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How To Price Lawn Mowing

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How To Price Tree Services

How to Price Lawn Care, Mowing and Landscaping Jobs (IMPORTANT)

Tree inspections, pruning, removal, and other tree services tend to be expensive.

Like other green industry services, tree service pricing falls under the time = money rule.

Tree removal can cost anywhere from $75 to $3500+. Plus, you have to know your operational costs and an estimated time for removal in order to give a proper bid for tree-related jobs.

Since tree removal can be such a complex and careful job, experience is important to give a fair estimate.

As a result, you should consider positioning your business for premium services.

After all, many tree service clients are looking for premium services because they want to hear three little words: Licensed and Insured.”

Also, dont forget to upsell your clients! To name a few:

  • Pruning
  • Hauling and disposal services

Why Is Landscape Edging Important To Install

Landscape edging is a key element to a well-maintained lawn.

Edging creates a clear and attractive line separating the grass from garden beds.

There are many different types of lawn edging materials, and if youre having edging professionally installed the cost will depend upon the linear feet of edging installed, and the material youll use.

Popular types include stone, wood, plastic, concrete, or brick.

Landscape edging usually costs between $700 and $1,700, installed. Again, the size of your property and the type of edging youll use will impact how much youll pay.

More Interesting Facts About Trugreen

TruGreen is one of the largest professional lawn care companies across the United States, serving more than 2.3 million residents and commercial customers.

The Company facilitates and provides all the services for a healthy lawn, including fertilization, weed control, soil amendments, aeration & overseeding, and lean insect & disease control.

TruGreen started as a small company in 1973 and has committed to helping homeowners of North America for over forty years in existence.

Now, TruGreen is Americas number one lawn care company with a simple principle that says: TruGreen loves lawns. Their focus is on providing science-based solutions for your lawn care needs.

Trugreen provides the lawn owners with a special kind of lawn maintenance and services that would increase the health and look of their lawn regardless of time.

Learn and know the TruGreen Vision and the reasons why they can maintain it as the number one lawn care company. Here is their Vision:

To Use Only Tested And EPA-Registered Products To Fertilize And Treat Your Lawn. TruGreen helps you achieve a lawn youll love safely, efficiently, and consistently.

Trugreen Has Trained And Licensed PhD-Certified Specialists. They are knowledgeable of all the things about lawn care. They also stay ahead of the curve through continuous training throughout their services of the Company.

Trugreen Lawn Company Offers Its Customers Lawn And Garden Services Such As:

1. Health care for your lawn

2. Lime soil amendment

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Remember That Lawn Care Is An Investment

Your home is one of the biggest purchases youll ever make, so youll want to protect that investment by ensuring your lawn is healthy and well-manicured.

Find your lawn care pro today, and we hope you enjoy your beautiful new yard for many years to come.

When you’re ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted lawn care pros:

Daniel W.

How To Restore Your Sick Lawn To A Healthy Lawn

Cost of Lawn Mowing

The lawn owner must understand the issues and looks of your lawn full of weeds and some elements that cause the unruly appearance of your yard.

There is no question that the most obvious downside of weeds in your lawn is their ugly appearance. Most weeds grow in all different shapes and sizes compared to your uniform turfgrass.

You are restoring a property full of weeds and damage by some elements, back to its clean and grass-only lawn that sometimes becomes the envy of the neighborhood because of its beautiful understated glory.

We all know that every plant is unique in many ways. You can use some methods to stop the weeds rapid germination process and get rid of the main culprits of your lawn.

Sometimes, its so tricky as weeds grow at a fast pace. In a way, the large population can battle for nutrients, water, and sunlight from your grass and cut off their lifeline, and lead to brown spots across your lawn.

Here Are Some Steps On How To Battle The Ugly Appearance Of Weeds On Your Lawn:

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Lawn Care Pricing : How To Price Your Lawn Care Services

The pricing strategy of lawn care services can make or break your lawn care business.

The article will help you understand the pricing of your lawn care services so that you can have a profitable start to your business.

Follow the 8-step process listed below to price your lawn care services at its best.

Amazing Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

About Remodeling Expense

Remodeling Expenses provides homeowners with accurate cost information on home services and level the playing field for consumers and service professionals. We aim to have data on all US zip codes, so homeowners from all over the country can lookup accurate and up to date pricing information.

