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How To Get Rid Of Anthills On My Lawn

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They Can Damage The Grass And Make Your Lawn Uneven

How to Get Rid of Ant Piles on My Lawn

As ants excavate beneath the surface of your lawn, they create tunnels and galleries for their cohorts. As such, removed soil is left on the surface as ant hills.

Anthills make it challenging to cut the grass, which leads to an uneven cut. The blades will get stuck on the dirt, and the mower wheels will raise the blades as they roll over the top.

The excavated dirt covering your recently cut grass can deprive it of the sun and cause it to die. Leaving brown dead grass and eventually bald patches.

Ant Prevention: Eliminate Safe Havens For Ants

  • Trim back bushes, shrubs and trees that brush against your siding or roof that provide a bridge for ants to reach your house.
  • Keep a 3-in. to 6-in. clearance space between the soil around the foundation and the bottom row of siding to prevent ants from nesting in the siding .
  • Avoid stacking firewood next to the house. Firewood makes a perfect retreat for ants.

How To Get Rid Of Ant Mounds In Your Lawn

Small mounds on your lawn may not look like a major issue to you. But If left unchallenged, ants living within the mounds will flourish to a colony of over a million occupying the entire lawn beneath.

So How do you get rid of ants nests in your grass? Before morphing into a ninja and unleashing your wrath on these tiny creatures, its good to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they in a secluded part of your lawn?
  • Do they pose any danger to you and your family?

Note: its not morally right to kill just for the sake of killing. Now that the moralizing part is over, lets get to work and turn you into one of the worlds best ant killer.

First, lets look at natural methods of getting rid of ants.

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are commonly mistaken for pharaoh ants, acrobat ants and odorous house ants, but they are their own species. It is important to identify the type of ant that is the pest in your home or backyard in order to deal with it correctly. Sugar ants range from 2 to 15 mm in size. They are attracted to spills, stains and any traces of food, so check your kitchen, cupboards and pantries. Eliminating any sources of food is a means of prevention and elimination.

However, sometimes the infestation can be so widespread you have to call a professional pest control company to solve the problem.

Diatomaceous Earth Can Also Kill Ants But Is Harmless To Grass

Killing ants outdoors Naturally and Easily with this one item!

Diatomaceous earth is a substance that looks like talcum powder. It is an insecticide that is made of diatoms, an algae species that are commonly found in open water. The insect repellent made from this substance are sourced from these water plants, therefore they are natural and harmless to grass and other plants.

Diatomaceous earth is basically composed of minerals. It contains calcium, iron, silicon, sodium, magnesium and some trace minerals. Therefore it can fertilize the ground aside from exterminating the ants.

Get some diatomaceous earth and dust or spread it out on the grass. Sprinkle a generous amount of it in areas that are infested with ants. Place it around plants so that they wont be invaded by ants.

When ants ingest diatomaceous earth, they will be dehydrated and will soon die. The sharp particles of this substance will cut through their waxy layers and penetrate their body. Once inside, this substance will absorb their body moisture which will then lead to their slow death.

But dont just buy any diatomaceous earth. Be sure that what you are using is the Food Grade type. The other type is harmful to grass because it is composed of different chemicals.

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How To Remove Ant Hills In Your Garden

If you have a garden, its important that you know how to get rid of ant hills without harming your vegetables. Many products that are available for killing ants outdoors are not suitable for garden use.

So whats the best way to remove ant mounds in your garden?

  • Use boric acid and sugarAdd a tablespoon of boric acid to a cup of sugar and mix them into a paste. Drop some of this paste near the ant hills, and anywhere else you see ants. The ants will take the poisoned sugar back to their queen, which will eliminate the entire colony.
  • Use diatomaceous earthDiatomaceous earth can be safely used in food crop gardens. Sprinkle it on ant hills and around plants. This chalk-like powder will bind to the exoskeleton and spiracles of the ants, fatally dehydrating them in a couple of hours.

Are you looking for an ant repellent? Read this article to find out how to repel these unwanted visitors.

Killing Ant Hills With Boiling Water And Borax: Is It Effective

Pouring boiling water over an ant hill can kill a lot of ants. The high temperature is likely to weaken the infrastructure of the nest. Depending on the size of the kettle and ant colony, you may have to make two or three trips to the kitchen.

The problem with hot water is that it may not reach the lowest tunnels. The ants at the bottom will also have enough time to flee the nest, so you may not get rid of the whole colony.

