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How To Weed And Feed My Lawn

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Applying fertilizer at the correct time is essential for getting the most out of it. This also saves plenty of time and money without blowing it on trial and run errors. Keep in mind, overfeeding is a real thing and can be dangerous for the environment. On top of that it also hinders growth in your lawn, so be careful.

Why Should You Apply Weed And Feed

Applying weed and feed on your lawn will make it greener and richer in color after a week. If there are any moss, it will start to turn black and will eventually die, which you can then raked out after a maximum of 10 days.

Weeds, on the other hand, will vigorously grow but then will become distorted and eventually die as well. The maximum control of weed can be achieved in a couple of weeks or so. Now, if your lawn is infested badly by weeds, then applying weed and feed every 6 weeks will help.

These are the tips on when to apply weed and feed to ensure that you will effectively eliminate the weeds on your lawn.

Do not over apply to avoid problems as well, since overly using it can cause the grass to be affected as well and not just the weeds.

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What Is Weed And Feed And Why Should I Use It

Weed and feed is a product that combines fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide. The combination is meant to promote the growth of grass while eliminating weeds from sprouting. Many property owners consider it an easy way of killing the proverbial two birds with one stone when it comes to lawn care.

It is most widely produced in pellet form that allows the fertilizers to break down over time. Weed and feed products contain both fast-acting and slow-release forms of nitrogen fertilizer. The fast-acting quality makes nitrogen and other nutrients immediately available, while slow-release lets them become available over time, providing a steady source of food.

Using a weed and feed product can help speed up the process to a beautiful, well-kept lawn. In most cases, it also works just as effectively if you were to weed and fertilize separately.

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When Should I Apply Weed And Feed

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Using fertilizer and spot treating for weeds is an alternative to weed & feed products. Be sure to test your soil pH, dethatch and aerate the soil and make sure you have a system to ensure proper watering heading into Spring. Water restrictions for the City of Jacksonville loosen during Daylight Savings Time allowing twice per week residential landscape irrigation. For further assistance and a free quote for lawn service and spraying

And remember that for comprehensive solutions to your specific lawn, garden and landscaping need contact Earth Works of Jacksonville online and at 904-996-0712. Earth Works operates a retail Garden Center/Plant Nursery in Jacksonville and provides landscaping, hardscaping, water features, lawn care service, lawn spraying, and drainage solutions. Earth Works proudly serves clients in Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, St. Johns, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Amelia Island, Fernandina, and St. Augustine.

Happy Gardening!

Westland Child And Pet

Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard 28

If you need a child-friendly and pet-safe weed and feed, consider this organic weed and feed product from Westland. It prevents moss and weed growth whilst naturally feeding your lawn with long-lasting nutrients. This fast-acting formula contains friendly bacteria that break down moss and weed leaves.

Within just one week, expect to see a greener and healthier lawn thanks to the added lawn seed in the organic fertilizer. After application, the grass seed will germinate and fill those bald patches in the lawn. As the grass becomes thicker and stronger, it overtakes the moss and weed.

How to use: apply 35 grams of granules per square meter to ensure even lawn coverage. For the best results, you can double the application amount. Apply every once from February to September when the grass is actively growing.

Customer reviews: users were very pleased with the results of this weed and feed scoring it 4.4/5. Just 10 days after application, their grass started turning thicker and green. One small complaint was the strong odor of the fertilizer due to its organic nature. However, if you water the grass a day or two after application, the smell will soon disappear.


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How To Apply Weed And Feed Products

Its important to apply the weed and feed correctly so that its effective. Generally, you should:

  • Make sure the lawn is at a normal height .
  • Wait two to four days after mowing before you apply the product. That protects the grass. The weeds are active, so its going to kill them efficiently.
  • Use a spreader or a liquid sprayer. This depends on the product you choose.
  • Follow directions and only add as much as you should. Spread it uniformly across the lawn.

Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer

Im a big fan of this slow-releasing compound from Greenview Fairway, which helps reduce your annual feeding and weeding costs. Greenview states their new and improved 65% nitrogen formula kills over 200 species of weeds and feeds the grass for up to 3 months. However, we have tested the product and found that it didnt work so well work on St. Augustine grass, but was really effective on the other lawn tests. So perhaps pass this one by if you have St. Augustine grass, but use it with confidence on other grass types.

How to use: apply the granules in early spring when the lawn is wet using a drop or broadcast spreader. Wait 3 days before mowing the lawn.

Note: because of the slow-releasing properties of this weed and feed product, it is best used on established and healthy lawns. Using it on new grass may result in stunted growth.

