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What Is The Best Lawn Edging Material

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What Is The Cheapest Lawn Edging

How to make a garden bed edging – Easy DIY

There are a few tips and tricks if youre wanting to amp up your curb appeal on a budget.

Firstly, think about cinder block edging. This is a great idea if you want your materials to double as both an edger and a garden space planter.

Secondly, look into steel edging. Its an affordable option that provides that rustic look .

Thirdly, put on your creative hat and incorporate some terracotta pots! Whether you want to actually plant a mini flower garden in each pot or place them horizontally is up to you.

Lastly, if you want to recycle materials, look around your garage and see if you can find any scrap wood. If youre feeling creative, paint that wood and place as a colorful edging design and TA-DA youll have the best garden! Seriously, this is a super easy DIY idea.

Best Lawn Edging Of 2021 Yard Landscape Edging Reviews

You know all those annoying keep off the grass signs? You could replace them with the right lawn edging. Its a type of miniature fence that separates your flower beds from your grassy knolls, pavers, or driveway. They enhance curb appeal, which raises property values.

But how do you recognize the best lawn edging for your needs? Wed like to help. Well start by reviewing ten popular lawn edging products. They include products made of plastic, stone, and steel. Next, well give you some handy hints for your lawn shopping spree. So lets get started!


Landscape Edging: What Are Your Options

If you want to keep your Howard County lawn, flowerbeds, and groundcover areas looking clean, attractive, and professional, landscape edging is vital. It can be as simple as a shallow trench or as solid as a concrete barrier. But whichever landscape edging option you choose, its important to know the pros and cons, availability, installation methods, and any special considerations when working with that type of edging.

In this article, we cover all that, and more, for the most common types of lawn or landscape edging used in residential and commercial properties throughout Howard County, Maryland. Keep reading for details about:

  • Spaded or natural edging
  • Brick or paver edging
  • Natural stone edging

A stone retaining wall is a kind of landscape edging, as shown in this landscape designed and created by Eos Outdoor Services.

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Dalen Products Gardeneer Edge Pound

Pound-in Edging is a great example of strong, durable and really easy to use landscape edging. Coming in black color this product is a perfect finish for every landscape project. The bed of your lawn will look complete and unique. Not only that this shark tooth cutting design penetrates all soils, but it also is extremely easy to install. It can be simply hammered into the ground with no edging stakes required. The product covers 18 of the area with easily connecting interlocking sections.


  • Effortless to install, it has a strong and durable construction.
  • No need to dig trenches, simply hammer it into place.
  • Thanks to the deep ground anchors, the product is kept into place during extremely cold and wet conditions.
  • Covers 18 ft
  • Made out of recycled materials.


  • When pounding one part into the ground there is no mechanism to hold it in while you attach the adjoining unit. You might have to go back and forth pounding each part.

Linked Soft Red Edging Bricks

Wood Lawn Edging Ideas 29

The best part about linked paving bricks is the ability to create a curved shape easily. You can find these at your local hardware store, lay them down in any shape you want, and create the garden of your dreams. These linked bricks can be purchased in many colors as well, giving you creative freedom to decorate your garden space.

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Cheap Garden Wood Edging

Wood garden edging is the perfect way to add more personality to your green space.

You can use woods cut in different sizes and, if you like having a colorful garden, even paint them in one or more colors.

But make sure you follow our recommendation above and go for a durable type of wood to avoid rot and the endless problems that come with it.

Put Your Stamp On Your Yard

Lawn edging is the perfect opportunity to put your design stamp on your yard. The wide array of options you have lets you choose the perfect design to match your home. You dont have to be a landscape designer to choose a great looking border, either. Anyone can do it!

The installation of edging may be simple, but your design possibilities are endless, making installing edging a fun weekend project.

You can use a clean, classic look with inexpensive plastic edging. Stone, brick, and wood edging provides a warmth and texture to the landscape that looks beautiful with a colonial or old-style home. Metal edging will create a modern or industrial design.

And you dont have to choose just one option!

When you mix and match your choices the results often get even better. Dont limit yourself in terms of material either. Anything you find can be incorporated into your design. Some of the most beautiful lawn and garden edges Ive encountered are created with found objects and salvaged materials used in a creative way.

This is your opportunity to enhance the beautiful lawn youve been working so hard to achieve. Dont be afraid to take chances when choosing physical lawn edging for your property.

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Line Bright Borders With Natural Rocks

Another of the most beautiful and natural garden edging ideas, rocks not only look and work a treat at not moving if you secure them well, but they fairly easy to install too. There’s also more variety in terms of shape and size, plus, it’s a pretty low-budget DIY.

  • Head to our garden ideas page for more garden inspiration.

