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What Is The Best Lawn Edger To Get

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The Top 6 Lawn Edgers How Do They Compare

Edging tools for lawns what works best – How to get the perfect edge

Our reviews of the six best lawn edgers include corded, battery powered, and gas powered options, as all of these types have their advantages that will suit different needs of users.

The two gas-powered edgers had little in common except for their power source and their metal frames. The Southland promised bells and whistles with added features, such as curb hopping and blade angling for beveled edges, but didnt deliver results as well as the McLane when it came to the basics.

The McLane delivers 4.75 torque power compared to the Southlands 3.5, and users noted that the McLane was sturdy and built to last. Some described the Southland as being flimsy and cheaply made. However, the Southland costs considerably less and performs reasonably well for a budget option.

The two battery-powered edgers from WORX and Black+Decker also double up as trimmers. They both switch easily between functions and are lightweight with adjustable handle heights. The Black+Decker has the added advantage of longer battery life and is supplied with two batteries compared to the WORX one.

The two corded edgers are both 12 amp, easy to assemble, and equally easy to handle. Theyre both lightweight with adjustable blade and height features. The Greenworks model offers a four-year warranty and a zero carbon footprint while the Black+Decker edger doubles up as a trencher.

Different Types Of Lawn Edger

Before purchasing lawn edgers, it is very important to known the differentiation between the types available in the market. Based on this information, you can analyze which one suits your requirements. We have provided information on these types along with advantages and disadvantages. Read the information thoroughly to find out the best one for your needs.

Heavy Duty Lawn Edger Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited

The best lawn edger is the Heavy Duty Lawn Edger Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.Do you have a grass that needs to be trimmed and you need the best edger to get the job done effectively? Then your search is over as the Carl Kammerling International lawn edger tool is one of the best lawn edgers you can get. This edging worx comes with an edging knife that is not just sharp but effective for a perfect finish for your lawn edges.This lawn edger UK is very versatile and can help keep your grass looking all perfect and attractive at all times. It comes with a power of 11 amp, and its HP motor has the capacity of producing 150 pounds of torque. Its cutting blade measures 7-1/2 inches, making it easier for you to get the best result.

You will like its right or left-handed handles, which enhances its flexibility, especially when you have to work in tight places. You can adjust its cutting blade without much hassle, and if you decide to change the blade when you edge through the meadow, it is as easy as ABC.


  • These tools are suitable and best for all yard and grass types
  • Lightweight and easy to use and comes as a multi-functional edger
  • This grass trimmer comes with both right and left handles that makes it comfortable to use


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Craftsman E405 Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger

The Craftsman CMXGKAME29A fuel edger is the easiest way to position the finishing edge on your lawn. The 29cc, 4-cycle no mixing fuel and oil engine is mounted on a metallic frame, so you dont get to use a trimmer or convey the greater weight. It capabilities a 9-inch dual-tip steel blade which can split to 1. seventy-five inches thorough.;;

The edger is usually raised and reduced with six top positions and is prepared with advanced 2-step beginning to simplify commencing to just the highest and pull. it is a totally moulded ergonomic lookout of design with throttle and idle controls for straightforward operation. The three premium shipping wheels offer added balance and control. 4-cycle oil is protected with purchase for your convenience. The CMXGKAME29A is backed by means of a 2-12 months limit.


How A String Trimmer Works

Best Electric Lawn Edgers Reviews in 2019

Simply put, a string trimmer operates with a shaft and string line that uses a circular motion to cut grass or weeds, explained McCoy. The shaft can be either curved or straight. Straight shafts typically offer more customization: You can choose add-ons to switch out of the string trimmer head, McCoy said. Some of these attachments are specially designed for edges, others for trees.

The head of a string trimmer holds the spool. And the string in string trimmer does actually refer to a string. Many of the more modern string trimmers will have an easy-load spool to let you load string through two holes without having to remove the spool at all the spool winds up the string to work, Bateman noted. He recommended beginners find a string trimmer with an easy-load spool feature some traditional and professional-grade string trimmers require taking the entire spool out to replace the string.

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Best Lawn Edgers 2021

BySophie Bird02 August 2021

Neaten up with the best lawn edgers, with both electric and gas options available for perfecting your backyard.

The best lawn edgers are the ultimate way to get a manicured backyard in no time at all. They can give you a professional-looking finish when defining boundary lines and improve the overall health of your lawn by creating those essential clean ridges to allow water to run off. There are plenty of top picks to choose between too, from brands such as Greenworks, EGO POWER, and Black & Decker, so that youre one step closer to the garden of your dreams.

One of the best lawn edgers is the perfect counterpart to the best electric lawn mowers, as they allow you to perfect areas of your backyard that are more intricate, such as flowerbeds and paths. They can also take care of any overhanging sections of grass so you can take your lawn to new heights. Plus, they tend to be lightweight in design, meaning you wont tire from using one regularly.;

These tools can be powered either by electricity or gas, with the latter often offering more power, while those powered by electricity are quieter. When it comes to selecting one of the best lawn edgers for you, its important to factor in just how big your garden is, and whether a cordless battery-powered or gas model or a corded model would better suit your space and allow you to reach all corners of your garden.

