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What Is The Best Manual Lawn Mower

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Does It Move Easily


As I have mentioned, you are going to need to use your physical strength to maneuver the manual mower around your garden. Gone are the days where these lawn mowers are a nightmare to push, would rust up and become unusable. Modern push manual mowers are typically much easier to use and much more reliable.

However, there may be exceptions and you should ensure that you are easily able to operate the equipment before taking it home.

But more than this, you will want to look at how easily the mower turns and whether there are any restrictions on where it can cut. For example, will it reach into awkward parts of the garden, or cut evenly around lawn ornaments or pathways?

How To Choose A Lawn Mower

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right lawn mower for you. Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a corded electric, petrol, battery-powered cordless or push mower.

  • Corded electric mowers are generally in the mid-price range and are relatively light and quiet. You will need a charging point and possibly an extension cord and the electric cable can get in the way. Take a look at our pick of the best electric lawn mowers.
  • Petrol lawn mowers are powerful but tend to be loud, heavy and are less environmentally-friendly. They need an annual maintenance check up and a supply of petrol and oil.
  • Battery-powered cordless lawn mowers are the newest type of mower and are the most lightweight and manoeuvrable. You need to remember to keep the battery charged and they can be expensive, although prices are starting to come down. Take a look at our pick of the best cordless mowers.
  • Push mowers are cheap and manually powered, so they are the most eco-friendly mower you can buy but, they can be hard work for the user, particularly if strength and mobility are an issue. Take a look at our pick of the best hand push mowers.

Once youve decided which type of mower is right for you, think about what extra features you might need.

Check the size of the mower. The wider the cutting width, the more area of lawn can be covered in one go.

Manual Lawn Mower Vs Automatic Lawn Mower

The greatest difference between manual and automatic lawn mowers is the lever on automatic ones, which, when pulled, makes the lawn mower slowly go forward.

Yes, in this case, we are looking at automatic lawn mowers that are otherwise known as self-propelled lawn mowers.

And comparing them to the classic manual lawn mower, which runs on an engine but needs to be self-pushed!

We are not discussing the reel mowers!

This is exactly why many gardeners and house owners prefer the automatic lawn mower over manual ones.

But there have been countless cases when these people have been too quick to jump to conclusions and make the final decision.

The problem with automatic lawn mowers is that they tend to be less reliable in the long term.

And the one reason for that usually is the mechanism that provides the lawn mower going forward.

In a lot of cases, these mechanisms are poorly designed which means they break down, sometimes, after the first season.

When this happens, you wont be able to do the work manually, because the broken mechanism will create too much resistance.

Which means you will be late on doing this important work, while the costs of maintaining your backyard or garden will increase!

This makes manual lawn mowers a better choice with less problems that might occur in the long run.

They are also easier and cheaper to maintain.

Keep in mind that you can get a higher quality manual lawn mower for the same price as a cheaper version of an automatic lawn mower.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Reel Mower

We recommend purchasing your reel mower from the worlds largest retailer, Amazon. Amazon offers the best selection on reel mowers, at the best prices. If youre a Prime member, you get fast shipping to your doorstep, with buyer protection on your order. Amazon has the best customer service and a hassle-free returns policy.

Best For Regular Mowing American Lawn Mower Company

Sun Joe Mow Joe 16

Why We Like It: When a company has been making the same products since 1895, its probably worth sitting up and taking notice. This light, affordable push mower will get the job done as long as you do the job regularly. The lightweight, easy to maneuver mower is a breeze to assemble and a grass catcher is sold separately.

Who Should Buy It: This mower is not suitable for long grass. So if your lawn is 4 inches or shorter, and you plan to keep it that way, then its worth considering. Have a toddler that likes to help with the yard work? This mower makes mowing the lawn safe around children. Like to hold a beer lemonade in one hand while you mow the lawn with the other? This mower is light enough to push one-handed. Want to hold a conversation with someone while you mow the lawn? This silent mower means that mowing the lawn can be a multitasking activity.

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Sleeper Pick: Worx Wg779 Cordless Lawn Mower

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around your yard
  • Isnt too loud while using
  • Batteries last through quite a few mows, without needing a charge
  • Cutting path is a little small, not ideal for larger yards
134.59 x 36.83 x 99.06 cm
Cutting Path: 13

Heres another option to consider thats ideal for smaller yards, which runs on long lasting batteries and can cut many different grass heights effectively.

