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What Is Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care Program

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How To Create That Perfect Spring Lawn With Scotts 4 Step Program

Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care – Step 1: Turfbuilder With Halts

Brinkmanns Hardware: Your Source for Scotts® 4 Step® Program

Brinkmanns Hardware started out as a single, small operation that has now flourished across Long Island. We have locations in Blue Point, NY Holbrook, NY Miller Place, NY and Sayville, NY. Were proud to stock the full line of Scotts® Lawn Care products, including the Scotts® 4 Step® Program. But we offer more than just the products you need for a lush and green lawn. Were also proud to provide you with winning customer service and proven advice, and if you have any questions please contact your local Brinkmanns Hardware today!

Those who shop with us at Brinkmanns Hardware are not just customers. Rather, we consider everyone who walks through our doors our neighbors, and like any good neighbor, were willing and eager to help! Everything we do is to ensure that you have a simple, successful shopping trip. Just let us know what youre looking for or what project youre considering, and a member of our team will set you on the right track. When it comes to your lawn, well always recommend the Scotts® 4 Step® Program. As one of our renowned in-store brands, we trust Scotts® to deliver high-quality, effective results to our friends and neighbors. If we wouldnt buy it ourselves, it doesnt make it to our shelves!

Year-Round Lawn Care & Weed Control

Scotts 4 Step Reviews Vs Grassperson Reviews

By now, youre probably already questioning whether a DIY program like Scotts makes sense for you. If you want the best lawn on the block, then all of the missing elements should raise a red flag.But if youre still doing your research, its also worth reading online reviews.Well admit the Scotts 4 Step reviews online are certainly not all bad by any means. There are some folks who have been happy with what they got. For what it is, its OK. But its missing so much that you are still going to have to invest more if you want a complete solution. Plus, if you read some of the negative Scotts 4 Step reviews, it might make you think twice about even trying it. Some homeowners complain about burning their lawn, about still having weeds, or even about the hassles of having to ship back the wrong products they were sent. This boils down to hassles and headaches that you could simply avoid by investing in a professional in the first place. You can compare this against the that you read about Grassperson. One of the biggest takeaways youll get from reading these reviews is the fact that were here to help. Reviewers are not only commenting on their results but also the service they receive . Thats simply not something youll receive with Scotts.

Weed Control With Lawn Food

After a month or two pass and the weather continues to warm, follow up in April to June with Step 2 of the program. This step focuses on long-term weed control for the summer months so that seeds that land in the turf wont germinate and get a food hold. Give your lawn at least 4 to 6 weeks between Step 1 and Step 2 since they both contain fertilizer. This weed control step focuses on the broadleaf weeds that love to emerge as summer begins, such as dandelions and plantains. Apply around Memorial Day to a damp lawn and only when theres at least 24 hours forecasted without rain.

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Other Options

Concentrate or Ready To Use Ready To Use
Country of Origin United States of America
  • Step 1 of Scotts 4-Step Program
  • Apply in early spring when temperatures are still cool to contain crabgrass all season
  • Feeds for a fast green up after winter
  • Also improves lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients
  • Prevents crabgrass for up to 4 months

Ready For The Best Lawn On The Block

Scotts 4 Step Program Fertilizer For All Grass Types 5000 ...

If youre serious about getting the best lawn on the block, then you dont have any room for compromise. You need the best products and the best service out there. The truth is, youre never going to get that with Scotts 4 Step program. Theyve oversimplified lawn care entirely too much.Fortunately, by making a wise choice, you can avoid wasting your money on an incomplete program and invest in one that is going to get you the results you truly desire. In the end, that will equate to having the best lawn on the block.Ready to get a great-looking lawn at your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX home? Get a free quote and get ready to enjoy the best lawn on the block with no hassles associated with it!

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Missing Elements Of A Robust Lawn Care Program

At this point in the Scotts 4 Step lawn care program we are at step 3 and in the mid summer. This step is lawn food and iron. Again, these are important elements, but theyre not all your lawn needs. This is the time of year when your lawn care program should also be attacking crabgrass breakthroughs , but also addressing nutsedge and other summer weeds, many of which can require their own specialized control.Your lawn care program should also be addressing lawn grubs, which have the power to decimate your lawn. Lawn grub control is absolutely essential here in the Lehigh Valley but the Scotts program never brings them up. Similarly, surface-feeding insects should also be addressed and yet Scotts has nothing in its program about insect control at all. The further we get into this program, the more it becomes obvious how it falls short.