Customer reviews: users noticed thicker and greener lawns right after the first application. The product helped turn grass green, but most users didnt find it as beneficial for killing crabgrass.


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Too Much Weed In Lawn: Prevention For The Obvious

Its often inevitable to get around weed and feed grass burns. But, if you can follow a few simple rules, then you can prevent it from happening.

Always read the label

I have too much weed on my lawn. After applying the weed killer, the grass is dying.

What could I have done to avoid it?

The very first thing you should do is to read the label on the packaging. It contains the coverage area, including ingredients and more.

So, if you had read the label, then you could have saved your lawn and maintained minimal weed growth.

Know your soil type and weed type

Its one of the essential parts of preventing grass burns.

If you dont have a clear idea about the soil type, then using any random exterminator may do more harm than good.

And the same goes for weed type as well. Without knowing it, using a random solution will not be effective at all.

Following the instructions carefully

It is another one of those things that many people try to avoid.

Without following the instructions properly, hoping for proper results is a wild dream. Make sure not to miss any information and follow the instructions to the letter.

Safety comes first

Keep the fertilizer away from your children and pets. Also, using protective gloves is always a good idea when dealing with such products.

How To Apply Weed And Feed

Lawn Care 101: How to Weed, Seed, Feed, Mow, & Water

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Weed and feed products can be a useful tool for keeping weeds from germinating in your yard. For them to be effective, though, you need to ensure that you apply them at the right time. Spreading the product once every spring and fall can help keep certain weeds at bay. Be sure to check the forecast before applying, though, to avoid rain washing the product away.

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Why It Helps Lawns

The reason it helps lawns is because the high amount of nitrogen content feeds the grass to make it grow faster and look greener. The pesticide in the product kills weeds but not lawns. If it claims to kill moss, the Its also highly likely that it contains iron which is again is suppressive to moss but not lawns.

Apply Grass Fertilizer Correctly

Now you’re ready to apply. Feeding the lawn is as simple as mowing it, and as easy as walking at your normal steady pace. Just follow these guidelines for easy application and even coverage.

If youre using a broadcast spreader, feed the entire perimeter of your lawn first. Engage the side-shield, which blocks off one side of the spreader to keep the product on the lawn and out of gardening beds and off driveways and sidewalks. Next, fill in the middle by turning off the side-shield feature and walking back and forth in straight lines. To get even coverage, overlap slightly on each pass by moving over 2 steps before you begin the pass.

When using a drop spreader, start by applying 2 header strips at opposite ends of the lawn to create a turning area. Next, fill in the rest of the lawn by applying the fertilizer back and forth in straight lines perpendicular to your header strips. To ensure you get even coverage, be sure to overlap the wheel tracks by about half a foot .

After youve finished feeding your lawn, return any unused product to the bag and store it for future use.

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Lawn Fertilizer In Weed And Feed

The fertilizer is usually some sort of NPK blend that is beneficial for the rapid growth of a rich and lush lawn.

The balance of this blend may vary because different products cater to different classes and species of grass. A common differentiation is warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses, as both classes have differing nutritional needs.

Mowing Too Short After Weed And Feed

Greenforce Autumn Lawn Feed 15kg

Mowing too short after weed and feed makes your lawn more vulnerable to weather stress, weeds, and diseases. Cutting the grass too short also inhibits root growth. When grass is mowed too short, the leaves surface area is reduced, which is where the grass makes food. Therefore, it relies on roots to grow, which weakens the roots, and they are less able to endure rain and drought.

Shallow roots require more water and make it difficult for the grass to maintaining moisture. A grass mowed too low has less leaf available for photosynthesis and, as a result, this damages the grass. Short grass exposes the turf to direct heat, which causes it to dry quickly especially in summer.

Therefore, extra care is needed for short grass by watering it frequently to protect it from drought. Moreover, grass cut too short struggles to fight the intruders and succumbs to disease, weeds, and pests.

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Winter Lawn Care Advice: January

January can be quiet in the garden. If there is a frost avoid walking on your lawn as this can damage the grass leaving it vunerable to lawn diseases and other problems. When the weather is fine brush away debris or leaves that have fallen on the grass. Why not take a look at our winter lawn care tips too. If you have a moss problem now can be a good time to apply a lawn treatment, have a look at our range of spreaders. This can help your lawn look better by the time the spring comes around!

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Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Weed And Feed Spray

We couldnt pull together a comprehensive list of the best weed and feed for lawns without including a liquid weed and feed. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder is the best product that is widely available. Now dont get me wrong here, my preference would almost always be for a powder or granular weed and feed. The exception is when small amounts of lawn need treating.

