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Who Makes The Best Lawn Mower

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Craftsman M275 Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

Who Makes the Best Lawn Mower? Honda Wins Again!

The Versatile ChoiceCraftsman

Craftsmans M275 gas powered lawn mower offers the highest quality motor and 3-in-1 discharge capabilities, features that put other gas mowers to shame. If you are looking for a powerful lawn mower that can be adjusted to all your preferences, look no farther than this Craftsman model.

Makita Brushless 18lawn Mower Kit With 4 Batteries

Top-rated: 424 ratings

Highlight: Cuts over 1/3 acre in 43 minutes or less with four 18V LXT 4.0Ah batteries.

Helpful review: “This battery mower delivers the cutting power of a gas/petrol mower. I am satisfied with the battery power and life. It would be nice if Makita made something higher than a 6.0 amp/hr battery for things like the mower and blower. The mower is extremely light and maneuverable. The quietness of the mower will allow you to mow early in the morning or late at night and not bother the neighbors. My family could not hear me from inside when I was mowing.

I have a very steep front lawn and was concerned the lack of a self propelled feature was going to hinder my ability to work. However, the mower is light enough that I can push it up the hill. If I was in my 60s or 70s I might not be able to push it up the hill. If you are older I would only recommend this mower if you have a level lawn.

The mower came mostly assembled except for the handle bar. Assembly was fairly simple. Using this mower is extremely straight forward. People who are unfamiliar/uncomfortable with using gas/petrol mowers would be able to use this with no problem.

The mower was shipped very poorly and the contents inside were a mess. The box had a large rip that I consider unacceptable. The grass catcher had a small rip out of the box. The upside to the poor shipping tells me this mower is heavy duty and can stand up to abuse.

Get it from Amazon now: $399.00

Maxpower 561713x Mulching 2

The MaxPower 561713X Mulching 2 Blade Set comprises 2 mulching lawn mower blades, each 21 inches in length, to provide a total cutting area of 42 inches. The star shaped mounts of these blades ensure that they are compatible with all larger models of Poulan, Husqvarna, or Craftsman lawn mowers, while the serrated design of the lawn mower blades provides a high level of mulching power, making them a great replacement for other mulching blades or an ideal option for converting a lawn mower to grant mulching power, replacing an old set of high lift mower blades for high power and lawn care.

Shaped for mulching, the Max Power 561713X Mulching 2 Blade Set is a great choice for anyone who wants to equip larger Poulan, Husqvarna or Craftsman lawn mowers with a mulching blade.


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Best Upgrade: Husqvarna Ts 354xd 54 Inch Lawn Tractor

Why We Like It

Some homeowners find themselves in the in-between position of having a lawn thats too big for a 42 Riding mower but not quite big enough for a mower with a larger 60-inch mowing deck. If youre looking for a small riding mower for a residential yard, the Husqvarna TS 354XD with a 54 Mowing Deck may be the very best answer.;

And with Commercial Grade features, this is no ordinary riding lawnmower.; The TS 354XD is a Premium riding lawn tractor, with a Tuff Torq K66 ELD Hydrostatic Transmission.

With large tires, a 54-inch deck, and the Kawasaki FR Series, V-Twin OHC 24 Horsepower engine, this Husqvarna rider offers everything youd expect from one of the best brands and best-featured riding mowers anywhere.


  • 24 HP Kawasaki FR Series ; V-Twin OHC engine
  • Top Speed 5.5 MPH
  • Easy Access Fueling 4 Gallon Gas Tank
  • 21 High Seat Back
  • 3-year warranty

Our Take Away For yards that just arent big enough for a full-size rider, the Troy-Bilt Neighborhood offers an outstanding balance of capability, compact sizing, and value. To our surprise, this mower even does a reasonably good job of mowing on inclines and uneven terrain.;

If youre looking for a small riding mower for medium-sized yards, this is the mower for you. We also recommend the Neighborhood highly for anyone that physically has a hard time with walk-behind mowers.

Husqvarna Best 54 Riding Lawn Mower

Greenworks Pro Best Powerful Cordless Lawn Mower

Who Makes The Best Lawn Mowers?

The Greenworks PRO uses a brushless motor, so it works powerfully without wasting battery life. Brushless motors are quieter than standard mowers, too, and the manufacturer claims that the Greenworks PRO makes 50 percent less noise than a gas-powered motor. This is a great feature if you have kids or pets who dont like the sound of the lawn mower or if you like to mow early in the morning or late in the evening. The mower also uses smart cut technology, which is unique to Greenworks products. The motor speed will automatically increase over tall or thick grass and decrease over short and thin grass. This keeps the mower working efficiently without wasting the battery.

When you buy the Greenworks PRO 21-Inch mower, you can choose whether the machine should come with one 4 AH battery or two 2 AH batteries. The manufacturer says that the 4 AH battery lasts up to 60 minutes, and each 2 AH battery should last about half that time. The 4 AH battery charges in 60 minutes or less and the 2 AH batteries charge in 30 minutes or less. You should be able to mow about a third of an acre before the 4 AH battery runs out, so the 4 AH battery is a good choice if your yard is smaller than this. If its larger, the 2 AH batteries might be a better choice because you can keep one charging while the other one is powering the mower. When the battery in the mower dies, you can just switch it out with the one charging and keep going indefinitely.