Crabgrass Prevention Plus Feeding The Lawn

Any time before temperatures rise to 80 degrees F and lawn growth begins in earnest, apply Step 1 of the 4-Step Program. Scotts recommends applying before Easter regardless of your location. This is the crabgrass prevention treatment that targets this pernicious weed while its still dormant and weak. Existing roots will wither before they can revive for the season and germination of any hidden seeds will also be suppressed. Even a perfectly spotless lawn can develop a crabgrass infestation over the dormant season due to wind-blown seeds, so using this step every spring is the best way to keep this problem under control. This step also contains just the right amount of fertilizer to ease the lawn into strong growth without stressing it.

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Lawn Care Is An Overly Simplified Marketing Gimmick

Clearly, all the way from steps 1 to 4, the Scotts program has fallen short. The reality is that theyve tried to simplify a process that really cant be simplified. As a result, its a program that is incomplete. Besides the fact that these are store-bought products that attempt a one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care, its also missing a lot of services that youd end up needing to add on anyways. Plus on top of all those shortcomings is the fact that with a program like this, there are no guarantees. Its not like you have someone you can call and complain to and get your money back. But when you work with a professional lawn care company, they should be returning if their treatments are not working for some reason or you need something extra. A lawn care company is going to stand behind their work.When you work with a professional it also eliminates the hassles. Instead of having to figure out what else your lawn needs , a pro will already know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. Theyll also know the ideal timeline for all of the applications.

Missing #: Continued Effective Weed Control

2021 Scotts Lawn Care Plan | 4 Step Program and More

The next step in the Scotts 4 Step program is weed control and lawn food. The biggest problem with this step is the fact that its using subpar products to tackle tough weeds. Scotts weed control product is granular, which has to be watered in. A lot of conditions must also be just right for this to be effective. In fact, it says that the product must be applied on a calm day, on a damp lawn, and when rain is not expected for at least 24 hours. Thats a lot of conditions to meet.At Grassperson, we believe that liquid controls are best. Theyre more forgiving if conditions arent perfect. But weve also found them to be more effective overall. Plus, were using commercial-grade product as opposed to something store-bought like Scotts. Were also taking a varied weed control approach, knowing that there are many different types of weeds that plague lawns here in North Texas. Again, Scotts tries to simplify this with a one-size-fits-all product.

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Crabgrass Preventer And Fertilization

Generally, 4 step lawn care starts with crabgrass preventer and lawn food , both of which are important. However, using crabgrass preventer effectively is a bit more complicated than this simplified program makes it seem. For one, crabgrass preventer is only going to be effective if applied in an appropriate time frame. This product is only effective prior to crabgrass germination. Though this is certainly something homeowners can tackle on their own, we find that the ideal application window is often missed.

Its also worth mentioning that store-bought products tend to be much less effective than the commercial-grade pre-emergent products utilized by a professional lawn care service. With a pro, you’re also paying for trained lawn care technicians who are licensed to spray commercial products.

Working With Joshua Tree For All Of Your Lawn Care Needs And More

As simple as 4 step lawn care might sound, it still means work on your end and will still not lead to as good results as you could have gotten from a pro. In reality, you have better things to do than worry about this stuff. Thats why when you hand your lawn care needs over to Joshua Tree, you get to hand over your worries, too.Not only can we make sure that your lawn care program includes everything your lawn needs, but we can also offer other services like pest control and tree care, if you have other needs on your property. For our clients, thats tremendously more value than they could ever get out of a bag.If youd like to find out more about how Joshua Tree might be your best choice for lawn care, tree care, and pest control in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton, PA lawn, then contact us for a free consultation or feel free to give us a call at 610-365-2200.

Ready to get started?

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Weed Control And Fertilization

The next step in 4 step lawn care is more fertilization and weed control. Again, you are talking about store-bought products here as opposed to commercial-grade so the effectiveness has to come into question for this reason alone.

However, the other big problem is the fact that the weed control method in this simplified program is attempting to take a one-size-fits-all approach. But different weeds often require different treatments . A truly effective approach must be varied. It should even include specialty controls for certain weeds. This is another example of a way in which a simplified program cuts corners and doesnt cover everything.

Another mistake is using granular formulations to try to control weeds. Liquid products, along with a wetting/sticking agent can really help get all of the necessary control materials on more parts of the target weeds.

Problems With The Scotts 4 Step Program

Scotts 4 Step Program Fertilizer for Seeding For All Grass ...

