pay.

But what are the proper steps to take when one of your lawn care clients fails to pay?

More importantly, how can you get paid for work you have done?

You might want to brace yourself There is no simple answer for this one.

Here is what you need to know.

Dont want to worry about collecting payments?

GreenPal can help!

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Focus On Your Customers Needs

One of the best ways to get lawn care customers is to hone your business practices, differentiate your business, and continue to strengthen your existing customer base. With lawn care, it can be easy to fall into a routine for the same lawns, but its good to take time every so often to re-evaluate what your customers expect to get out of your services. A customer who feels that they are being listened to is a customer for life!

Collaborate With Other Small Business Owners

If you want to bring in more money, partner up with other small contractors in your area to establish a system of referrals that can benefit everyone. Develop relationships with independently owned hardware stores, plumbers, landscapers, construction companies and other small businesses that interact with homeowners on a regular basis. Business networks can strengthen all of the small businesses in your community because they provide a forum for sharing business ideas, as well as customer referrals.

For example, lets say one of your customers has a patch of exceptionally overgrown grass on their lawn. Recommend a local plumber from your business network to check the customers leach field for leaks. Maybe that plumber will recommend you to one of his customers who needs someone to take care of his elderly mothers lawn. It doesnt cost you anything to be part of a network, but it can give you access to many more potential customers than you might otherwise come into contact with.

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Best Ways To Get Lawn Care Customers

Whether youre just starting your lawn care business or trying to grow your existing one, its always a good idea to think of how to get more customers. Letting people know your business exists by utilizing advertising ideas is a great first step, but it might take some more time and effort to gain momentum when it comes to growing your customer base. Keep reading for the best ways to get lawn care customers.

Investing In The Best Lawn Care Lead Generation Strategies

How to Get More Lawn Care Customers (Lawn Care Marketing Strategies)

One of the most common questions I get is, Chad, what do you think about ____? Well, now you know. My opinions have come from spending millions of dollars on marketing and advertising campaigns. At my prior job, my success or failure is what drove my raise, bonuses, and keeping my job. These opinions have been reinforced by what Ive seen dozens of some of the most successful lawn care companies doing. Dont keep wasting your money on lawn care lead generation strategies that get poor results. Learn from all of our mistakes and successes. However, leave room for some experimentation. Just be smart about it. If you prove me wrong, send me an email or . Id love to hear what youve learned. Are you interested in a comprehensive lawn care lead generation strategy? If so, then schedule a meeting with us. Want more candid insights like these? Then . We’ll send our latest articles directly to your inbox. Just add your email to the form below.

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Go For The Easy Wins First

When you want to know how to get lawn care customers fast, its vital to use a variety of marketing strategiesestablish a digital presence, network face-to-face with potential customers, and employ traditional marketing techniques. Do the easy things first, like printing out business cards, establishing a social media presence, and claiming your Yelp Business Page. You can then move onto the more complex undertakings, like creating a website, and soon youll be garnering new lawn care customers.

Advertise On Social Media

With Facebook and Instagram advertising, you can target people who live in your service area and who match other demographics in your target audience. Dont worry, these platforms are designed to make advertising intuitive and user-friendly, even if youre not an expert. You can use the same videos youve created for YouTube and other channels. Youll also want to create graphics just for your ads.

Dont forget to use these channels to market your landscaping business organically, too. You can post photos of your finished work, videos of your crew in action, and share how-to lawn care tips.

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More Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

You can get more lawn care customers by tapping into online marketing, including social media, a website and Google.

  • Aside from the initial grass-roots tactics above, creating an online presence can help you expand and get 100 lawn care customers fast. Claim a Google Business Profile and optimize your profile with your hours, location, and other factors.
  • This will help your business get found on Google Maps. This is a HUGE opportunity. People search the term lawn care < your city> anywhere from 50-100 times each month. When your business listing shows up in that search, people contact you and you can get lawn care customers fast.
  • Happy customer = good chance of getting positive reviews. Ask them to review your listing on Google. New customers are attracted to companies with positive reviews.
  • Post lawn care tips on your website, Google Business Profile and in your social media profiles.

Use Technology To Analyze Business Metrics

Want More Clients?

How well is your business performing? Are you quoting the right price for jobs, or do you sometimes find that you under-quoted a job because its taking much longer than you thought? Are your routes organized for maximum efficiency so crews spend as little time as possible on the road between jobs? How many jobs a day do your crews perform?

Use field service software to collect data on how long it takes you to do jobs, how efficient your routes are, how many jobs youre doing a day and more. Make adjustments as needed to minimize costs and maximize revenue and profit.

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Claim Your Yelp Business Page

Creating a Yelp Business Page will give you valuable exposure to people searching for services in your area. You can add photos of your business, customize your page, and even run advertisements. Having a business page on Yelp also allows you to interact with your customers directly.

Customers are able to rate their experience with your business, which means a wealth of positive reviews for other potential customers to see. Even if you receive reviews that arent as positive, you can respond to customers and help solve any issues they may have.

Claiming your Yelp Business Page has a low barrier of entry and only takes a few minutes. Head to the Claim my business page to start interacting with your customers.

Get a free Yelp page

Promote your business to local customers.

Secrets To Escalate A Lawn Care Business

1. Employ a Lawn Care Business Software

You can manage and develop your lawn care firm by using lawn care software. It simplifies dispatching jobs, scheduling recurring shifts, tracking labour hours, digitizing reporting, and improving communication.