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Finding The Best Riding Lawn Mowers Of 2021

Riding lawn mowers are by far the fastest way to get your grass cut.; For those of us with yards on the larger side, a gas-propelled riding mower is almost a necessity.; Not to mention that riding mowers turn cutting grass into a fun activity, compared to the chore of using a push mower.

Whether youre a full-time lawn maintenance professional or just a homeowner looking to increase your mowing efficiency, weve picked out the best riding lawn mowers on the market in 2019 to make things easy for you.; Weve researched all the various options and compared them along the dimensions of cutting, maneuverability, mulching capability, durability, bagging capability and many other features in order to make sure that you get the best mower for the job.;;

So without further ado, here are the best riding lawn mowers for your money.

Sean Brenglinger has over 30 years experience in the landscaping industry, both working for some of the biggest brands and running his own commercial landscaping company in Houston, TX.; There are few yard tools he hasnt had the chance to get his hands on.

Runner Up: Husqvarna Z254 54 Zero Turn Mower Kohler 26 Hp

Why We Like It

With specs similar to the Husqvarna Z142 mower listed in our Editors Choice section, the Husqvarna Z254 is the Next Level Up in Zero-Turn Mowers.; The Z254 model from Husqvarna offers a 54 deck and a whopping 26 HP Kohler Engine.

For those who can afford those features, the Husqvarna Z254 is our pick for the best overall upgrade based on price and performance in zero-turn mowers.

The fast-cutting technology is an especially useful feature when you consider that this mower can top out at 6.5 miles per hour.;


  • Patented Parking Brake System
  • Adjustable seat
  • 2-year warranty

Our Take Away

The Husqvarna Z254 runs exceptionally well, steers like a dream, and offers a clean, even cut for your lawn every time. If youre looking for an affordable Husqvarna zero-turn mower with a strong engine and a very capable 54 mower deck, we recommend this model as the best upgrade for residential yards.;

Husqvarna Z254 54 Zero Turn Mower

;Why We Like It

As our best zero-turn residential mower last year, The ZT1 with its 50-inch mower deck includes the dependable and powerful 23 HP Kawasaki engine, with dual Hydrostatic transmission, making the Cub Cadet ZT12 your best choice for any residential lawn up to 2 acres in size. In fact, Cub Cadet rates this zero-turn mower to cut 4 acres of grass per 1.5 hours.


Our Take Away

CUB CADET ZT1;; 50 Zero-Turn Mower

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Mulching Grass Vs Bagging

In very sandy soil mulching can cause some problems since there arent as many organisms to consume clippings, but in most cases mulching regular clippings back into the turf is highly recommended by grass experts and municipalities alike.

Earthworms, fungi, and other primary consumers in your lawns ecosystem thrive on the clippings and turn the mulch back into available nitrogen for your lawn.

So long as you arent trimming off more than an inch of grass, and you arent mowing when its wet, the clippings should easily scatter down to soil level and form a helpful layer of worm-food. You can even mulch the leaves that fall off your trees!

All of the mowers we tested are mulch-ready except for the Sun Joe 401E, which requires an optional attachment to safely funnel the clippings to the side. The other powered mowers will require a quick conversion from bag-mode with an included plug or a moveable flap.

Because bagging is occasionally beneficial we also tested the bagging features of all the powered mowers.

How Big Is Your Lawn

Best Cordless Lawn Mower Head to Head

This will help determine a few things.

First, if your lawn is bigger than can comfortably be reached by an extension lead, you can rule out a corded electric lawn mower.

Second, if your lawn is likely to take more than about an hour of mowing time, a cordless electric model might not work . The batteries on these things are getting better all the time, and I actually rate them pretty highly, but for now, most wont last much more than an hour.

Third, the size of your lawn will have a bearing on whether youll want to buy a push mower or a self-propelled mower. If youve got a lot a lawn to cut, you might lean towards a self-propelled model. That is, unless you particularly want the exercise of pushing.

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Best For Large Yards: Ego Power+ Select Cut Self

If you’re working with a large yard, you might consider the EGO Power+ Select Cut . This cordless walk-behind lawn mower runs on an advanced lithium fuel-gauge battery, offering over an hour of grass cutting on a full charge.

It’s even more powerful than gas mowers and is easy to control, thanks to the brand’s Touch Drive Technology. Additionally, it has an innovative cutting system with three interchangeable blades.

Swisher Response 24hp Zero Turn Mower

This one is as classy as it gets. It is a semi-pro mower and it has Briggs & Stratton 724 cc engine. It has a 4-inch deck, 18-inch gator mulching blades, a breezing speed of 8 mph, and an 8-gallon fuel tank capacity. It has a Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission. Its engine is 24 horsepower. It also has a new rapid response control system. It is made in the USA and comes pre-assembled. This lawnmower is made by a reliable and accredited company. Swisher has been making other electric products including lawnmower for over 60 years now. This most definitely a reliable lawn mower for small yards.

