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Where To Buy Poulan Pro Lawn Mower

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Poulan Pro 163cc 675 Exi Side Discharge/mulch/bag 3



Reduced routine maintenance, high-performance engine geared up with Briggs & Stratton 675 exit Series engine along with electricity push-button readystart for no prime, no strangle beginning without any pulling needed to have. Higher rear tire design 11 back wheel delivers outstanding command and maneuverability on standard, hilly, and jagged surface. Comfortable handle/Bail comfortable, rubber-padded grasps and sturdy, height-adjustable deal with for ideal match. Straightforward Four-Point Trimming Elevation Correction. Changeable rate management enables the operator to vary the velocity from the mower for better command as well as convenience relying on the problems from the grass and/or pace preferences from the individual. Multi-function deck 3-in-1 deck layout for extra-fine mulching, superior bagging/collection, or even side discharge -without any resources demanded to alter methods.

Poulan Pro Pr625y22pkp Mower:

How can we forget Poulan Pro PR625Y22PKP Mower while talking about the best mowers of the Poulan Pro company? Pressingly, there is not any reason to miss this mower because it comes with some interesting and helpful features. Besides this, if you are looking for a mower for your large lawn, then this mower comes with all the capabilities to cut the grass of a large area.


  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • The wheels are made of good quality.


  • It has very large dimensions.

Overall performance of Poulan Pro PR625Y22PKP Mower:

Gas Powered Mower:

First of all, this mower is gas-powered and comes in a larger size. Due to its larger size, it can easily cut all the stubborn and tough grass. In this manner, if you have a wider yard and want to turn it into a beautiful and peaceful place, you cant go wrong with this mower with an engine of Briggs and Stratton 625e. Besides this, the engine also provides maximum torque to the system while operating.

Speed and Direction:

As you know that you have to choose the right direction. Thereby, it is your responsibility to move it in the exact direction from where you want to cut the grass. However, in terms of the mowers speed, you have many options to adjust it according to your needs.

Cutting Deck:

Here, the cutting deck of this mower is wide enough and around 22 inches wide. Most probably, this mower has the widest deep deck as compared to the others.

Bottom line:


Poulan Pro Series Pp155a42 Riding Mower For Sale

Used Poulan Pro 42 riding lawn mower for sale.

Poulan Pro Series PP155A42 fitted with a 42 reinforced steel cutting deck, a strong Briggs & Stratton 17.5 HP engine with automatic hydrostatic transmission that does not involve stopping to alter velocity or direction, the Poulan Pro PP155H42 riding mower packs a lot of punch for its size. The 13-gage reinforced steel deck and cast iron front axle provide outstanding durability, great stability and lengthy life. A narrow 6in. turning radius is ideal for steering around varied terrain and barriers such as trees, shrubs and garden beds, and the mow-in-reverse function keeps blades involved for constant mowing while moving between forward and reverse directions and big 20 rear tires with Turf Saver tread provide great traction and ride quality without damaging your lawn. Headlights and built-in cup holder are other convenient characteristics.

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Sun Joe Mow Joe 14 Corded Electric Mower

The Sun Joe Mow Joe 14″ Corded Electric Mower helps tackling yard work and law…The Sun Joe Mow Joe 14″ Corded Electric Mower helps tackling yard work and lawn care with ease and efficiently. This highly-efficient push mower is constructed from premium-quality materials, which ensures years of reliable use. It features a safety…more

Poulan Pro Pp175g42 175hp 500cc Briggs 42 6

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH 21"  Gas Push Lawn Mower Review ...

The Poulan Pro PP175G42 is a riding mower that is slightly smaller than the Pro 960420188. This mowers features are also slightly inferior compared to the Pro 960420188. This mower is 42-inch lawn tractor and is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 17.5 HP engine 500 cc.

The machine has a fender-mounted, lever-controlled six-speed transmission. This machine has a height of 42.3 inches, a length of 68 inches and it weighs 424 pounds.

