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Is Simple Lawn Solutions Organic

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Aerify Plus Soil Conditioner

SIMPLE Lawn SOLUTIONS & SANCTUARY Applications, How to Apply Liquid Fertilizer

Aerify Plus is another excellent liquid lawn aerator over the markets. It reduces soil compaction, allowing organic ingredients that help to make humus, soil bioactivity, and soil structure. Moreover, it hastens the health of all plants, ensuring Humic Acids and Kelp and an assortment of trace elements with micro-nutrients do not get in common fertilizers. Besides, it can be applied on lawns, flowers, trees, and all garden areas.

Additionally,; it is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, etc. It improves fertilizer availability, air and water penetration, and drainage and minimizes erosion. It works all grass types and stimulates earthworm activities.;

Key Features:

  • Can be applied anytime even growing season


  • No hose attachment keeps included;

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Vs Granular Fertilizer

The primary nutrient content is the same when comparing liquid lawn fertilizers and granular fertilizers. The main difference between liquid lawn fertilizers and granular ones is how the nutrients are delivered. Water-soluble, liquid fertilizers tend to release nutrients quickly. Most granular lawn fertilizers release their nutrients slowly.

One of the most significant decisions regarding organic or traditional lawn care is to use granular or liquid fertilizers. What are the other pros and cons of using liquid lawn fertilizer compared to granular lawn fertilizers?

Absorption ratesA primary difference between liquid grass fertilizers and granular ones is the rate at which grass roots absorb nutrients. Nutrient uptake from liquid fertilizers is fast compared to granules. Results from using liquid lawn feed are often apparent after a few days. Granular fertilizers are mostly slow-release fertilizers and can be better for long-term lawn care.

Starter lawn fertilizersComparing the two types of fertilizer, liquid fertilizer is the preferred option for new grass. The fertilizer solution quickly boosts the growth of grass seeds, helping them to sprout and develop strong roots.

One alternative to prevent excess salts from building up in turfgrass soil is to choose an organic lawn fertilizer.

Best For All Year Use Weedkil 5

Sometimes it is best to buy items in large quantities, for economies of scale. And, if you have an annual problem with weeds, this 5-litre organic weedkiller will last for a long time and at an affordable price. It covers a wide area of 175sq metre, so you have more prolonged usage in a small-sized lawn.;;

Its fast acting, with visible results in 24 hours. Most importantly, it is an organic weed killer with natural ingredients. With this, plus its quick drying time of 15 to 20 minutes, your pets and children can safely play again in the lawn.

Why we love it: it is fast acting, ready to use and a natural weed killer for killing most types of weeds and moss.;

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Liquid Weed Killer For Lawns

If your lawn is plagued by weeds, you can choose a weed and feed formula, but if your weeds are not extensive, go with separate fertilizer first. Feeding your soil increases the health of your grass. And, healthy grass will eventually choke out the majority of the weeds.

Top natural and organic weed killers are: Green Gobbler, Natural Armor;and Doctor Kirchner.

Runner Up: Best Liquid Fertilizer For Grass

Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer for Spring and Summer ...

The runner-up liquid fertilizer is Simple Lawn Solutions 16-4-8 Balanced NPK. Its not as good as the GS Plant Foods Liquid Kelp because it doesnt cover nearly as much surface area and doesnt seem to produce the same deepening of color and root lengthening as the GS.

However, this product was tested on multiple grass types and is pretty inexpensive. It includes the main crucial ingredients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and it also has potash and humates. It would work well for someone who only wants to treat their lawn once a month rather than every 10 days and would like the inclusion of a nozzle.

For more information on the Simple Lawn Solutions, see our Product Reviews below.

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Use Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Organic lawn fertilizers are another effective way to give your lawn an occasional boost during the growing season. Available at most garden centers, the best organic lawn fertilizers contain natural ingredients such as seaweed for potassium, bone meal for phosphorous, and feather meal for nitrogen.

Unlike conventional fertilizers, which deliver a heavy, instant dose of synthetic nitrogen for your lawn to binge on, Turkey says organics provide an easier-to-handle diet of nutrients that are released more slowly.

The thicker your grass, the more easily it can crowd out weeds. So once your soil’s been treated, overseed the lawn using an appropriate turf grass . Choose a seed mix that suits your climate, sun/shade conditions, and moisture needs, and make sure it blends well with your existing lawn. Water daily until new growth is established.


The Complete Guide to Lawn Fertilizer Services

Quality Reliability & Innovation

For three generations, our family has built a reputation as the go-to for customizable commercial agricultural, turf and golf course fertilizers. Now, we have extended our expert solutions and personal touch to the general public with our Simple Lawn Solutions retail line for home lawns and gardens. We have carefully researched, adjusted, and chosen products;to meet homeowners’ most essential general lawn care and garden needs.

