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How To Get Rid Of Clover In Fescue Lawn

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Apply Organic Weed Killers

How To Get Rid Of Clover In Your Lawn

Organic weed killers are the best bet when killing most pesky weeds on your lawn without killing your grass. A.D.I.O.S is an organic weed killer that not only spares your grass but also is eco-friendly, odorless, and harmless to kids and pets.

A.D.I.O.S weakens and kills clover, removing it from the lawn. A.D.I.O.S is available in online stores or garden centers. Put the product in a spray bottle and spot spray the leaves and stems of the clovers to kill them and plant new grass seeds on the area.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Fescue

High-nitrogen, low-phosphorus fertilizer is ideal for most fescue varieties. Its best to use a slow-releasing fertilizer to ensure your grass receives necessary nutrients over the course of a few months. Dont over-fertilize your lawn as this causes the grass to grow too fast and require excessive mowing.

Use Corn Gluten On Clover

Another way to get rid of clover is to use corn gluten. Corn meal gluten kills off the clover without harming nearby plants. It works by releasing organic dipeptides into the soil. The dipedtides dry out the clovers seeds and make it hard for them to sprout. This well-reviewed product can be used by mixing three parts water to one part corn gluten. One liter of this mixture will cover about 1,000 square feet. Once applied, be sure to water well and then allow it to dry.

Note: While the dipedtides have worked to get rid of clover for some, corn gluten hasnt worked for all, and is therefore not universally regarded as a solution for dealing with clover.

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Lawn Fungus Types: What To Look For

What is brown patch? How serious is root rot? The following are two of the most common diseases that are likely to develop on warm-weather lawns. Do keep in mind that there is a wide variety of fungal diseases that can affect your lawn. If you arent quite sure whats wrong with your lawn, call a lawn care company to help diagnose the problem.

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Spray Corn Gluten Meal On The Clovers

Lawn Care Photos

Corn gluten meal acts as a pre-emergent herbicide. It has organic peptides that dry and prevents clover seeds from germinating and sprouting on the lawn.

For every 1000 square feet of lawn, you will need 20 pounds of corn gluten meal. Cover the yard with corn gluten meal, water in, and let the clover seeds dry.

Dont apply corn gluten meal after overseeding with grass seeds because it will dry them. Corn gluten meal is available in garden or online stores.

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Is Baking Soda Good For Your Yard

Baking soda can be good for your yard, but it can also be harmful. An infrequent application of a mild baking soda spray can effectively kill fungus and mildew, and harmful grasses.

However, the qualities that make baking soda an effective pesticide will eventually end up damaging your healthy plants as well. Spraying too much, too often, will begin to corrode the plants.

Too much baking soda can begin to effect the pH balance of the soil as well. When the pH balance falls off, then the soil can become inhospitable. This stops new plants from sprouting, and kills well established plants.

As one of the primary components of baking soda is sodium, over spraying can lead to a build up of salt on plants. In the short term this is okay, and will have no repercussions for edible plants, but can be harmful in the long run.

Always check on a small patch first. As a homemade solution you may want to try different formulas to achieve different results. Hardier plants will withstand a greater application of baking soda, where new growth may find it overwhelming.

Spray a small area first to see how the plants react, and adjust the formula as necessary. Take care not to over spray, as too much may damage.

Other homemade options include apple cider vinegar solutions, mouthwash solutions, and milk solutions.

Spread Corn Meal Gluten

Cornmeal gluten will not kill existing weeds, however, it does have the ability to prevent the growth of new weeds by drying out the new weed seedlings roots before it has the chance to grow. Cornmeal gluten has the additional benefit that its also a source of nitrogen, further enhancing its ability to prevent weed growth. Take note that for this method, the timing of the application is crucial. If the conditions of the soil are too wet when you apply the corn gluten, the treatment wont have any effect. When applied in the right conditions, the treatment should remain effective for five to six weeks, after which it will need to be reapplied to continue doing its job. Try using the Indian Head Yellow Corn Meal for an organic alternative to pre-emergent weed killer.

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Are Clovers Bad For My Garden

Not really, having clovers benefits your garden. They help your lawn by adding nitrogen to the soil, which gives the surrounding flora a good boost. Also, the plant needs little to no maintenance it requires minimum fertiliser, compost, or weeding and is drought tolerant. Clovers can save your garden from other weeds by out-competing them and do well in more shady spots.

On the other hand, clovers give birth to small blossoms which can attract bees. Bees are extremely important for the environment and you should never harm them but try having a lawn covered by the insect. So, for those that are allergic to the striped bug, having a lawn covered in hundreds of tiny flowers isnt the best garden solution out there.

