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Where To Buy Humic Acid For Lawns

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How To Apply Humic Acid

What HUMIC ACID can do for your LAWN

Now that you know the benefits of humic acid, youll want to apply it to your lawn at the next opportunity. In order to do so, just follow these steps:

  • Choose a windless day in spring or fall, when your lawn is green and growing.
  • Plan to apply in the morning or evening
  • Spread a natural fertilizer that works by fueling microorganisms on your lawn.
  • Mix 2 ounces of liquid humic acid per gallon of water.
  • Use a pump sprayer with the nozzle held 26 inches above the grass to spray the humic acid mix evenly over the grass.
  • Apply 1 gallon of humic acid and water mix per 100 square feet of lawn.

Its that simple. The humic acid will go to work right away, breeding helpful microorganisms in your soil. Then, as the granular fertilizer breaks down, the microorganisms will feed on these nutrients. Finally, the microorganisms will release the nitrogen and other nutrients to your lawn as necessary. Fertilizing and spraying a humic acid mix on your lawn is the perfect one-two punch.

The Next Generation Of Humic Acid: Biological Dispersible Spreadable Blendable


  • Biological: Contains four biologically active components: HAP, fulvic acid, humic acid and humin.
  • Dispersible: Dispersing Granule Technology facilitates granule breakdown and soil incorporation
  • Spreadable: Uniform, spherical granules allow for ease of handling and even application
  • Blendable: Ultra dry granules are engineered to be compatible with all fertilizers including urea

You’ll See The Proven Humic Acid Benefits When You Use Humic DG!

  • Increases soil carbon
  • Improves plant health
  • Improves germination and viability of seeds
  • Chelates macro and micro nutrients to increase availability to the plant for a longer period of time
  • Increases cation exchange capacity
  • Improves soil structure for better aeration and water movement
  • Stimulates beneficial microorganisms, which can improve long-term soil pH
  • Especially effective on sandy soils

**Please note that this product cannot be sold or shipped to addresses in Arkansas or South Dakota**Application Rates* of Humic DG

  • Crops : 40 lbs per acres
  • Crops : 4-10 lbs per acre
  • Turf: 40-200 lbs per acre
  • Trees, Shrubs: 2-8 oz per tree or shrub
  • Ornamentals and Bedding Plants: 1-2 lbs per 1,000 square feet
  • Potting Soils: Mix 2-10 lbs per cubic yard of potting mix.
  • Contains 62% Humic Acid
  • 40 lb bag
  • Improves the plant’s ability to take in nutrients
  • Increases soil carbon
  • Chelates nutrients making elements available for a longer period of time
  • Improves aeration and water movement
  • Effective in sandy soils

Humichar Technology Solving The Past Problems

Because of the structure both Humics and BioChars they are dirty to handle and apply products. Lets face it, youre adding a lot of charcoal and carbon to your lawn and garden and it comes with a small price. Dirty hands and feet. However, HUMICHAR DG has solved that problem. With Patented DG particles the application process is simple, easy, and clean. Just like putting out a granular fertilizer.

While Humics and Bio-Chars do not permanently cause staining, its simply an inconvenience for homeowners with pets, children, and tracking in black residue to homes. Most biochar and humic products are messy and very hard to apply trough traditional methods like spreaders.

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Does Humic Acid Need To Be Watered In

If you spray a liquid humic acid mixed with water on your lawn, theres no need to water it in. It will begin to penetrate the soil immediately. Just follow your standard watering schedule. The humic acid will be pulled deeper into the soil. If you water too much, you might wash out some of that helpful humic acid.

Liquid Or Granular Humic Acid

Bio SI Lawn and Garden Humic Acid Soil Conditioner With ...

Many folks ask which is better for the soil, granular or liquid humic. To keep it simple, liquid will be faster but not necessarily better. Thats because a liquid is essentially further broken down than a granule. In other words, liquids still contain particles but they are just super super small when compared to a granular humic substance where you can see the prills/grains in your hand.Thing about it is, all of them need to be watered in so it will just take longer for the granular humic to break down and get into the soil whereas the liquid has a head start in that regard. But for sure, BOTH are good for the soil so get what you can! If you prefer to spread granular products then granular humic acid will work great for you. But if you like spraying liquids, then go that route and get a product that also has some micronutrients dissolved along with the humic so they both go down together.

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New For 2020 Humic Acid And Biochar Blend

HUMICHAR is Docs TOP PICK for the 2020 New Product Awards, HUMICHAR is a 50/50 blend of SUPER high quality organic humic acid and biochar which is then formed into tiny DG particles that disburse in roughly 15 seconds after water is applied.

Does this product replace Humic DG?Yes, Doc is now replacing Humic DG with HUMICHAR in all his lawn programs.

Visit the website and learn more about this ground breaking product.

Will be available on Amazon late Feb 2020

From Texas A& MThe most important limiting factor for microbial growth in soil is the abundance of available organic carbon sources. The vast majority of soil microbes require organic carbon compounds.

