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What Shoes To Wear Mowing The Lawn

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I Want To Mow The Lawn Comfortably

Lawn Mowing With Church Shoes & A Dress On

If youre going to mow the lawn with a mechanical lawnmower, the job will be a bit easier with the right gardening gloves. Youll have better grip while at the same time protecting your hands from dirt. Safety shoes are also recommended to protect you from the slippery wet grass and any pieces of stone that may fly up.

Afterward, are you planning to work with the grass to process your mowing waste? Then, compost gloves or a watertight variant of gardening gloves are handy. Planning to work with a noisy lawnmower? Be sure to wear ear protection. Always read and follow the instructions on the packages.

Shoes Matter Out In The Yard Here Are Some Issues To Consider:

Mowing the lawn is one of the biggest hazards to your feet. Hundreds of thousands of Americans end up in the emergency room every year as victims of lawnmower injuries. Many of those injuries are to the lower limbs. Amputations are not uncommon. You can decrease your risk of becoming just another statistic by wearing the proper shoes. We recommend heavy work boots for maximum stability and protection. Stay away from sneakers and dont even think about firing up a lawnmower with sandals or nothing at all on your feet.

Shoes wear out. Some people keep a favorite pair of shoes for many years, forgetting that shoes arent meant to last forever. Ah, I have found my trusty gardening shoes, they say, emerging from the back of a closet. Behold my Crocs, covered in beautiful grass stains! They clutch their gardening shoes as if greeting an old friend. Okay, we actually dont know anyone who specifically clutches their Crocs to their chest. However, we do want to encourage you to unfriend any gardening shoes that are cracked, torn, cause heel pain, or make your feet hurt in any other way.

About those Crocs. Gardening clogs such as Crocs are breathable and waterproof. While they may be okay to wear while you do a bit of watering, theyre not a great choice for hours in the garden. The simple back strap doesnt keep your heel stable. An unstable heel puts more strain on your toes, leading to tendinitis and toe deformities.

Kujo Yardwear Yard Work Shoe

These all-purpose yard shoes are an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-wear outdoor shoe and hates heavy work boots.

If youre looking for a light, flexible shoe to take on gardening, grass cutting, and lawn mowing, the Kujo Yardwear Yard Work Shoe is the shoe for you!

The exclusive SPU toe material has a waterproof coating, which can be easily cleaned. It also has an abrasion-resistant composite toe material making it ideal for protecting your feet as you complete yard work projects.

A high-impact durable rubber bottom with aggressive lugs and grip pods creates the ideal surface for all those tough jobs around the yard.

Its slip-resistant material is also designed for durability and will provide you with traction on various surfaces to prevent slippage and ensure the dirt and debris stuck on the outsoles are quickly rid of.

This lightweight shoe features an anti-odor lining and a flexible window on the toe that allows the skin to breathe and cushioned insoles to reduce foot fatigue.

Underfoot, a cushioned EVA midsole is there, which adds support to your foot for comfortable all-day wear.

Besides these, the breathable Air Mesh lining keeps feet cool and dry and increases comfort by keeping your feet cooler and drier even on the hottest days of the mowing season.

Even so, some felt that these mowing shoes were not very durable. They observed that the upper construction was not optimal and quickly fell apart.


  • Not as durable

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Types Of Landscaping Boots

Scour the market, and youre bound to find different landscaping work boots. Some of these types of boots youll find are:

  • Steel Toe Boots

Shoes designed to protect both the toes and upper foot from impacts. Construction workers, firefighters, and, of course, landscapers tend to prefer steel toe work boots as these products tend to emanate optimal durability.

  • Composite Toe Boots

Composite toes tend to be less sturdy than their steel toe counterparts. Nonetheless, these are by no means flimsy as they can still take significant abuse in and outside job sites.

  • Waterproof Boots

The landscapers best friend, waterproof work boots are ideal for workers that frequently step or walk on damp surfaces.

Thorogood Waterproof Tactical Boots

What footwear do you wear when you mow the lawn? : lawncare

These Thorogood boots for landscaping are workhorses with their blend of comfort, durability, security, and support.

The Gen-Flex2 Series Tactical Boots are among the top-rated boots for landscaping, for several reasons. First, these pieces of footwear comply with the ASTM F1671/1671M-13, ASTM F1677-05, and ASTM F2913-11 standards. In other words, these shoes are the epitome of job site safety for the feet.

These landscaping boots also have a special mix of 100% full grain leather and nylon for its primary materials. Thus, they promote numerous hard-wearing qualities, to the liking of landscapers.

These material choices also make the Goodyear Storm Welt construction considerably lightweight. The shoes are as light as a feather because they only weigh about 32 oz. . The construction beats many footwear in the lightweight category.

