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How To Keep Lawn Green In Summer

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Improve Your Mowing Technique

How to Get Green Grass This Summer (And Keep It!) [Summer Lawn Care Tips]

Many dont realize that there are optimal mowing heights. A trick to help keep your grass green in the summer is to let your blades of grass grow a little taller to prevent water from drying too quickly. To do this, set your mower to three inches or the highest setting and mow every two to three weeks. Your lawn will still look neat and well kept, the grass will be just a little taller than youre used to.

Your Lawn Is Hungry Feed It With Miracle

Feed while you water using the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder to get quick, beautiful results–your lawn should start to green within a few days. It’s specially formulated for turfgrass with high nitrogen and chelated iron; it feeds through both the roots and grass blades. And it’s safe for all grasses–won’t burn your lawn or other plants when used as directed. Covers up to 4000 square feet per box.

There are two methods for feeding your lawn:

Use the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder: one feeder refill packet in the Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder will cover 1000 square feet in approximately 12 minutes or use a Watering Can: Just mix 1 tablespoon of Miracle-Gro for every gallon of water. Apply every 2 to 3 weeks any season when grass is growing.

How To Make Grass Thicker

In addition to choosing the right grass in the first place and regularly aerating your lawn, you can do a few additional things to make your grass thicker

  • Address diseases. Avoid mowing when the lawn is wet and check for signs of disease or fungal infection. This may appear as powdery residue or colored patches or spots. Also, check for indications of pest damage .;
  • Ensure that your soil is healthy. Check for your local extension field office and obtain a soil-testing kit. It will alert you to nutrient deficiencies that may be responsible for your thinning lawn.;
  • Water regularly and apply a nitrogen fertilizer. Dont worry, well discuss more about this below.;

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Greener Grass Step : Fertilizing Using The Best Fertilizers

If you truly want the best results from your lawn, we do recommend investing in a quality fertilizer, such as Milorganite. You should also be sure which type of lawn you have, as this will affect how often you need to fertilize your lawn.

You should carry out a soil test to see what kind of nutrients are present. This will ensure the fertilizers include a balanced amount of nutrients, and in the quantities they state on the package.

There are also some products available to deal with weeds simultaneously, to find the best weed and feed available, see our post here.

With the best fertilizers, you also run a lower risk of doing harm to your lawn and staining your sidewalk.

Is Organic Better?

Organic fertilizers tend to work better as a long-term solution, and its more environmentally friendly. Theyre the slow-release type, but they usually have more complete nutrients for your lawn.

They build up your lawn in a natural way, without the risks of staining your lawn or sidewalk. They do also contain nitrogen, so theyre not ideal if you dont want your grass to grow so fast.

Synthetic high-iron fertilizers are fast-releasing and affordable. Epsom salts can be used on your lawn to add magnesium and sulfur.If youre not careful with the amounts of synthetic fertilizer you apply on the grass, though, it may turn your lawn a grayish hue and your concrete driveway orange. You should carry out a soil test fairly regularly, to keep tabs on the state of things.

Maintain A Good Watering Schedule

8 Tips to Keep Lawn Green in Summer Heat

A good watering schedule is more than just routine watering. It has to do with how much and when you water the lawn.

Water in the Morning

The best time to water your lawn is in the morning before 10 AM but after 6 AM. At this point of the day, the sun isnt beating up your grass yet.

The sun will evaporate the water you put on your lawn.

That might tempt you to water your lawn at night, but this doesnt let the water absorb into your lawn. Without the sun, the grass cant photosynthesize which is how grass becomes green.

Not only that, but watering at night can lead to fungus and disease due to oversaturation on the grass.

Watering During Dry Spells

If youre in the middle of a drought or it hasnt rained for a few days, its time to water your grass.

Over time, the moisture in the grass will get all used up and your lawn will start to die.

The best way to water during a dry spell is to emulate rainfall.

Soak the grass in intervals and water the grass infrequently and deeply. You want to saturate the root without damaging or over watering the lawn.

Use a good sprinkler that covers a wide area of lawn so you dont need to move it around constantly.

Try using a rotating sprinkler rather than a standard back and forth style sprinkler.; Many Rotating sprinklers can cover up to 2.5x as much square footage

Check the Flow

While youre watering, be mindful of where the water goes.

This means you wont be watering your driveway.