Why Use Lawn Edging

DIY Garden Edging Ideas for Your Yard | Done-In-A-Weekend Projects: Gain An Edge

Lawn edging is used for many different purposes. Here are just some:

  • Gives a permanent edge to where different garden elements meet.
  • The distinct barrier between lawn and other growing areas.
  • Gives a clean and distinct mowing and trimming line on lawn.
  • Keeps mulch in the right place.
  • Adds value to your landscape reasonably inexpensively.
  • Complements or contrasts with your home style.

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What Are The Downsides Of Plastic Lawn Edging

However, there are also some downsides youll need to consider before buying any edging material. These include:

  • Weaker than other edging materials
  • Needs replaced more frequently
  • It wont work well in hard soil
  • Can fade or become brittle from sunlight

Since its so cheap, these downsides dont matter as much. Its easy to replace plastic edging when you need to. Although, if you want a long-term solution for your garden, plastic isnt the best choice.

About Lawn & Landscape Edging

The main purpose of edging is to define or separate different types of landscape areas. It can be made from a nearly unlimited number of materials if its strong, solid, and holds up well to weather, foot traffic, and lawn care equipment, it can probably be used as landscape edging. Weve seen everything from glass bottles to hubcaps used to edge lawns and flowerbeds!

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Wood And Brick Edging

As an edging material, brick creates the most polished and classic look. The choice of bricks and installation process create striking looks for your border.

You can use a single or a combination of brick shades for your border. You can use red brick or get a little bit bold and creative and use white, pink, tan, brown and gray bricks. Limit your color palette though so your border does not look too busy.

  • Alternate different brick colors to emphasize your garden bed.
  • Diagonally lay bricks combined with another landscaping material.
  • Interlock stone bricks to coordinate with other stone materials.
  • Lay bricks horizontally along your border.
  • Lay bricks vertically to add height for more presence.
  • Angle the bricks to create an eye-catching rough edge.
  • Lay bricks alternately in horizontal and angled positions.
  • Use recycled bricks to create a rustic look.

Easy installation is one of the major benefits of using bricks as an edging material. Once you are done digging the trench, you are done with the hard work.

Though wood and brick are one of the best techniques to use for protecting your garden from a grass attack, it would last you for three to five years. So you can redesign your garden, and give your garden the change look.

Wood Edging For Lawns & Planting Beds

30+ Pretty Lawn Edging Design Ideas For Your Yard To Try ...

Wood is strong and flexible, easy to buy, and looks right in outdoor settings with other natural materials. It has been a traditional landscape material for a long time.

Examples of wooden landscape edging include:

  • Large timbers that resemble railroad ties
  • Thin, flexible boards
  • Palisades, or upright wooden edging pieces that are often wired together in lengths

The main shortcoming of using wood for landscape edging is moisture. Wood decays naturally and contact with moisture speeds up its decay. The typical, budget-friendly wood edging options are made with sapwood, which has no natural rot resistance and tends to decay quickly. More expensive options, such as redwood, cypress, and cedar, have naturally rot-resistant heartwood although theyre less readily available.

A base course of drain rock to wick away moisture below timber edging helps improve longevity but increases the time and cost of installation.

Wood edging is easily damaged by landscape maintenance equipment. And although its easy to dig out and replace, that can be time-consuming and messy work.

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Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Lawn & Garden Edging

The basic principles of edging a lawn or garden bed are simple, but there are many ways you can further customize your edging.

One great way to enhance the look of your property is to install lighting along pathways and garden beds.

Not only does this look great, it increases visibility and safety on your property.

Too often homeowners focus on what their property looks like during the day and ignore its appearance at night. Investing in some solar-powered landscape lights can make your hard work pop 24/7.

Is Edging Bad For Lawn

View in gallery

Carrying out these seemingly simple procedures incorrectly can be detrimental to your landscape.

The true hazard here is what is known as scalping, which is just chopping the plant too much until it reaches the soil level. This occurs when you intentionally set the mowers height too low.

Another problem is when the plants are chopped too close to the ground with a string trimmer. This is frequently seen beside a fence post. This has a number of harmful effects on your turf.

To begin, the majority of the moisture and nutrients in a grass plant are held in the leaf tissue. Too much pruning diminishes the plants capacity to endure drought and heat stress.

Second, it allows the soil to get more sunshine. The soil temperature increase and subsequent drying might push the grass into hibernation or destroy it completely.

When mowing or cutting cool-season grasses, always adhere to the one-third guideline. It is as follows: Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. If you cut more than that, it causes the plant undue stress.

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Lawn Edging: Photo : Backfill Along The Garden Edging

Backfill the landscape edging with soil from the garden bed and compress it firmly. Leave room on top for mulch.

The simplest and most subtle landscape borders that effectively separate your lawn from a garden are 4-in.deep strips of steel, aluminum or plastic. The metal lawn edging bends easily into smooth, graceful curves and stops the spread of grass roots. However, painted aluminum and steel offer the sleekest, most refined garden edging look because they almost disappear against the grass and garden bed. The plastic types of garden edging have a prominent black bulge along the top edge. All work best on fairly even terrain if you have a lot of dips and rises, its easier to install a paver border.

