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Do Not Pee On Lawn Sign

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Dont Use Potentially Harmful Deterrents

No Poop No Pee Zone Aluminum 12â? x 8â? Lawn sign review

As frustrating as misplaced dog waste may be, you dont want to harm the dog it isnt his fault.

Hes a good boy, who just needs to tinkle!

Also, you may be held responsible if you do something to harm the dog. Stick with dog-safe deterrents to prevent Fido from eliminating on your lawn.

Dont use ingredients like cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, garlic, or ammonia. These agents can be harmful for dogs and lead to illness or injury.

Why Does Dog Pee Discolor Your Grass

Through eating food and taking supplements, some nutrients get absorbed into your dogs bloodstream while others are filtered out by the kidneys. The unabsorbed nutrients get expelled from the body through urination.

The problem for your lawn is not the pee itself but rather the chemical compounds that are contained in it. As the water in their pee evaporates, whats left behind is a high concentration of nitrogen. If left untreated, the grass will appear brown at the center and green at the edges where the nitrogen is less concentrated, which leaves those nasty yellow marks.

While nitrogen and nitrates are beneficial for grass and even used for fertilizer, too much can actually be harmful, explains Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM, a remote veterinary consultant at PetKeen. If you already fertilize your lawn with nitrogen and then your dog pees concentrated nitrogen in one area, it can overdo it and kill the grass.

How To Confront A Neighbor About Their Dog On Your Lawn

Dear Lizzie,

How do you stop neighbors from letting their dogs pee on young landscape plants near the edge of your yard?

Whats a homeowner to do?! Dogs gotta pee, plants gotta grow, and you cant sit on your stoop monitoring your yard all day long. If this is happening while dog owners are out walking their dogs, its perfectly OK to speak up about the issue. But rather than tell someone what not to do, its always best to try to frame something as a positive suggestion.

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Robert, if you dont mind trying to get Luna to pee on the other side of the sidewalk, that would be great. Or, Sarah, it would be great if you could encourage Coco to use this part of the yard instead of the rose bushes. When given in a friendly, light tone, gentle suggestions like these should cause little argument.

Deb Welch, original photo on Houzz

As we said before, you cant be there to monitor this all the time, so if you need to put up a helpful reminder sign, that could be OK. Its really up to you and how you feel about the image it portrays. Just as with speaking to someone face to face, youll want to be careful and kind with your language. Please no peeing on the shrubs.Water, yes. Pee, no.We thank your dog for not peeing on our garden.

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Can Changing Your Dogs Diet Help

Encouraging your dog to drink more water is good for their skin, bladder, and digestive health. Plus, the increased water consumption may have the added benefit of reducing damage to your grass. According to Bonk, feeding a raw or homemade diet that is less processed can reduce the amount of nitrogen in their urine

Keep a bowl of fresh, clean water accessible to your dog at all times. You could also try adding water or goats milk to your dogs food or swapping out commercial dry food for wet food. Hydrating fruits such as blueberries, slices of apple, watermelon, or cantaloupe can also help increase water consumption. Always consult with your veterinarian and choose a diet that is safe and nutritionally balanced.

Exercise caution when using enzyme supplements that claim to prevent grass burns. These products can change the acidity or alkalinity of your dogs pee, potentially affecting their health. Besides, there are other options for keeping your lawn in good shape.

Do Female Dogs Cause More Damage

No Dog Pee Signs

It might seem as though female dogs are the bigger culprit behind grass burns. However, this apparent sex difference has more to do with the way dogs pee rather than the chemicals in their urine.

Some male dogs tend to lift their leg and pee on standing surfaces like tree trunks and backyard fences, and they will also disperse their scent rather than in one concentrated spot. In contrast, female dogs are more likely to squat and pee directly onto the grass. Damage to your grass can occur as your dog pees in the same area repeatedly.

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Apply Vinegar & Lime Juice To Coffee Filters

Vinegars strong smell naturally deters dogs. The added lime juice helps to reduce the overall odor for people, while still working as a citrus doggy deterrent.

Coffee filters usually degrade over time which makes this method suitable for direct use on a flower bed or lawn. You can also find biodegradable filters that break down even faster if you like.

Soak your coffee filters in white vinegar and a little bit of lime juice. Once the filters dry, cut them into strips and place around the area you want to keep dogs away from.

This method is safe for plants, and shouldnt present any harm to doggos either.

Why Dog Urine Kills Grass

Learning why dog pee kills grass is the first step in preventing your dog from killing your grass.

The level of nitrogen in your dogs urine is what turns your grass brown. If your dogs urine is high in nitrogen, then it will burn your grass.

Nitrogen happens to be one of the substances excreted when protein is broken down the more protein your dog eats, the more nitrogen is released.

And the more nitrogen, the bigger chance your dog is killing your grass. Thats all the science I am going to get into.

But if your dog is on a high-protein diet, that is most likely the number one culprit.

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Leave Citrus Peels On The Ground

The smell of tangy citrus may be appealing to us, but to some dogs and cats, the smell is particularly pungent.

Accordingly, you can use peels of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit to keep Fido out of your yard. Keep in mind that this wont necessarily deter all dogs.

For the best results, mix in the peels with your soil. This will help the peels break down over time and prevent the peels from unintentionally attracting bugs.

You can even double-up your approach by making a soil mixture that contains both citrus peels and leftover coffee grounds.

The Pee On Command Method

How To Fix Dog Pee Spots In Your Lawn – EASY!



Choose a command word for pee such as go pee. Make sure your dog has access to lots of water so he has urine to pass for training!

