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What Is The Best Toro Lawn Mower

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Toro Timecutter 42 In Fab Deck Zero

âToro Mower: Best Toro Lawn Mowers (Buying Guide)

The Toro Timecutter 42 lawnmower has a compact design, and it comes with a 42â³ deck. Since this mower is quite compact it will save a lot of space. Itâs a well-designed lawnmower, and it also performs incredibly well.

It will save you up to 50% of mowing time. Thatâs because this mower is exceptionally fast, and it has a top ground speed of 7MPH. Moreover, this mower has a handcrafted high back seat that will make the ride comfortable for you.

This mower is ideal for mowing medium sized lawns. Thatâs because it has a mowing capacity of 2 acres on a single run.

Features and benefits:


The Toro Timecutter mower features a 23HP Kawasaki engine. This engine has met all the necessary safety and operational requirements. This engine provides enough power to the mower to take care of rough mowing surfaces and hilly terrains.

MyRide Suspension System:

Just like the previous entry on our list, the Toro Time cutter 42 also features Toroâs proprietary MyRide suspension system.

Washout Ports:

Cleaning this lawnmower is effortless. Thatâs because this mower has washout ports, and you can attach the garden hose to it and clean the mud, built-up grass, and other debris off your deck.

Smart Speed Control:

The smart speed technology of this mower enables the user to control the speed of the mower efficiently.

Budget And Price Matching

Make a list of the things you want in your toro versus honda lawn mowers and the price you are willing to pay for it. So try to look for a product in that price range and choose the one that appeals to you the most. One tip we would like to give you is: dont settle for a cheaper product if it doesnt even have a function you need.

Most toro versus honda lawn mowerss fall within the price range of $ 5.97 to $ 98.25. Therefore, if budget is not a problem and you want the best product for your needs, we advise you to choose the Honda 17211-Z8B-901 Air Filter.

If you want something medium range, choose Craftsman M105 140cc Gas Powered Push 21-Inch 3-in-1 Lawn Mower with Bagger, 1-in, Liberty Red. If you have a very low budget, you can choose the one that is the Toro Lawn Striping System

Toro 21 In 159cc Super Recycler Self

Do you want a reliable mower that will provide you with consistent performance for years to come? If that is true, then we are here to tell you that the Toro 21-inch super recycler would be perfect for you because this mower is unmatched in terms of reliability and performance.

What makes this lawnmower stand out among the rest of the recycler mowers is that it has a unique design and a midnight-black color coating.

It features easy-start technology that enables the operator to start the mower just by pushing a button. Besides that, the Toro super recycler has an 8.75 HP engine made by Briggs and Stratton that allows the mower to cut through thick, rugged grass without an issue.

Features and benefits:

Cutting Ability:

We can assure you that this mower will provide you with a nicely manicured yard. It comes with clipping accelerators and a sharp blade. And all of these features make it possible for the mower to cut the grass perfectly.


As you may already know, the engine is the heart of the lawnmower. The mowerâs performance is dependent on it.

Thatâs why the Toro super recycler 21â features a gross torque 7.25 ft. lb. Auto choke OHV engine.


Just like the previous entry on our list, the Toro 21 mower also features a variable speed system with a maximum speed of 4.8 MPH.

The deck is resistant to rust as its frame is made out of cast aluminum. And the deck creates a suitable environment for mulching as well as bagging.

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Best For Large Yards: Ego Power+ Select Cut Self

If you’re working with a large yard, you might consider the EGO Power+ Select Cut . This cordless walk-behind lawn mower runs on an advanced lithium fuel-gauge battery, offering over an hour of grass cutting on a full charge.

It’s even more powerful than gas mowers and is easy to control, thanks to the brand’s Touch Drive Technology. Additionally, it has an innovative cutting system with three interchangeable blades.

Craftsman M275 Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

Best Toro Commercial Walk Behind Mower

The Versatile ChoiceCraftsman

Craftsmans M275 gas powered lawn mower offers the highest quality motor and 3-in-1 discharge capabilities, features that put other gas mowers to shame. If you are looking for a powerful lawn mower that can be adjusted to all your preferences, look no farther than this Craftsman model.

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Briggs & Stratton 49t877

Are you in search of a top-notch engine for your lawn mower for commercial use? Here is one of the best lawnmower engines by Briggs & Stratton from their Commercial Turf Series. This engine falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is definitely worth the money.

This lawnmower engine is a fantastic commercial-grade option for OMEM and replacement use. Ultimate debris protection is provided by the unique five-step Debris Management System patented by Briggs & Stratton.

So your engine will not give up under extreme debris conditions. This engine comes with cyclonic air filters and not panel-style air filter systems. This difference makes it two times more efficient when it comes to debris protection.

Are you going to be putting your machine through some harsh mowing conditions and worried about the engine overheating? Worry no more! Because the Overhead Valve design of this engine, along with its cast-iron sleeves, makes sure that the cooling operation is running correctly. Its high-quality cylinder block structure ensures the durability and strength of this product.