How To Maintain Lawn Edger In Proper Condition

Regular wear and tear can impact the effectiveness of any power tool, including lawn edger. To prevent the efficiency from decreasing, we recommend to follow some tips mentioned below

  • Maintain Them Clean We recommend to clean or wipe out the blades of lawn edger after every use. Also clean the rest of the device thoroughly. Often small grass pieces and other debris can get caught between the blades. If left without cleaning, then they can corrode the blades, resulting in damaging the blades completely.
  • Replace the Blades You may have to change the blades of lawn edger as required. This can be achieved by following the instructions provided in the manual. You can also find information on which blades are best for replacement.
  • Change the Oil For small motored power tools, it is important to replace the oil once in every 50 hours of usage. If you have used the lawn edger less this time duration and still want to change the oil, then you can do it once in a year at minimum.
  • Replace Spark Plug Once in every 25 hours of usage, you have to check and change the spark plug of the lawn edger. This will maintain the efficiency of the machine and also improves the safety of the operator as well.

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Benefits Of Using A Lawn Edger

  • You can use a lawn edger for keeping your pathways and driveway neatly trimmed after you have just freshly mowed the lawn.
  • A lawn edger can be used to keep the sidewalk outside your home perfectly manicured so that your front lawn will be the object of garden envy from your neighbors.
  • If you have flower beds, the edger can neatly cut and trim around the edges of the lawn, which will really make your flowers stand out as the pride and joy of your garden.
  • What Is A Manual Lawn Edger

    Best Lawn Edger 2019

    Lawn edgers are used to cut through weeds and grass growing along the perimeters of a yard. Their straight edges create distinct borders around walkways, patios, fill, plants, and trees.

    Manual edgers are typically attached to a long shaft and a handle. They require human power, rather than gas or electricity.

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    Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Ed70012s 11

    • 7.5-inch long blades for increased edging depth
    • Convertible into a trencher
    • Has a cord retention mechanism
    • Powerful 11-Amp motor
    • 3 adjustable blade positions

    Scotts produces a long list of great outdoor tools and products for lawn care and maintenance. The ED70012S corded electric edger is an excellent tool for DIY edging projects, being an electric-powered machine.

    Adjustable blade positions make up for some of the best lawn edgers today because it is easier to edge comfortably along sidewalks and driveways that have deeper edges. You get 1-inch, 1.25-inch, or 1.5-inch blade heights so you can produce very clean and crisp edges along the driveways and pavements bordering your lawn.

    On the disadvantage side, the Scotts ED70012S lawn edger is prone to physical damage, with the blades needing frequent replacement and the bolt holding them in place seeming to be weak. I had to have mine replaced within the first week. The good thing is, this good lawn edger has a 3-year warranty that can cover some of these issues.

    Tips On Using A Lawn Edger

    Using a lawn edger is pretty straightforward and hang of it quickly. These tips will help you get started correctly.

    • Safety first When edging, always wear long pants and protective eyewear to protect your legs and eyes from shooting debris.
    • Stay close to the concrete When youre edging a sidewalk or curb, youll want to keep the edgers blade as close to the concrete as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of edging the lawn back too far, which wont look at clean and professional.
    • Keep it even When cutting your edge, try and keep that grass even with the rest of the lawn. This will help contribute to a professional looking edge.
    • Edge often Youll ultimately end up saving yourself time and frustration by edging your lawn each time you mow. This way, any undergrowth that has developed since your last mowing can quickly and easily be trimmed away.

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    Black+decker Electric Landscape Edger And Trencher

    • 7-½ in. blade
    • D-shaped handle

    For the curved flowerbed and tough overgrowth, this Black+Decker corded electrical edger and trencher is an unbeatable option.

    In a fraction of time, this tool converts from edger to trencher and vice versa.

    The three adjustable depth position of the blade allows you to do all types of edging tasks in a few minutes.

    You will visibly notice how seamlessly it has done the job for you. The 7-½ inches blade is sharp and reaches the curved pathways and sidelines with convenience.

    Since its a edger-cum-trencher has the capacity of digging trenches around the trees and garden beds of your lawn. So this is another bonus youll get by buying this 2-in-1 machine.

    With a pull-up edge guide, you can clean the edged of patios and driveways in a very less time frame.

    The D-shaped handle gives you much flexibility to operate the unit by allowing complete command over the machine.

    The construction is great and can hold for longer. The plastic material of the machine never degenerates or softens although the machine delivers sufficient sustained heat while doing the alignment jobs.

    • Integrated cord-lock
    • 5 double-edged blade

    Being a lawn warrior, you must know how important it is to have a high-quality lawn edger.

    and this machine by the GreenWorks has every useful feature to make it worth considering.

    While comparing this tool with its competitors, you will find it a low-rated model. Its handle is not user-friendly and may slip due to your sweaty hand.