Select Your Project & Zipcode

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RemodelingExpense had pretty darn accurate cost calculators that helped us budget our projects, all relevant to our zipcode and contractors near me. I felt good Knowing exactly how much I should pay without getting ripped off. Francesca, Charlotte, NC

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Which Lawn Treatment Is Best

Our Top 6 Lawn Feed Reviews

  • EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Care Feed.
  • Scotts Lawn Builder Lawn Food.
  • Sportsmaster Spring and Summer Professional Fertiliser.
  • Tradefarmini Iron Sulphate Premium Soluble Fertiliser.
  • Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food Tub.
  • Ferromel 20 Iron Sulphate Premium Lawn Conditioner and Lawn Feed.
  • Unit Costs: How Pros Price

    How Much To Charge for Mowing? | Pricing Cheat Sheet

    Unlike websites which blend pricing from dissimilar jobs, Homewyse creates custom estimates from Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method is based on job specific detail and current costs. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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    Lawn Cutting And Landscaping

    Homeowners, property managers and landlords are responsible for both their buildings and the land that their properties sit on. In many cases, trying to keep up with lawn and yard care can be difficult. As a result, property owners often hire lawn cutters or landscapers to keep their lawns, shrubbery and decorative plants maintained and healthy.

    Oftentimes, your prospects and clients are just seeking somebody who will regularly mow their lawn. However, you may also encounter clients who are looking for other services. For example, they may want you to apply fertilizer or pesticides, trim bushes or tree branches, or even maintain footpaths or patios. It’s up to you to decide what types of services to offer.


    In many areas, lawn cutting and landscaping are seasonal businesses that shut down come winter. However, some lawn cutters opt to offer snow removal services during the colder months. Other profit streams include handyman services as well as checking in on and maintaining homes left empty by “snowbirds,” who move to a warmer climate during wintertime.

    Cost Of Weeding Your Lawn

    Wedding your lawn is also very important maintenance. Removing unwanted and unsightly weeds is a sure way to improve the appearance of your lawn. If you have a regular lawn care professional who does your weekly mowing and trimming, you can ask them to get rid of the weeds on their next visit. There are a couple ways to go about weeding your lawn. You can pull them regularly or you can kill them with chemicals designed for the job for a more permanent solution.

    The average cost of weeding is about $12 and $40 per hour, depending on which method you choose and how many weeds you have. Using weed killer is usually the more expensive route and cost closer to the $25 – $40 per hour mark since you are paying for labor and the chemicals.

    Many weed killers are environmentally safe and pet friendly, but some are not. Be sure to consult a lawn care professional before making decisions on which path to take.

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    Here Are Some Of The Variables That Will Affect The Lawn Mowing Cost

    Shape: A perfect rectangular lawn will take a considerably lesser amount of time to mow in comparison to an odd-shaped lawn with flowerbed and obstacles scattered throughout.

    Access: Small gates into backyards keep us from using larger mowing equipment, and thus increases the time it takes to mow the backyard if it is fenced in. Longer driveways or addresses with limited parking for our truck and trailer setup, also increase the time it takes to perform the mowing service. A yard where the truck and trailer can park next to is going to cost less than if the truck has to park farther away for our mowing services.

    Diy Lawn Care Vs Hiring True Lawn Care Service

    Selecting a Lawn Care Service

    Buying and maintaining all your equipment is costly. On the other hand, hiring our professional team will free you up to complete other home projects or fun outside activities.

    Our goal is to provide you a clean worry-free yard where you will be able to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Its time for you to put that mower away and let TLC take care of your lawns. Our expert team of landscapers and lawn mowing crews we have the best lawn mowing services without compromising and great quality. We understand the landscape services required in your yard and how to better-fit the services. You can try out our services and then we can address individual concerns as we progress. Our services are priced competitively in the market place.

    We are your local lawn mowing service providers ready to be at your doorstep. Schedule a free consultation for all your lawn care needs with us today. For more info on our mowing service

    For tips on how to do your own lawn care check out The Yard Pro

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    Average Mowing Cost Per Square Foot

    Mowing costs are sometimes calculated by the square foot, especially for smaller yards. Keep in mind that as your lawn approaches a full acre, your costs may switch to acreage to make the estimates more accurate. On average, the price per square foot is around $0.009 to $0.015 for weekly mowing and $0.015 to $0.020 for biweekly mowing.

    How Much Should You Charge For Lawn Mowing Services

    Take off the training wheels.

    Whether you’re a new lawn care business owner or a perpetually small-time owner, you’re probably worried about how you’ve priced your services.

    You want to know that your price is high enough that you can make money, but low enough so that you can be competitive in your market. This is like a walk on a razors edge: too much and you price yourself out, too little and theres no profit.

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    Experience Of The Lawn Care Provider

    A service providers training, experience, and expertise can affect your total lawn care costs. If youre hiring a pro who is new to the industry, you can expect to pay much less than hiring a pro with years of experience. Keep in mind that hiring a more experienced professional is likely to provide better results.