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Easy To Apply Nutrients

Most liquid nitrogen fertilizers can simply be attached to a garden hose for easy and convenient application. These products provide a consistent nutrient application in an even manner as the components are sprayed within the viscous form. This means, your entire lawn will receive the same amount of fertilizer throughout.;;

Caution: Look At This First

Simple Lawn Solutions – Lawn Food (S1E6)

Normally, there are some security concerns with using any fertilizer, regardless of whether it safeguards your yard, your pets, you, or the climate. You may be in apprehension of a lawn fertilizer before and after like this one, yet recall that chemical fertilizers regularly work on the surface of your plants and not necessarily at the root. Notwithstanding, if your roots are solid, and you need the greenery to produce quicker, a chemical solution can be appropriate.

Wear Gloves

When you are applying fertilizer, ensure you secure yourself. If your skin interacts with nitrogen, you can encounter a synthetic burn.

Store Safely

Whether you are working with natural or chemical fertilizer, it is critical to keep it away from kids and pets. A decent spot to store it is in a nursery shed or your carport. If you live in a district that gets extra warm during the summer, move the fertilizer to an indoor region.

Cautiously apply

You certainly do not want to scorch your grass, so follow the directions on the sack. Over-fertilization can happen effectively, particularly with chemical fertilizers. Also, keep in mind the drainage. Once you fertilize your yard, the synthetic substances are sitting on top of your grass. So keep pets and kids off it until youve watered or it has rained, so most of those supplements have subsided into the soil or runoff in the groundwater.

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Determine The Type Of Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Lawn Fertilizer is divided into three types mainly-plant-based, animal-based, and mineral-based fertilizer. Plant-based fertilizers condition the soil but dont last long. Animal-based add nitrogen to the soil and work well at the beginning of planting season. Mineral-based fertilizers add nutrients to the soil and change its PH.

The fertilizer can also be a dry or liquid mix. Liquid fertilizers are easier to apply and take effect quickly than a dry mix. Users only scatter the dry mix evenly, which means its not absorbed as fast.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Vs Granular

Liquid nitrogen fertilizers have gained popularity in recent years, and although there are no real differences between the total amount of nutrients provided by liquid or granular fertilizers, there are other notable differences in the application and absorption. So lets look at the fundamental benefits of liquid lawn fertilizer vs granular fertilizer.

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Simple Grow Solutions Organic Liquid Food For Grass

Applying organic liquid fertilizers to lawns means that grass is safe for kids and pets. This organic grass feed is ideal for chemical-free lawn care. Unlike other liquid lawn fertilizers, this product contains a blend of micro-nutrients for healthy lawns. There is a blend of magnesium, zinc, iron, sulfur, and manganese.

Before using this organic lawn micro-booster, youll have to dilute it and use a spray bottle hose attachment to apply it to your grass. The blend of micro-nutrients boosts soil health and helps prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in the soil.

Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Conclusion

Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster

Liquid lawn fertilizers provide a simple, quick, and many times an easy application for small and large yards. While these fast-acting products yield excellent results, they often require a regular application for optimal lawn establishment.;

Whether youre looking for a specific feed for your newly sown grass, or you want to give your tired old lawn a new lease of life with a liquid iron for lawns, youre bound to find the most suitable liquid fertilizer from our shortlist of outstanding products.

If youre really still confused and just want a recommendation I would suggest Scotts Liquid Turf Builder for new lawns, and all the products from Simple Lawn Solutions are well worth checking out for established grass.

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When Should You Apply Liquid Fertilizer On Your Lawn

Apply liquid lawn fertilizers after the first lawn mowing in spring. Using lawn feed at this time encourages vigorous, vibrant growth that lasts throughout the summer. The next time to apply liquid grass feed is in early fall. Fertilizing lawns before winter helps grass roots withstand cold, freezing conditions.

Fertilizing your lawn two times a year is the best way to ensure healthy roots and luscious grass growth. Applying liquid fertilizer to lawns in spring also helps prevent weeds from popping up. Fertilizing in spring causes grass to grow and crowd out unwanted plants before they germinate.

How Much Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer To Apply

How much liquid nitrogen fertilizer you should apply depends on your lawns size and how much nutrient it needs throughout the year. If you apply too little, you wont get the desired results; apply too much and you may damage your grass, so it pays to know the right amount of fertilizer to apply.

Soil Testing

The best way to determine how much liquid fertilizer you need to apply is to test your soil. By using a soil test kit, you will know how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium your lawn needs. There are many simple to use home test kits that measure all three of the main nutrients in your soil. The ones we like are in the form of capsules from Luster Leaf.;;

Once you find out your soils deficiencies, you can then choose the right fertilizer. Check the products NPK ratio and be sure to follow the instructions.

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Borax Weed Killing Solution

Another homemade solution to try mixing water and ordinary borax. It is an ideal solution for creeping Charlie, also referred to as ground Ivy or creeping Jenny. It is a perennial weed and very stubborn, with vining capabilities leading to the weed overtaking your whole lawn.

To make this solution, mix 4lbs of warm water with 10lb of borax, and dilute the solution into 2.5 gallons of water. This mixture will cover up to 1,000-square feet of any lawn area with the creepy Charlie weed.

As much as this offers you a solution to deal with a stubborn weed, it can be harmful to your lawn if you spray it often. You need to use it at least once every 2 to 3 years to protect your lawn. The concoction is also quite potent and can harm other plants in the lawn, so be extra careful.