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More Tips For Growing Grass And Conserving Water On Your Lawn This Summer

  • If water runs off your lawn when sprinkling, split the recommended run time into two irrigation events that are separated in time by at least 30 minutes. Aeration may be needed to encourage water absorption.
  • Use the same sprinkler type and nozzle size in each area of lawn watered.
  • Adjust sprinklers so they spray the grass, not on walls, driveways and sidewalks.
  • Make sure growing grass does not block the sprinklers.
  • Replace broken and missing sprinkler heads immediately. A missing sprinkler head can lose more than 12 gallons of water per minute.
  • If some areas of your lawn appear dry after sprinkling, adjust sprinkler position or consider adding a sprinkler for better coverage instead of increasing watering time.

Keeping Your Grass Green During The Summer Months

Americans are wild about their lawns. Every year, they mow turf areas equivalent to the size of Pennsylvania and spend $8.5 billion on lawn care. However, even if you spend the average of 40 hours per year mowing and caring for your lawn, its possible to see your turf turn an unattractive shade of brown once the summer heat hits.

Actually, as landscaping contractors can tell you, a brown lawn is completely natural. The fescues and Kentucky bluegrass varieties that grow well in Northern climates naturally go dormant over the summer months. This is a self-protection strategy; grasses enter a state of hibernation to preserve energy. Once the cooler temperatures and higher precipitation of autumn returns, your brown lawn will return to a beautiful shade of green.

Lawn maintenance is one of the most common services landscaping contractors provide. To enjoy an emerald green lawn all summer long, you can hire one of many West Linn lawn care companies, who can help you with everything from scheduled maintenance to the installation of home irrigation systems. Alternatively, DIY-types can keep their lawns green by practicing the following techniques:

Mow high. Put your lawn mower on a high setting, to leave the grass around 3 inches high. Taller blades provide more shade for your lawns root system, which keeps it cooler during hot summer days. Additionally, taller blades of grass result in deeper, stronger roots.

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How To Keep A Lawn Green In The Summer Heat

In the heat of a Texas summer, it can feel like keeping your grass green is a full-time jobwhich makes sense when you learn that even warm season species prefer temperatures in the 70s. It may seem like after you miss one day of watering, all of a sudden there are brown spots everywhere. Looking at what appears to be a dying lawn, you may realize youre not completely sure how to keep your lawn green in the summer heat.

As you might suspect, the most important thing you can do for your lawn during the hottest times of the year is to water. In most Texas lawns, watering between a half-inch to a full inch of water each week can keep grass species that are suited for our climate healthy even in high temperatures. Bermuda grass and buffalo grass can handle just a half-inch of water, as well as other types of grass that arent exposed to full sun throughout the day, while other species will require more moisture to thrive. Grass will need less water when in humid, cool and less windy conditions.

If you are certain that youre watering your grass the right amount, but your lawn is still not looking its best, your problem could be the time of day youre watering or how often you set your sprinklers to run. Water in the early morning, so that you lose less moisture to evaporation, and so that your plants arent wet for too long, since that can make them more vulnerable to disease.

Water Your Lawn For Hot Dry Weather

How To Get A Green Lawn In Summer Without Burning It | No Burned Lawn

For the healthiest summer grass, you should be watering deeply and less frequently. Deep watering promotes deeper root growth, which means your grass will be able reach deeper into the soil for moisture, making it more resistant to drought and hot weather.

Its best to water only a few times a week and early in the morning. Water until the soil is moist 6-8 inches below the surface. The typical St. Louis lawn need around 1.5 inches of water per week to keep from turning brown.

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  • The Importance Of A Lawn Soil Test

    A soil test is a crucial step in finding out what nutrients your lawn is lacking and what fertilization and any other treatments can do to improve its density and color.;

    For instance, if your soils pH is off, then the fertilizer youre feeding it might not be working at all on your quest for greener grass. Poor pH could limit nutrient uptake.;

    In Central and Southern Maryland, lawns tend to lean on the acidic side. Limestone applications can help to correct your soils pH and bring it back in balance.;

    Also, only some lawn care professionals like Natural Green Systems Lawn & Pest conduct free soil tests on their customers properties to ensure the custom program they develop for each lawn meets that lawns specific needs.;

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    How To Keep Your Lawn Green In The Summer Heat

    The south is known for its shocking warmth. With temperatures hitting the 90s, your lawn needs the best care-water. Without suitable hydration, your grass, blossoms, and other development will wither up. After a short time, you will have no other choice anyway to replant and come winter you will stand up to more issues. Sprinkler systems outfit your lawn with the most ideal hydration it needs to prosper. Additionally, it can in like manner overhaul the land estimation of your home. It is a complete development to any lawn. Here is the reason. Keep lawn green summer heat is really a tough task but with help of experts, it is possible.