This machine is slower than the Pro 960420188 and it can ride at speeds of up to 5.1 MPH and, like the 960420188, it can do flat, hilly, and uneven terrain. The machine can go in reverse up to 1.3 MPH. The PRo PP175G42 has a wider turning radius than the 960420188. Still, the turning radius of 16 inches can enable you to cut around obstacles.

The machine is lever-operated and it has a 1.5-gallon fuel tank. Unlike the Pro PP175G42, this Poulan Pro lawn mower doesnt have an anti-scalp system. The machine cuts from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.

It has six positions and can side discharge, mulch, and bag. The machine comes with headlights but it doesnt have a water hose connection for cleaning.

The Pro PP175G42 mower has an easy-to-access spring-assisted deck lift lever and adjusting deck height is easy. The mower has a strong steel front axle. This mower has rugged 20-inch tires to help move easily in all terrains.

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Cordless Electric / Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Dont want to fill your mower with gas or worry about cords? Cordless mowers or battery powered mowers are the most environmentally conscious choice of the bunch. They run quietly and efficiently, and the batteries can be swapped out when power is running low for even more run time, so you can tackle any job.

Wheel Self Propelled Mower

Wheel Self Propelled Mower Dual blades- This boosts it efficiency as well as performance. It has a replacement blade version 29712. 2-in-1 capability- Among the very st attribute of greenworks 25302 that makes it extremely ideal for usage is that it is Wheel creat for both mulching Online and mowing. This is also much tter cause of the rear bagging alternative. Elevation modification- The elevation adjustment function which is manag by a single lever makes this lawn mower ideal for cutting grass at various degrees. The elevation chang tween 1 1// 8 inches to 3 3/8 inches. These elevations cut across the requirement of many individuals.

Nefits and drawbacks

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Overview Of Poulan Pro:

Poulan Pro is a trendy brand, and it manufactures all the durable stuff for buyers. Similarly, some mowers are very reliable, and we can say it with 100% trust. In addition, we truly appreciate the quality and performance of the movers of the Poulan Pro brand.

If you dont have a handsome budget to get the best lawn mower, then it is not a problem anymore. Because Poulan pro brings some user-friendly mowers with an affordable price tag. Moreover, the brand has been manufacturing mowers for many years, and it has become a prominent name along with the buyers. Thereby, we pick some best options for the mowers here.

Poulans Lawn Mower Reviews

Poulan Pro PB24VA54 54″ Riding Lawn Tractor Mower First Impressions Review

The Poulan brand has a line of lawnmowers, referred to as the CleanScape lawnmowers. The lawnmowers are believed to be reliable, lightweight, and efficient.

The company produces lawn mowers with different drive systems, engines, and cutting decks to help carry out varied tasks and tackle different yards.

Additionally, the lawnmowers have a high-tunnel design that allows airflow for the best performance and prevents overheating. The machines offer a superior cut and highly blended mulching.

Poulan also provides various lawn mower accessories, including fuel lubricants, blades, belts, and battery accessories.

If you have a larger yard, Poulan offers riding lawn mowers that come with a powerful engine, easy-to-use controls, and incredible traction. The riding lawn mowers with a fast, automatic transmission come with a 10-year warranty on the transmission belt. On the other hand, the models with reinforced decks have a 10-year warranty on the decks.

The company also offers zero-turn riding lawn mowers that you can choose to cover more ground effortlessly and tackle your yards tight spots.

Other types of equipment you can pick from the company to maintain your lawns include pole saws, blowers, trimmers, and tillers.

The Poulan Pro cordless outdoor equipment can be powered using the 40-volt lithium-ion battery that ensures you enjoy a quieter experience. It also saves you from the trouble of smelly emissions and mixing fuel.

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Poulan Pro Pr550n21 Rh3 Lawn Mower:

Are you searching for a gas-powered lawnmower for adding beauty to your yards or lawns? If yes, you must put your hands on Poulan Pro PR550N21 RH3 Lawn Mower as soon as possible. In addition, this lawnmower is unbeatable because of some amazing features. In this wY, this lawn mover promises you to deliver satisfactory performance.