Another welcoming inclusion of this product is the BBP X-Stream Waterproof technology. It efficiently seals the shoes to wick away excess moisture. Moreover, it keeps the feet dry, perfect for walking on damp ground.

Specially-designed GEN-flex2 rubber outsoles protect the feet from slippage. These components also safeguard the feet from electrical discharges caused by stepping on live wires. Supporting that feature is the heel that measures about 1.5 inches. At this height, damp grass will find it difficult to reach the boots inner elements.

  • The rubber outsoles squeak when wet

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Merrell J52927 Jungle Moc Slip

Designed as a pair of shoes for outdoor work, I think this pair is a fine-looking hybrid of sporty and casual in terms of style and functionality. When Im in a rush to go out, the slip-on construction lets me wear these shoes quickly. Moreover, this model is available in different colors that go well with my outdoor wear or everyday outfit.

Known for their superb arch support, these shoes are great for anyone who stands and walks for long hours. I dont even need to buy another pair of insoles to replace the original ones. Whether Im on the pavement or in my garden, the outsoles provide enough grip so I dont slide and fall. Since the collars are padded, I dont get any blisters when I walk.

With no break-in period, I can get to work as soon as I open the box and wear the shoes. The fitting allows my feet to feel more relaxed. Besides, this shoe model comes in regular and wide sizes.

  • Suits outdoor and everyday attire
  • Has padded collars to prevent blisters
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Provides a good grip for any terrain
  • Waterproof capabilities wear down over time
  • The fitting loosens up after years

Can I Mow The Lawn While Pregnant

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Whether you love it or hate it, mowing the lawn is a summer tradition for most of us, but can I mow the lawn while pregnant?

Some moms-to-be worry about the dangers of mowing the lawn when pregnant, but is there really anything to worry about? Heres what you need to know.

Mowing the lawn is a common chore that many pregnant women are wondering if they can do.

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Which Things Should You Consider When Buying The Best Shoes To Mow Lawn


The material of the shoe determines the quality of the shoe, and also the functionality of the shoe. Hence, the material should be among the most important things you look into when purchasing the lawn mowing shoes.


The more lightweight the shoe, the better for you. Get a light shoe so as not to add weight to your already sweaty work. Furthermore, a lightweight shoe will reduce the chances of faster fatigue.


There are mowing shoes in various sizes, for women and for men. Make sure to get one that provides for your size. If you are a half size, go for shoes with half sizes. If with wide feet, ensure that you get shoes that will not clog your toes together.

To enhance comfort when mowing, get the best shoe size for you.

The length of the shoe may also come in handy, especially given weather conditions and the lawn conditions. For instance, when mowing a longer lawn weed and in cold conditions, a high-length shoe will be great.


A highly durable shoe is the preference of everyone who wants to work more than once, right? Even in cutting grass, a quality shoe that will last longer will add to the lure of a shoe. Therefore, get durable shoes and quit making an order every time you need your lawn done.


When do you anticipate to mow your lawn? Is it in summer, winter, autumn or spring? Is it when the rains are at their peak or when the sun rays are bursting the clouds?



Keen Utility Mens Braddock Low Work Boot

Day at Work Mowing wet Grass, splittin wood, talking cheap clothes & good shoes ?!?

If youre not a fan of high-rise utility shoes, then the Keen Utility Mens Braddock Low Work Boot is a great alternative.

This pair of low-rise work boots from Keen meets the ASTM testing standards, so you know that its not all for show. It comes with a synthetic sole thats slip and oil-resistant, making it the perfect protective shoes for a variety of heavy-duty jobs.

For your added safety, it boats Keens patented Toe Protection Design that allows the outsoles to wrap over the toe area. The toe area is also designed considering the foots anatomical structure to guarantee protection and comfort. It also has an internal support mechanism that supports your feet, allowing you to work throughout the day without feeling fatigued.

Its outer material is made of textile and 100 percent leather. This guarantees breathability and flexibility, allowing you to move around your lawn with ease. We also love that it has a wrap-up design that fully covers the entirety of your feet so you dont have to worry about getting grass clippings inside it as you mow your lawn.


  • It is flexible, breathable, and very comfortable.
  • It is oil and slip-resistant.
  • It comes with the patented Toe Protection Design coupled with an internal support mechanism that guarantees comfort while working.
  • It meets the ASTM testing standards.
  • Best shoes for mowing lawn


  • Some users claim that it does not offer great arch support.

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Take Safety Precautions If You Decide To Mow The Lawn Barefoot

If you have weighed the risks and decide to mow the lawn barefoot anyway, here are some safety tips:

  • Always be aware of where your mower is and never let your feet get close to the body of the machine.
  • In addition, pay attention to the terrain. If you have a flat lawn that is regularly mowed, it is less likely to have hidden objects that will hurt you.
  • Use a grass catcher on your mower to prevent it from sending debris out the side and make sure that you know how to turn the mower off if anything goes wrong.