    If you have endeavored explicitly watering your lawn, you know it is a weakening task. Considerable yards display the trial of sheer size. Constantly moving your hose around to accomplish those hard to accomplish spots is both monotonous and strenuous. You in like manner need to screen to what degree you have watered every territory to promise you dont over saturate or deny certain spots. A modified sprinkler system will settle this. They water your yard as arranged and water in even increases.

    Here you will find 4 fundamental lawn mind tips which will keep the grass sound and green.

    1. Watering

    2. Empowering

    3. Cutting

    4. Flowing Air Through

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    How To Make Grass Green: Test Your Soil Ph

    How Do I Keep My Grass Green in the Summer?

    No matter how much fertilizer you give your lawn, if your grass doesnt have the proper, balanced soil pH, it wont do much good.Important nutrients for grass are available in soil when the pH is at the right level not too acidic, not too alkaline. If your pH is off, your grass wont get the nutrients it needs, no matter how much you fertilize.If your soils pH level is out of whack, we can add the right soil amendments to bring it to the right level, setting it up to be that beautiful green you love.

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    Its Not Just About Watering

    Keeping your grass green year-round is not just about watering although this certainly plays an important role. The key to having a green lawn in the summer is keeping it as healthy and strong as possible throughout the year.

    Another point worth making before we continue is that brown grass isnt necessarily unhealthy grass. In fact, grass that is under heat and drought stress naturally goes into a dormant state and turns brown as a way of protecting itself.

    You might think that a brown lawn is unattractive but if your lawn turns brown, it isnt a reason to panic. Unless conditions become too extreme, your grass will quickly spring back into life as soon as the rains and the cooler temperatures return.

    Now lets look at the most important aspects of keeping your grass green year-round.

    Brown Grass Is Not A Problem But Green Looks Much Better

    While brown grass is not a problem in itself, you may understandably prefer the look of a lush green lawn year-round. Achieving this is not simply a case of extra watering during the summer months but as long as you know the steps to take, keeping your grass green even in summer should present no particular problems.

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    Factors That Can Hinder Grass Health And Color

  • Improper mowing. When the grass is too short or too long, it can actually be detrimental to the health of your lawn. Mowing too short, for instance, can actually scorch the lawn and prevent it from growing properly. Try to not cut off more than a third of the length of your grass as it can be harmful in the long run.
  • Improper watering. When you water too much or too little, it can prevent the roots of your lawn from achieving full saturation. Not only that, if you water too late in the day, you run the risk of having more of the water evaporate than you intended.
  • Too much traffic. The simple fact of the matter is that our lawns turn out to be more than just a pretty sight. Children can play there, animals wander about, and more can all press on the turf. When that happens, it can cause the grass to lose that healthy look and start to fade.
  • Disease or insects. Depending on where you live, insects can become a problem. They may eat the grass in certain areas, causing browning that doesnt go away with regular watering. Keep an eye out; you may have to put down some kind of insecticide to get the issue to go away.
  • How To Have A Healthy Lawn

    How to Keep Your Grass Green in Summer Heat with Ironite Mineral Supplement 1-0-1

    Like many Canadians, you probably take pride in having an attractive lawn. Find out how to care for your lawn as easily as possible, while reducing the need for pesticides!

    Many people use lawn care products like herbicides and insecticides to maintain their lawns. But “cosmetic” pesticide use is now restricted and even banned in many communities across Canada.

    There are ways to have a healthy lawn without using pesticides. And when you do have to use pesticides, there are ways to use them safely.

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    Keep Your Grass Longer

    Mow your grass on a higher setting. Longer grass will allow for the establishment of longer roots, which can reach more moisture in the soil even when the weather is hot and dry. Keeping grass longer will prevent it from drying out too quickly and ensure that roots are better protected by the longer blades.

    Mowing the grass too short can cause damage. It can leave the lawn scorched to the point where the grass may not be able to recover. Luckily, this problem is totally avoidable. As a general practice,;avoid mowing your grass shorter than three to three-and-a-half inches;or cutting more than;one-third;of its height at once. Mowing more frequently will make it easier to mow to the right length while still adhering to these guidelines.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to mow your grass short, you will have to water it more often and more lightly. Light and frequent watering will cause shorter roots. In turn, this increases stress during droughts.

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