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Where To Buy Stihl Lawn Mower

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Insert Battery Squeeze The Trigger And Go

Should you buy a Battery Powered Lawn Mower? Stihl RMA 510 First Run Raw Review

These STIHL homeowner lawn mowers use STIHL lithium-Ion technology to cut your grass and your carbon emissions down to size. No gas, no cords, no exhaust emissions. Powered by a single 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery, our homeowner lawn mowers are an environmentally conscious alternative to gasoline. Theyre also extremely quiet and compact, ideal for small lawns and noise-restricted areas.

STIHL battery powered lawn mowers are available in push and self-propelled models. Cutting widths are 18 inch or 21 inch. The RMA 310 is a 14 inch model and is light weight and portable.

The innovative battery-powered lawn mowers enhance comfort as that they do not feature a cable and plug, allowing them to move freely throughout the garden. Their up to 21 inch cutting widths are perfect for lawns up to approx. 430 m². Moreover, the battery also fits other machines, such as STIHL hedge trimmers, chainsaws or brushcutters.

Stihl Rm545ve Elecetric Start

The Stihl RM 545 VE petrol lawn mower is ready for use on medium-sized lawns at the push of a button. This comfort is achieved by the InStart system, which enables fast engine starting with the aid of a battery. As soon as you then begin to move across your lawn, you can select your individual desired speed thanks to the Vario self-propulsion. The engine speed of the powerful engine always remains stable, even when you change the propulsion speed. Furthermore, this compact petrol lawn mower also features a 43 cm cutting width and central cutting height adjustment with 3 settings and a foldable handlebar. The 60-litre grass catcher box features a fold-open design for easy emptying.


  • Variable speed self propelled lawnmower
  • 60 litre collection bag
  • 25mm – 80mm cutting height range

Irish Mowers Price:


Stihl Rm650t Petrol Lawn Mower

The Stihl RM650T is a single speed petrol lawn mower suitable for large lawns up to 1000m². With a single speed, smooth ReadyStart engine, robust aluminium housing with side protection strips and bumper bar in front. Mulch kit and collection options are included as standard on this model. The MR650T is ideal for discerning gardeners who want a premium level lawnmower for mowing large lawns.


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Best Stihl Lawn Mowers

Height of Cut

Simple to start, quiet, and no petrol costs or exhaust emissions isnt the norm for lawn mowers, but the Stihl RMA 510 Battery Lawn Mower, suited to small to medium-sized lawns, has all this.


  • FeaturesFoldable Handle and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType


  • FeaturesBattery Life Indicator, Blade Brake, Foldable Handle, Mulching Capability, Quick-Start Motor and Side Discharge
  • CatcherType


  • FeaturesBattery Life Indicator, Foldable Handle and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType


  • FeaturesBattery Life Indicator and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType


  • FeaturesBattery Life Indicator, Blade Brake and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType

Stihl Petrol Lawnmowers Ireland

RMA 510 21"  Battery

The Stihl range of premium lawn mowers for sale from Irish Mowers offer an effortless cut and powerful, reliable performance. With features such as ReadyStart easy starting engines, single lever height adjustment and ergonomic controls, grass cutting is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Some models additionally feature mulching capability as standard, variable drive speeds and electric start models also feature in this range of premium lawn mowers. Stihl manufacture lawnmowers to suit both commercial users and domestic users with all garden sizes catered for. All of our petrol lawnmowers for sale can be delivered to any county in Ireland.Stihl have been manufacturing petrol lawn mowers for many years under the name Viking. 2019 has seen a complete rebrand to the world renowned Stihl name and distinctive colours.

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Stihl Rm448 Tx Lawnmower

The Stihl RM448TX lawnmower is a compact self-propelled mower with a 46 cm cutting width gives an excellent mowing performance on small to medium-sized lawns. With its easy operation, sturdy polymer housing, innovative engine technology and central cutting height adjustment, mowing the lawn is a simple and efficient. The 55 litre capacity grass box comes with a level indicator and is easy to open, empty and clean. This mower comes fitted with a Polymer non rust deck.