It uses two 20V batteries to run, and it can cut up to five thousand square feet of lawn on a single charge. Its also built with a patented IntelliCut technology, which saves your battery and provides you with extra torque when you need it. It has a two-in-one cutting system, which means you can either mulch or bag your clippings, and you can use a single lever to adjust the height of the cutting path.

Its generally easy to wheel around, too, since its so lightweight and compact, and it also has a folding handle which can help you store it more easily. If you have any other Worx products, the power modules in this unit can be used across other products of the same brand, which can help you out in a bind.

Disadvantages Of A Reel Mower

The only significant drawback to reel mowers is that you have to physically push them. Theyre not self-propelled, and you cannot ride on the apparatus. However, most people who find the reel mower the best choice overall have a small to modest-sized yard you wont be walking a great distance when using it. Remember that modern reel mowers now have gear-assisted pushing, so theyre easier to push than the classic reel mower from 50 years ago.

When using a reel mower, the optimum time to cut your lawn is in the morning. Mow before the sun gets too hot, or youll become uncomfortable.

Many people also complain about the height of the cutting deck. If your lawn becomes too long , the reel mower will not cut through the lawn, and youll need an electric or gas-powered mower to shear the grass. When the grass is too long, even the best mower cant cut it. Instead, it just pushes the grass downward and bends it. Make sure you mow your grass before it reaches that high of a height. Typically, the longer the grass, the greater the friction on the cutting reel, so youll have a hard time pushing the mower.

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Sun Joe Mj401e Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower Review

The Best OverallSun Jow

If you are looking for an inexpensive lawn mower that has all the features you could need, our top pick Sun Joe MJ401E is the machine for you. It is lightweight, powerful, easy to store, and highly maneuverable. Essentially, this mower is the perfect combination of quality and budget friendliness.

Best Cordless: Ego Power+ 56

Best Manual Lawn Mowers 2021 | Top 5 Manual Lawn Mower Review

Corded lawn mowers provide unlimited runtime, but theyre also more cumbersome to use. You constantly have to remain aware of your extension cord. Cordless models, such as the highly-rated EGO POWER+ Cordless Lawn Mower, are easier to operate. This model provides up to 60 minutes of cutting time using a lithium battery, which re-charges in 40 minutes.

This cordless mower has a 20-inch steel deck and a brushless mower that will make quick work of your unruly grass. It starts up quickly via a push button. It has a single-lever, six-position deck-height adjustment. The mower offers 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge, and it comes with an easy-access grass bag for collecting the grass clippings.

Certain push mowers can weigh 90 pounds , making them challenging to push around your yard. If youre looking for something lighter, this WORX cordless push mower weighs just 29 pounds, making it significantly easier for all users to manage.

The WORX mower has a 14-inch deck. Its powered by two 20-volt batteries that allow you to mow around an eighth of an acre per charge. Theres a battery indicator light that lets you know exactly how much power is left. The mower has a six-position height adjustment that can be changed with a single lever. Its 2-in-1 abilities let you mulch or bag grass clippings. Overall, the WORX Power Share Walk-Behind Mower is a small, beginner-friendly workhorse thats ideal for smaller yards.

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A Review List Of Top 5 Best Manual Lawn Mowers In 2021

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This manual lower is a durable and fantastic choice to get your job done efficiently. It is made with 8.5 inches composite helms, and its easy to push even on a big yard. Plus, it is delivered with adjustable height ranging from 0.5 and 1.75 inches for best grass-cutting. This tool blade is constructed from amazing heat-treated and durable alloy steel that keeps them shrill for an extensive time.Besides, this is an eco-friendly and affordable to maintenance lawn mower substitute to electric-powered lawn mowers. You will love the superior quality four blades system designed to snip in different grass types such as rye, bluegrass, and with fantastic versatility.Additionally, this machine also comes with a T-shaped helpful ergonomic softened handle, which allows an easy and comfortable grip. Overall, the four-blade push design does a perfect and super-efficient job when cutting lawn effortless.Advantages Easy-roll helms make this unit easy to maneuver and push Well-organized scissor-like and best lawn cutting action Height adjustability ranging 0.5 and 1.75 inches for superior grass-cutting Four smooth-spinning blades to snip the grass even without damaging itCons Challenging to snip the lush due to its thick turf

Understand What Your Needs Are

One of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a lawn mower is the total area of the lawn you need to take care of.

You certainly dont want to be using a manual lawn mower when mowing area at the size of a golf course.

That right there is a work for a lawn tractor, there is no doubt about that.

But when it comes to a regular size backyard or any area smaller than what certainly needs a lawn tractor to do the job, you probably want to be looking at manual lawn mowers.

The decision certainly comes down to fewer possibilities.