Swisher Response 24HP is designed to keep the utmost efficiency and comfort for the customer in mind. It plunges through rough terrains and is a delight to have for a small yard. Even though the Swisher lawn mower is a considerable amount of money, it will not disappoint you. This is one of the best zero turn mowers for small yards.


  • Briggs & Stratton 724 cc engine
  • 18 inch gator mulching blades
  • 4 inch deck
  • 8 gallon fuel tank capacity


  • Costly

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Determine How Much You Want To Adjust The Height Of The Blades

If you pride yourself on a perfectly manicured lawn and spend every weekend making sure it looks just right, you wont need to change your cutting height much at all.

However, for most people, this is just not the case. Over winter, most lawns tend to slow down their growth. But then spring comes along, and with it, a sudden burst of growth. When this happens, youll need to adjust the height of the blades a bit higher so that you dont scalp the grass.

A lot of self-propelled mowers have 2 levers for different cutting heights: one for the front and one for the back. Its a good idea to set the front height one notch higher than the back if youre bagging your clippings.

However, adjusting two levers constantly can be quite cumbersome. For this reason, a single deck height lever may be better for you.

Also, be aware that a lot of these levers have plastic housings, so the constant adjustment will weaken the plastic. Thats primarily why most gasoline mowers have two levers. This helps to take the strain off the one.

What Is Your Lawn Like

Who Makes the Cut for the Best

The point here is to the think about the characteristics of your lawn, other than its size.

So is it uneven? Do you have slopes and inclines? Is the ground boggy? Do you have lots of obstacles like trees, shrubs and flower beds to mow around. As youll see, these characteristics will all affect the type of mower you should buy and the features that youll need on that mower.

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Husqvarna Z242f Review Best Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower For 3 Acres

A zero-turn lawnmower is more powerful than any lawnmower you can buy. Its faster, can cut through more grass in less time, is great for edging, working around obstructions, and if your lawn has steep hills or inclines, itll get through them easily. So, why doesnt everyone invest in one? Theyre expensive, hard to maintain, and theyre best suited for commercial work. In our review of the Husqvarna Z242F well discuss the best and the worst aspects of this lawnmower, and how it can help you if youre mowing a 3-acre lawn.

When Should You Use a ZTR?

The uses for a ZTR mower are few and far between. Yes, theyre more powerful, faster, and will do the job of mowing the lawn in a fraction of the time it would take a push, cordless, or electric mower. But, the price is something most homeowners cant afford. A ZTR is suitable for situations where

Lawns are 3 acres or larger Youre mowing a lawn with steep uphill grass, sharp blades, thick grass, or obstructions in the way Youre facing those lawns with multiple turns and edges Its a commercial job for a client

Yes, you can use them for lawns that are smaller than 3 acres. However, theyre not necessary. You can get a riding mower for these lawns.

The Good & the Bad Aspects of Owning a ZTR


The best aspects of owning a ZTR includes

The Cons

What do consumers dislike?

What we Like About the Husqvarna Z242F

a. Speed & Mowing Options
b. Drive System & Engine
c. Features

Some nice features youll appreciate include

Toro Lawn Mowers Have A Reputation For Durability And Reliability

Popular Mechanics recently shared their list of best electric and gas mowers for any yard. See why not one, not two, but three Toro mowers made the cut! >>

Toro May 13, 2021

Bob Villa suggests choosing a Toro lawn mower if youre shopping for the best push lawn mower for your yard. Why? Well, to put it simply, Toro is one of the most well-known names in push lawn mowers. Its also one of the best. These mowers come equipped with Briggs & Stratton engines and boast a thick-gauge steel construction. According to Bob Vila, Toro lawn mowers dont require oil changes either.

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What To Consider Before You Buy

Lawn Mowers:

Push vs. self-propelled. Push mowers tend to be more affordable. Self-propelled models draw energy from the engine to power the wheels, which makes them easier to maneuver if you have a larger lawn or live on a sloped lot. All-wheel drive offers the best traction on slopes, followed by rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which is standard on most models, is still well-suited for flat parcels though is not the best choice if you bag clippings. As the bag fills, it can cause the front wheels to lose some traction.

Yard size. Consider the size of your yard to find the perfect walk-behind mower. Gas self-propelled mowers will be best for larger yards, and push mowers are better for smaller yards. Check out our guide to finding the right mower for your yard size.

Washout port. You should clean the underside of your mower after each cut. When its time to do so, a washout port makes it easier: It accepts a hose connection for clearing clippings beneath the mower deck without the need to tip the machine.

Electric start. On gas models, this feature lets you start the engine with push-button ease, rather than yanking a pull cord. All electric mowers start this way.

Folding handle. Models with a folding or collapsing handle require less space to store.

Upright storage. Almost all electrics can be stored vertically in a cramped garage. Some gas models have special engine seals that allow for upright storage, too, without the risk of oil or gas leaking out.

Riding Mowers:

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