Borax is considered as one of the most effective ant hill killers. You can sprinkle it over an ant mound in powder form.

You can also mix it with a sugar solution and spray the mixture around the ant hill. The ants will be attracted to the sugar. They will take the mixture to their nest. The Borax will eliminate the entire ant colony.

Take extra care not to pour Borax on your lawn because it will kill the grass. You should also keep it away from children and pets because its harmful if ingested.

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Types Of Ant Treatments Available

Treating for ants, especially Fire Ants, can be handled with two types of products — baits and repellants. Baits work well if you only have 1-2 mounds in the lawn. Baits are generally placed on and around the mound. As foragers go out to find food sources, they bring the bait back to the mound for consumption. Since baits attract ants to the potential food source, they are unaware of their impending doom. However, if the queen doesnt feed on the bait, she will continue to produce more ants and may even relocate the colony. Liquid or granular repellants work great.

If you follow a few easy steps, you can successfully get rid of an infestation. Repellants kill and repel ants and other insects. However, if you apply the repellant only to the mound, you are alerting the queen and foragers that do not encounter the insecticide that they need to leave the area. They usually only move the mound a few yards away and start another colony.

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How To Get Rid Of Ant Hills From Your Lawn

How do I get Rid of Ant Hills? | Pest Support

Ants don’t pose an existential threat to most garden and, in fact, often help keep them in order.

But some people will find the nests pose issues when populations explode every spring.

The insects sometimes find their way indoors or burrow through some of their carefully cultivated plants and flowers.

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Why Should You Get Rid Of Ants In Your Lawn

Ants can be responsible for several problems in your lawn, but the main one is that they throw up anthills over their nests with all the soil they excavate. These are unsightly, make it difficult to mow the lawn and cause the ground to become uneven, so its important to prevent them.

Another issue is that they harvest aphids, feeding on the honeydew they produce. For this reason, they protect aphids against their natural predators, leaving more aphids to feed on your plants.

Finally, with serious infestations, they can also damage the root system of your grass, causing areas to die, and if you find yourself facing any of these issues, youll need to act so now lets look at the options you have for dealing with an ant infestation in your lawn.

Soap And Water Will Get Rid Of Ants

Soap and water are the most common cleaning substances that you can also use to clean out the ants in your beautiful lawn. Be sure to use eco-friendly soap so that your grass will not be adversely affected.

Just mix the biodegradable soap with water and put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray away. Concentrate the spray on the ant nest and spread some on their trails as well. You can also dump a good amount of this mixture into the nest to drown out the whole colony.

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Using Ant Bait Stations

Another practical long-term approach is to plant ant baits throughout your lawn, especially in areas where you are sure to find ants. Ant-baits keep the toxic chemical away from kids and pets while inviting ants to take a bite.

Moreover, ants that pass by the bait will carry the toxic chemical back to the mound killing the other ants, including the queen.

My Lawn Is Plagued With Ants

How to Get rid of Ant Hills in the Lawn

MONTY DON answers all your gardening queries.

Q:My lawn is plagued with ants that leave unsightly ant hills too numerous to remove. Is there anything I can use to get rid of them completely?

Joe Gallivan, Essex

A: In a word, no. I receive many letters about ants, most of which assume that they are damaging plants. Ant hills are not always a good thing, but ants do not eat or attack plants. The best recourse is to use a besom or stiff brush and brush the lawn regularly to disperse the ant hills.;

Preparation: Laying turf is quick but expensive and grass seed always makes a better lawn

Q:I am moving to a house with a gravel garden and want to replace this with a lawn but am not sure where to begin.

Mrs Lowden, Tyne & Wear

This is not a good time to start a lawn, so my initial advice would be to wait for a few weeks until the nights get cooler.

However, you can prepare the ground. I suggest keeping the gravel and digging it into the soil to help drainage, as good drainage is the key to good grass.

Dig the area thoroughly, rake off any large stones and allow weeds to grow before hoeing them off. Laying turf is quick but expensive and grass seed always makes a better lawn.

Sow the seed evenly and not too thickly and rake in well. Keep it moist for the first four weeks and only trim lightly before winter.;

Q:When I remove the lid of my plastic compost bin, hundreds of winged insects fly out. Is this normal?

Kevin Moore, Carnmoney, N. Ireland

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Canola Oil Can Be Used As Ant Repellant

You can also use the canola oil you use in cooking for ant extermination. Get one and a half tablespoons of canola oil, one half teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and one quart of water. Use a whisk and mix these ingredients in a bowl. Put the mixture in a spray bottle.

