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What To Look For When Buying An Electric Lawn Mower

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A Guide To Choosing A Cordless Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

If you have a backyard, whether it is big or small, a lawn mower is a good investment. Grass can be wild and out of control, especially when it is not maintained. Most lawn mowers run on gas, which can be bad for the environment and difficult to use and maintain. A cordless lawn mower can be a good option for you if you are trying to have a beautifully groomed garden and lawn.

When choosing an electric lawn mower, you want to consider the size of your yard, your available storage space, and your preferred style of lawn mower. You will also need to determine the mower deck size and battery time required to mow your lawn.

With many options to choose from when it comes to lawn mowers and other garden supplies, it can be difficult to know which option is the best for you. Here is a guide to choosing the best cordless lawn mower for your backyard. You can be certain that if you maintain your lawn correctly and with the right tools, you will have the best backyard in the neighborhood!

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What Are The Weaknesses Of The Corded Electric Lawnmowers

The corded electric lawnmowers have been loved and hated in equal measure. The corded electric lawn mowers biggest undoing is that it cannot work in places where the electric grid has not reached. Moreover, there are frequent power blackouts in several areas that are likely to impede its operations.

Additionally, the power cords presence is limiting as it does not allow for free movement. The power cord determines how far the mower goes and how. The risk of intertwining the wire and even cutting it in the course of mowing is rather a reality in this case.

Lawn Tractors: Know Engine Size And Features

Lawn tractor engines are sized to match the mower deck and climb the grade listed in the manufacturers specs. Buying a lawn tractor with a larger engine wont get you a higher top-end speed, but the larger engine is important if you plan to haul a cart or add a snow blade or a snow thrower accessory.

Most tractor engines have traditional carburetors. However, the Cub Cadet model shown above, has electronic fuel injection , which dramatically reduces the starting problems associated with carbureted engines and ethanol fuel. Plus, Cub Cadet claims its EFI system boosts fuel efficiency by 25 percent.

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Best Riding: Ryobi Ry48111 100 Ah 38 Electric Riding Mower

  • Great performance, even in thick grass

  • Quiet operation

  • No mulching capabilities

  • Uncomfortable seat

You can mow your lawn faster and easier with the RYOBI 38-inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower. This ride-on model has a 38-inch deck and can run for up to two hours per charge, and is able to handle even the thickest patches of grass without any issues. It can be used to side-discharge or bag grass clippings, but the bagging attachment is sold separately.

This riding mower is extremely quiet during operationits virtually silent when the blades arent engagedand it can travel at speeds up to 8 miles per hour. There are 12 cutting heights for its dual-blade deck, and it has handy features like LED lights, cruise control, and a USB charging port. The mower charges via a standard 120-volt outlet, but the seat could be somewhat uncomfortable to sit in for longer mowing sessions.

Cutting Width: 38 inches | Weight: 678 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1 to 2 acres

How Do You Fix An Electric Lawn Mower That Wont Start

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers of 2020

If you already have a cordless lawn mower in your tool collection, it is important to know how it works and how to fix it when it begins to act up. First, you must be able to diagnose the reason why your lawn mower will not turn on.

Here are several reasons:

  • Dead battery that needs to be replaced
  • Clogged vents
  • A faulty motor
  • Start button issues

Each of these reasons has different solutions. It takes patience and time to learn what is wrong with your yard equipment and you must remember to be careful so as to not further the issue with the lawn mower.

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Best And Worst Battery

CR’s tests reveal that the best cordless electric walk-behind mowers are from Ego, Greenworks, Kobalt, Ryobi, and Toro

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In Consumer Reports lawn mower tests, the best battery lawn mowers easily rival the best gas ones in performance. And they dont necessarily cost more. So if youre looking to reduce your consumption of gasolineand ditch the regular maintenance required of gas-powered unitsit might be time to try a battery, aka cordless electric, mower.

And if youre in the market for a battery mower but worry that it might poop out in the middle of the job, results from our tests might calm those doubts. Battery run times have finally increased to the point where some mowers are able to cut nearly half an acre in one charge, says Misha Kollontai, CRs test engineer who rates lawn mowers. They get better every year.

Several battery push mowers in our ratings offer an impressive run time of 70 or more minutes. To improve run times, some mower makers are designing new models with multiple battery slots when one battery is spent, another can take over.

Con: Not The Best For Larger Yards

For homeowners with hilly or larger yards, finding the right mower can be a challenge. A riding lawn mower like the gas-powered Toro IronForged Deck Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower will do the job. It has a huge cutting width of 60 inches and will definitely finish big yards quicker.

