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What Is Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

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Specific Needs Must Be Known:

How to Operate a Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower from Toro

Weeds or grass extending till 12 inches to 6 feet tall do not need a zero-turn mower. Here you would need something like a rotary cutter.

It wont be logical to blame the brush cutter blade if it fails to chop off those long grasses. The purpose of these mowers is to mow your lawns and thats what they were created for in the first place.

Husqvarna Z254f Zero Turn Mower For Hills

When looking for performance and style, the Z200 series makes for the best zero-turn mower for hills.

At first, it might appear to you like a slow and less robust machine, but you need to use it to vouch for its capability in enhancing lawn maintenance.

The tool features a 23HP engine, and the zero-turn ability of Z254 is all about good turf-cutting muscle.

The 54 inches ClearCut deck is always in position and you can work up with it, as and when you want- but secure the deck lift first.

Made of welded 11-gauge steel, the mower promises a good amount of durability.

To ensure safety, the Husqvarna Z254F 54 in. 23 HP Kawasaki zero hydrostatic turn riding mower has proper ergonomic control and an anti-slip foot area too.

One of the biggest advantages of the mower is that it provides comfort and plenty of power at the time of use, which is a plus point among many of its competitors.

The Kawasaki engine allows reliable startups, with a 6.5 MPH speed at its most. Thanks to the hydrostatic, no-maintenance transmission- the mower can take on multiple cutting conditions.

Once you have used the tool, simply move the steering levels outward so as to keep it parked. It is only with time you will gradually explore the functionalities of the Z254F machine.

If you intend to buy the best zero-turn mower for hills, be prepared to get a 3-year limited bumper-to-bumper warranty for homeowners use. Besides, the optional bagger and mulch kit are equally useful.


  • Kits Sold Separately

Best Zero Turn Mower: Husqvarna Mz61

Husqvarna is back on our list because it offers some of the best zero turn mowers. Husqvarnas commercial-grade MZ61 model has a large cutting deck. For heavy works, it also features a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. The features include comfortable armrests, a high-back seat, and vibration dampeners.

All of this allows customers to operate comfortably for long periods using this mower. It also has a hydrostatic transmission, which makes starting smoother. Grass clippings can also be discharged, bagged, or mulched using this mower. This commercial zero turn mower comes with a four-year warranty, making it an excellent pick.


  • The cutting width is quite large.
  • Briggs & Stratton engine with the hydrostatic transmission is robust.
  • Design that is appealing to the eye


  • Mulcher and bagger are sold separately
  • Quite costly

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Buy Here With Free Delivery At The Home Depot: John Deere Ztrs At The Home Depot

Not Recommended: Z335E ZTrak Mower 20 hp * full-pressure engine 42-in. Accel Deep Deck at Lowes. All John Deere ZTRs come with armrests except this one. When driving a ZTR your arms are extended straight out in front of you. Armrests are important on a ZTR because it helps to keep your shoulders from getting sore. Trust me spend the extra $100 on the Z335M and get the armrests youll be glad you did!

Walker Model R Residential Zero


As a mowing contractor, Ive owned Walker mowers over the years and there is nothing else like them! If you want the absolute best cut the Walker R21 is the best choice. The front deck independently rides over the turf and follows all the ground contours to give you the most even cut possible. Its low center of gravity lets the Model R go more places than any other residential lawnmower.

The Model R is designed for residential use but uses the same commercial decks found on the Walker commercial mowers.

Walker sells through local dealers. Go to to set up a demo from one.

The R21 is the ideal machine for residential properties. Featuring a powerful 21 HP Kohler KT620 with Smart-Choke technology, this machine is a premium Walker Mower priced for residential owners. Tilt-open seat and tilt-up deck are designed for easy maintenance access.

