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What Is The Best Lawn Trimmer To Buy

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Best String Trimmer: Gas

What makes a Best Buy grass trimmer?

One of the most storied brands in outdoor tools, Husqvarna offers a wide range of high-quality string trimmers, including our pick for best all-around gas-powered trimmer: the Husqvarna 128LD.

Features like a 28cc engine, a 17-inch cutting swath and the ease of the Tap N Go line release system combine to make this model a good value. Add in the ability to swap out an edger, cultivator or pole saw attachment head, and the 128LD is a wonderfully versatile investment from a dependable manufacturer.

It ships with a T25 spool head, featuring dual-string cutting with a string thickness of 95/1000-in. . One last feature we like: While it may sound like a small thing, the translucent fuel tank means that you wont be surprised when youre running low on gas.

Best Quality Weed Whacker

This well-reviewed option isn’t cheap, but you’ll get a quality return on your investment with a product designed for the professionals. It boasts a long battery life, three different speeds, and a solid build. You’ll also get premium touches like a well-balanced structure, temporary string reverse, and smooth, quiet operations, as well as an automatic torque system that adjusts the RPMs for you for maximum efficiency.

Best Corded: Greenworks 18

This weed eater from Greenworks is a corded option that offers great runtime without the pungent fumes from a gas trimmer. The 10 amp motor behind an 18-inch cutting diameter is strong enough to power through tall grass and tough weeds, and with the quick connect coupler, your weed eater can instantly transform into a hedge trimmer or leaf blower.

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Best Lightweight String Trimmer

With no need to bear the weight of a gas engine or battery pack, you may have expected a corded electric string trimmer would be our choice for best lightweight option. But surprisingly, the Earthwise LST02010 is far and away the lightest trimmer on this list. Powered by a 20V battery, this mighty tiny trimmer weighs in at only four pounds!

At that weight, it does give up some robustness. It only has a 10-inch cutting swath, and the string is 65/1000-in. The shaft is telescoping, which is a nice feature. It comes with a two-year warranty on the tool and one year on the battery.

Its not designed for heavy use. But if you want something lightweight and easy to handle, this is an excellent, affordable option.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

East 20v Garden Tools Battery Best Cordless Electric Motor ...

Besides the power source and cutting action of a lawn edger, you need to choose an edger that is comfortable and easy to use. If you have a small garden, look for a lightweight edger that is tagged as being easy to start easy to use, especially in tight corners.

If you have a larger yard that will need a walk-behind multi-wheel edger, then choose a model that has a wide handle or 2 levers that makes the edger easier to maneuver and control, There are also models that come with Right or Left Handed Assist Handles, while others have adjustable shafts so that you can adjust the height of the edger for those hard to reach places in your garden.

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How Much Power Do I Need

The cordless trimmers being reviewed here today all use a lithium ion battery, which are the most popular kind of rechargeable batteries on the market today .

These batteries are a lightweight alternative to heavier Ni-cad batteries, and the newest ones are so much improved that theyll give a tank of gas a run for its money.

Lithium ion batteries come in several different voltages from 18 volts all the way up to 82 volts .

For instance, a 40V MAX lithium 4.0Ah battery will provide you with 120 watt-hours of energy. A 20V battery is sufficient for most trimming requirements of a small to medium-sized yard .

An 80V battery will provide about 45 minutes of run time, which is good for larger yards.

What Are The Features I Should Consider In My Grass Trimmer

Curved or Straight Shaft Trimmer

The shaft is where the power of the engine or motor is transferred to the lines that cut the grass and weeds. Some models will feature a straight shaft which provides a longer reach and is ideal for tall people. Also, these can easily reach grass beneath shrubs, bushes, and benches. Other models will feature a curved shaft which is perfect for trimming grass and weed in tight areas. They also tend to be lighter in comparison and easier to handle.

Rotating Head

Some grass trimmers like the BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX String Trimmer will have a rotating head which means that it can swing the head into a vertical position. This is a useful feature for edging your lawn where it meets the driveway or sidewalk.

Cutting Line

There are a lot of factors youll need to consider when looking at the cutting line. A line thats too thin wont have much cutting power while one thats too thick may bog down the motor or engine of the grass trimmer. Some models have single-line heads which are easier to use since winding new trimming line is simplified. Other models like the Ego ST1502-F Power+ 15 String Trimmer have dual-line heads which cut twice as much grass with each revolution.

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What To Look Out For When Shopping For A String Trimmer

Adjustable Handle

String trimmers with adjustable handles afford you the ability to pick a more comfortable length that suits your height. This is more important when more than one person would be handling the trimmer, and it helps to prevent aches around the back and promotes good balance.


Be sure that the string trimmer you are going for is lightweight enough to hold for extended periods.