We do not recommend mowing the lawn barefoot. If you choose do it, you should at least take the above precautions

Muckster Ii Ankle Best Wide Waterproof Rubber Garden Ankle

This muckster II boot is rubber from the sole to the upper. The material makes them flexible enough for mowing. Moreover, it is waterproof, hence allowing you to mown regardless of the weather conditions outdoor.

Then there is the 4 mm neoprene, which will not only add to the flexibility, but also brings forth warmth, which is necessary in cold and winter conditions. Also, it absorbs shock and facilitates the foot structure. This will help prevent blisters and chafing during the mowing.

A stretch-fit comfort topline is customized into a curve to allow for a range of movement, while trapping the warmth in the shoe.

In case of warm weather and summer season, then the breathable air mesh comes in. It will absorb moisture from your feet and allow foot aeration.

Finally, the outsole rubber assures you of the required traction, hence safety even when working in muddy and dewy conditions.


  • Waterproof, hence suitable for all outdoor conditions.
  • The lining is air mesh, hence breathable and with aeration.
  • The rubber outsole provides great traction capabilities.


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Every Superhero Has An Origin Story Whats Yours

My lawn mowing history began around the age of 12. My father passed away 4 years prior so I am what you would call âself-taughtâ. I didnât have much technique but damn were my lines straight. The interesting thing is, I had heard stories of my father and how he could mow the lawn with one hand and drink a cup of coffee with the other. It is quite possible that I had acquired some of the raw talent he possessed.

Crocs 10075 Bistro Clog

Kujo Yardwear

While these clogs are intended for workers in the food, hospitality, and healthcare services, the design is no different from classic Crocs® summer gardening and yard work shoes. Instead of holes, the Bistro model features the enclosed toes to cover a chefs feet from kitchen spills. For landscaping purposes, this will protect your feet from grass, mud, and moisture.

Another reason why I love these clogs is that the contoured footbeds provide soft cushions to my feet. Even though they do not come in wide options, the shoes are quite roomy and stretchy, making them very easy to wear. In addition to the comfort, they are incredibly lightweight. I can work in the backyard and not even realize that I have been standing and walking for hours.

Truly, this pair is a nice, low-maintenance all-around footwear for any type of activity. The grippy outsoles let me walk on slick concrete floors and puddles without slipping. After wading through the mud, I just direct the hose onto these clogs and run water on every side.

  • Lacks breathability
  • Tends to shrink under hot conditions

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Adidas Mens Tech Response Lightweight Shoe

If youre looking for a pair that you can use for a variety of purposes, then your best bet is the Adidas Mens Tech Response Shoe.

This pair of shoes from Adidas is made from 75 percent microfiber leather and 25 percent lightweight mesh to ensure breathability and comfort for your feet. This also makes it flexible, so you are free to move around without hurting your feet.

Its insole is made of soft EVA material that gives added cushioning to your feet. This keeps your feet from feeling pained or fatigued even after a long day of working outdoors.

To guarantee traction and footing stability, the Adidas Mens Tech Response Shoe is designed with a 6-spike configuration. This is coupled with Thintech low-profile technology, and that allows you to walk or run with impeccable stability and balance.

Overall, the Adidas Mens Tech Response Shoe is the best shoes for landscaping and gardening that designed to give you excellent traction and support while working on a grassy lawn. And since it has such a stylish design, you can use it for a variety of activities to get the best value for the money.


  • It provides you with excellent traction and stability.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • It offers great value for the money.
  • Users have 3 color schemes to choose from.
  • It is breathable and flexible.


  • Its sizing is not recommended for people with wide feet.

Kujo 10010165 Yard Shoe

We all know what waterproof shoes are, but have you heard of grass-repellant footwear? Just type keywords like Kujo yard wear lightweight breathable yard work shoe on a search engine, and youll find this footwear with that description. What this means is that this pair has a toe cap that does not make the grass stick, making it the top choice for lawn mowing.

At first glance, these shoes may look like ordinary sneakers, but they perform so much better whenever I walk on slippery, wet grass. Im more sure footed with this pair thanks to the outsoles flexible yet powerful lugs. But dont worry! Removing mud, pebbles, and grass from the treads is super easy.

On top of that, this pair has a transparent sonic welt for better support and durability without adding to the entire weight. Besides letting the shoes flex, the small windows right above the toe caps let the air in to keep the interiors well-ventilated. Nevertheless, the footwear is still waterproof because of the air mesh.

  • Pricier than most gardening shoes
  • Difficulty in adjusting the laces

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