Type: Non-CollectionKey Attributes: Agile, Accessible, CompactStandard Options: 18 x 8.5-8 Turf Tire, Standard Seat42 or 48-inch side discharge commercial deck.Popular Add-ons: Comfort Seat, LED Headlight Kit, Mulch Kit, Accelerator Grass Catcher

Check out this video:Introducing The All New Walker Model R

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There Are Many Reasons As To Why Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Are Used By Lawn Care Specialists

What are the best zero turn commercial mowers. For larger properties, youll need to step up your game and get one that is 48+. 7 best commercial zero turn mowers in 2020 updated: We have added the top products, fastest, smallest, cheapest, their exclusive features.

Snapper 560 z 52 inch 25 hp zero turn mower. The 5 best commercial zero turn mowers. Thankfully, the beast 62zbbm20 can hold 7.5 gallons of gas.

Ariens has designed the most lightweight commercial grade mower with commercial features but in a residential range. If you’re looking for the best commercial zero turn mower but on a budget, well this ariens ikon x is the best option for you. It has 25 horse power briggs and stratton engine, offering too speed of 9 mile per hour.

The removable deck of deck size 51 inch makes it easy to clean and ease while transporting. We will start off by saying snapper as the rolls royce of the mowers. A powerful engine also requires lots of fuel.

Its 25hp engine makes sure that you can blaze through the grass at a consistent 12 mph. Thus, making it the best heavy duty commercial zero turn mower. You may get stumble to choose the best one.

However, the ability of zero turn mowers to show this feature depends on its model and brand. In fact, there is no real best commercial zero turn mower. Zero turn mowers have much greater flexibility than traditional lawn tractors.

Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Commercial ZT Mower Gravely

Top 10 Best ZeroTurn Mowers for 2020 Best lawn mower

Bush Hog Residential Zero

Bush Hog Zero-Turn Mowers have been around since the early 90s and many of those first mowers are still mowing lawns today. Bush Hog has always been know for tough, dependable mowers and the ZTRs are no exception.

All their mowers have 7ga or thicker decks.

From Bush-Hog. Our Zero-Turn Mowers continue the Bush Hog legacy of renowned durability, outstanding value, and built for years of performance.

Theyre perfect for commercial landscapers and homeowners with large lawns and acreage. Theyre built to last and easy to maintain.

Whether youre a lawn care professional who requires productivity and dependability, or a homeowner who wants professional results in a fraction of the time, Bush Hog has the mower to meet your needs. Review our website, then visit a dealer and let them put the perfect package of features and benefits together for you.

Remember, If it doesnt say Bush Hog it just wont cut it.

Bush Hog sells through local farm equipment dealers. Check out the mowers here: Bush Hog Zero Turn Mowers


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What Is A Zero Turn Mower

A zero turn mower is a lawn mower that has its mowing deck in front of the machine, rather than underneath like a traditional tractor. This type of machine is great for people who don’t necessarily consider themselves landscapers, but want to look after their lawn. Lawn mowers are easier and faster to maneuver than tractors. Plus, they’re much smaller.

A zero turn mower can be a riding mower or a walk-behind or stand-on mower. Most zero turn mowers are four-wheeled with two swiveling wheels out front and two large drive wheels in the back. Steering is controlled by operator handles which control each individual drive wheel. When one wheel is stopped and the other engaged, the turning radius of the machine is reduced to nothing.

What Is A Compact Stand

TOP 5 zero-turn MOWERS under $5,000 in 2021

A compact stand-on mower offers the same mowing capabilities as a seated zero turn mower. There are, however, some big differences between the two. As with a seated zero turn lawn mower, a compact stand-on mower has been designed to further increase productivity by becoming an extension of the operators natural standing body position while featuring the same heavy-duty durability for extended use.

Stand-on zero turn mowers offer the option to ride on the machine or walk behind it, making it versatile and suitable for almost all situations. The compact nature and design makes transportation much easier. They are shorter. The ergonomic layout allows for additional space in the truck or trailer, meaning more tools can be carried for the job. But what other points of difference separate a compact stand-on mower from a zero-turn ride-on mower?

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How To Pick The Perfect Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Whether youre a homeowner or a landscaping professional, you can enjoy the speed and comfort of a zero turning radius lawn mower.

