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What Top Soil To Use For Lawn

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Topsoil Can Help Install A Garden Where There Isnt One

How to Topdress & Level Your Lawn Using Sand or TopSoil? Beginners DIY Guide

Flower gardens are an easy and beautiful way to change up the look and feel of your outdoor living space. If youre looking to build a garden from scratch in an area of your yard that is currently covered in grass, make sure you have some topsoil on hand. The options are endless and the process can be pretty simple.

Determine where you would like the flower bed to be and cover this area with several layers of newspaper. Spread a few inches of topsoil mixed with compost over the newspaper and add water. In a couple of months, the newspaper and grass beneath will decompose and the area will be ready for plant life.

How Do I Topdress My Lawn

When your lawns grass is actively grown, and youve checked and prepared your soil to make sure its just the right type for your existing lawn, you can then go ahead and start spreading the prepared soil.

The process may take a little time since you need to give it some care as you go on dressing your entire lawn. If you do it with care and accuracy in one go, however, you wont have to go through unnecessary hassle afterward.

The common method for topdressing is using a drop spreader to spread the soil evenly and accurately through the lawn.This is quite effective in achieving even layers of soil.

Another simple way is to use a shovel or a bucket to spread the soil across the lawn.

When it comes to depressions in the soil, however, you could add just enough topsoil to the depression. Then, make sure its left slightly molded so the soil will settle.

Getting The Lawn You Deserve

After you adjust your soil accordingly, you can start growing your lawn. If itâs the right type of soil, youâll have a vibrant and healthy lawn.

Preparing your soil for optimal lawn growth isnât easy. It requires an experienced hand. If you want the lawn you deserve, contact us at C.F Landscaping. Our experienced team can help you grow the lawn youâve always wanted.

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How To Topdress The Lawn

Sand should ONLY be used to topdress lawns when the native soil is sandy. If the native soil is NOT sandy, use topsoil as the topdressing material instead. True topsoil has organic matter. Topdressing applications of topsoil should closely mirror the content of the native soil. Compost materials, rich in organic matter, may be used to topdress all soil types.

If working with bare soil, evenly distribute the topdressing material, surface till, and smooth to level the grade. If working with established turfgrass, lightly and evenly rake the topdressing material to allow the material to sift down between the leaf blades. Precaution should be taken to prevent damage to existing healthy turfgrass.

Topdressing applications should be light with no more than ½- inch of material applied at a time. A thicker application can cause problems by stunting the turfgrasss growth or providing excessive shade to the turfgrass.

Topdressing is often paired with lawn aeration. Lawn aeration involves using equipment to pull small cores or plugs of soil out of the ground to relieve compaction. See HGIC 1200, Aerating Lawns for additional information on aeration.

As a word of caution, topsoil and river bottom sand may contain weed seeds that can introduce a new weed problem into the lawn.

If this document didnt answer your questions, please contact HGIC at or 1-888-656-9988.

Shall I Use Compost Or Top Soil

How to Plant Grass Seed

It isnt a question of shall I use compost or top soil?, as, most of the time, its a blend of the two together that will achieve ultimate results. When looking for lawn or yard improvements, top soil should always be used as the foundation and enriched with compost.

Compost is a soil amendment and not a growing medium we just know the word compost better than growing medium so many of the brands you will find in the garden centre call themselves compost when they are actually growing medium that contain compost along with other components such as peat, woodchip and coir to achieve the nutrient and pH balance needed for different types of plants.

As Earth Cycle compost is peat-free and manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, none of these additional components are added to the composted plant materials that make our compost. We, therefore, recommend it should not be planted directly into, but mixed with the existing soil to give it a much-needed boost!

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Tips For Topdressing Your Lawn

Topdressing your lawn can be a DIY project, but truthfully it is a very labor intensive endeavor. Some home improvement centers have motorized spreader machines available for rent which will reduce the labor but increase the cost.

  • Routine topdressing improves thatch breakdown and improves the soil. However, it does raise the grade of your yard. To ensure you dont raise it too much its best to not topdress your entire lawn routinely. Treat bare spots as needed and the entire lawn every few years.
  • A very light topdressing application can be completed more often if the amount added is shallow enough to be brushed into aeration holes.
  • Time according to your grass type. Topdress in lawns in the spring for warm season grasses and the fall for cool season grasses. This allows three or four mows before severe heat or cold sets in.
  • Combine with other cultural practices like overseeding to grow new grass.

If topdressing your lawn yourself sounds like too big of a project to tackle yourself, some lawn care companies offer top dressing service to clients. Its becoming a more popular service available because of demand but still not widely available it requires a lot of work with a small profit margin for companies.

What Should I Look For In A Quality Topsoil

Outside of a soil sample test, seeing or touching the topsoil yourself is the best way to determine the quality. Quality topsoil should be dark brown and crumbly and smell like loamy earth. Earthworms are a fantastic sign.