Go to non-grass area

Take your dog to go pee, on a leash, to an area without grass or a designated potty area.

Ask and wait

Provide the ‘go pee’ command and wait for him to pee. This may take quite a while. Ignore your dog while you wait. When he does pee, repeat the verbal command to reinforce the association, especially if a significant time period has lapsed since the original command. When he has finished, say yes, and give him a treat. If he does not pee, take him back inside.

Establish command

Repeat the process daily for several days. The time between giving the initial command and your dog peeing should decrease. When the behavior is well-established, you can try taking your dog off leash. Call your off-leash dog to a non grassy area or his spot and give the ‘go pee’ command.

Use off grass

Once your dog is peeing on command, you can use the command when on walks. Give the command on the sidewalk or in an alleyway, not in the park or a neighbor’s lawn.

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Scatter Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds arent just great for fertilizing your plants, they can also deter dogs and cats from peeing in a certain area due to their strong smell.

However, this method should be used with caution. The caffeine in coffee is toxic for dogs and cats even in small amounts.

While its the owners responsibility to make sure their dog isnt eating things off the street , it is probably wisest to mix in the coffee grounds into the dirt to keep the neighborhood pups safe while also discouraging them from sprinkling on your lawn.

You may also want to install a sign warning owners that youve used coffee grounds on your lawn.

While its unlikely that dogs will come near your coffee adorned lawn, its better to be safe than sorry if this is your method of choice.

Do Dogs Repellents Really Work

Dog repellents can repel and deter dogs at least in some cases. Many dogs are sensitive to smells like citrus, citronella , and others which are usually embedded in repellent solution.

There are even plants that sometimes deter dogs. However, it is possible for dogs to be completely unbothered from the scent of deterrent.

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Is dog pee killing your grass? Is your once lush, green backyard spotted with yellow or brown burn spots?

Is it possible to have a lush green lawn and have a dog?

We struggled with our dogs pee killing our grass for several years in our backyard. Ive tried re-seeding several times but failed each year when I cant keep the dogs off the new grass.

There is nothing more frustrating than repairing your damaged lawn and minutes later having your dog destroy it again.

Keep reading for the seven easy ways to stop your dogs urine from destroying your lawn. And learn how to prevent your dogs from killing the grass over and over.

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How To Keep Dogs From Pooping On Your Lawn

Mans best friend is only a best friend until he walks over from your neighbors house and poops on your lawn. Its a indignity that faces many homeowners, and an offense that bugs some more than others. Whether or not youve actually dealt with errant dog poop showing up on your lawn, youll want to read on. Well discuss an extreme technique for battling unwanted deposits in your yard, and well share a couple graphic images of alternative deterrents to this excremental problem.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Lawn

Designate a pee spot. Train your dog to pee in a certain place. That way, the damage is restricted to one area as opposed to your entire lawn. You can also fence in part of your yard for potty breaks.

Create a plant-free zone. Bonk suggests setting up a mulch or gravel area where they can go so that grass isnt affected at all. Another option is to ditch your plants altogether by covering the entire lawn with bark or stones. Whatever material you use, make sure the texture is comfortable for your dog to walk on and wont injure their paws.

Choose resilient plants. Try seeding your lawn with low-maintenance options such as ryegrasses, fescue, and sedges. These can replace your lawn or be sown in with the existing grass.

If youre looking to reduce the area of turf lawn, consider planting ornamental grass, clover, or moss. These grass alternatives are durable, resistant to pee, and require less watering. Make sure that the plant varieties you choose arent toxic to dogs or other animals.

Wash down the area. To the extent possible, rinse off where your dog pees using a hose. If creating a designated spot doesnt work, allow your dog to pee on different parts of the lawn so that the pee and water arent accumulating in one area.

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    Is It Illegal To Let Your Dog Pee On My Grass

    I hate to act this way but I just paid $3,500 to have my lawn put in and people are allowing their dogs to pee on my grass and its completely destroying the spots where its taking place. Im not needlessly complaining, its literally killing my lawn

    ANSWER: Its technically a trespass, or even littering, but good luck getting the police to investigate or ticket. You can use security cameras to capture and identify the dog owners and submit your evidence to the police.

    If you have lawn sprinklers, water just before the dog walkers come out usually in the am and in the pm.Dogs tend to go for dry areas. There is also a product called Liquid Fence. You can also sprinkle chili powder or cayenne pepper around the edges of your yard. You have to continually reapply whatever substance you use.

    Top Picks In Shopping

    But there’s also an air of hostility and paranoia, an air of Panopticon-lite, cultivated by placing finger-wagging signs on what is functionally property reserved for public use the sidewalk. There is a gulf in how reasonable it is to insist that people clean up after their pets in such areas and to insist that their pets should not go to the bathroom at all .

    Alas, it seems there is a long-simmering cold war between the dog owners and the people with delicate bushes and flowers in the sidewalk zone, if a number of heated threads on NextDoor are any indication. In my neighborhood, a recently shared comic shows a person who did not pick up after their dog being ushered into the depths of hell.

    “Exactly where they belong! Ha!! Ha!!” one person replied. “Exactly!” chimed in another.

    Indeed, a cursory look at Twitter suggests the trend exists across cities, with one woman from Denver describing a controversial Nextdoor post in which a person shared a photo of their dog pooping next to a piece of anti-poop signage, spawning a thread in which people unsurprisingly “lost their s.”

    Look, I will always steer my dog away from your lawn, and its impressive range of flowering bushes and tasteful drought-resistant succulents.

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