  • Briggs and Stratton 575ex engine
  • Single speed self propelled lawnmower
  • 55 litre collection bag
  • 25mm – 75mm cutting height range


Stihl Rm248 Push Mower

The Stihl RM248 petrol mower is ideal for small to medium sized lawns up to approx 500m². The lawnmower features a 7 stage central cutting height adjustment, polymer catcher box, a quality Viking high-lift blade to ensure a clean cut and robust sheet steel housing, the MB 248 from Viking is the compact, cost effective choice to cut your lawn.


  • 25mm – 75mm cutting height range

Irish Mowers Price:


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Stihl Rm545vr Roller Mower

Achieve the classic stripe effect to your lawn with the Stihl RM 545 VR 18 rear roller model. Easy handling and the sturdy lightweight polymer chassis guarantee excellent results. ReadyStart engine: petrol engine starts with one easy pull, no priming required due to an automatic choke. Easy 6-setting central cutting height adjustment. 60 litre volume catcher box with level indicator. 3-setting height adjustable handle. Suitable for gardens with lawns up to 1200m².


  • Variable speed self propelled lawnmower
  • 60 litre collection bag
  • 25mm – 75mm cutting height range

Irish Mowers Price:


Stihl Walk Behind Petrol Lawnmowers

STIHL RMA 510 V Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

New for 2019, the Stihl Walk Behind Lawnmower mower range has been developed to give the user the best possible experience when mowing their lawn. Whether you are looking for a simple push lawnmower to cover your small sized lawn or you need a larger machine to cover larger and more complex distances, the power of Stihl will never let you down. Stihls Self-Propelled Lawnmowers take the effort out of lawn mowing. The drive mechanism propels the mower without it physically having to be pushed. This makes working easier, especially on large lawns and inclines. Thanks to the specially shaped cutting blades fitted on Stihl lawn mowers, the multi-blade of the Stihl petrol lawnmower causes the grass to stand upwards when the blade is engaged. When the grass catcher box is attached, this allows the cut grass to efficiently convey to the box. The central cutting height adjustment Is spring loaded, which makes it easy to set the desired cutting height in several settings. The current cutting height of the cutting deck is indicated on the scale.If you are looking for a machine that can used to cut and collect, mulch or cut and drop the grass, a Stihl Lawnmower with the mulching function is crucial. The Stihl mulching system comes as standard on certain machines and an optional extra on others. Stihls EasyStart Engine technology ensures the engine can be started reliably and with minimal effort both during cold and warm starting.

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Special Stihl Mower Features

When choosing your STIHL mower model, there are a few extra features you might like to consider, from cutting widths to battery power and storage capabilities.

  • Mowing Deck: STIHL mowers boast wide mowing decks to help you finish the job on a standard suburban lawn on a single charge.
  • Battery Power: With long battery lives that do not experience a gradual drop in power, you can work at the same pace from beginning to end. If you need to handle a larger area, your STIHL lawn mowers battery can be switched out for a ready-charged battery to continue your mowing in just minutes.
  • Propulsion Types: A STIHL electric lawn mower also makes long cutting sessions less tiring, with a self-propelling feature able to effortlessly move the mower at variable speeds between 0.6 and 2.8 miles per hour.
  • Handlebar Heights: Most models include adjustable handlebar heights for more comfortable user operation.
  • Simple Start-up: Power switch startup helps you get mowing instantly, while a locking key helps prevent your motor from accidentally starting.
  • Compact Storage: Mowers can be folded up for easier storage, whether on all four wheels or upright in a cleaning position when floor space is limited.

Additionally, a mulching kit makes collecting the grass clippings easy to make cleanup a breeze.

Collection: Battery Lawn Mowers

Easy-to-use and packed full of features, our battery mowers will help you achieve a perfect finish on your lawn in no time. Our mowers have a unique ECO mode to maximize the battery life, 7-level cut height adjustment, three mowing options including side discharge, rear bag and mulch. All models have a cleverly designed flow-optimized blades to lift and cut the grass neatly and evenly. Also, STIHL mowers have an extra storage slot for a spare battery.