Bagged or bulk topsoil comes in different grades at different price points:

  • Screened topsoil has been screened to remove additional materials like small pebbles. Screening costs more.
  • Premium grade topsoil is the most expensive option and best for garden beds and seedlings, and is unnecessary for growing a lawn. Theres also topsoils especially designed for growing fruit trees or vegetables.
  • General-purpose topsoil is best for landscaping and establishing new lawns, and maybe natural topsoil, manufactured topsoil, or premium topsoil that was handled poorly.
  • Economy topsoil has not been screened and may contain weed seeds, but is a good option if youre on a budget or you need to really build up an area. If you cover with compost or a layer of general-purpose topsoil, weed seeds shouldnt be a problem.
  • Triple Mix is a mixture of topsoil, peat moss, and compost.

And ask for or look for recommendations for topsoil companies in your area. Not all topsoil companies are equal and topsoil is not subject to regulations or standardization.

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Topsoil Myth : All Topsoil Is Pretty Much The Same

Topsoil can differ dramatically, even in the same yard and from one garden bed to another. All the earth in your yard is made up of sand, silt, and clay in various amounts. The best ratios of these three elements allow for good drainage yet hold enough moisture for roots. Your soil can also vary in pH, which is a measure of how acidic or alkaline it is some plants such as bigleaf hydrangeas are more affected than others by this soil quality.

Applying Topsoil For Nutrients

How to Use Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Soil for Seeding and Lawn Repair

Even though lawns are hardy and tolerant of varying conditions they still need regular care and maintenance, which includes assuring that they get a constant supply of nutrients. By applying nutrient-rich topsoil to the lawn, you are introducing more nutrients that the grass needs to grow properly.

If you are applying topsoil for nutrients, it can be done any time in the year.

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Using Gardening Soil And Topsoil

It is generally not recommended that you entirely replace the soil in your lawn or garden, but additional soil is sometimes necessary if you intend to extend your garden or create raised beds. Before you purchase any new garden or topsoil, you should perform a soil test so you can match the pH of the new soil to the pH of the existing soil in your garden. Once you have purchased your new soil, till your garden well, then sprinkle on a few inches of the new soil. Till the garden again to incorporate the new soil, then add the rest of the soil on top. If you plan to fertilize your garden soil, it is best to do so after you have added the new soil and before you start planting.


Top Dressing A Lawn: How And Why

Top dressing a lawn is the process of applying additional materials to the surface of a lawn for many purposes and benefits, but most importantly to make it look its best, allowing you to enjoy those beautiful summer days in a stunning garden.

A top dressing consists of a mix of materials such as sand, soil, peat and loam, which should be made to closely match the composition of the existing soil, as all of the new materials will eventually form part of the root zone and will therefore need to blend well.

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Natural Alternative Pelletized Lime

Each type of lawn needs a different pH to thrive, but it is safe to say that a soil that is too acidic will not be good to your lawn. When the pH of the soil is too far from the preferred range, the lawn will not be able to extract any nutrients from the soil, even if they are plentiful.

Adding lime to the soil is the best solution for this problem, as it brings pH back to acceptable levels and allows the roots to extort the nutrients that were previously trapped.

Another great thing about the Natural Alternative Lime is that it has added microbes that encourage the development of earthworms in the soil.

Earthworms are a great help when maintaining turf and lawn health, as they eat soil and increase air and water circulation, while also providing great organic matter from their droppings.

This pelletized lime does wonders for the roots of the grass and makes sure they grow stronger and steadier. That means healthy grass for a long time, even when the lime is long gone from the soil.

If you have a fungus problem you can also use this to try and placate it. It thatches the places where the fungus and diseases spores are growing.


  • It regulates the pH of the soil, increasing the nutrient intake levels
  • It encourages the development of earthworms
  • It strengthens roots and helps them attach themselves to the soil
  • It addresses fungus and diseases


Topsoil Can Help Care For Flower And Garden Beds

How to GET a LEVEL LAWN / Tool for Sand Soil / Peat Top ...

Plants and flowers draw their nutrients from the dirt they live in. However, its often necessary to replenish these nutrients, especially if your garden endured a long winter. One of the best ways to replenish the nutrients that your plants crave is through a fresh layer of topsoil. As mentioned before, topsoil features decomposed plant matter which helps to nourish your plants. Mix the soil with compost for additional nutrients.

To incorporate new topsoil, evenly spread the soil across the bed and till the area to combine the old with the new. Finish by adding another layer of topsoil to the top of the bed. Once your plants have taken root, top off your garden with some mulch. There are many benefits of mulch, but when it comes to a freshly planted garden, mulch is a great choice because it holds in moisture and slows the growth of weeds.