Generally, string trimmers make a lot of noise, but some much less than others. On the noise scale, electric string trimmers perform the best and are the quietest. Despite all of these, it is still advisable to use ear protective gear when using a string trimmer.

Easy Feeding/Loading of Strings

Depending on your choice, you could go for a trimmer that comes with an automatic feeding function of strings when the current ones run out, or you could get a unit that requires them fed manually. The latter gives you the chance to determine the kind of string you want to be installed.


When purchasing a string trimmer, make sure to take note of the distance between the cutting head and the shaft. A large distance means that grass would most likely get stuck in there and choke the trimmer – the smaller the gap, the less likely this will happen.


Translucent Gas Tank

What Is A Grass Trimmer

BEST Trimmer Line [ see why ]

A grass trimmer, strimmer, string trimmer, or weed wacker is a tool that can help you maintain the edge of your lawn. It features a plastic or nylon string that whirls around to cut greener in tight spaces.

Now, you might be wondering what makes it different from an edge. Well, a string trimmer is perfect for maintaining edges that were already created by a different lawn tool the edger. An edger is a tool that allows you to create crisp, well-defined lines at the edges of your lawn. Basically, the edger will create the landscape of your lawn while your trimmer will maintain it. Both are important tools for keeping your lawn nice and clean.

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What Is A String Trimmer

Designed to complement a lawn mower and target the weeds it cant catch, a string trimmer is primarily used to create crisp lawn edges and lawn borders after mowing to give that nice, polished look, explained Kristin Monji, founder of landscaping firm Birch and Basil Design.

You’ll sometimes see string trimmers referred to as weed trimmers, weed whackers and grass trimmers. These are all the same product with slightly different descriptions based on how a consumer is using them, said Monji.

Theres also a company called Weed Eaters, which makes its own line of string trimmers and this causes some confusion as there are many people who refer to the tool itself as a weed eater, regardless of which brand it is, explained Joshua Bateman, a landscaper and owner of Prince Gardening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But string trimmer is the most common name for this tool thats how youll find it marketed at retailers like The Home Depot and Lowes.

What Trimmer Best Suits My Yard

As weve already mentioned, youll need to choose the type of grass trimmer based on how big your yard is . Generally, the bigger your yard is, the more powerful your grass trimmer should be to ensure that it works efficiently.

Light-duty models like the BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX String Trimmer are perfect for light trimming of grass and weeds in a yard thats up to an acre in size.

Medium-duty models are for trimming thicker grass and weeds in yards that are up to an acre in size. While theyre still effective for trimming yards up to 2 acres big, they wont be the most efficient. Some medium-duty units can use attachments which makes them more versatile, able to perform other landscaping jobs.

Heavy-duty models can cut rougher grass and weeds and are perfect for yards that can be as big as 2 acres in size. A lot of these units like the Greenworks 16-Inch PRO 80V Cordless String Trimmer can accept attachments which also makes them versatile tools.

Professional units can cut grass, weed, and brush in yards more than 2 acres in size, though you can still easily use them in smaller yards. Like heavy-duty models, most of these can also use attachments for performing other landscaping jobs.

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Which Line Trimmer Should I Buy

To get the lawn of your dreams, youll have to put the work in, which can be made easier with the right tools. While a line trimmer may not be a worthwhile purchase for every lawn, it will come in handy for those with footpaths, trees or other obstacles to navigate. To ensure youre not left in a spin, be sure to check out all your options before dipping your green thumb into your wallet.

Powersmart String Trimmer 13

What makes a Best Buy grass trimmer?

as of January 22, 2022 9:05 pm


  • 2-IN-1 STRING TRIMMER: The string trimmer can be converted for maintenance edging by adjusting the angle of the handle. The string trimmer and lawn edger provide ultra performance and convenience to work around basic planting beds, trees and grass in the edge.
  • HASSLE-FREE ELECTRIC POWERED: 120V, 4Amp Corded Electric String Trimmer provides ultra performance and hassle free of battery lifetime. This corded String Trimmer works with no-load speed up to 9000 RPM. With the 13-inch cutting width, the trimmer helps your lawn care work more exquisitely.
  • AUTO FEED SPOOL SYSTEM: The cycle string trimmer is equipped with AFS system which allows the trimmer line to feed automatically as needed for smooth work without interruptions. Meanwhile, the electric string trimmer is prepared with two 0.065″ replacement spools in the package, for unexpected needs and eliminating hassles of using.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & EASY MANEUVER: The corded grass trimmer with ergonomic design provides great maneuver experience. The equipped adjustable telescoping shaft meets different usage needs. The corded-electric is ultra-lightweight only 8.2 pounds which can easily operate in tight and awkward space.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFICATION: 24-Month is committed to building tools that are dependable for years. Our warranties are consistent with our commitment and dedication to quality. Our customer-centric service team will respond any questions within 24 hours.

