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How To Stop Urine Spots On Your Lawn

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Set Up A Separate Space In Your Yard For A Doggie Bathroom

How To Fix Pet Urine Spots on Lawn – Ace Hardware

One of the most effective ways to reduce lawn damage from dog urine is to have a separate area in your yard where your dog can use the bathroom, away from your healthy lawn.

Consider building a mulched or graveled area in your back or side yard and train your dog to use this area as a bathroom through positive reinforcement and praise. Do not use mulch made from cocoa bean hulls since they can be toxic to your dog if ingested.

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Over time, they will get used to this new area, which can be made more hospitable with bright greenery surrounding the perimeter.

Walk Your Dogs Away From The Yard

Most dogs will go while out and about, so this is a simple solution that will reduce the amount of dog urine your grass is exposed to.

The downside is that you have to walk your dog multiple times a day, rather than just letting him play outside.

And you have to prevent your dog from creating brown dog urine spots in other peoples lawns as well!

Promote A Balanced Diet For Your Pooch

As dog parents, we always tend to provide a high-protein diet for our dogs. This helps build muscles and keep them strong. However, a protein-rich diet has some downsides.

For starters, it adds a high amount of nitrogen to your dogs urine. Vets say, if you want to provide your dog a balanced diet but keep nitrogen levels low, you can try giving them some human foods.

A very important add-on to your dog food, in this case, would be a lot of fruits and vegetables. The dog food you buy is usually processed and doesnt contain the goodness of veggies in raw forms.

Due to this, proper growth and nourishment cannot be provided to your dog. Also, several studies suggest that if you provide your dog vegetables at least three times in one week, they will stay safe from several cancers.

These vegetables, when added, will also make the urine more dilute and safe for your lawn. However, make sure not to provide any vegetables that you might not be sure of.

Refer to the list provided below to get an idea of veggies good for your doggie.

  • Pumpkin
  • Pears
  • Cantaloupe

If you are thinking of feeding your dog fruits such as grapes or even raisins, make sure to consult the vet first. As these fruits could be poisoning for some breeds, a consultation is a must.

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How Petigreen Protects Against Salt Damage

PetiGreen consists of a combination of a proprietary blend of organic acids, beneficial soil microbes and a little nitrogen and sulfur . The organic acids work synergistically with the soil microbes to break up sodium chloride NaCl molecules into their base elements of sodium Na and chloride Cl. They are buffered to the soil this way so that they cannot join back together into salt. As individual elements they are not harmful to plant cells. They can however, bet taken up as individual nutrients when needed by the plant.

How To Stop Dog Urine Spots On Lawn

How to Stop Dog Urine Damage on Your Lawn

If thats the case, you can try to blend in the spots by keeping the entire lawn well fertilized. If your whole lawn is deep green, the spots wont show up. Another way to prevent spots is to train your dog to go in one spot off your grass or in an unnoticeable area of your lawn. Various products can help.

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Is It Possible To Prevent Dog Urine From Turning The Grass Brown

The safest way to keep your lawn green is to spray the area in which your dog urinated with a hose to dilute the urine, Dr. Sinnott says. If you are installing a new lawn, consider seeding it with urine hardy grass such as tall fescue. This has been shown to be the most tolerant to urine of all the lawn grasses.

Smith notes that it can be tedious to follow your dog around with a hose, but cautions pet parents against using chemical lawn treatments that could harm a dogs paws when he comes in contact with them. She suggests raking a little grass seed into the dog-damaged area to fill back in, and to guide your dog to appropriate places to pee.

Top Best Answers To The Question How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Spots On Your Lawn

  • To help prevent dog urine spots around your lawn, the best plan of attack is to train your pooch to relieve himself in a specific area of your yard. 1 Mulch an area of your landscape with natural wood mulch so it blends in well and Fido can urinate somewhere other than on your grass.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «How to get rid of dog urine spots on your lawn?» often ask the followingquestions:

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Will Dead Grass Grow Back After Dog Pee

Dead grass will not come back. However, you can remove this dead turf and the soil below it and put in new sod or reseed with a hardier type of grass. Keep in mind, healthy, green grass around the dead spot can fill in that area through rhizome growth even if you do not reseed. That is why it is important to keep your grass and soil healthy.