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Why Compost Is The Best Top Dressing For A Lawn

Compost is the perfect tool for the job because:

  • It can be finely screened .
  • Its easy to distribute over the turf .
  • It contains a perfect balance of macro- and micro-nutrients that are slowly released over time.
  • Quality compost has a pH thats neutral or close to neutral.
  • Compost is absolutely teeming with beneficial microbes that help feed your grass. These microbes digest the organic matter in the compost and release the nutrients in it into the soil. They also help break down thatch . Oh, and one last and very important job microbes perform: they digest the grass clippings that come out of your lawn mower and return them to your soil in the form of growth-fueling nitrogen.
  • Compost can be sourced relatively inexpensively by making your own, purchasing it in bags, or buying a truckload from a landscape supply yard. Where I live, many of our local municipalities give away leaf compost thats made from our local leaf collections for free.
  • Whats The Best Type Of Topsoil For Leveling A Lawn

    If you are going to level your lawn with topsoil there are a few options when it comes to what material you can consider for using to level your lawn. I will now go over what materials different people say you should use or not use to level your lawn and look at the advantages and disadvantages of all the available options.

    • Sand Sand can be used to level lawns and some people like it because it is very fine I texture so it is easy to work it down to the soil. Using sand can cause problems especially if you have soil with a high clay content under your lawn. When sand and clay mix it can turn into a near concrete mixture and that will cause all sorts of drainage problems later on.
    • Sand/ Topsoil Mix Using a sand and topsoil mix is a much better option than using sand on its own. Using this method has the advantage of the sand making it easy yo work through the grass and down to the thatch level whilst the soil makes sure there is still good drainage. The topsoil will also add some nutrients back into your lawn.
    • Topsoil If you use a high-quality topsoil mix for leveling your lawn it will have all sorts of benefits as apart from leveling your lawn it will add organic matter back into your lawn. When you add a blend like this onto your lawn all the nutrients will work their way down to the soil and back into your lawn. Adding quality topsoil to your lawn will have the same effect as using fertilizer on it.

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    What Topdressing Material To Use

    One of the first and most important steps is deciding what type of topdressing material you should use. To be effective and advantageous it needs to be similar in texture to the underlying soil. Choosing the wrong material can create serious problems.

    According to the late James Beard, a leading authority on turfgrass:

    ne of the most important considerations in topdressing is the use of a soil mixture of comparable texture and composition to the underlying soil The use of topdressing mixes containing textures drastically different from the underlying soil results in the development of a distinct layer that impairs air and water movement considerably and results in an overall reduction of turfgrass quality.

    The most common options are sand, topsoil similar to your existing soil, high-quality compost, or a custom blended mix of the materials.

    Materials can be purchased from local nurseries or garden centers, and perhaps landscape or construction companies if you are looking for topsoil or sand.

    Are Topsoil And Compost The Same Thing

    Top Dressing and Top Soiling your Lawn

    Topsoil and compost are not the same thing. Compost is decaying plant and animal matter that is broken down by beneficial microbes into nutrients that plants can then absorb. Topsoil describes the top 5-10 layer of soil and contains organic matter, minerals, air, and water. This layer is where roots grow and beneficial microbes live. Compost is a component of topsoil.

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    How To Start A New Lawn From Grass Seed

    With preparation, the right quality seeds, well-prepared soil, and a little patience, you can start a new lawn yourself.

    You’ve probably heard lots of advice from your neighbors. They probably say that starting a new lawn is hard work best left to professionals. Or you should bite the bullet and pay for sod. The fact is, you can save money and be successful starting a new lawn from seed. You just need a little preparation, quality grass seed ideal for your growing conditions, well-prepared soil, and a little patience.

    How Often To Top

    Trouble spots may need repeat applications, but regular, uniform top-dressing does not need to be an annual tradition. Keep in mind that youre adding soil, which over time will raise your grade and affect thatch breakdown and soil ecology, so dont go overboard. Plan several light applications for troublesome yards, rather than one deep one. For overall organic soil amendment, a very light application of top-dressing brushed into aeration holes can improve the soil without raising the grade.

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    Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Soil

    This Scotts Turf soil is specific for lawn building purposes. It is intended to improve water retention, which encourages seed germination. The composition of it makes the grass grow faster and stronger, with thick branches visible in a few days.

    New grass seeds can be very delicate and prone to suffer from drought or overwatering. This turf builder prevents that and protects the seeds.

    One bag can cover about 5×5 yards. It is not a big area, so you may need to purchase more than one bag. That can be an annoyance and raise the price of the purchase, so be careful to measure your yard or garden.

    Many users are happy with the product and have reset their lawns and got rid of brown patches. If you are looking for a specific soil that will give a jump start to your lawn, this is a great choice.


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