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What Motor Oil To Use In My Lawn Mower

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How Do I Change The Oil In My Lawn Mower

What oil should I use in my lawn mower.

After checking your user manual to find out what kind of oil your lawn mower should have and how often you should change the oil in your lawn mower, you are probably wondering, How do I change the oil in my lawn mower?

Here are the steps you should take to change the oil in your lawn mower properly.

Full Vs Blend Synthetic Oil Whats The Difference

Full synthetic oil is regarded as the purest type of synthetic oil. It uses a synthetic base stock mixed with additives to ensure the high performance of the oil. Consumers frequently use full synthetic oil due to several factors such as longer change oil intervals, optimum protection to the engines, and longevity for usage.

Although the study shows that fully synthetic oil is 30% more expensive than synthetic blend oils, the longevity of the full synthetic oil is worth it for its price.

Why Synthetic blend oils are cheaper?

Synthetic blend oils are a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils. They were designed to provide almost the same benefit as full synthetic oils but at a lower price.

However, it is said that synthetic blends are not capable of reaching the same performance as that of the full synthetic oils. Yet, it is much closer to the average full synthetic change intervals.

Both types of synthetic oil are better options for your engines than conventional oil. Both of them extend the life of your engine, and you will never go wrong in choosing any of them.

Benefits of full synthetic oil

  • It offers the highest protection and performance than conventional oil and synthetic blend.
  • High efficiency in engines.
  • It has longer oil change intervals.
  • Benefits of Synthetic Blend

    1. It offers better performance and protection than conventional oil.

    2. It is less expensive than full synthetic oil.

    How To Change Lawn Mower Oil

    Here is how to change your lawn mower oil:

  • Let the engine run continuously for a few minutes and then turn it off.
  • Pull out the spark plug and find the oil drain plug.
  • Loosen the plug and allow the oil to drain.
  • Tighten the plug again.
  • Switch the engine filter for a new one.
  • Pour in the new engine oil, without exceeding the maximum capacity.
  • Switch on the engine and look for leaks.
  • This video shows you how to do it.

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    Best Lawn Mower Oil Manufacturers

    1. Briggs & Stratton

    The Briggs & Stratton Corporation or BASCO has been around for more than a century now. Since their inception in 1908, they have been revolutionizing the market with their innovative ideas and creations.

    The company built the first lightweight Aluminum engine back in 1953, which changed the lawn cleaning industry forever. Now, they are well known for their reliable engines, outdoor equipment, and the manufacturing of all the related parts.

    The company is known for the production of the best oil for lawn mower. They produce oils of different grades that are targeted to give the best possible health maintenance of the engines.

    They unveiled their branding YOU.POWERED in 2016. It is a way of appreciation to the millions of old customers that have been faithful to the company and also a way to lure potential customers.

    2. Toro

    The Toro Company is based in the United States of America. They are extremely popular for their lawn mower equipment, snowblowers, and also for the irrigation system equipment. Their products can be used in both the commercial and residential sectors.

    The company started its venture back in 1914 as a tractor engine manufacturer. Since then, the company has brought a lot of changes in its operations. They have made a strong statement in the lawn mower engine oil market in the past and stands out along with some big names.

    3. Honda

    Small Engine Oil Type Recommendations

    How Much Oil Does a Lawn Mower Take?
    • For warm temperatures , its recommended to use the oil of SAE 30.
    • For varying temperatures , you would use the oil of SAE 10W-30, which is also suitable under cold weather.
    • For very cold temperatures , its best to use a synthetic oil of SAE 5W-30. This type of oil also helps with lessening the consumption of oil.
    • For other colder temperatures , oil of SAE 5W-30 works best.
    • For consistent use , its suggested that you use Vanguard 15W-50 oil.

    Other notes you should remember include synthetic oils as an acceptable and effective type of oil to use at any temperature, and that you should always avoid using special additives.

    Briggs and Stratton have developed an interactive oil finder for an easier way to look for the proper small engine oil type you should use for your lawn mower. It would only ask you a few questions, such as in what temperatures are you operating under. You wouldnt have to input other information, like the engine model number. You can pull up this link before or even during making your purchase for oil. This tool is especially beneficial for those who use small engines. Its common for most owners to use the wrong type of oil to small engines because of common misconceptions. One of those mistakes includes the use of car oil on small engines rather than its recommended small engine oil.

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    Types Of Oil For A Lawnmower

    If you want to use the car oil for your lawnmower, it depends mostly on the quality of the car oil you used for your car. Note that a low priced and low-quality car oil will cause severe damage to the lawnmower.

    Most of the lawnmower oil is highly-priced due to its good quality. SAE 30 motor oil is always recommended to keep the lawnmower engine in a good condition for a long time. But before using oil, check the user manuals of the mower to get the best recommendation.