The title of this post is of course subjective, but its not written on a whim. Doc has been testing and studying humic acid and fulvic acid acid acid products designed for lawn care and the turf industry. What he has found ended up hurting his head. It seems that all the humic lawn product companies want to spend more time telling you whats wrong with other products, rather than telling you what is GOOD about theirs. Andersons has invested a large amount of money in research, design, production, and testing. It has resulted in a GREAT humic lawn product that Doc now uses exclusively. We will be building a humic learning center.

Great info from Humic Trade Association

Humic Products are composed either in part or primarily of humic substances, humic acids and/or fulvic acids.

What Does Humic Acid Do

Humic Acid is the soil science equivalent to a supermarket delivery truck. It brings plant food to the roots so that the plants can be nourished.

Picture for a moment a lovely grass plant sitting with its roots in the soil and its leaves looking up to the sky. That plant needs food and water so that it can live, grow, and be healthy. Just like us, plants need carbohydrate, protein, water and minerals to build new cells and repair damaged ones. Energy comes from the sun but the chemical constituents of a plant cell are absorbed from the soil by the roots.

These plants are actually wheat a different type of grass, but the picture helps you to see whats happening in the soil layer.

The roots of a grass plant are static. Theyre surrounded by soil and they cant go out foraging for food. All of the plant nutrients need to be in the soil immediately next to the roots so that they can be absorbed. .

What happens if the plant uses up all of the nutrients around its roots? It finds itself sitting in a depletion zone.

Humic acid binds to plant nutrients in the soil and drags them into the depletion zones around roots. Which is why its like a supermarket delivery truck.

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What Can Humates Do For My Crops

In grade school, we learn that matter can be neither created nor destroyed….it just changes form. Carbon is one of those elements that exist in all forms of life… that’s why it is used to pinpoint the age of fossils and ancient ruins….that’s the process of carbon dating. Humates, which are composed of various forms of carbon, are naturally occurring material that is very rich in humified organic matter and humic substances.

Humates are now recognized as the single most productive input in sustainable agriculture. They consist of humic and fulvic acid along with the raw humates from which these powerful natural acids are derived. Humic acid is a powerful fungi promotant. Beneficial fungi are the missing link in many soils. It stabilizes nitrogen and improves nitrogen efficiency, thereby making it an ideal additive with urea. Humic acid complexes phosphate to reduce lock-ups and, as such, is also an ideal additive with diammonium phosphate and mono ammonium phosphate . Humates are the only known substance with the ability to hold onto every other nutrient in the soil which enables heightened nutrient absorption. Humates contain an auxin-like growth promotant that can enhance cell division and elongation. In addition, they increase the permeability of plant cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.

Research identifies components of humic substances based upon their solubility in water as follows:

What Does It Do


In SIMPLE terms, HUMICHAR ® helps you soil HOLD onto everything that is good. Soil microbes, water and nutrients. It also helps you roots perform better and absorb nutrients. After 2 years of using HUMICHAR ® your fertilizing requirements can drop as much as 50%.

Improve your soil health, lawn health, plant health, and REDUCE THE USE OF FERTILIZERS. HUMICHAR® is a mix of Humic Acid and BioChar which is then pelletized into DG granules for easy and clean distribution. Humichar should be used on ALL lawn and turf types as well in ALL garden soils. And yes it is OMRI listed as ORGANIC.

HUMICHAR ® can be used in ANY soil but is specifically designed for TOP APPLYING on lawns. Normal biochars can NOT enter the soil quickly due to their size and remain on TOP for months and even years. HUMICHAR ® is ground EXTREMELY fine allowing quicker movement to the ROOT ZONE which is where biochar does most of its work.

HUMICHAR ® is the ONLY brand of biochar that can be applied with a lawn spreader and within minutes can reach the surface of the soil.

It is the ONLY brand of biochar recommended for golf greens and fairways, as it does not impact play. Unlike other biochar products it will disappear within minutes of watering.

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What Humic Acid Does To Lawns

As previously mentioned Humic acid does a few different things in the lawn that can be generally sorted under a few buckets. It affects things like soil structure, biological life, soil nutrient holding capacity, and nutrient availability.

Humic acid is a dark brown savior, a highly soluble in substance that contains amino acids and other chelating agents. So, when applied to the soil, humic products unlock nutrients and trace elements in your soil and helps your soil absorb the best of any fertilizer you add to your soil if you choose to add any into the mix.

Lets list all of the primary benefits of adding humic acid to your fertilization routine.

How To Use Humic Acid In The Lawn

There is no specific volume amount of Humic your soil will need and most professionals will tell you you cant over apply it either.

Spoon feeding Humic acid is usually considered to be most beneficial to lawns. By this I mean applying a little bit at a time many times over a season should be better than apply a lot only once or twice in a season.

Any amount should be okay if you mix it with water. But depending on the concentration of the product youre using you will be able to spread it better if you dilute liquid Humic acid in a lot of water instead of a little.