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of different objects and plants you have situated on the lawn area.

This is because when having different object and plants within the lawn, you need a mower that is easy to maneuver.

Also, in this case, you dont want the lawn mower to be too wide because you wont be able to get the mower in some specific tight places.

You might think that both automatic and manual lawn mowers would be well suited for the job if they are the right size.

But the truth is, there are some differences between the two that you might want to consider when choosing the right one.

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How Do I Maintain My Reel Mower

Theres next to no maintenance on a reel mower. You need to ensure that the blades dry out after mowing your lawn if its wet out. However, every other month, a spray of some multi-purpose lubricant is all you need to keep your reel mower in working order.

There are no oil changes, no need for new spark plugs, or clearing carburetor jets. The only maintenance required on your reel mower is to sharpen the blades every other year or so.

How Often Do Reel Mowers Need Sharpening And How Is It Done

4 Best Hand Push Manual Lawn Mowers UK (2021 Review)

How often the blades of a reel mower need to be sharpened depends on a variety of factors. These include frequency of use, size of the lawn, the number of blades, and how particular the customer is about the sharpness of the blades.

Different manufacturers recommend different frame times for how often to sharpen reel mower blades. These vary from one year up to eight years, based on the quality of the mower. It is recommended that the customer listens to their reel mowers needs and watches how well it is cutting. You can then decide for yourself when and how often the blades need sharpening.

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What We Think Of The Lawn

Lawn-Boys self propelled gas lawn mower is one of the best on the market for ease of use. It starts consistently on the first pull as soon as it is taken out of the box, and the height adjustment is effortless all you have to do is move a lever on the front and back wheels to raise the deck of the mower. Its best feature is the self propulsion the mower will essentially pull you along while it cuts the grass, all you have to do is guide it. It takes all the work out of this outdoor chore.

At only 67 lbs, this mower is one of the lightest gas mowers out there. It has a 21 clearance width to speed up the job and a 2 year warranty coverage to ensure you are not shopping for a new machine any time soon. This machine is really easy to put together and is small enough to be stored in the garage or a shed.

My husband has been praising this lawn mower all day since he first used it, so I thought it best to hop online and let everyone else know how great this mower is. He said it is very lightweight for a gas mower and it started on the first pull each time he turned it on. The height could not be easier to adjust and it essentially runs itself. Best mower weve ever had.

Raleigh L.

Lightweight Electric Lawn Mowers

The lightest lawn mower is the Sun Joe 48volt Mulching Walk Behind Mower.

This mower comes in at just 33lbs. There are lighter lawn mowers that are electric and are powered by extension cords that need to be plugged in. For seniors we do not recommend these mowers as the cords have a tendency to get into the way and become a tripping hazard. These mowers weigh around 20-25lbs so for a few pounds of added weight go with a battery operated lawn mower for a better safer experience.

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How Do You Maintain A Reel Mower

You maintain a reel mower by keeping the blades sharp and making adjustments when needed. Your blades need to be sharp to cut efficiently and cleanly. Sharp blades prevent grass damage and jamming throughout the mowing process.

An easy way to test sharpness is with paper. If the blades cut clean throughout the reels width, its sharp enough to cut grass.

Most reel mowers are rust-resistant. But adding oil to the wheel mechanism when it feels tight makes it run better.


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  • What Lawn Mower Power Supply Should I Choose

    Manual Reel Mower Review. Taking my lawn down to 17mm . IS IT THE BEST MOWER ???

    Most push lawn mowers for sale today are either powered by petrol or electric motors, and there are a few compelling reasons to going with either option.

    Petrol push lawn mowers naturally aren’t as environmentally friendly as their electric counterparts, but they tend to offer longer running time, a greater mowing range, better reliability and more power. This makes petrol lawn mowers more suitable for bigger jobs with tough grass.

    Electric push lawn mowers come in two varieties, battery-powered or corded. They’re a greener option, but there are also limitations that come with this. Corded push lawn mowers have a limited range and battery push lawn mowers are always at a risk of running out of juice before you’ve finished the job. This makes electric lawn mowers better for smaller lawns.

    Another thing to consider is cutting diameter, which is related to the size of the blade slicing the grass. Petrol lawn mowers tend to come with wider cutting diameters of 45-50 cm, compared to 30-40 cm which you typically see on electric lawn mowers. While this might not seem like a lot, on larger lawns 10-20 cms can save you an extra couple of laps around the backyard. Our Lawn Mowers category page allows you to select a range of cutting widths from the left-hand panel to help narrow down your decision.

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