Plus: You may want to consider flower bed fencing, if there are pests you need to keep out.

Although aluminum and steel landscape edging cost about the same, we chose aluminum because it was much lighter. It weighs about 41 lbs. per 100 ft., while steel weighs about 225. With aluminum landscape edging, you get a professional look without the heavy lifting.

Plan to set the garden border with the top edge about 1/2 in. above the soil level to maintain the lawn/garden separation and keep roots from crossing over the top. This makes the garden border almost invisible and allows you to mow right over the top. However, be aware that the top of the thin lawn edging can hurt bare feet. After cutting it, make sure you round off any sharp edges with a file.

Brick Or Paver Edging


Masonry bricks and landscape pavers can also be used to edge pathways, landscape beds, play areas, and more. Theyre available in a range of sizes, colors, textures, and materials. There are even wood-look bricks that can be used in place of natural wood!

These types of materials are usually used to create a mow-strip, rather than a vertical edge. But, with the right size or willingness to stack the bricks or pavers, you can easily create a short wall to separate the lawn from flowerbeds or line a walkway.

For installation, pavers and bricks can be set in concrete or laid atop a compacted gravel and sand base. This is a project that many homeowners can manage on a weekend and the materials are readily available at big box stores. However, dry-laid brick and pavers will tend to settle and/or heave over time and will need to be regularly repaired to maintain a neat and appealing look.

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Everedge Steel Lawn Edging Best Landscape Edging

EverEdge is another brand on our list that seeks to capture a segment of the market by offering a specialized product which meets the exact needs of its niche consumer base. In this case, the products EverEdge sell are all geared around the lawn and planting markets. However, this is also the only company that we reviewed which specializes in making their lawn and garden products out of steel.

Still, made of steel does carry with it a number of advantages. For one, this is by far the most structurally durable lawn edging we reviewed. Interestingly enough, this lawn edging is also exceptionally flexible which makes it great for larger estates that have eccentric edges. Finally, with molded spikes, setup is by far the easiest with this product.

The Function Behind Lawn Edging

It is more than just completing your lawn in an aesthetically pleasing way, lawn edging options are there for good reason!

Lawn edging plays two crucial functional roles:

  • Edging prevents your lawn from entering your garden beds, and vice-versa
  • Edging provides a surface to trim against for easier care

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Greenes Fence Half Log Edging

Greenes Fence is going to be the more traditional garden/yard based product manufacturer on our review today. They exclusively deal with making products with wood and has a target set of customers for whom they specialize their product designs to make tools which far surpasses their competitors in all fields.

The Greenes Fence Half Log Edging is all about aesthetics in our books. The edging is so elegantly designed that it will be able to provide an air of sophistication to your garden while at the same time making for a very environmentally-friendly edge choice.

Wood can stand up to extreme temperatures rather well. Its far superior to plastic in terms of resistance to heat and frost, but not as durable as steel in that category though.

The Greenes Fence Half Log Edging goes really well when trying to make boundaries for flower beds or even yard foot walks. The traditional appeal can have a rather pleasing effect to the mind, and although they produce a mellow effect, you can always choose to color the blocks and customize the yard the way you want it to.

Apart from the appeal, the other factor which we absolutely love about this lawn edging is that it comes in a variety of available sizes. No two-yard can have the same flower bed length and width, and that is exactly why Greenes Fence allows their customers to pick the size that can best suit their needs without having to go into customizing or even additional purchases.

What Can I Use For Lawn Edging

Garden Edging Ideas

Ready to start some landscaping edging but unsure of where to begin? In order to keep your yard from looking messy and like a total disaster, lawn edging is extremely necessary. Therefore, lets find out some of the best edging products and materials to use so your yard can look great!

Before you start, think about what kind of edging youre going to incorporate. For instance, are you going for a decorative effect? If so, consider garden edging ideas such as concrete edging , stone edging, rock edging or even brick garden edging. Then, once you have the decorative material picked out go to your local hardware store to purchase it.

Or, some people like to create a landscape border out of steel edging or plastic edging if you want something more affordable.

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Steel Garden Edging Ideas

Steel is a long-lasting, tidy, simple, and easy to install material for garden edging. It is versatile as you can bend it in any shape allowing it to be used with all types of soil. It can also be mown over.

  • Use cast-off steel piping to line your garden edge in straight or curved lines.
  • Fill up steel pipes with soil or gravel to create a rock garden edge or raised beds.
  • Create a stunning effect by arranging recycled steel wheels along your flower or vegetable bed edge.

You can either ruse scrap steel or purchase ready-to-use flexible steel edging materials for your garden.

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