How To Prevent Brown Dog Urine Spots From Ruining Your Lawn

Lawn Care – How To Prevent Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn | Natural Cures Secret

Hes at it again. The dog is urinating in the exact same spotthe perpetual dog urine spots that stay brown year-round thanks to its status as a doggy potty.

Stubborn brown spots in your grass are a common problem for dog owners.

Pups instinctually do their business in the same area each time, and the repeated exposure to dog urine kills the grass.

This can be a frustrating issue, but theres no need to choose between a gorgeous lawn and your furry friend.

Dog urine spots are treatable and preventable.

In this article, well dive into exactly why dog urine spots occurand how to fix them once and for all.

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Ways To Prevent Brown Lawn Spots From Dog Urine

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We have two dogs a male Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix and a female Shepard/Husky mix. They are wonderful dogs, but unfortunately, the female marks all over our yard.

Improving The Environment Of The Soil

PetiGreen works to improve the environment of the soil. As it improves a larger population of beneficial soil microbes can thrive. Over time the population can grow large enough to metabolize the vast amount of urea before it can damage the grass. True organic activity continues metabolizing the nitrites NO2 into ionized nitrates NO3. These nitrates are then bound to soil particles and carbon particles in the soil by a static charge. It is stored in the soil this way where the grass roots have access to them. But now the roots cannot just consume the nitrates. They have to release carbonic acid which acts as an anti-static spray to release the nitrates from the soil. The grass plant only produces enough carbonic acid for normal consumption of nitrogen thereby regulating its own diet.

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How To Remove And Prevent Dog Urine Spots On Grass

Chances are if you have a dog, you also have a sea of dead, brown patches of grass in your yard. Unfortunately, one of the few cons of dog ownership is their urine. Dog urine contains nitrogen, which in small amounts is actually beneficial to grass. But in large amounts, burns it.

Its a common misconception that female dogs urine are the main precursor to your dead lawn, but this isnt the case. Male dogs often lift their leg to pee, which means their urine goes all over the place and doesnt all end up in one spot. Female dogs urine on the other hand, almost always ends up in one specific spot since they squat.

If you have larger dogs, theyre also more likely to create brown spots simply because they produce large quantities of urine. And if your dog likes to pee in one specific spot, all the more likely more damage will occur to that one spot.

Before you decide to bite the bullet and work on removing the dead patches of grass, make sure that your dogs pee is actually the culprit.

Brown patches could be the result of a variety of different grass diseases.

To check, pull back pieces of grass from a dead patch. If the roots stay in tact, youre most likely dealing with dog pee. But if youre able to easily pull up clumps of grass, including the roots, you probably have a lawn disease that needs to be treated by a lawn care professional.


  • Should You Use Grass-Saving Dog Supplements?
  • How To Repair Dog Holes And Other Lawn Damage

    How to Stop Dog Urine Burns in Your Lawn

    Dogs, especially puppies, have a lot of energy that they often devote to digging. They may dig for entertainment, to try and escape, or to hunt prey such as moles.3 It can take some time to train your dog to stop digging once they develop the habit, so intervene earlywith attention, training and praiseto stop digging problems right away.

    Step in with quick lawn repairs to fix digging holes as soon as they appear:

  • Fill holes with high-quality topsoil and gently compress the soil in the hole with your foot. Continue filling and compressing lightly until the solid soil surface is even with the surrounding area. Don’t press too hard or you can create a pocket of compacted soil that inhibits healthy grass growth and may need aeration down the road.
  • Apply Pennington One Step Complete seeding mixture to the surface of the soil according to label instructions.
  • Water thoroughly, and keep the area moist until the grass is tall enough to mow, about 3 inches. To help you determine when to water, the natural mulch included in Pennington One Step Complete turns a lighter brown color when it gets dry and needs more water.
  • For other lawn areas hit with doggy damage, turn to Pennington Lawn Booster. This all-in-one product combines premium Pennington Smart Seed, professional-grade fertilizer and soil enhancer. It’s guaranteed to grow quicker, thicker, greener grass in just one application.

    Pennington, One Step Complete and Smart Seed are registered trademarks of Pennington Seed, Inc.

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    How To Stop Grass Damage

    There are a few ways to prevent brown or yellow spots on your lawn that are caused by dog urine. Although there’s no guaranteed way to end urine spots in the yard, you can take steps to minimize the damage.

    Keep in mind that other animals might have access to your yard, and their urine can cause lawn damage as well. A fence will keep out any dogs that are passing by, but cats and various wild animals are not so easy to stop. This may explain why you continue to see brown or yellow spots in the yard after you’ve tried everything with your own dog.