Unlike lawn and garden tractors, zero turn mowers have a turning radius thats almost zero degrees. That means you can make quick, narrow turns that are perfect for navigating a yard full of obstacles. Plus, with the fastest zero turn mower able to hit speeds of 10 mph, you’ll finish your yard in a snap.

Which Brand Makes The Best Zero

When it comes to finding a quality zero-turn mower, you cant go wrong with Husqvarna. There are many zero-turn mowers from this company that exceed users expectations.

Some other great brands to keep in mind include Craftsman, Ariens, Troy Bilt, and Swisher. These are some of the most reliable names for finding quality lawn equipment.

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Lap Bar Vs Steering Wheel Zero Turns

One of the big decisions you’ll need to make when picking a zero turn mower is whether you want lap bar or wheel steering.

  • Lap bar zero turn mowers are steered using two bars, each controlling a wheel independently, which allows for great maneuverability. These mowers do come with a slight learning curve if you’ve never used one before, though. You’ll need to get the hang of moving the bars in sync.
  • Steering wheel zero turn mowers are great if you want to start mowing without overcoming a learning curve. The steering wheel makes controlling these zero turns just like driving a golf cart or tractor.

Husqvarna Mzt61 Kawasaki Zt3400 Fab Deck 61

Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna MZT61 Kawasaki ZT3400 Fab Deck 61-inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna MZT61 Kawasaki ZT3400 Fab Deck 61-inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a gasoline-powered 23 HP engine. It has a superior cutting deck and its hydrostatic transmission requires little maintenance. An easy smart switch is another added plus.

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Best Zero Turn Mower: Zt Hd 48 991152

The Gravely ZT HD 48 991152 is for lawn owners who are looking beyond mowing their lawn perfectly. However, this residential best zero turn mower is often mistaken for a commercial unit. It possesses the strength, durability, and efficiency that a residential lawn requires. Its characteristics also ensure that it is stylish, comfortable, quick, and precise.

This one is built to commercial standards for power and durability. The notion that it is utilized on the home lawns is the sole thing that distinguishes it from a residential lawnmower. It is designed with commercial features and DNA for the homeowner to take advantage of. The deck lift features effortless adjustments which make the mowing easier.


  • Chute Baffle with Operator Control.
  • Kit for the Discharge Cover.


  • Expensive

What Are The Standout Features Of A Compact Stand

The first standout feature to note is an improvement of safety during operation. As you are located to the rear of the lawn mower, being able to dismount quickly during an emergency can reduce the risk of injury. This quick dismount also makes it much easier to clear debris out of the way during operation.

Product highlight – Husqvarna V554

Compact isn’t simply a name it is a standout feature for stand-on mowers, such as the Husqvarna V554 and the V548. To give you an idea of the compact size, the V554 measures in with a base machine length of 145cm and a base machine height of 122cm. While compact, there is definitely no sacrifice with quality and productivity. In fact, these are drastically improved.

The V554 is able to mow 4.1acres/hr. With a forward speed of up to 17.7km/hr and a cutting width of 137cm , output is seriously ramped up. The 7 gauge fabricated cutting deck comes with side discharge, mulch and collect options. The blades are engaged via the electromagnetic clutch which has a rating of 271.16Nm. The FX series V-Twin Kawasaki engine is able to hold 26 litres of fuel for uninterrupted work.

The blade height can be set between 1 and 5 inches for a superior finish and the deck lifting system is hand operated. All of these specifically designed features work together to create a compact, comfortable and extremely powerful lawn mower for commercial use.

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The Ultimate Buying Guide For Best Zero

While the idea of having a lawn at the house is an incredible one, but its quite tough to check for the upkeep and maintenance of the same.

Suppose you stay in a hilly place or have some bumps and hills in the backyard.

The very process of moving and rotating your mower would differ markedly from how you would accomplish the work at some plain region.

The cutting times, efficiency, user-friendliness, high-tech power, and control are a few of the characteristics that would choose to emphasize when thinking of lawnmowers.