This handy little spray bottle is great for pulling out of your garage to tackle sections of the lawn.

How to use it: Connect your hosepipe to the top of the bottle and use it as a trigger spray to target the areas you wish to treat. One bottle will cover 6,000 sq ft of lawn.

Customer Reviews: With thousands of customer reviews across all major retail platforms and forums this product gets a rating of 4.3/5, demonstrating the user-friendly package you get with this liquid weed and feed spray.


  • Only suitable for smaller areas of lawn
  • Expensive per square meter compared to granules

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The Weed Killer Portion Of Weed And Feed

The herbicides include Mecoprop , 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid , Dicamba, and more. These herbicides kill the plants in several ways. Some, such as MCPP, cause mutations to a plants cells, hindering functions like photosynthesis or even absorption of water. Others may affect respiration, food production, and even water retention.

Most weed and feed products are engineered to deal with common weeds like dandelions as well as dollarweed and most leafy weeds.

When weed and feed is applied to turf some of it will land on the leaves of targeted weeds. The leaves will begin absorbing the chemical, which kills them in a top-down fashion.

The rest of the chemical will then be absorbed by the soil. When this happens, the roots of the weeds will take up the chemical. This then kills the plant in a bottom-up fashion.

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Are Weed And Feed Products Good For Your Lawn

Everything 4 Spring – How to handle Weed and Feed for your lawn

Lets start by looking at whether you should be using weed and feed products. There are many reasons why weed and feed products might not be a good solution. First, they might be presenting environmental harm. The weed portion of the product contains harmful chemicals, to kill the weeds. However, these pellets can be eaten by birds and other wildlife. When this happens, the animal might die from the chemicals. This could be responsible for thousands of animal deaths each year. These can also be ingested by small children, which might make them feel sick.

Its also possible that the harsh chemicals might impact on the lawn. As well see, weed killers need to be applied selectively to get the best results. However, weed and feed products tend to be distributed across the whole lawn. This can have a big impact on the lawn. Over time, the lawn will become dependent on these chemicals to stay weed-free.

So, despite the convenience of a weed and feed product, it might not be worth it over the long term. Thankfully, there is a simple solution. You just need to apply weed killer and fertilizer separately. Though it might take a little longer, it will reduce your environmental impact and youll be helping your lawn grow.

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Whether Or Not To Apply It

  • Take a good look at your lawn before you apply an all-in-one product such as a weed and feed product. If the lawn didn’t previously have a weed problem, then a pre-emergent herbicide isn’t necessary. Herbicides aimed at broad-leaf weeds should be applied in fall, which is when the weeds store energy for the following year and not the time of year to “green up” your lawn. A sudden nitrogen boost can result in lush grass growth but at the expense of the root system that situation could set up the lawn to fail in the hot months of summer. If you’ve kept the yard watered and fertilized regularly, then the additional nitrogen shouldn’t affect the grass color.

  • What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Using Weed And Feed

    You can expect decent, but typically not 100% perfect results with weed and feed products.

    It is important to determine the type of weed you are trying to kill and then determine if they are listed in the weeds controlled section on the products label. If it is not listed then odds are the product is not going to be effective.

    Weed killers generally work best when the weed is actively growing and before they get established and mature. If you apply a weed and feed no newly sprouted weed the level of control will increase compared to more mature weed which may need a follow-up application per the instructions on the label.

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    Best Post Emergent Weed And Feed

    Scotts is one of the best-known manufacturers of weed and feed and for good reason. It delivers exceptional performance in controlling dandelions and other tough-to-kill weeds, the Turf Builder is my best buy weed and feed product for you to check out. Its highly effective and produced the kind of results that make me a loyal customer and regular user.

    Apply it to a wet lawn and the Weedgrip technology allows the granules to stick to weed foliage making a direct and effective weed killer. Whilst the feeding formula thickens your lawn and makes it greener and lush. You can apply anytime between early spring and late fall, but I find outstanding results can be achieved if I apply early spring and then every 6 weeks for 4 applications until late fall, which produces outstanding results.

    Suitable weed and feed for Bermuda grass, Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass, Centipede, Ryegrass, and Zoysia or Bahiagrass.

    Not only does the product kill dandelions, clover, and other common weeds, it also feeds common grasses, such as ryegrass and fescue. However, I would avoid using it on certain warm-season turfs, such as Carpet Grass and St. Augustine. This is a great product thats available at most good garden stores or

    This 45-second video from the manufacturer offers a useful quick guide on Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed


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