The automated task scheduler optimizes staff time, client convenience, and company resources, resulting in a win-win situation for all the parties involved. You can streamline your lawn care operations with just a click.

2. Concentrate on Repeat Business

As per Lawn and Landscape, getting a new client costs 5 to 10 times more than keeping a current one. Moreover, long-term consumers spend 67% more on the services offered than new customers.

It is significant to focus on existing clients from a financial viewpoint as it contributes to the formation of more loyal consumers, efficient workflows, more predictable expenses, and stronger relationships.

In this way, it becomes easier to expand your lawn maintenance business since you do not have to start pitching and acquainting clients from scratch services every year.

3. Begin Upselling

Upselling, if done precisely, can bring greater value to both you and your consumers. Upselling items or services should only be done when it is in your clients interest. This might be providing a periodic cleaning or something as basic as a mulch renewal to improve their living area aesthetic appeal.

4. Endorse Client Referral Program

  • Referrals should be rigorously tracked and followed up on
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    Use Your Existing Network

    Friends and family are the first people to turn to when youre figuring out how to get lawn care customers fasttheyre likely willing to lend a helping hand to grow your business. Youll also want to reach out to any current customers for feedback and recurring business.

    Let everyone in your immediate network know that youre launching a lawn care company or trying to grow your customer base. Get the word out by posting on your social media channels or through word of mouth. You can also create a friends and family discount to make the offer sweeter.

    Your existing customers are another source of potential leads. Its crucial to maintain healthy relationships with your current customers if you want to keep their business. Check in with them periodically to see if they need any updates to their service, like spring lawn cleaning, lawn aeration, or continued service after the winter season.

    Ask your customers for constructive, candid feedback that can help you improve your business. More likely than not, they will give you valuable insights and may be more inclined to leave a review on a site like Yelp or provide a testimonial you could put on your website.

    Put Your Number Everywhere

    How to Get More Lawn Care Clients FAST With Lead Ads [FACEBOOK HIDDEN GEM]

    If you have a truck, plaster your number on it with an enticing call-to-action . Order business cards with all of your contact info (you can get them for cheap at sites like

    Make sure all of your social media pages contain your business contact info, as you never know when someone in your network might want to hire you.

    Speaking of which

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    Where To Drop Lawn Care Flyers

    Now that you know how to make the perfect lawn care flyers, its time to figure out where to put them. A good way to know where your flyers will be most effective is by simply surveying the neighborhoods yourself.

    While postal service data might give you instant numbers, you wont know how many of them need lawn care or even have lawns until you drive through them.

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    Understand How To Get Landscaping Customers

    The most effective lead generation processes for acquiring landscaping customers are those that connect on a personal level. The challenge is understanding the needs and desires of your target audience. To get a sense of what your customers care about, conduct research by:

    • Sending out surveys to current customers
    • Creating a simple form that collects information from visitors to your website
    • Analyzing your most successful content Which articles have the most views and have been shared the most times? What do these articles have in common?

    When you send out surveys or collect data in forms, ensure youre getting the right information. You may want to request details like:

    • Interest in specific landscaping services
    • Past problems or challenges with landscaping
    • Expected yearly or monthly landscaping budget
    • Preferred method of communication

    You can ask many questions to understand your target market better and may be tempted to gather as much information as possible. However, if youre asking via social media, keeping a survey to three to four questions is better. Even a longer emailed survey should be under ten questions.

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    Example Of A Classifieds Email Response

    Hi Jerry,

    Im contacting you about your Craigslist post asking for help from a lawn care professional. My names Lewis, I run a lawn care company here in Denver, and Id love to help you out.

    If you want to make your lawn look spectacular, I can provide affordable mowing, fertilization, mulching and weeding. Youre probably a busy person and its time consuming to take care of your lawn, so Im happy to take on that responsibility for you!

    When was the last time you had your lawn looked at? You can give me a call at 555-1122 for a quick chat if thats easier for you.


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    Closing Thoughts On How To Get Lawn Care Customers Fast

    Want More Clients?

    There are many ways to get new lawn care customers when youre just starting out. However, theres no single right way to do it, you need to research and experiment to see which methods work for your business.

    Start gaining customers fast and growing your business with the best CRM for landscaping and lawncare professionals here!

    Image credit: Petar Tonchev via Unsplash

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    Add Your Business On Review Sites

    In the digital age, getting your business listed on review style sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Bark, and others provides another venue for potential lawn care or landscaping clients to find your company.

    While it could take some time and effort to fill out your business profile across multiple websites, it’s worth doing, as it can give you higher visibility, and valuable citations and links back to your business website.

    Stand Out From Your Competitors

    Simply saying that you have the lowest prices or the best service wont make you stand out from the crowd. To ensure your lawn service business catches the eyes of prospective clients, find out what makes your business unique among others in the field. For instance, you can boast that youre the only lawn care company specializing in pest control in the area.

    However, you should also set a reasonable price so your landscaping business still turns a profit. We have some great tips on lawn care pricing to help you build a price book.

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    Get More Referrals From Your Lawn Care Clients

    If you do an outstanding job for a customer, ask them for a referral. At first, its uncomfortable asking your customers for their feedback, but you want to get into the habit of asking them.

    When you get known online, you can beat your competition and get reviews that build your lawn care business credibility.

    You can use these mini-testimonials on your postcards, brochures or flyers as well as on your website. Theyre marketing gold and make you look like a dependable and trustworthy lawn and landscape company owner.

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