As someone who cares about getting a healthy green lawn, you might be considering or have looked at the various DIY products out there. There are certainly plenty of them that promise fantastic results and even make it look incredibly simple. The truth is, our lives are busy and anything that is simple and quick is appealing. Lawn care product manufacturers know this and they market to those desires.Thats exactly why the Scotts 4 Step program is so popular. The program promises 4 simple steps to achieve the lawn care results that youre seeking. The folks at Scotts understand that lawn care can be complicated and theyve done what they can to simplify the process.Unfortunately, with those simplifications, theres a lot missing. The fact is that lawn care is complicated. And any program that tries to simplify the complexity is probably going to fall short of what your lawn really needs.Of course, you dont just have to take our word for it. Lets walk through what Scotts 4 Step Lawn Care includes and whats missing.

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Is Turf Builder The Same As Fertilizer

Turf Builder is only a brand name of a fertilizer that is manufactured by Scotts Company. Though considered a miracle fertilizer, Turf Builder is a synthetic fertilizer that could harm the soil. So if you are considering the health of the soil, then it is better to go for natural options such as manure.

An Abrupt Ending To A Program That Already Fell Short

The final step in the Scotts 4 Step lawn care program is fall lawn food. It does not address weeds even though weeds dont simply stop popping up. In reality, different seasons bring different weeds.There are also other vital lawn care services in the fall that can make a tremendous difference for the health of your lawn which would be available through a professional lawn care provider. In addition to fall lawn fertilization, here in the Lehigh Valley were also adding limestone to lawns which struggle to have optimal color or vigor as a result of our acidic soils.

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No 4 Step Lawn Care Guarantee

Plus, there are no guarantees. If it doesnt work, whats your recourse? Scotts is not going to refund you for purchasing all of the bags.

When you work with a professional lawn care company, theyre going to stand behind their work. If weeds dont die after spraying them, theyll return to take care of them.

Working with a pro eliminates the hassles as well. Lets be honest, its a pain to have to go out and buy these productsnot to mention having to worry about the timeline for applications. Thats why we find that Oasis Turf & Tree customers really dont hire us to make their lawn beautiful , they hire us to take away their worries.

As simple as 4 step lawn care may sound, you probably dont want to have to worry about doing any of it yourself. Youd rather have a professional who knows exactly what your lawn needs , take the reins. Fortunately, when you hand over your lawn care needs to Oasis Turf & Tree, you get to hand over your worries, too.

Want to learn more about professional lawn care services for your Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky home? Request your quote,choose the lawn care program thats right for you, and then sit back and relax as the pros help you get the lawn of your dreams!

Missing #: You Guessed It Weed Control And Other Services Of A Complete Program

How to Get a Great Lawn with Scotts® 4-STEP® Program – Our Best Annual Program for Your Lawn

The final step of the Scotts 4 Step fertilizer program is fall lawn food. Fall fertilization is important but the program fails to continue to address weeds, which absolutely need to be treated again. At Grassperson, we are continuing with post-emergent weed controls as needed throughout the entire season. Here in North Texas, weeds almost never stop growing!But the truth is, this program is missing a lot more than just products. For one, its missing the value that you get from having a professional eye on your property. When you hire Grassperson to come out and treat your lawn, theyre also looking for potential problems and implementing solutions before they get serious.Its also missing a guarantee. If you work with a lawn care professional like Grassperson, theyre going to stand behind their work. Theyre going to persist with treatments until theyre effective. But if you use Scotts products, youre on your own. Theyre not going to send you more bags or refund your money if you still have problems after youve completed the program.On top of that, youre also missing the opportunity to add other valuable services to your lawn care program like lawn aeration, which can really take your lawn to another level.

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Missing #: A Comprehensive Pre

The first thing that we want to mention that is missing in the Scotts 4 Step program is the proper weed control approach. Its over-simplified. Step One of the program is crabgrass preventer and lawn food . These are both important but with the tough-to-control weeds here in North Texas, but its not enough. At Grassperson, were using pre-emergent controls to prevent numerous grassy weeds. Were also being incredibly strategic about the timeline in which we apply these products.The truth is, with pre-emergent controls timing is everything. If you miss your application window, theyre not going to be effective. They must be applied prior to germination. Thats why we are so carefully testing soil temperatures and watching closely to ensure that were putting down product at just the right time. But the description for Scotts first step simply says to apply in early spring, anytime between February and April. This general timeline is just too broad and could be a waste of your time and money if you miss the ideal timing.Its also worth mentioning that even with all of the pre-emergent controls that were applying, breakthrough is still sometimes an issue. After all, grassy weeds like crabgrass are incredibly persistent. Thats why were also applying post-emergent controls on anything that still pops up. The Scotts 4 Step program is missing this, as well.

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