    Black+decker Le750 Landscape Edger And Trencher

    The 12 Best Lawn Edgers in 2020 Reviews and Buyers Guides ...

    If you have a small-sized garden that is in desperate need of a quick trim, then the BLACK+DECKER LE750 Landscape Edger and Trencher is a great choice.

    It is a versatile gardening tool that can keep your lawn edges looking perfectly manicured, and it can also be converted into a trencher for digging clean-looking trenches when you are reshaping your flower bed, or for installing lighting or invisible dog fencing.

    As well as being lightweight and easy to use, it has the power you need with a strong 12 amp 2¼ HP motor that can produce 150 in-lbs of torque for cutting through tough grass. The edger has a 7½-inches blade with a 3/16-inches thickness that will give you a clean and tidy cutting action for edging along hard surfaces like driveways.

    The 3-position adjustable blade depth provides you with greater control over how deep you need to cut in and around garden beds and trees.

    One of the highlights of this edger is the Right or Left Handed Assist Handle that is designed to give that extra flexibility for maneuvering in tight spots


    • Not ideal for heavy-duty edging
    • Difficult to maneuver with thick grass
    • Hard to use on sharp curves

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    Features And Specs Of Lawn Edgers

    As you may realize now, the lawn edger gives the perfect opportunity to make a crisp finish to the lawn trimming job. Besides, it can reduce grass spread over pathways and keep them free from weeds. So, you should be quite picky when considering this or that model with its available features. Some of them are reviewed in more details below.

    Blade type. As Ive mentioned already different lawn edgers feature different types of blades depending on particular needs. Some models are offered with a kit of blades of different sizes and shapes. Blade design determines the specifics of each lawn edging application, thus you need to distinguish the right options suitable for your purposes. Flat and star-shaped blades are the most common options on the market.

    Flat rectangular blades with plain edges are the most regular items suitable for several lawn maintenance tasks including basic edging and trenching. Flat rectangular blades with serrated edges are capable of aggressive cutting of tough grass, stern weeds and roots. Which is why they are frequently used for professional-grade applications. These blades will do their best when used on uneven surfaces.

    Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric Lawn Edger

    Scotts is a popular power tools brand that manufactures a wide range of lawn maintenance equipment including mowers, trimmers, blowers, tillers, and relevant components.

    Scotts lawn edger runs on a powerful 11 amps motor to drive a 7.5 inches long tool blade for cutting your grass. Even though it is powered by electric current, the lawn edger delivers power and cutting performance similar to a gas-powered lawn edger. The blade has 3 depth adjustment settings 1-inch, 1.25-inch, and 1.5, so that you can cut the grass according to your desired length. You can choose the depth by adjusting the lever located at the side of this edger.

    The lawn edger can also be doubled as a trencher by changing the set height. There is a cut line indicator that allows for precision yard work. Since it is an electric lawn edger, it does not produce any noise during operation.To ensure the power cord does not get tangled, there is a built-in cord retention hook.

    Although this lawn edger requires assembling, you can get it done within a few minutes. There is a detailed instruction manual that will guide you on assembling the product. The lawn edger is backed by a 3 years warranty to give you some peace of mind.

    Product Information

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    Multicolored Stainless Edging Blade By Wilkinson Sword

    Eighth place goes to the Multicolored Stainless Edging Blade By Wilkinson Sword. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.The Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Edging is a corded electric lawn edger that has been specially designed for large-sized meadows and gardens. Well made from top-quality stainless steel material, this power Worx is very durable. To ensure that customers are confident and comfortable in purchasing this corded electric lawn trimmer, a 3-year warranty has been provided.;

    Think amazing features, heavy-duty, high performance and very little care, we recommend you to consider this power Worx from Wilkinson first. Not only will this good edger help you get a bright and attractive garden, but it is also designed to enhance the look of your garden. You will like its 8-inch edging blade, which can get adjusted according to the type of job at hand. It works at 90-degree rotation at a 43-position cutting system so that you can get the perfect outcome.

    With its good spring-assisted wheel, the smooth movement of this machine is facilitated. Also, it helps in guiding the lawn edger while in use to maintain the actual depth that is required on every cut. Also, it prevents the delicate foliage from getting damaged in the process. All these features make this model one of the best you can get.



    How To Use A Manual Lawn Edger

    How to get RAZOR SHARP EDGING for your LAWN using a Stihl Edger or Ego Edger | Tight Lawn Edges

    You take the edger and put it in the ground. Put your foot on the edger and hold the shaft firmly in your hand.

    Push your food down so the edger goes into the soil. You can wiggle it to insert it deeper into the soil.

    Pull it out of the soil, move over about 6 inches and insert it again into the soil. Make sure you get a nice deep cut before moving further down.

    Keep repeating this process until you have moved through the entire line where you want to create the edge.

    Once youre done, go back and you can pull the grass out. You should be able to take out strips of the grass. You can plant this somewhere else or you can add it to your compost pile.

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