Spray this mixture in areas in your garden that have high concentrations of ants. Try to find their nest and pour a generous amount of this mixture into it to drown out the whole colony. The oil and soap mixture will penetrate the ants exoskeletons which will suffocate and incapacitate them.

Combine Pepper And Peppermint To Kill Ants

Get some red pepper flakes and crush them. Mix them with spray peppermint oil or dehydrated peppermint. Sprinkle this mixture on the ant trails in your yard. If you find an ant hill in your garden, cover it with this mixture. This will irritate the ants and will force them to find another place to nest.

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What Is Inside An Ant Hill

On the most basic level, ant hills are simply a pile of dirt . But many ant species have developed far more complicated building techniques.

Ant mounds may contain gravel or small pebbles, leaves, pine needles, sand, and even tree resin. Some exotic species even mix sand and tiny sticks with mud to make a form of adobe for their entrances. Survivalists will sometimes break these mounds for use in their own building materials.

Larger ant hills may also contain chambers for the workers to bring larvae up on warmer days, and may contain a single tunnel to the entrance or a small network of tunnels. They may even contain storerooms so workers have access to food, which theyll then move between galleries as needed.

What Is An Ant Hill


An ant hill is that mound of soil that you can normally find in your garden or backyard. It is basically composed of dirt, tiny rocks, sand, clay, and various types of decomposed organic material. Ant hills are a result of the queen and worker ants trying to establish a safe home for the entire colony. The structure of the mound is basically because of the ants carrying underground dirt back out into the entrance. Continuous earth displacement results to the dome-like shape of the nest. Underneath, worker ants continue digging networks of tunnels as the colony unceasingly grows from tens or hundreds of thousands to millions.

In some cases, worker ants are able to mix sand and mud with tiny sticks in order to harden the integral structure of the mound. This way, the nest gets better protection against extreme weather elements such as hard rain and strong winds. In densely forested areas, ant hills are covered with plants growing on the sides of the mound because of the seeds that went along with the soil displaced by the ants while working on their colonys home.

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Gardening Hacks: Expert Reveals How You Can Use Vinegar

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Animal populations, including those of insects, explode during the warmer months between April and July. Many people will celebrate this spring cornerstone while out in nature and amongst the pleasant weather. But ant hills pose more of an issue, as gardeners may find they erupt and scar regions of their well-cultivated lawns.

Orange Peels Are Also Deadly To Ants

Dont throw away those orange peels once you have uncovered your oranges. These orange peels contain organic compounds that are toxic to the fungi that ants love to feed on. If they cant find the fungi in your garden, they will look elsewhere.

Therefore, every time you eat oranges gather their peels and spread them out in your yard. Place more of them in the areas where there are lots of ants mingling around. If you find an ant nest, cover it with orange peels.

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Professional Prevention Of Ants

The most effective and safe way to eliminate ants around the interior and exterior of your home is to call a;pest control professional. The experience and know-how that a pest control specialist has paired with the right products and tools is a deadly combination guaranteed to get the job done. Before you contact a pest control specialist, consider how rain affects pest control.

How To Get Rid Of Ant Colonies In Yard Workable Approaches

How to Get Rid of Ant Hills in Your Yard, Naturally, Home ...

Ants live in colonies. Hence if you notice an ant mound in your lawn, then you need to eliminate it as soon as possible since the colony grows rapidly. There are various ways to get the job done. They include using natural ways and chemical ways. So, if youve no idea how to get rid of ant hills in yard, then below are some methods to use.

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The Real Reason Anthills Keep Popping Up In Your Yard

When it comes to maintaining your lawns lush, green appearance, unsightly objects like anthills can serve as a major frustration. So, I did some research to get to the bottom of why ants are so determined to build in beautiful yards.

So, why does my lawn have so many anthills? Like many other creatures, ants are after three things: food, water, and shelter. If your lawn has those three things readily available, ants will likely choose to nest there, resulting in unsightly anthills throughout your landscape.

No matter how obsessive you are about your lawn, once ants decide to take over, it takes the right methods and approach to get rid of them. Anthills pose a threat to your lawns appearance and your homes overall curb appeal. The mounds of granular dirt often appear in sidewalk cracks, around the foundation of your home or patio, as well as along fence rows where the ants are protected against mower, weed eater and foot traffic. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to rid your yard of the unattractive mounds.

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