  • The starting process is very easy and quick.
  • Perfectly suitable for medium-sized lawns.


  • The engines of the mower need improvement.

Overall Performance of Poulan Pro PR550N21 RH3 Lawn Mower:

Starting up:

While talking about the working results of this mower, let us add that it provides great results. After assembling it completely, you dont need to make any effort to start it. Because the starting process is just 1 button behind. So, push on the button, and the mower starts to operate. However, there is no doubt that gas-powered mowers need little effort, but this mower is different from theirs.

Simple to use:

Many people suggest that this mower is time-taking, but they are completely wrong. Here, the main reason is that it is far times better and easier to use. In addition, it comes with a ready start system, which makes the engine perform better all the time. Besides this, the mower can easily handle all the overgrown grasses.

Perfect cutting quality:

The most interesting thing about this lawn mower is that it offers far times the better cutting performance than the competitors.

Bottom line:


Poulan Pro Lawn Mower Reviews

Explore Poulan Pro mower reviews curated by our editors for our reader. Weve gone to great lengths to research and examine extensively that will help you make the best purchasing decision for a Poulan Pro lawn mower. Please read our thorough all of our reviews that we strive to ensure are the best and most accurate reviews.

Poulans line of CleanScape lawn mowers are considered efficient, lightweight, and reliable. The company offers lawn mowers with varied engines, drive systems, and cutting decks to handle any type of yard as well as varied tasks. Additionally, Poulan produces mower decks with a high-tunnel design that allows for exceptional air flow and lift, as well as mowers that offer highly blended mulching for a superior cut. Its accessories for mowers include belts, blades, fuel lubricants, and battery accessories. For those larger-scale, unruly yards, Poulan sells riding mowers that boast powerful engines, outstanding traction, and intuitive controls. The riding models with reinforced decks come with a 10-year warranty on the decks, while the ones with fast automatic transmission have a 10-year warranty on the transmission belt.

Today, with seven decades of experience, Poulan Pro has carved out a solid reputation thanks to its continued high-performance, durable, and quality items that are economical. The companys renewed focus on creating cutting-edge, powerful items to meet consumers demands has furthered its standing in the field

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Where To Buy Poulan Pro Pp19a42

The Prolan pro PP19A42 riding lawnmower is available at different website and offline stores across world.Major trustworthy websites among all are×××

The price of the product at Prolan pro website is 1450$ after round off. The product is also available at finance of $242 per month EMI for 6 months.At offline stores you can find this product at about 1400-1800$ depending upon the country and location.

Poulan Pro Pp24vh54 Review

Home, Garden &  More...: Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54 ...

The Poulan Pro PP24VH54, numbered 960420206 provides all of the features that P Pros more affordable lawn tractors such as the said PP20VA46 offer, but also features one of the biggest decks any riding mower has: an enormous 54 inches. Such a large deck makes 3-acre or larger lawn mowing easy and fast, and still for a relatively low price.

But remember that wider decks give a more irregular cut from side to side, so going for a wider deck is actually a matter of need. Size is not always what matters. Measure the areas where you are going to pass through with the mower, and keep in mind that the unit is 60 inches wide when the chute is down.

Additionally, this model is not exclusively sold through Home Depot. You can also find it on Amazon, for instance.

It is good to have a big and comfortable seat with a 15-inch tall back support when you have to mow for long periods. It really makes it easier to stay sitting for a long time without the need to move. A feature that could be added is a cruise control that would let you rest your right foot during lengthy jobs.

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Who Makes Poulan Riding Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are very useful equipment. Hence, riding mowers makes the mowing job easier and more comfortable. Thatâs why everybody wants to have a good riding mower for hassle-free mowing.

If you are looking for a riding lawn mower, then you can check out the Poulan Riding Lawn Mower. These mowers are designed with lots of useful options. Nowadays, these lawn mowers are one of the most popular in the market.

Now you may be wondering who makes Poulan Riding Lawn Mower? Yes, you should know the answer before choosing one for you.