You can purchase electric riding mowers as well. The Ryobi 42-inch 75ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower offers a decent cutting width of 42 inches. Still, if you have a yard encompassing multiple acres, it will take you longer to finish the job with an electric model like this one.

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How To Choose The Right Mower For Your Needs

A beautiful plush-green lawn not only enhances the outlook of your house but also increases the value of your home to a great extent. People who own houses having a lawn, need to find some time to maintain to keep it in the best of shape.

While many use lawn mowing service companies for cutting and pruning their lawns, by buying a lawn mower of your own, you can cut down the costs in a big way. Maintaining the yard can be a tough task, but a lawnmower can make it look much more comfortable than you might think.

The market is filled with a lot of brands, buying the best lawn mower can be a little bit confusing. Before you arrive at a final decision, you need to consider a lot of factors including the size, terrain, type of mower, and budget.

In this article, we provide the ultimate lawn mower buying guide along with the factors to consider before making the purchase. The guide also includes a list of the top lawn mowers in the market along with the frequently asked question about lawn mowers.

Best Electric Mower For Small Yards

5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers You Can Buy In 2022

Pros: Lightweight, 10.6-gallon collection bag, low price

Cons: Too small for larger yards, only three height settings

The Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO electric lawn mower may not have the portability or width to be a practical option for larger yards, but its compact design and easy-to-use operation make it ideal for small or medium-sized ones. The relatively narrow width also makes it convenient to maneuver around tight landscaping elements like rocks or other obstacles that require more precision than a larger mower offers.

One reason I chose the Sun Joe for this list is that I appreciate anything that improves operation safety, especially involving lawn mowers. This model requires you to press the safety lock button and simultaneously pull the “on” trigger to power it up. It reduces the chance of you starting the mower unintentionally.

Because of the 14-inch cutting width, this compact mower is also well-suited for those who have limited storage space. It’s also incredibly lightweight. At just 29 pounds, it’s comfortable to use and makes its lack of self-propelling mechanism less of an issue.

I’ve used Sun Joe products in the past and have found them to be straightforward to operate. The user manual provides a clear diagram of how to effectively mow with a corded model and prevent running over your extension cord.

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No Tall Grass Or Weeds

As amazing as electric mowers are, none of them have the strength that the gas mowers have. If youre the kind of person who mows their yard every 2 weeks or so, an electric mower is perfect for you. But if you let it grow for say a month or two, youll have to resort to a gas mower.

An electric lawnmower is perfect if you have a small, maintained yard. If you like the low noise and ease of you, its definitely for you.

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How To Choose An Electric Mower For Your Lawn

Back in the past, gas-powered mowers were the only way your lawn could be cut. It was time-consuming and you used a lot of gas. Fast forward to today, we have electric mowers.

The best electric mowers are powered in two ways. Either by battery or by using a cord. There are many forms of electric mowers, which we will discuss today.

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How Much Do Lawnmowers Cost

The models in our most recent battery and electric lawnmower test range in price from about $200 to over $1500, including the battery and charger. Battery lawnmowers are usually sold as a kit but you can buy them as a “skin” only . Make sure to check what’s included in the price.

Petrol lawnmowers range in price from about $200 to over $2000.

Cutting Height And Cutting Width

Best Electric Lawn Mowers. Buying Guide and Reviews.

The cutting height of lawn mowers varies quite considerably. In most cases, the cutting height is above 20 mm and below around 80 mm. Most lawns dont require cutting below 40 mm, so a minimum cutting height of 40 mm should be sufficient.

Cutting your lawn any shorter makes it more likely the grass will dry out and be sensitive to wear. If you have an ornamental lawn, however, on which nobody walks or lounges, you may want to cut this shorter than 40 mm, in which case youd look for a mower that has a lower cutting height. Lower cutting height increases the risk of damage to the blades from rocks, sticks, and general wear and tear, so youll want to be extra careful if youre using your mower for management of this kind of lawn.

Cutting width also varies considerably between different lawn mowers. In general, cutting width will be 30-55 cm , with narrower widths seen in most cheaper mowers and larger cutting widths a feature of higher end models.

Cutting height & width summary: Think of it this way, if you have a large lawn with easy to mow grass, a mower with a larger cutting width will cut the lawn much faster as the mowers blades reach farther and cover a larger area more quickly.

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What Makes The Tractor Lawnmowers Superior To The Electric Lawnmowers

Tractor lawnmowers are considered superior due to the overall torque on their powerful engines. Most of the motor power on the tractors is higher, making them mow larger areas than their electric lawnmower counterparts. The use of fuel also gives them an advantage over the electric lawnmowers, which solely depend on the power grid.