    Sometimes 10W-30 and 10W-40 is used in the car. These two types of oil are good in quality and you can use these oil as your lawnmower fuel.

    Dont leave us. We also have some core information for you. Keep reading.

    What Are These Conditions

    Compared to liquid-cooled automotive engines, air-cooled 4 stroke small engines for lawn mowers run hotter operate under a constant load generate more contaminants and are exposed to mud, dirt and rain. Adding to those operating conditions, is the fact that theyre often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance, like oil changes. Because of these factors, using high-quality AMSOIL synthetic small-engine oil, not just an inexpensive re-branded automotive oil, is imperative for the long life of your lawn mower engine.

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    Find The Best Oil For Your Engine

    Use the Oil Finder tool to help you find the best oil for your small engine. Choose your equipment, engine name and outside temperature that you will be using it in to find your recommended oil and how much to use.

    If you need help determining if your riding mower’s engine is a single cylinder or twin cylinder , click here.


    How Often Do You Need To Change The Lubricant

    Best Oil For a Lawn Mower – Snow Blower Oil – 4 Cycle Engine Oil

    As noted above, the operating instructions for garden equipment with a 4-stroke engine must indicate the frequency of oil changes. But if there are no instructions, then they are guided first of all by the number of hours that the technique has worked . Every 50-60 worked hours, you need to change the engine oil.

    However, in the case when the plot is small and you can process it in no more than one hour, it is unlikely that for the entire spring-summer season the lawn mower will work even half of the operating hours from the norm, unless it is rented out to neighbors. Then the oil must be replaced when the equipment is being preserved in the fall before the winter period.

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    What Do The Numbers Mean

    Depending on your lawn mowers size and the climate where you live, you have a few different engine oil options. They each have a code with numbers and letters, which explain how well the oil performs under certain conditions.

    SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers, which developed a measurement scale for different oils. Their numbers describe the flow of the oil, with lower numbers flowing best at lower temperatures.

    Multigrade oil performs well in high and low temperatures. It has two numbers separated by a W. The W stands for winter, and the number before it describes the oils viscosity at low temperatures. Conversely, the number after the W shows its performance in high temperatures.

    Different Types Of Motor Oil

    Many people believe that all motor oils are the same and can be used interchangeably with any type of motor, but that is simply not the case.

    Many small motors cannot take automotive oil due to it being a thicker consistency. It can end up clogging different parts of the machinery, which is just the opposite of what motor oil is intended for.

    Conversely, small motor oil will be too thin to properly lubricate a larger engine.

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    General Guidelines For Choosing Lawn Mower Oil

    Based on the above design features of the engines, it is best to use a special lawn mower oil for lubrication, and it should be suitable for the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is a specialized grease of SAE 30 grade. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

    If a special one is not available, then automotive lubricants of the class can be used:

    • SAE 15W-40
    • SAE 20W-50

    These lubricants are also designed mainly for positive ambient temperatures and a maximum value above 35 degrees.

    According to the type of lubricant, mineral and semi-synthetic are allowed. Fully synthetic would be too expensive. Quality level of performance properties according to API SF, SG, SH, SJ and higher. For four-stroke garden machinery engines, the label must be marked 4T.

    Where Can I Use Amsoil Small Engine Oil

    Super S 40020 SAE 30 Lawnmower Oil

    AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is multifunctional and can be used in gasoline engines, off-road diesel engines and certain transmissions. It doesnt contain friction modifiers and meets JASO wet-clutch standards. It increases convenience and helps prevent misapplication.

    Use the appropriate viscosity of Synthetic Small-Engine Oil in applications that require any of the following specifications:

    • API SL, SJ, SH, SG
    • API CD, CF

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    Why Dont We Use 4

    Further, using a 4-stroke oil on a 2-stroke lawnmower may be catastrophic. 2-stroke oil has different additives in it, which are not present in car engine oil. It may cause serious and irreparable damage to the lawnmower.

    Thus, it is a rule of the thumb to check the manufacturers manual and as much as possible follow what they recommend. Small engine oil vs. car oil since small engines run hotter than automotive engines do, the little engine oil can withstand higher temperatures.

    Why Zinc is so important for small engines?

    Experts said that the oil temperature in a small engine could reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Ordinarily, car oils are not designed to withstand these temperatures and will begin to break down. Small engine oils contain higher levels of Zinc than most car oil. Zinc has anti-wear qualities to work under extreme pressure and also works as an anti-oxidant.

    Ethanol in the oils for car

    Car oils contain additives and detergents, which will wear down small engines very quickly. Further, automotive oils contain ethanol in their composition or blend.

    Briggs And Stratton 100074 5w

    The Briggs and Stratton Company produce the best oil for lawn mower. Their product comes in various grades to meet the necessity of different customers. Their 5W-30 class synthetic oil is the best oil for lawn mower. The artificial process of production means it is better than the conventional oils in many aspects.