In this article we are going to discuss in this regard. Letâs get started

  • Verdict:
  • A Highly Effective Rider

    The Poulan Pro PB301 Rider, numbered 960220027, is a rear-propelled basic compact lawn tractor meant to provide the most effective mowing method for your lawn while you barely use your legs. And it works that way. It has a single blade deck that cuts amazingly. It is the only Poulan Pro lawn tractor listed as standard, fitted with a mulching system. You can only get it at Home Depot.

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    Why To Purchase A Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor

    Many customers are just looking for a quality, dependable riding lawnmower at a reasonable price. The common user doesnt want to pay for a prestigious brand and its history, but wants the great features and high performance they offer.

    There are some markets where the number of companies is way shorter than the number of brands. So, it is in the mower market. The famous Swedish company Husqvarna is the manufacturer of all Poulan Pro riding mower . So, if you go for a Poulan Pro riding mower, youll be purchasing Husqvarna quality at a much lower price.

    And lets be frank, thats what you and I care the most. Our properties might be small city size to some two or three acres and we need the highest cost-effective machine to mow our lawn for us. A machine that performs as it should but doesnt cost more than it should.

    Then, Poulan Pro has a perfect option for each kind of need. And whats the perfect option for you? Thats exactly what we are going to discuss in this article about the best Poulan Pro lawn tractor models for 2019.

    The first tip I give you: if what you really care is the cost-effectiveness ratio, it definitely matters that you do you own lawn mowing. Upkeep costs are an important factor of the total cost of the product in the long term.

    A Poulan Pro Lawn Tractor With Zero

    42 inch poulan pro riding mower

    These machines are much more difficult to learn to drive than most riding mowers. Were particularly talking about the lap bar controlled Poulan Pro P54ZX, numbered 967331001, without steering wheel . This mower comes with the same cutting deck and motor as the PP24VH54, the best P Pro riding mower. 54 strengthened stamped-steel deck and a Briggs & Stratton 24HP 2-cycle motor. That means that the working speed is the same as the PP24VH54: four to five MPH.

    Here we have one of the most affordable zero-turning tractors available. It could be the PB301 among the zero-turning models. It is not recommended for people who dont really need a zero-turning lawn mower. If you want it anyway, you must learn to control this beast before it destroys your entire lawn.

    It actually makes the mowing process way shorter, even beside a wide 54-inch rider. But you must learn how to use it. It can cut grass around stuff quickly and turns 180 degrees avoiding the need of moving back and forth. Yet, the affordable home zero-turning models like the P54ZX dont turn around much faster than a riding mower with six inches of turning radius, such as the upgraded P Pro models weve previously seen.

    It is difficult to use them on slopes and cant maintain solid lines properly when going laterally on them. The P54ZX works properly just on even ground. Doesnt have enough traction for hilled grounds. It may even slide and sprawl if you dont pay attention.

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    Best Gas Push Lawn Mower Best Deals On Push Mowers

    Outfitted along with a highly effective, high performance Briggs & Stratton 163 cc 675 exit collection engine, the Poulan Pro PR675Y22RHPE features a push-button ReadyStart beginning unit, without any Priming or choke required merely push the button & it prepares to get to work. This is actually additionally furnished with only Check out & include modern technology for a clean-running motor that certainly never needs oil adjustments, therefore theres no wreck, & no fingertip. Merely Check out oil & incorporate even more if required. With power-assisted front-wheel-drive gear box, changeable Rate command, & a durable, multi-function, 22 steel cutting deck, thiss capable of edge discharging, mulching, & rear bagging without any devices needed to alter settings. There are actually plenty of bells whistles along with highly effective utility vehicle, like easy-rolling, over-sized 12 back tires that make it super-easy to navigate, comfy, rubber-padded bail, nine quick-adjust cutting elevation postures, 3 manage correction positions, & a built-in water hose Port for simple, easy clean-up under the cutting deck.

    • Shipping Weight : 90 pounds

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