The charging system is a 16 amp alternator with a regulator on the cylinder. The engine has a heavy flywheel and a twin-cylinder. The starting system is 12V heavy-duty starter. The lubrication of the engine components is controlled by the spin-on oil filter that works on full pressure.

Best Rapid Charging: Ego Power+ Lm2101 21

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Weight: 55 pounds | Run Time: 45 minutes | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: Up to 1/4 acre

  • Batteries charge in less than an hour

  • Mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities

  • Folds for easy storage

  • Steel deck costs extra

One of the downsides of battery-powered lawn mowers is that they typically take several hours to charge, which can be frustrating if you run out of battery with just a few passes left. The EGO Power+ solves this issue thanks to its rapid charger, which can juice the batteries back up in less than an hour and offers 45 minutes of runtime per charge.

This walk-behind mower has a 21-inch deck with six cutting height positions, and it has mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities. It has bright LED headlights and a weather-resistant design, and its handles fold down for compact storage, as well.

The RYOBI 20 in. Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a solid choice for anyone with a small- to medium-size yard with flat or hilly terrain. Its self-propelled design makes it easy to guide around your yard, and it can mulch, bag, or side discharge clippings. For a ride-on mower, consider the RYOBI 38 in. Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower, which lasts for up to two hours and performs well in all types of grass.

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Best Toro Lawn Mowers

by John Fountain

Analyzing all the features, specifications, functionality, pros, and cons of the best toro lawn mowers available in the market we have enlisted the cream of the creams in our top product list. A brand may claim that its product has the most upgraded features but at the end of the day what matters most is customer satisfaction i.e., customers experience during using the product in real life. So, we have spent a couple of days analyzing the review of all customers so that we can give you a realistic idea about the product.

  • Assembled dimension: 13 in. w x 16.50 in. d x 24 in. h
  • Use with or without bagger attachment
  • Roller easily removes for storage or areas where striping is not desired
  • Easy assembly with just a phillips screwdriver
  • Requires 16-20 lbs. of dry sand not included

What Is The Difference Between Hydrostatic And Manual Gear Transmission On Zero Turn Mowers

What’s The Best Mulching Lawn Mower? Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut

Manual transmissions use a lever to switch gears manually, while hydrostatic transmissions utilize hydraulic systems to shift easily and seamlessly from one gear to the next.

Most better zero-turn mowers use hydrostatic transmissions, but youll still find manual transmissions on some entry-level, budget-friendly mowers.

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Toro Recycler Smartstow 21329

Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports

The Toro Recycler SmartStow 21329 has only a single cutting blade, but it can still mulch, bag, or side-discharge clippings. Its 150 cc engine is slightly smaller than the Hondas, but both sizes are typical for push mowers. The Toro engine has a two-year warranty.

Unlike the Honda, it has a washout port for connecting a hose to clean the underside of the cutting deck, and the deck itself is 22 inches wide, slightly larger than the Hondas. You can also collapse the mowers handle and stand the machine upright for storage without leaking gas or oil. Thats a nice feature if youre tight on storage space.

Toro Lawnmower Reviews 2021 Top Picks

Hello again and welcome to this review about the Toro Lawn mowers which will cover various models in a format of a compilation review so you can pick and choose which model will suit your own individual needs the best. Toro is a brand that has been established for a long time and is certainly one that you can trust and the selection of lawn mowers they have certainly have gained a lot of interest across the public for the past number of years.

To make sure you get the best value on your Toro lawn mower, please ensure to check out the price checkers below and a stock checker is also provided at the end of this review if that is of interest to you also.

Toro Lawn Mowers – Overview

  • Toro lawn mowers are diverse and are loved by most of the consumers around the world. They are indeed necessity for maintenance of lawns. If you like to spend time in your lawn then buying a sturdy and strong Toro lawn mower is something that you must consider.
  • The below mentioned lawn mowers by Toro are the ones that have received most reviews from the buyers. Based on the pros and cons, now you can easily decide which lawn mower will suit you the best.

Toro Lawn Mower Review – Our Top 3 Picks

1, Toro Recycler 22 inch 190cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower Blade Override

Main Features

2, Toro 22 inch Smartstow Variable Speed High Wheel Mower 20339

Main Features

3, Toro 21 inch 53cm High Wheel Push Mower 21320

Main Features

Explore More?

Further Reading:

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Toro Titan 54 In 75302 Zero

The Toro 75302 is a pro in terms of mowing a large lawn. Actually, it comes with a rich set of features. And this is a gas-powered zero turn lawn mower.

The mower is powered by a high-performance engine. Not only that but it also has excellent cutting capacity. With this zero turn mower, you can make your lawn well-groomed.

With the key ignition starting system, you can easily operate this lawn mower. And for your convenience, the mower comes with an 18â comfortable seat back where you can sit for a long time while mowing the lawn.

Seems great? Keep reading to know moreâ¦

Features and Benefits:


Boasting a 24.5 HP engine, the mower is surely a great device. This 708 cc engine delivers a significant amount of power to mow your lawn. And this engine is featured with a 2.5 qt. fuel tank.