Also, if you are looking for a clean and uniformed green space, clovers wont do you much good in terms of aesthetics. This sort of plant can easily out crowd turf and ornamental grass, giving your lawn a weedy and unmaintained look.

How To Apply The Fungicide

How To Kill Clover In Your Lawn The Cheap Way

Some products might require you to water the lawn and let it dry before applying the fungicide. Others have better results when you apply them during a particular time of the day.

All the products are different so do not imagine that the same rules apply to all of them.

Before utilizing the fungicide, make sure you carefully read the products label and instructions. These should include important details like after which period you have to reapply the treatment, dosage, whether it should be diluted with water , best temperature, and so on.

Depending on the fungicide of your choice, you might also need either a broadcast spreader or a general hose sprayer to apply the fungicide. If you opt for a liquid fungicide that comes into a recipient that should be sprayed by connecting it to the water hose, you wont need any of the tools mentioned above.

Also, when you apply the fungicide, its always advisable to wear safety goggles and gloves and avoid any skin contact. You should also not use the solution near any wells or animal drinking water sources or food.

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Clover In Lawns: It Was On Purpose

Prior to the 1950s, a standard practice was to add clover seed to lawn-seed blends. Clover effectively competed with other weeds and provided a fairly low-maintenance lawn by providing nitrogen to the grass. Some grass seed blends today continue to include clover seeds.

The suburban, middle class, along with single-family homes with carpets of lawn, grew significantly after World War II. Some of the chemicals developed during the war were now becoming available commercially to homeowners. The first residential herbicides were available in 1945 and was used to kill broadleaf weeds, which includes clover. This made it more convenient to eliminate clover from lawns than promote it.

Although were seeing a trend to again introduce clover to lawns, most homeowners continue to prefer the clover-free, weed-free lawns that have been in vogue for the past seven or eight decades. These folks want to kill clover in their lawn.

Tips To Kill Clover In Your Lawn Naturally

May 15, 2020


Clover is far from the worst weed to run into, as its relatively easy to kill using chemical herbicides. But what if you have children and pets who frequently play in your yard? The last thing you want to do is risk harming them by applying chemicals in their play area.

This is where natural clover herbicides can step in and handle weed control, sans chemicals. Below are four tips to kill clover in your lawn naturally without resorting to strong chemicals. Plus, you may already have some of these items sitting around the house.

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Controlling Weeds In Tall Fescue Turf

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With winter around the corner, most of us plan to enjoy a temporary rest from all the work that goes into maintaining a great looking lawn. Weve re-seeded, limed, and fertilized, and now all we have to do is wait for nature to do its work next spring. And work it does, bringing forth healthy green grass and weeds. Weeds are the ubiquitous curse of every homeowner with a lawn, coming in all shapes and sizes and growing where we do not want them. Some of us resign to the idea that a weedy lawn is better than no lawn while others prepare to go to battle. The war on weeds can be won, but know that it must be continuously fought.

Using Professional Lawn Care Services

What is this stuff &  how do I get rid of it? I know some is clover, but ...

Lawn care professionals provide the expertise and skill set necessary to produce a healthy fescue lawn. With a lawn care provider, your lawns maintenance is taken care of so that you can get a full, green lawn without the headache. Purchasing the tools, nutrients, and products necessary to get the job done can add up, so paying for a lawn care service may save you money in the long run.

If you choose to go with a lawn service, consider the following cost factors:

  • Your local area
  • The size of your lawn
  • The health of your lawn
  • Your selected lawn care company

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Kill The Clover Organically

There is a great organic weed killer on the market that kills weeds in your lawn, without killing the grass. If you spray this organic weed killer on Clover, it will weaken the Clover without harming the surrounding lawn, giving your grass the advantage it needs to outcompete the Clover. Weed Beater Fe is the name of the product and weve had great success using it to eliminate Clover and help grass thrive.

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Tips For Preventing Clover

Fertilize your lawn The easiest way to prevent clover is to maintain a dense, well-fertilized lawn. As discussed above, clover will struggle in nitrogen rich soils, but most desirable grasses will thrive in them. How much nitrogen should be applied will depend on the type of grass planted in the lawn, some grasses prefer more nitrogen than others. When it comes to fertilizer, the recommended maximums should not be exceeded too much of a good thing can indeed be very bad in this context.

Mow tall The white clover found in lawns rarely exceeds three inches in height and can be easily shaded out by taller grasses. While different grasses should be mowed at different heights ranging from roughly 1 inch for bermuda to up to 4 inches for St. Augustine and tall fescue it is always best to mow at the higher end of any recommended range.