    When Should I Start Fertilizing My Lawn

    How to justify your lawn mowing price to customers

    Spring is an important time to fertilise, as your lawn breaks the winter dormancy. Your fertiliser application will assist the lawn to jump into growth as the weather warms up. You need to make sure you don’t get too excited and spread it out too early, so timing is key when applying fertiliser in spring. via

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    B Truhealth Lawn Care Plan

    The TruHealth standard plan is the same as the basic plan, including fertilization, pre-emergent, targeted weed control, soil lime amendment, healthy lawn analysis, and healthy lawn guarantee.

    This is eight visits over one year with the TruExpert Certified Specialist. Hence, in this plan, grub prevention and control are added.

    First Set A Price For Lawn Mowing Services

    Wondering how much lawn care costs, including mowing? Short answer, it depends. Here are a few factors that can influence what you charge:

    Your experience: Seasoned lawn care professionals can charge more for their services. But when youre building your customer base, you may need to start with a lower price point. Then, once you get a few customers under your belt, you can raise them incrementally.

    The location of your business: Theres an amount that people in your area are willing to pay for lawn care services. Do some research to find out that amount. Higher-end neighborhoods and businesses will often pay more. Meanwhile, lower-income neighborhoods usually want lower pricesor they might not need your services at all. Call a few lawn care companies in your area. Ask their prices. Then use those numbers as a starting point on how to price your lawn care services.

    If you work with businesses or residents: Most commercial businesses who value quality are willing to pay top dollar. Homeowners, on the other hand, may be more budget conscious. Caveatall of this depends on your area, of course. Poke around. Do some research. Find out which clients are willing to pay more in your area.

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    How To Raise Your Lawn Care Pricing Without Losing Great Clients

    No one and I mean no one wants to pay more for anything.

    Youre raising my prices? My yard didnt get any bigger, so why should it cost more?

    The stubborn client is every lawn care business’ worst nightmare. As a result, many lawn care business owners are afraid that a simple lawn care pricing increase will bring out the worst in people.

    And it will

    if you dont do it right.

    • How high is too high?
    • What number should you aim for?
    • When should you raise prices, and how frequently?

    Use these 5 simple steps to properly raise your lawn care prices without losing your best clients.

    What Are Your Operating Expenses

    How Much Does It Cost To Mow The Lawn?

    When negotiating price with a prospective customer, clarify verbally and then put into writing the exact services you will be performing. You want to avoid a situation where a client agrees to hire you at a certain price, but then gives you a laundry list of services that they also want to you to perform without any additional compensation.

    In general, professional lawn cutters take responsibility for every step of lawn cutting, including mowing, edging and trimming. In many cases, the property owner will expect you to properly dispose of the grass cuttings. Regulations regarding the appropriate disposal of grass cuttings vary by municipality, so you’ll want to check the ordinances in the areas where you work so you’ll know what to do with the cuttings after you service a property.

    What this means is that you will have to consider the amount of time it is going to take you to drive to a client’s property, mow the lawn and then dispose of the trimmings. In addition, you will also need to consider the wear and tear on both your vehicle as well as your lawnmower and any additional equipment that you use.

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    Critical: Test Your Lawn Care Pricing

    This is the lawn care pricing strategy for many lawn care business owners:

    • They count their operational costs
    • Then, they add 5% or 10%, depending on how they feel

    Thats it.

    Many of your competitors never test their prices, which is why it feels like the green industry constantly undercuts itself.

    People are afraid to try anything… They’re afraid to talk to their clients, and nobody tracks data to figure out where they can make more money.

    However, you can do better.

    Make pricing part of your culture!

    • Get regular pricing feedback from your clients
    • Evaluate your prices on a set basis
    • Keep the value you can give to your clients at the forefront of your mind

    Do all of these things, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a richer, happier lawn care business owner.

    Now, comes the next part… the hard part the part that makes so many lawn care business owners squirm in their seats

    Protect Your Lawn Care Business From Potential Liability

    Since the best clients care about lawn care businesses being licensed, bonded, and insured, they’re willing to pay more for your lawn care services.

    Plus, mistakes happen and just one lawsuit can break your business.

    In other words, you have zero excuses to avoid it, and you NEED to get your lawn care business licensed, bonded, and insured BEFORE you service another property.

    Plus, if you’re licensed, bonded, and insured, you can easily charge more for your lawn care service.

    After all, the best clients don’t want to hire a lawn care business that doesn’t protect itself.

    To find out more about protecting your lawn care business, read our complete guide.

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    How Often Should The Lawn Be Mowed

    To prevent your lawn from overgrowing, use a mowing service once every one to two weeks in the summer. If youre not sure whether a weekly or fortnightly service is better, either use your judgement based on how fast it grows or ask a professional. During the winter, you can reduce lawn cutting to once every four to five weeks. During the winter, you might want to seize the chance to aerate it. Aerating your lawn prevents it from looking tired when the soil beneath becomes compacted. If the soil becomes too compacted, the grass struggles to draw nutrients from the ground. With an aerating service, you make its growing activities easier.

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