  • RMA 510 21″ Battery-Powered Lawn Mower
    Regular price
    Sale price
    $519.99Special Offer

    The RMA 510 battery-powered lawn mower is great for working on large lawns. This unit features 7 height adjustments, a 21″ cutting deck and functionality…

  • RMA 510 V 21″ Self-Propelled Battery-Powered Lawn Mower
    Regular price
    Sale price
    $679.99Special Offer

    The RMA 510 V battery lawn mower is the self-propelled version of the RMA 510 push lawn mower and comes with all the same features….

  • RMA 460 V 19″ Self-Propelled Battery-Powered Lawn Mower
    Regular price
    Sale price
    $599.99Special Offer

    Part of the AK battery system, the RMA 460 V self-propelled lawn mower features a 19″ deck which is a great option for small to…

  • RMA 460 19″ Battery-Powered Lawn Mower
    Regular price

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Shop The Stihl Lawn Mower Range At Ace Hardware

Whether you need easy and quick maintenance of a small lawn or the power to cut a challenging area with ease, a STIHL lawnmower will be up to the task. Browse our range above to choose the right combination of power and features you need, and we’ll do the rest to help you meet your lawncare goals.

Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

Complete Lawn Care With Stihl

Stihl RM 545.0 VR Petrol Lawn Mower Parts

STIHL carries many complementary outdoor power equipment, hand tools and accessories to help make lawn maintenance a breeze. Complement your STIHL battery lawnmower with hedgers and trimmers to get perfectly straight lines in your front lawn and well-manicured hedges, and protect your lawn with backpack and handheld sprayers from STIHL.

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Powerful Machines With Full Freedom Of Motion

STIHL lawn mowers offer an effortless cut and powerful, reliable performance. With features such as easy starting engines, mono-comfort handles and single-handed deck height adjustment, grass cutting is easier than ever before. Some models feature mulching capability, variable drive speeds and rear rollers for a traditional British stripe finish to your lawn.

  • Petrol, cordless and electric STIHL lawn mowers and mulching lawn mowers for domestic use come with a 5 year extended warranty
  • Petrol STIHL lawn mowers and mulching lawn mowers for professional use come with a 1 year extended warranty
  • Cordless STIHL lawn mowers for professional use come with a 2 year extended warranty

Warranty is subject to registration at a STIHL dealer and annual servicing. For more information on warranty, please speak with your STIHL dealer.

About Stihl Lawn Mowers

Whether youre looking to maintain a small lawn, keep your backyard in shape, or reach places your riding mower cant, the STIHL battery-powered lawn mowers are for you. Cordless lawn mowers are ideal for properties around or under .25 acres. Theyre much lighter than gas-powered models, making them easier to push and maneuver around the lawn. No gasoline or oil is required, so maintenance is a breeze. Push and self-propelled lawn mower drive options are available for STIHL push mowers.

If youre looking for a lawn mower that does all the work for you, check out STIHL robotic mowers. These handy machines are perfect for lawns between .25 and 1 acre and can mow on slopes up to 24 degrees. Your lawn will be maintained around the clock, giving you more time to spend on other things and saving you money. STIHL iMow robotic mowers have advanced technology allowing them to path around the lawn without missing any spots and dock whenever the battery is low, or weather conditions are poor.

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Why Choose A Stihl Battery Lawn Mower

STIHL made its name by developing power tools with the performance and durability needed for professional use. But there’s no reason why dedicated DIYers can’t enjoy the same quality and power as the pros in their gardens.

When it comes to STIHL battery mowers, users can take advantage of the quiet, emission-free power of their corded counterparts but with the greater freedom, maneuverability and convenience that comes with not needing to trail a power cable as you mow. And unlike many other electric mowers, a STIHL battery lawn mower doesn’t compromise on power or cutting ability. You’ll enjoy performance comparable with a gas-powered mower, but with less noise, less vibration and zero or low exhaust emissions.

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