If you choose to apply granual Humic acid then you should expect to have to water it in heavily and then wait a couple of days to weeks for it to start working. Soil temperature and moisture levels have to break down the granuals before it starts affecting the soil and root system of your lawn.

Quick Tip: Humic acid performs best when you apply it along with regular lawn fertilizers or in the early part of Spring as lawns are emerging from winter dormancy.

If you choose to go with a water soluble Humic Acid product the first step will be to scoop it into a big bucket for mixing and follow label rates on the low end to start a spoon-feeding plan.

After scooping the acid into the water, pour a generous amount of water and mix. You can start with a gallon of water or two. Then mix thoroughly for about two minutes before putting it into a movie sprayer to spray all over your lawn.

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Proven Humic Acid Benefits

  • Increases soil carbon
  • Improves germination and viability of seeds
  • Chelates macro and micro nutrients to increase availability to the plant for a longer period of time
  • Increases cation exchange capacity
  • Improves soil structure for better aeration and water movement
  • Stimulates beneficial microorganisms, which can improve long-term soil pH

Home Lawn & Garden Applications


Humic DG has many applications for homeowners and gardeners, including:

  • Lawns
  • Vegetable and flower gardens
  • Improving plants use of applied fertilizers
  • Tree and shrub planting

Humic DG is available through the following online retailers:

View Our ProductsWith two technology platforms providing advanced humic acid delivery, our products represent the next generation of soil health. For more information on humic acid, the benefits of humates, and our complete line of humic acid-based products, visit our Products page.

When used in a program approach, Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG, UltraMate LQ and K-Mate SG provide greater flexibility in programming your soil amendment applications, and are designed to provide plants access to humic substances throughout the growing season. Find out more in our brochure!

Humic DG and Air Drill Seeders – a Perfect Match!Air drill seeder technology is the easiest, most efficient and cost effective method for incorporating humates at the time of seeding. Humic DGs combination of superior handling characteristics with Dispersing Granule Technology make it the ideal humic acid delivery method for your crops.

Find a DistributorLooking for more information on the benefits of humates and humic acid? Do you need to locate a distributor in your area? For assistance on turf, horticulture, agriculture, environmental and other applications – we can help! Make your way over to our How to Buy page.

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Can You Put Too Much Humic Acid On Your Lawn

Overapplication of humic acid will not harm your lawn. Chiefly, humic acid boosts soil microbe populations and makes soils more receptive to water and fertilizer. Unlike some fertilizers, humic acid wont burn your grass.

  • Overapplication of humic acid will not harm your lawn.
  • Humic acid will not burn the grass.
  • Humic acid will raise soil acidity marginally, but this is not a large concern.

Because humic acid is, as the name implies, an acid, it will raise soil acidity slightly during application. However, humic balances out this drawback by decreasing the negative impact acidic soil usually has on grass and plants. So, its worth the tradeoff. If you are concerned about soil acidity, test your soils pH levels to see if your lawn needs lime.

Benefits Of Adding Super Humic Acid For Plants To Your Soil

  • Increases the nutrient holding capacity of the soil.
  • Improves fertilizer utilization by chelating nutrients, which puts them into a more absorbable form.
  • Buffers pH problems by allowing plants to get nutrients otherwise locked in the soil due to high or low pH.
  • Increases and enlarges root systems and promotes plant cell division.
  • Helps buffer the effects of high salts in soils whether from natural soil conditions or due to excess fertilizers, ocean water or even dog urine
  • Improves the growth of various groups of beneficial micro-organisms including those that help detoxify soils. Often used in soil bioremediation projects.
  • Changes the physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, and consistency. Helps aerate and bioactivate soils.
  • Increases the permeability of plant membranes, promotes more efficient nutrient uptake of foliar nutrients.
  • Adds Carbon and also aids in correcting plant chlorosis.
  • Improves germination rates of seed.

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Products That Contain Humic

My favorite humic acid product is the Humic12 from Greene County Fertilizer Co. If you just added only this product to your strategy, youd get much better results and enrich your soil quickly. It contains 12% humic acid which is one of the highest concentrations available anywhere. You can get it as a part of the bio-stimulant pack or stand alone. Apply humic12 at 6 oz/1000 sq ft every month throughout the growing season. Water it in after you apply.Another excellent choice is the EnviroPlex from Ecologel which tops the charts at 22% humic acid. You can also apply this one at 6oz/1000 sq ft every month during the growing season.

The Best Humic Acid For Lawns

Lebanon Turf Humic Max – Lawn Fertilizer and Humic Acid in One Bag

There are many products that Doc says are the industrys best, but this humic acid for lawns simply wins that title. Available in both 11 pound bags and 40 pound bags the DG particles and quality of the humic acid is a true winner for lawns.

Click to see on Amazon

Both in an 11 lb bag and 40 lb.

NOTE: if you only see ONE size its because the other is out of stock temporarily.

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