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How To Weed And Fertilize Your Lawn

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What Time Of Year Do You Fertilize Your Lawn

How To Utilize ‘Weed And Feed’ To Your Lawn

The correct time to fertilize your lawn depends on the type of grass that you have, what part of the country you live in and the time of year. Our lawncare program takes the guess work out of fertilizing your lawn. We are the experts and our program is based on more than 200 years of collective experience and the latest products and technology.

Best Time To Fertilize Lawn

Fertilizing in the morning allows the soil to take in the most nutrients, soak in the morning dew and take advantage of cooler temperatures. Thats the best time. Do not apply fertilizer on an abnormally hot day, not even in the morning. Wait until the weather cools back down to a normal temperature.

You can mow anytime after fertilizing with a granular treatment. With a liquid treatment, wait a day or two.


Less Grass Fertilizer More Even Distribution

Dial back the rate of lawn fertilizer applications to 1/2, then make two passes with your spreader at right angles.

“I bet at least 3 out of every 5 homeowners use way more lawn fertilizer than they should.”

Many retailers promote a four-step lawn fertilizer schedule for homeowners. Fertilizing more than four times a year is overkill. In fact, most homeowners could get by with two every year. You can cut back on the amount of grass fertilizer you need by knowing when to fertilize lawn based on time of year. More on that later.

If you apply too much lawn fertilizer, especially in sandy soils, a good share of it will leach through the soil and make its way into our precious groundwater, lakes, streams and wetlands. Lawn grasses only need a certain amount of food. More isnt always better.

Unlike us humans, lawn grasses dont know how to stop eating when theyre full! This luxury consumption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium actually makes the lawn grasses weak and more susceptible to disease. Excessive grass fertilizer will create too much thatch, which will ultimately choke out your lawn. Too much lawn fertilizer also means youll be mowing far more often than necessary. Too much mowing means excessive soil compaction, exhaust and noise pollution and excessive wear and tear on your mower.

When it comes to a lawn fertilizer schedule, applying more than four times a year is a waste. Save time and money by being more judicious in your use of lawn fertilizer.

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Minnesota Lawn Fertilization Schedule

Warners lawn care experts understand that every lawn is different. Thats why weve developed a wide range of fertilizer and weed killer treatment programs for our customers. You can choose from our Gold Package , our Silver Package , or our Bronze Package . We can also develop a custom package designed specifically for your lawn. It will be designed for your needs only, and maybe the most cost-effective package for you. Ask us about our commercial fertilizing services.

Why Is Warners Your Best Choice In Twin Cities For Lawn Care Fertilization

Put A Little Spring In Your Yard

Because we provide honest quotes, quality work, and excellent follow-up! And because we built our reputation by providing cost-effective lawn fertilizer and weed control services.

Early Bird Special: Prepay for the season and save 5%.

I had the pre-pay 7 application of fertilizer & weed control last year and the results were great. Id like it again this year. Kyle Woodbury, MN

What to Expect:

  • We notify you by phone before any application.
  • Upon arrival, we ensure no one is on your property. We then place Stay Off Lawn signs in visible locations.

Fertilizer Application:

  • The lawn fertilizer applied is granular in form, giving your yard triple the nutrients compared to liquid applications.
  • Granular fertilizer greens up lawns and promotes horizontal growth, resulting in a thicker, fuller lawn.
  • After each application all pellets are blown off sidewalks, driveways, and patios, leaving behind a clean and refreshed property.

Weed Control Application:

  • Our weed control application treats all broadleaf weeds including dandelion, thistle, creeping charlie, clover, and more.
  • Applying weed control separate from fertilizer gives special attention to harder to kill weeds.

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The Best Time To Seed And Fertilize

After 48 hours of aerating your soil, you will apply seeds and fertilizer then water on the ground. It is high time to get into soil fertilizer and water. In this time, use the starter fertilizer because it does not have any weed control, and this fertilizer is very suitable for this new grass growing environment. If you apply another fertilizer, your lawn will not germinate accurately. Lets know how to reseed a patchy lawn.

Types Of Fertilizer To Use On Lawns

Here are the basic types of fertilizer to use on lawns:

Slow-release You dont have to use slow release fertilizers as often, but they are usually more expensive.

Fast-release You get quick results with a fast-release fertilizer, but you have to apply them in smaller amounts and more frequently. You can burn your lawn with a fast-release fertilizer if you use too much.

Weed and feed Try to identify your weeds before using a weed and feed product and make sure your weed is listed on the product label. Take special care around trees, shrubs, and garden plants.

Organic materials such as compost and manure The essential nutrients arent as concentrated in these types of materials, so you have to use a lot. Compost or dry manure before applying it to the lawn, and be aware that some manures, particularly horse manure, may contain weed seeds.

Liquid fertilizers These arent recommended because they are hard to apply evenly and require frequent applications.