One unfortunate reality is most zero-turn mowers have become practically obsolete.

But thanks to a few international manufacturers whove stepped into the scenario and helped many to lay their hands on such incredible tools.

What is more interesting to note is that the prices are slashed and you can avail them, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

However, picking the best of the lot can be a cumbersome process. You might be flooded with options, yet confusions know no end.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few more specifications that you should be wary of and this buying guide will throw light upon the selection process, in detail.

Things to know before choosing. First things first, we have enlisted some guidelines on the choice of your zero-turn riding lawnmowers.

Poulan Pro P46zx 22 Hp Briggs V

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower | Toro Time Cutter Review

Poulan Pro P46ZX 22 HP Briggs V-Twin Pro Cutting Deck 46-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower has a 46-Inch cutting deck with a ten-year warranty. It has a 22 HP twin engine from Briggs and Stratton, an electric clutch and hydro gear EZT transmission.

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How To Choose The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Toro riding mowers are built to last longer and perform better than any others you can find, but for many people, its hard to narrow down your choices to find whats right for your lawn. The lineup of Toro riding mowers is solely zero-turn mowers because we believe they offer the most comfort, durability, and capability compared to others such as lawn and garden tractors, and allow a better mowing experience for our customers.Because of their maneuverability and comfort, zero turn riding mowers are ideal for lawns with many obstacles including garden features, trees and landscaping. Consider the acreage of your lawn that needs to be cut, and the versatility you need, such as if you need to tow anything or mow different types of brush or grass. To start with, consider the size and grade of your lawn. Now that you know the benefits of buying a zero-turn mower, here are the 8 key things to consider when buying a riding lawn mower.

  • Durability look for designs that are inspired by commercial machines
  • Engine Design single-cylinder and twin-cylinder options are available, with twin-cylinder being the choice of professionals
  • Cutting Height look for easy adjustability without intricate parts which could break over time
  • Wide Tires wide tires offer the most traction and weight distribution for better stability
  • Comfort seat construction, suspension, and accessories make all the difference
  • Property Size
    Mowing Deck
    Terrain Type
    Creature Comforts

    Ego Battery Zero Turn Mower

    Over the last 30 years, there have been at least one hundred companies who have tried to enter the zero-turn mower market. The few who have made it past the five-year mark are making a product that is unique something that homeowners want but no one has thought of it before. Chervon through their EGO division has something that is unique something that no one has done before.

    The EGO 42-inch battery zero-turn uses the same battery platform as their line of cordless lawn, garden, and walk-behind mowers. If you are a committed EGO fan and want a battery-powered riding mower go check out the EGO ZTR at Lowes.

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    Ferris/simplicity/snapper/briggs & Stratton Residential Zero

    Simplicity Courier

    It appears Briggs & Stratton just put up the Ferris/Simplicity/Snapper lawn & garden division up for sale. This includes Ferris, Simplicity, and Snapper brand names. Check out the article here: Briggs & Stratton Announces Strategic Repositioning Plan

    Ferris/Simplicity/Snapper/Briggs & Stratton sells through local dealers.

    Simplicity and Snapper both sell a zero-turn with the EZT transmissions but as far as I know they are only available through your local Simplicity or Snapper dealer. CR does not rate the Simplicity but unfortunately, they consistently give its twin, the Snapper 360Z, the lowest rating for ZTRs. I have not used one enough to verify if I agree with their rating or not. The only complaint I have with the Simplicity Courier Zero Turn Mower is I wish they would have put a small tailgate on the integrated cargo bed. The The exclusive Suspension Comfort System complete with front or front & rear suspension allows you to feel 25% less impact while operating, resulting in enhanced comfort versus a non-suspension zero turn mower Suspends the entire mower not just the operator. Because of that, you may experience an uneven cut on really rough lawns because the deck moves up and down with the rest of the mower. If you have a rough lawn please demo it on your lawn first before you buy or just pass and buy the Toro MyRide!

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