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Toro Powerplex 51482 Battery Powered Weed Whacker


  • Feels underpowered
  • Plastic feels flimsy and cheap to me

Toro has been making high quality lawn products for a long time. They are one of the most popular commercial lines used to maintain golf courses so they know how to make great equipment!

The PowerPlex 51482 is another high quality product. It is lightweight, has a solid engine and my favorite part is it is foldable.

I dont about you, but I am always looking for a better way to store my lawn care tools and having a foldable shaft is awesome!

I am a bit disappointed in the power and quality of the materials. The plastic housings feel cheap to me compared to similar priced products. I am not sure how long it will last with weekly use.

Can You Cut Wet Grass With A Grass Trimmer

The short answer is no. In terms of safety, the electrical components found in battery-powered trimmers are isolated, unlike their corded counterparts, but there is still a risk of starting a fire or giving yourself a nasty electric shock when working with wet grass. You will also be working with an uneven surface, as soggy grass tends to get trodden down more easily, which will only lead to an uneven cut. Plus, wet grass can clump together and cause blockages to the blade.

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Dewalt 20v Max Lithium Ion Xr String Trimmer

The DEWALT DCST920P1 features a brushless motor, a 13-inch cutting swatch, variable speed control, a dual-line head, and a 20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion battery. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty, 1 year of free service, and a 90-day money back guarantee. For almost $200, it sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Theres more. The cutting line is .080. The unit comes with a bump feed.

And it only weighs 8.5 pounds. On average, you can run this trimmer for an hour on low power. At a high setting, the runtime is around 30 to 40 minutes on a full charge. This unit is ideal for light duty cutting though it can still cut tall thicker grass on high power. But for seriously thicker weeds, you will need to buy something else. Also, the grass guard is quite small which isnt enough to protect you from flying debris. Plus, we did notice that the head is a bit on the heavy side.


Ego Power+ Meo800 Cordless Electric Edger: Best Lawn Edger Overall

Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)
Reasons to avoid

The EGO POWER+ MEO800 is a great cordless electric lawn edger which comes with an impressive five year warranty. Because this model is cordless, theres no need to worry about cord lengths if youre working away from an electrical socket. You also wont need to worry about topping up the edger with gas, but you will have to charge your edger.

Frustratingly for some users, the batteries and charger for this lawn edger are sold separately which means the initial price you see isnt for everything you need. What is good about this model though, is that it provides plenty of power for small to medium lawns and the head of the edger is compatible with other tool ends.

Reader reviews for the EGO POWER+ MEO800 Lawn Edger claim that this model does hold its charge and is great for creating a super-smart lawn.

Reasons to avoid

The Greenworks 27032 Lawn Edger offers great value for money. However, there are a few trade-offs for the price. For example, its 12-amp engine isnt as powerful as our top pick. But thats to be expected because this is an electric edger, which typically have less power than their gas-fueled counterparts.

Since the Greenworks 27032 Lawn Edger requires an electrical outlet to work, its range is limited by the length of your extension cord. Because of this, it isnt advisable to use the edger on a large lawn.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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Grass Trimmer Safety Tips

  • Protection It might not be the most comfortable gardening get-up but using powerful tools such as these requires some protective gear, so make sure youre sporting full length trousers, gloves, closed-toe shoes and a long sleeved top. Its also important to invest in eye protection, a pair of earplugs and a gardening face shield.
  • Clear the area Before you start strimming, check the area for bits of debris such as pieces of glass and metal or sticks and stones, as these can be picked up and thrown by the trimmer. Of course, you should also make sure that no one will be coming into the area youre working on this means keeping an eye on curious pets.
  • Get the right tool for the job Its vital that you ensure your trimmer is suitable for the work you plan to do. Dont attempt to tackle large areas of undergrowth with a compact, light-weight model and, before getting to work each time, you should check the machine for any damage.
  • Cutting techniques This may seem obvious but you should keep your distance from the strimmer end of your power tool at all times. This includes avoiding raising the blade above your waist and trying not to strain too much when tackling hard to reach spots. If you begin to get tired, step away and recharge its important that you dont push through fatigue as this is when accidents can happen.

Can You Use A String Trimmer For Edging And A Lawn Edger For Trimming


It is possible to use a string trimmer for edging. You can also use a lawn edger for trimming.

The key difference in these tools is the angle in which they cut. Always remember this string trimmers cut horizontally, and lawn edgers cut vertically.

All you have to do is turn the string trimmer sideways for it to start cutting at a vertical angle. The same principle would apply to the lawn edger as you only need to turn it sideways for it to start cutting at a horizontal angle.

However, not all trimmers and edgers will let you do this because some models will have wheels attached to them, and some models may be too bulky to be oriented differently.

You can probably do this for a bit, but it starts getting heavy real quick!

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