    Daily watering can minimize these spots. Some people also opt to use a special animal deterrent. If you do this, make sure it’s safe for your dog and other animals. The idea is to repel the animals, not harm them.

    The Spruce / Almar Creative

    Reason For Brown Spots

    Brown spots are the results of the most severe reactions between the dogs urine and the grass. The grass, in this case, tends to die quickly or stays in the process of dying.

    If your lawn is very dry and is in any way quite weak, it will be very vulnerable to dog urine damage. If you have kept your lawn well-watered or satisfied with fertilizers, the results of this reaction wouldnt be this severe.

    In such cases, where the grass is already dead, you still have a chance to grow a good lush garden again. All you have to do is remove the dead plants and grass and wash the area thoroughly.

    A proper wash will prevent any damage to the new grass. As the grass takes time to grow fully, you can mow it twice or thrice to make it quicker.

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    Reasons For Green Spots

    Green spots are usually seen in the grass, where there is a low concentration of nitrogen due to a lack of fertilizer. When you have not provided a required amount of nitrogen to the grass, it reacts differently to the dog urine.

    So, when your dog urinates on this type of grass, it tends to turn bright green. As your dogs urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen, it provides the grass the rest of the requirement.

    You can always check your grass or soils level of nitrogen by getting its pH level tested.

    How To Prevent Urine Spots On Lawns

    TG Tips – How to treat dog urine spots on your lawn

    Dogs and cats are carnivores that eat a diet containing high amounts of protein, which breaks down into nitrogen and is excreted in the animals’ urine. When your dog or cat urinates on your lawn, the high amounts of nitrogen contained in the urine kills the roots, creating ugly spots of burned grass. These spots look unsightly and can garner the complaints of your neighbors. To prevent these spots from forming, take steps to keep your pets and other neighborhood animals off of your lawn or dilute the urine.

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    How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass Naturally

    Is your garden suffering from a dogs urine? If you are fed up with the urine spots that your dog leaves behind now, and then that kills your grass, this article is for you!

    Below mentioned is a list of some of the most effective solutions that will keep your lawn protected from dog urine at all times. Check it out.

  • To Wrap Up
  • How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass

    You know that one patch of grass in your backyard that just constantly looks yellow and dead? Like, you have tried everything to save it but it was just unsuccessful? Well, hate to break it to you but your dogs pee is actually causing the problem. As much as we love our pets, even while peeing on our lawn, you might still be bothered by it. But dont worry, because there are ways on how to stop dog urine from killing all of the grass in your beautiful backyard.

    How to stop dog urine from killing grass

    The one problematic component of your dogs pee that will keep killing your grass no matter how much care you take of it are nitrates.

    If you didnt pay too much attention in chemistry class you might be confused on what nitrates are. Nitrates are a set of compounds that involve nitrogen and oxygen molecules. They are naturally found in your dogs pee, but also your lawn fertilizer.

    Too much nitrogen compounds will kill grass and make it turn that yellow color.

    To prevent these ugly spots on your lawn, you have two options:

  • Train your dog to not pee on your lawn
  • Reducing the levels of nitrates
  • How to train your dog to not pee on the lawn

    Dog pee on the grass either to park their territory or because they actually have to relieve themselves. If you dont take your dog on walks often enough chances are that he will sneak out to your backyard and pee there.

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    Reducing nitrates

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    Is There A Supplement You Can Give To Your Dog

    Pet parents often try feeding dogs enzyme supplements that reportedly balance the pH in dog urine, limiting its effect on lawns. But Dr. Virginia Sinnott of Angell Animal Medical Centers Emergency & Critical Care Unit urges pet parents to be cautious if considering these products.

    Supplements containing DL Methionine are used to acidify the urine, which may leave your lawn greener, but can be harmful to dogs with pre-existing liver and kidney disease, and are not recommended for dogs who have these issues, she says. This ingredient should be clearly marked on those products, Dr. Sinnott says.

    Also, if your dog has ever had a kidney or bladder stone, or is known to have crystals in their urine, you should check with your family vet before using a product to prevent greening.

    Dog Rocks offer a natural lawn burn patch preventative. These naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rocks are dropped in your dogs water bowl to filter impurities such as tin, ammonia and nitrate that can cause brown grass spots.

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