How To Apply Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer To Your Lawn

First Liquid Fertilizer and Humic Application | Simple Lawn Solutions

There are two ways to apply liquid fertilizer to your lawn, by foliar or ground application. Since most liquid fertilizers are highly concentrated, before applying the product, youll need to make sure it is properly diluted. Otherwise, you risk burning your plants. Having said that, some of the products we reviewed were ready to use so all thats required is to shake the bottle well to mix all the contents before connecting it to a garden hose.

Start from the top end of your lawn and spray in a side to side motion to cover the entire area.

In case the product youve chosen doesnt come with a spray nozzle, you can use a hose-end sprayer or even a pump sprayer. The hose-end sprayer works similar to a garden hose sprayer.;

A pump sprayer, however,; is a tank that you wear on your back after filling it with the properly diluted fertilizer.; To operate this sprayer, youll need to add pressure to the tank using the handle. To release the fertilizer, hold the wand and press the button. Again, make sure you start from the top end of your lawn and spray your way down so as to avoid walking over the newly fertilized grass.;

10 Best Weed And Feed For Lawns Reviewed

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Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Concentrates & How To Use Them

To keep your lawn healthy and green, fertilizing can be a good practice, especially if your soil is lacking in nutrients. There are many fertilizers available on the market and it can often be a little overwhelming to decide which is the best for your particular lawn needs.;

One option that can yield immediate results is a liquid lawn fertilizer concentrate. These cost-effective products provide systematic long-term nutrient care for your lawn and most of them are easy to apply and with iron and other beneficial minerals.;

In this article, weve included a detailed user guide to the best liquid lawn fertilizers available no matter what your goal. Plus our gardening experts have tested 10 of the top sellers from premium brands to help you choose the right one for your lawn care needs.;

  • Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Conclusion
  • How Does Liquid Aeration Work

    Liquid aeration acts differently from manual or core aeration. Liquid aerators pour a solvent over the grass instead of digging holes in the surface. It helps break down soil compactness and allows more air, oxygen, water, and nutrients to develop healthy root growth. While roots grow deeper, more critical nutrients become easily attainable. Thus, you get an excellent healthy lawn and greener grass.

    The force behind these formulas is an active component close to lauryl sulfate that you use in soap. This ingredient is called an anionic surfactant as it contains a negative ionic charge.

    Should you aerate clay soil?

    Yes, you should aerate clay soil because it helps to allow air, moisture, and nutrients to move freely into the root area, restraining poor drainage and water accumulation.

    When is the appropriate time to aerate your lawn?

    The best time for aerating the lawn depends on the type of lawn grass. For example, cool-season grasses should aerate in the fall. In the growing season,; temperatures are more relaxed, and weeds are under control.

    Spring is the best time for aeration of the warm-season grasses . Most of the lawns only require aeration once per year.

    Exceptions always have- if the lawn ground is tight due to new construction over the lawn site keeping all the equipment of buildings. As a result, aeration will need to ensure water in the roots of freshly laid sod.

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    Plantworks Empathy Liquid Lawn Feed

    This liquid lawn stimulant from the UK-based company, Plantworks Empathy, contains organic seaweed and extra iron suitable for all lawn types. The 1-liter bottle fertilizer will cover up to 50 water cans.

    The natural plant stimulant is processed using special technology to maximize the hormones that stimulate lawn growth. Along with kelp, this liquid feed also contains a wide range of vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients, including iron, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which all help the lawn become more resistant to moss and weeds.;

    The product is and well worth checking out, given that its designed for all types of plants and grass, so has plenty of uses around the garden.

    Customer reviews: users rated this product 4.4 out of 5 as it produced lovely rich green grass within 4-5 days. They also noticed how quickly their grass grew right after application. Customers liked the fact that the product contains organic ingredients, making it pet and children friendly.;


    • Nothing of significance;

    An Overview On Garden Fertilizers

    Revive Lawn Fertilizer Review: Organic Granules

    Building a healthy garden means giving Mother Nature a little extra help. Planting the right items for the amount of sunlight a specific area gets is an important first step, but youll also have to occasionally water your plants to make up for dry spells.

    Another way to give your garden a little boost is through the use of fertilizer. The right kind of fertilizer will provide your plants;with a hefty dosage of nutrients that promote healthy growth. But not all plants need the same nutrients, so its important to match the fertilizer you use to the type of garden youre trying to grow.

    Home improvement expert Vicki Liston recommends conducting a soil test before purchasing your fertilizer. Simply dumping nutrients onto a patch of land and crossing your fingers is like playing darts drunk and blindfolded theres a high likelihood the pointy end wont be close to the bullseye, says Liston, host of On The FlyDIY, an award-winning show with fun project tutorials. Most county extension centers will conduct low to no-cost soil tests that tell you the pH and nutrient levels. You can also purchase a test kit for yourself.

    Organic fertilizers have become a popular option in recent years. These fertilizers eliminate chemicals and odors for a safer way to promote plant growth. Youll find organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients like insect excrement, while inorganic fertilizers are manmade.

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