    The lawn mower oil is rated at 32 Oz. The synthetic ingredients of the oil ensure that there are minimum wear and tear of the part because of the hot working temperature of the engines.

    The inside conditions of the engines are pretty severe during the working time. But it is duly taken care of by the inventive composition of the 5W-30 synthetic oil from Briggs & Stratton. They have the inherent strength that keeps them going for a very long period.

    The oil is known for its following qualities

    • Better viscosity-temperature response than many other lawn mower oils
    • Better fluidity during low-temperature operation
    • Better stability during oxidation
    • The best control of deposition
    • The oil is very less volatile, making it easy to contain

    All these properties of the oil help to reduce the maintenance cost, equipment failure, and increase the overall life of the lawn mower.


    • The stability of the oil against oxidation is high
    • It can work in freezing temperature
    • It can work on different temperature
    • The cold starting of the engine is improved
    • The oil consumption is very less


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    Recommendations For The Selection Of Oils From Specific Manufacturers

    Lawn mower manufacturers in the instructions for them must indicate the type that is used in their technology, as well as the frequency of oil changes, usually in hours. Usually manufacturers indicate their branded lubricants and they should be used if you want to keep the warranty on the equipment. But often manufacturers also indicate the general characteristics of lubricants and then you can choose similar lubricants from more widely available automotive oils.

    The one recommended by the manufacturer is considered the best for any engine. World renowned Shell Helix Ultra . For 40 years Shell has been developing a new technology for producing synthetic oil from natural gas. Pureplus technology has resulted in an improved base oil composition. On its basis, with the addition of the necessary additives, the leading manufacturers recommended for their equipment are obtained.

    Is There A Difference Between Small Engine Oil And Car Oil

    Car Engine Oil In a Lawnmower? ‘Explained’ – Best Engine Oil & Lawnmower Oil

    The other important difference between Kawasaki small engine oil and most automotive oil is the levels of zinc that are added to the oil. Kawasaki small engine oil contains much higher levels of zinc than most automotive oil. High heat conditions in small engines accelerate the oxidation process in oil.

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    Can You Use Car Motor Oil In A Lawn Mower

    Just like any other machine, your lawnmower needs oil for optimum functioning. Using the ideal oil in your mower ensures it runs smoothly and lasts longer without any oil-related engine problems. Are you wondering whether you can use car motor oil in your mower? Read on! This article has everything you need to know.

    Youll need to change the oil in your mower regularly. Replacing the old oil with the new one is part of lawn mower maintenance, and it helps avoid malfunctioning of the mower. Furthermore, a well-maintained lawn mower will function best, keeping your turf in point.

    Can I Use 10w40 Oil In My Lawn Mower


    Oil is an important part of running any kind of engine these days, and regularly changing your lawn mower.oil is important low-level maintenance you should do regularly.

    After all, not all motor oil is created equally, and there is a reason your lawn mower manufacturer suggests a specific type.

    The viscosity of your oil can have a huge impact on your engines, and using the wrong weight motor oil for your climate may damage the motor or engine beyond repair.

    While it more than likely wouldnt immediately cause your engine to blow up or otherwise stop working, using the wrong kind of oil long-term could cause significant amounts of wear and may result in needing to replace your lawn mower much more quickly.

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    Can I Use 5w 30 Oil In My Lawn Mower

    5W 30 oil is more similar to SAE 30 than either of the two 40W oils, 5W 40 or 10W 40, or even 10W 30, since its a 30W motor oil.

    The primary difference is what the oil viscosity becomes as it cools. It will return to 5W as it cools, where SAE 30 stays at 30W all the time.

    They provide the same protection and do the same thing at the high heat of the engine when its running though, so the two oils do basically the same job. The difference is how viscous it gets at cooler temperatures.

    5W 30 is the most similar to SAE 30 despite being a multi-weight oil, and this shows in its performance range while operating at temperature. It cools to a thinner viscosity at cooler temperatures, so it cant hurt your engine to use when compared to SAE 30, which stays the same no matter the temperature.

    While that probably isnt a significant issue, if youre even slightly worried about your engine, using it does give an extra layer of protection.

    Why You Should Not Use Automotive Oils

    What Motor Oil to Use in My Lawn Mower â Lubrication 101.

    Most small-engine oils are just re-labeled automotive oils, which are formulated for fuel economy and not engine durability. These oils are designed for engines that are liquid cooled, have an oil filter, operate in a wide range of speeds and loads in environments that are fairy clean and are routinely maintained. In fact lawn mower engines or small engines in general operate the exact opposite of automobiles. AMSOIL Synthetic Small Engine oils are designed and formulated specifically for these conditions.

    Think about where your lawn mower works and read on to see how this effects the oil in it.

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