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When To Water After Applying Weed And Feed Fertilizer Application

With a granular post emergent product, it is important to not water for at least 24 hours after application. The reason for this is that you need the product to stay in contact with the leaves of the weeds to be most efficient.

It goes without saying that if you water too soon after you apply weed and feed, you will wash it off before it starts working.

Since no two products are built exactly the same, you should refer to manufacturers usage guidelines.

Some pre-emergent products can be watered in, so that the active ingredient is absorbed by the roots.

If youre applying a liquid weed and feed product such as Scotts Liquid Turf Builder, you dont need to water the lawn after application, since both the fertilizer and herbicide are already in liquid form. The nitrogen acts as the fertilizer, and gives your lawn a boost, while the herbicide kills weeds such as ground ivy, chickweed, and buckhorn.

Make sure to check the weather forecast for your area before carrying out your weed feed exercise.

If you can afford the irrigation system cost, dont forget to turn off that zone or zones for 24 hours after, and remember to turn it back on again afterwards!

Tips To Apply Weed & Feed Properly

How to Apply Weed and Feed Lawn Fertilizer – BizPro Fertilizer FAQ #16

If you want to learn when to use weed and feed, keep in mind several important tips:

  • Measure your lawn: Its good to know which part of the yard you want to fertilize with weed n feed product. This fact is also useful when you calculate the quantity of fertilizer that is allowed to spread.
  • Wait 2-4 days after the mowing: The soil needs time to incorporate the grass cutting. Even if you collect it mechanically, you will always leave something behind. After a little break, the soil will be capable to absorb it again.
  • Follow the precise proportions: As we mentioned before be careful about how much weed and feed you use. Also, make sure not to apply too much of it can use. If youre having some trouble, we would recommend an electric spreader for applying the fertilizer as an alternative its more precise and will ensure that you dont use too much of a product.
  • Avoid watering for two days after appliance: You need to have a proper density of weeding and feeding granules. Keep in mind that water can alter the density. Hence you should water the lawn for two days after you applied the product. Of course, you should also avoid hot summer days for this kind of fertilization.

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Best Time To Fertilize Lawn In Mn: Spring Summer And Fall

For healthy, green grass its best to follow a lawn fertilizer schedule to work within three-seasons in Minnesota. Ideally, we start your lawn care in the early spring. We then provide regular applications throughout summer and into late fall. This three-season schedule is a great way to get that neighbor-envious lawn you deserve!

When Is It Too Late To Use Weed And Feed

It is generally considered too late at the end of fall. After this, if you are in a cold area, winter will start to take hold and the weed killer element will have nothing to work upon. It works when the weeds are actively growing, or before they sprout, depending upon whether you have a pre emergent or post emergent type.

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How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn

Adding fertilizer to your lawn is one of the main ways to ensure that your grass is as healthy as possible. Throughout each growing season, your grass will slowly deplete its nutrient levels and these should be replenished manually. The trick in performing this task is to know how often you should fertilize your lawn.

Knowing how regularly to apply fertilizer to your lawn depends on the time of year. During late spring and early summer, your lawn will need to fertilize your lawn more frequently than during the late summer and early fall/autumn. This is because your lawn is more active during the spring and early summer and will be able to withstand more frequent applications of feed.

The rate of grass growth will slow during the late summer and early fall/autumn so, therefore, the lawn will require fewer nutrients.

This article contains two tables, one for U.S. gardeners and the other for U.K. gardeners, that list the most popular fertilizers. The tables refer to fertilizers that are designed to be applied at different times of the year.

What Is The Suitable Time Of Overseeding On Your Lawn

5 Useful Tips To Avoid Lawn Burn In Summer: You Should ...

After preparing the areas of the lawn by mowing and raking, it is the right time to do the needful steps accordingly.

  • Mow the lawn shorter than usual.
  • Eliminate all the clippings from the lawn so that the lawn can get sunlight and water.
  • Use a rake to loosen the soil of the lawn, so that seeds can well contact with soil, and have a chance to increase the development of seeds.
  • Choose your seeds.
  • Check the overseeding rate of the grass seeds.
  • Use a spreader and spread seeds around the lawn according to the instruction given on the label.
  • Spread seeds with a logical process like do it when air is quiet and avoid the windy day.
  • Be ensured to distribute seeds equally.

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Spring And Fall Are The Best Times

Weed and feed products should be applied no more than twice a year, so one application in the spring, and another in the fall if the first one didnt resolve the issue. Further, each application should be at least two months apart, because not waiting long enough between applications could cause the herbicides to build up to high levels that can kill healthy grass and vegetation.

Considering weed and feed products contain chemicals, there are a few safety precautions you need to take, starting with making sure kids and pets stay off the lawn until it dries completely. It is best to wait until the next heavy rain or when the granules have completely dissolved before allowing foot traffic on your lawn.

If youre applying pre-emergent weed and feed, then the best application time is prior to weed seed germination. But if youre trying to control summer weeds, early spring is the best time to apply weed and feed.