When it comes to talking about the deck, it is mentionable that the mower comes with a really high-performance deck. This 54â deck is made of top-rated steel that makes it significantly durable. In fact, it can cover a wider area with a single pass.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of this mower is really impressive, thanks to its 3 sharper blades. In fact, you will be allowed to adjust the cutting height in 13 positions for custom cutting. So you adjust the height from 1.5â to 4.5â based on the grass density.


Owing to the zero turn capacity, the mower is incredibly easy to maneuver even in the tighter spaces.


Check Out Our Website

Best Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mowers In 2020

On our website we have experts in all categories and no matter what the product is, we have a better review or list about it. The products on our list are based on expert picks, advice and hours of research. Thats why when you buy something thats listed on our best list, you wont regret it. However, there is a possibility that we may not have covered the product you might be interested in, but if you come across something like this, please let us know via comments or contact us.

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Best Battery: Kobalt 80

Lithium batteries get better every year, and the Kobalt 80-Volt Max didn’t waste any time leveraging modern innovations. This brushless lawn mower runs on a powerful 6.0 Ah battery and delivers 80 minutes of cutting time on a full charge.

An indicator tells you how much battery power you have left, and the included charger makes it easy to charge between mowing sessions. We also appreciate that this grass cutter has a rear-wheel drive, seven cutting heights, variable speed control, and sensors that automatically adjust the power and speed based on varying grass conditions.

For an all-around reliable mower with multiple customization options, the best option is the Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. The lithium battery can cover half an acre of lawn on a full charge, and the bagging system makes for easy cleanup . But if you prefer gas-powered cutters, you can’t go wrong with the Honda 3-in-1 Variable Speed Lawn Mower, which has an impressive engine, automatic choke, and adaptable speed technology .

Cleaning Using The Washout Port

Like many mowers, the Toro 22 Personal Pace Recycler Lawnmower comes with a washout port for hooking up a hose to clean the blades and deck. Hold the plastic nut securely while spinning it onto your hose.

While it does make the deck easier to clean, it doesnt get everything. We recommend it for those who cannot lift the mower up and hose it off manually. If you can, turning the mower on its side and spraying it down still wins. For me, the wetness of the cut grass determined whether I used the quick wash connector or tilted it up to spray it off.

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Gravely Stand On Mowers

While stand-on mowers are not as popular as zero-turns, they are just as powerful and versatile. Gravelys iteration, the Pro-Stance offers great convenience in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness. The company has been hailed for its innovative use of stance platform isolators that help reduce vibration when the machine is in operation.

Toro 22 In Recycler All

Best Battery Lawn Mower 2021 | TORO 60V Commercial Lawn Mower Maintenance

Are you looking for a mower that can tackle bumpy surfaces and other forms of obstacles? If so, then we would strongly recommend you consider buying the new Toro 22â³ AWD recycler mower.

The Toro 22 recycler is a self-propelled mower that features Toroâs proprietary all-wheel-drive technology. And this AWD technology enables this mower to generate a lot of traction so that it can propel itself properly, even on rough surfaces.

This mower also comes with a fuel stabilizer that will extend your mowerâs lifespan.

This lawnmower is excellent at mulching, and it can efficiently disperse the clippings throughout your yard. These clippings will work as a fertilizer and increase the beauty of your lawn.

Features and benefits:


Does doing routine maintenance work on your lawnmower feel like a chore to you? If so, then we have good news for you. The Toro recycler wonât require any kind of maintenance.


Cleaning this lawnmower is a breeze. It has wash ports, and you can attach a hose to them to clean the deck.


The Toro recycler mower is renowned for its versatility. It is able to mow in different cutting modes such as bagging, mulching, and side discharge.

Cutting Height:

You should be well aware of the fact that changing the cutting height can make a huge difference in your mowerâs overall performance. Thatâs why Toro has included a 9-point height adjustment feature with this product.

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Problems Finding The Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Popular Mechanics just released their 71 Best Tools of 2021. Their pick for the best cordless mower was the Greenkworks MO60L423. Its a 25 wide, dual blade mowing monster, but its unavailable in Canada. None of the stores we checked Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Walmart, and even the Greenworks Canada website list the lawnmower as being available in Canada.

On another site, TopTenReviews, they recommend an EGO mower with a combination of features that isnt available in Canada. We have a self-propelled 7.5Ah version or a non-self-propelled 5.0 Ah version, but they recommend the non-self-propelled 7.5 Ah version.

Our goal is to save you the frustration, and provide you a straight-forward comparison and recommendation of the best cordless lawn mower Canada.

What Is Toro Electric Lawn Mower

Toro is one of the most loved electric lawn mowers. They are designed to make your lawn care job easier and more convenient. With proper maintenance, these machines can provide years of service before needing any replacement parts or servicing.

  • Power to Get the Job Done Tackle any job in a single charge with the most powerful battery in its class and mow up to 50 minutes.
  • Four Season Power Fully interchangeable 60V Flex-Force battery that works across an entire team of 35+ unbeatable tools with best-in-class performance.
  • Vortex Technology Increased airflow to supercharge your mowing.
  • Light and Bright Start the first time and every time with reliable push-button start, dual LED headlights and low maintenance with battery power.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

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