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Cover It With Plastic Sheeting

A large plastic sheet is a helpful and readily-available tool that can get rid of clover. All plants require oxygen and sunlight to grow they suffocate and die if you cut off both essential elements.

Covering clover with plastic sheeting is suitable if clover has covered a large section of the lawn. However, ensure theres no grass-covered. If you cover the surrounding grass with plastic sheeting, it will die too.

Place a plastic sheeting to cover the areas of the lawn infested with clover. Secure the edges of the plastic sheeting with stones to prevent wind from blowing it away.

Uncover and reseed the area with new grass seeds. Plastic sheeting takes a few weeks to kill clover.

Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus Insect Control For Lawns

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass & Clover in the Lawn – Weed Control Like a Pro

Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus is another effective fungicide for lawns and turfs.

Besides protecting your lawn from dangerous funguses, this product has insecticide properties and will also kill the lawn-harmful insects such as ants, fleas, brown dog ticks, sod webworms, and others.

Another advantage of Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus is that it cannot be easily washed away by rain once you apply it.

I usually use a garden sprayer to apply the fungicide, but this particular product can be directly connected to the water hose. Theres no need to manually dilute it with water since that will be done automatically once the water reaches the bottle.

While I love its design, the fact that you dont need an additional sprayer and the easiness with which you can apply the liquid fungicide, the recipient can clear fairly quickly.

Thus, if you decide to choose this product, you should probably consider ordering multiple bottles in order to have enough fungicide to repeat the treatment after two weeks as its stated in the instructions.

Spectracide Immunox Fungus Plus can prevent and control a large spectrum of grass diseases caused by fungi.

As this product is intended particularly for lawns, I would not recommend its use for the garden, vine or fruit trees without confirmation from the manufacturer.

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Naturalize The Infected Parts With Groundcovers

Some wild plants like dandelions are drought-resistant and hardy. They have better coping skills for dealing with fungus. Planting these groundcovers in lawn areas that are susceptible to fungal infestation will help keep the infection at bay. Its the symbiotic-based relationship between grass and flowers that control the fungus.

Follow these steps when planting the groundcovers:

Step 1: Mark the area you want to plant with flour

Once youve identified which part you want to introduce the groundcover, mark it with flour. Remove the top layer of sod if you want to start planting sooner. Add your layers on top of the grass.

Step 2: Build the layers using a six-sheet newspaper

Spread the newspaper sheets and saturate them with water. This helps it to stay in place as you spread 3-6 inches of compost. For summer months or periods of long dry spells, add some water to the layers to keep it moist.

Step 4: Edge the bed perimeter

Edging the flowerbed perimeter using decorative materials like bricks helps keep turf from spreading into it. The bed may take between three and six months to develop. You can plant the flowers in a pot first, then transplant them when the bed is ready. Youll know its ready if the newspaper or turf is gone. Using a gardening trowel to install to dig the soil and sow the seeds.

Lsa Fertiliser Premium Lawn Food

We recommend you use a high NPK fertiliser, specifically one with high levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The LSA Fertiliser Premium Lawn Food is a good option and is going to improve the overall health and growth of your lawn while making it a nitrogen-rich environment that clover wont be able to stand.

Just remember to always read the label for the best advice on application rates and be sure to water-in well after spreading on your lawn. We guarantee that after one or more applications your lawn should be in great condition, with significantly less clover action.

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Depriving Clover Of Oxygen

Another natural way to get rid of clover is to deprive it of oxygen and sunlight and not allowing it to grow. To do this, place a plastic sheet or garbage bag over the clover patch, securing the corners so it wont blow away. This should kill the weeds in a couple of weeks, but dont use this method long-term or the surrounding grass could be damaged as well. This is a good method for larger patches of clover.

This method is also helpful to get rid of other types of weeds like crabgrass that may be on your lawn. Its effective if you have the time to put into it.

How To Prevent The Growth Of Grass Fungus

How To Overseed Your Lawn With Clover
  • Only water your turf when necessary to prevent overwatering. Most lawns only need 1 inch of water each week.
  • On the flip side, try not to leave your lawn to dry out or it becomes susceptible to infection.
  • Only use slow-release, low-nitrogen fertilizers and follow the product instructions to prevent overfertilization.
  • Mow your lawn often to keep the grass at a desirable height. However, try not to overdo it or you make your grass susceptible to fungal growth. Only mow of the grass blades at any time.
  • Aerate the soil at least once a year to prevent it from becoming compacted.
  • Remove thatch layers greater than ½ inch to reduce the risk of waterlogging.
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