However, if youre trying to kill crabgrass, you should apply weed and feed in mid-April. As mentioned earlier, post emergent weed killers will only kill weeds that are actively growing at the time of application.

Given that fertilizer applications arent recommended in the summer such as in temperatures above 90-degrees, post-emergent herbicides to kill tough broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover should be applied from late spring onwards.

How Long Before Pets And Kids Can Go On A Fertilized Lawn

We understand that the safety of your children and pets always comes first to you. While the products that Master Lawn uses for lawn fertilization are safe, we do recommend keeping pets and kids indoors during the application process.

This is also because we would never want your pet to escape while we are in and out of your yard during our service. We know how important our clients pets are to them and we are also always cautious about closing and latching gates when we leave so that homeowners can let their pets out after were gone.

In terms of how long before pets and kids can go on a fertilized lawn, our liquid fertilization products are safe as soon as they dry. Thats because as the liquid material dries on the plant material it is absorbed or bonded to the surface so that it wont get picked up on pets skin or paws . Because of this, you can let your pets and children back outside once the product has dried feeling confident that theyre in no danger.

As far as exactly how long should you stay off the grass after fertilizing , its usually about a half hour to an hour. Our liquid products dry quickly and once they are dry, its safe to use the lawn.

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Promotes Faster Spring Green Up

A well-fertilized lawn is able to store energy in its roots to survive winter dormancy. This healthy grass then emerges from winter dormancy with plenty of stored nutrients. It bursts into life in spring faster, before weeds have a chance to take root.

  • Grass stores energy from fertilizer to survive winter dormancy.
  • After winter dormancy, this stored energy helps grass turn green faster in spring.
  • The faster your lawn greens up, the less chance for weeds to take root and invade your lawn.

If your lawn is plagued with spring dandelions and crabgrass that appear while your turf grass is still brown, its likely because your lawn lacks fertilizer. If your lawn turns green quickly in spring, it can help smother weeds and eliminate notorious spring annual weeds.

Symptoms Of Fertilizer Burn

How to Use Weed and Feed Fertilizer

Fertilizer burn varies by severity, but it always has roughly the same symptom: discoloration.

Mild fertilizer burn is when your lawn starts to yellow slightly or has brown streaks through it. When you touch mildly overfertilized grass, itll still feel flexible and wont break when you bend a grass blade.

With severe fertilizer burn, the grass will turn a shade of brown or tan. In severely overfertilized grass, the blades also become brittle and break if you attempt to bend them.

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Why Fertilize Your Lawn In Fall The Best Fall Month And Time Of Day To Fertilize

Summer heat is stressful on our lawns. Falls cooler temperatures provide the perfect setting for lawn to regain strength.

Fall is the best and most important time to fertilize your lawn because:

  • Falls morning dew delivers moisture to help turf absorb the fertilizer.
  • The grass has a chance to build stamina before a chilly winter.
  • Supporting root growth in fall leads to a healthier, greener lawn in spring.

While fall is naturally good for feeding our lawn, you can deliver an extra oomph by fertilizing as best as you can, too.

When To Apply Popular Uk Fertilizers

Below is a table detailing how often to apply popular U.K. lawn fertilizers such as Miracle-Gro Evergreen and Westland. Please note that some of the fertilizers below contain weedkiller. These can be applied to any type of grass.

Please note that the table below includes Amazon Affiliate links.

*NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

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How Long To Stay Off Lawn After Weed And Feed

You should be good to use your lawn again after 24-72 hours. This give the fertilizer time to work its way into the soil. See the paragraphs below for when to water after application.

As always, we would recommend that you read the manufacturers directions included on the packaging. .

You should also not carry out aerating after weed & feed application, as it can possibly damage any new emerging grass seedlings.

Kong Junior Scarlet Coleus

Early Spring Lawn Care

Kong Junior Scarlet coleus brings season-long color to shade or part shade spots. Like all annuals, this beauty looks best when its set off by a swath of healthy green grass.

Ball Horticultural Company

Growing healthy turf pays off in more ways than looking good. A stand of thick grass also crowds out weeds, stands up to drought and holds its own through seasonal temperature extremes. Want to tend your best lawn ever? Take our crash course on lawn fertilizing basics.

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Best Grass Fertilizer With Weed Killer 2021

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Don’t Waste Your Money may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

If you have a problem with weeds in your yard, its important to find the best grass fertilizer with weed killer to keep your lawn looking neat and weed-free all summer.

While you can always buy fertilizer and weed killer separately, there are plenty of products that combine them, which makes these landscaping tasks much easier. Of course, everyones lawn is different some have tons of weeds, some have only a few but because these mixes also include fertilizer, theyre good for nearly every type of lawn.

The best grass fertilizer with weed killer is one that will last a long time and will prevent multiple types of weeds, like crabgrass and dandelions.

Most grass fertilizers with weed killer come in large bags or spray bottles. Keep in mind how much product youll get for the price, as one bag may be enough for a smaller yard, but you will need multiple bags if you have a lot of land.

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