Additionally, because they are ride-on, their use does not involve the users physical strength, as is the case with most of the push behind electric lawnmowers. They can also have a better capacity to mow long grass lawns as compared to the electric lawnmowers.

Can You Leave An Electric Lawn Mower Outside

Due to the electrical components and vulnerable batteries, we don’t recommend leaving your mower outdoors when it’s not in use. Both Ego and Greenworks recommend keeping their electric mowers indoors in a cool, dry space. They also state that you should never cover them with a plastic tarp, which can trap moisture that can damage the internal components. If you need to keep your mower outside, keep it elevated and off the ground. This will allow air to flow around it and prevent unnecessary moisture damage.

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Where Can One Buy An Electric Lawnmower

Several places are available for this lawnmower purchase. Brick and motor stores across the street which stock agricultural and home appliances, as well as those dealing with electrical goods, are known to have enough stock of any electric lawnmower you may wish to buy, albeit at higher rates due to taxation and rent charges.

However, you are not lost for choice as the online market is also buzzing with electric lawnmowers. Online retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and eBay have proven to be some of the most reliable places to get your electric lawnmowers at netter rates.

In most cases, electric lawnmowers are seen to do a better job at mowing on the open than their reel mower counterparts. This is usually solely because reel mowers, in essence, are slow, sluggish, and in the case of those using gas, quite environmentally unfriendly.

The additional reason is that the operational span of most of the electric lawnmowers is usually better. Most of them are fitted with features that enable them to mow even longer grass, which is impossible with the reel mowers.

Swift 40v Eb137cd Cordless Lawnmower

Finding the Perfect Lawn Mower | Consumer Reports

Another good quality offering from Swift is the 40V battery-powered EB137CD. With a larger cutting width of 37cm, this mower has a steel cutting blade and an advanced digital motor to enhance efficiency.One full charge will easily cut 250 square meters of lawn, and the 25-75mm cutting height allows you to mow all terrains with ease. It comes with a 40 litre grass box, child lock and foldable frame for easy storage. It has a 2 year warranty on the machine and a 1 year warranty on the battery. It weighs 21.5kgs, making transport and handling easy.

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Will An Electric Lawn Mower Make My Grass Healthier Than A Gas Mower

According to Bob Vila, the myth is that grass health is the same no matter what kind of mower you use is one which needs dispelling. It is a known guideline in lawn maintenance: The better the cut, the healthier the grass. The truth is that gas-powered mowers tend to offer a better cut because of the blades design. Electric mower blades are different from gas mower blades to make the battery last longer. This sacrifices cut quality, and these blades can also get bogged down in thicker growth.

The Best Electric Lawn Mower In 2022 Tried And Tested

Easy to use with little to no assembly right out of the box, the latest cordless electric lawn mowers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, are far quieter than gas-powered models and, with no risk of fuel leaking or going bad, can be stored away vertically, saving precious garage or shed space and requiring no off-season maintenance. Most importantly, the best cordless electric lawn mowers perform just as well as their gas counterparts, so with many municipalities limiting the use of gas outdoor equipment, its time to make the switch.

To find out which electric mowers performed the best, we put six models to work, cutting, bagging and mulching grass and noting everything from interface to special features to run time. So whether youre keeping up with HOA rules, trying to be more green or just sick of choking down exhaust fumes in the summer heat and dealing with clogged carburetors in the winter, weve found the best electric lawn mower for you.

Easier to operate than the competition, self-propelled and, best of all, great at cutting grass, the Ego Power+ Select Cut electric lawn mower packs plenty of power to get through mowing a standard lawn on a single charge and almost makes the chore fun.

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Top Electric Mower Brands

Here are four brands with excellent reputations:

  • Greenworks: 40 to 80 volt 17- to 21-inch decks corded and cordless rear-wheel drive, push mowers, self-propelled mowers. Greenworks Pro 80V has high-efficiency motor and a universal battery system that works on multiple tools.
  • Snapper: 48 to 82 volt 19- to 21-inch decks cordless available features include push button start, automatic drive, three-in-one mowing deck and vertical storage capability.
  • Toro: 60 volt 20- to 22-inch decks cordless self-propelled and walk-behind. Recycler has three-in-one capability with mulching, side discharge and bagging, plus intuitive speed control.
  • Ryobi: 40 volt 13- to 21-inch decks self-propelled, walk-behind and riders load-sensing technology to maximize power when needed.

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