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Who Sells Huskee Lawn Mowers

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Lawn & Garden Tractors

Huskee HZR350 Mower Lift

Built in America since 61 and backed by the industrys strongest warranty, Cub Cadet® lawn and garden tractors all come standard with the strongest cutting systems for mowing performance, refined ergonomics designed around you and an array of attachments and accessories for year-round versatility and utility.

Riding Lawn Mower Parts

MTD riding mowers give you the power to care for your yard easily and efficiently. We make it easy for you to keep your riding mower performing at peak condition with genuine riding lawn mower parts for all our brands. Browse our wide selection to find what youre looking for. If you already know the part or model number, use our Part Finder to easily find all types of riding mower parts. Lawn maintenance is easier with MTD lawn tractors. They allow you to haul equipment, soil, tools and more around your yard. Genuine MTD lawn tractor parts can help you maintain your outdoor power equipment long-term. Find riding lawn mower blades, belts, cables and more to repair your unit as needed.

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Discount Huskee Mower Parts Online

You’ll find only the finest quality in Huskee lawn mower parts on our website. Huskee lawn mowers are manufactured by MTD Products and we have been an authorized servicing dealer for MTD for over 25 years. Save money by ordering online and fix your riding mower right the first time with genuine Huskee mower parts from RCPW.Not sure how to start looking for the replacement Huskee part you need? Use our free parts lookup or give our friendly parts staff a call at 800-937-RCPW to begin finding the right part for your repair.

Search for Huskee Parts

We have a large selection of high quality Huskee aftermarket replacement parts. Enter your part number above to find the replacement part you need!

Browse Aftermarket Huskee Parts

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How To Choose A Riding Lawn Mower

With so many options and features available on riding lawn mowers, how can you make an informed decision about what type of mower to buy? There are two popular options when it comes to riding lawn mowers, both of which provide all-season functionality:

Most lawn and garden tractors look like a traditional riding lawn mower and have an engine mounted in the front and a steering wheel that steers using the front wheels, like a car. Some have the engine in the back with a simple steering column in front, allowing for increased viability and increased maneuverability for the driver.Zero-turn riding mowers pivot on the rear wheels, meaning there is zero-degree turning radius, and the mower can actually spin in a circle to cut one area or maneuver around obstacles.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers are available in both gas-powered and electric.

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Types Of Lawn Mowers & Tractors

Who Sells Huskee Lawn Mowers?

Your options for the best walk-behind or riding lawn mower range from $170 gas push models to lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers that can cost upward of $4,000.

If youre worried about noise, know that our tests show gas mowers are much noisier than their battery-powered counterparts. Nearly all the gas-powered machines we tested emitted more than 85 decibels at the users ear, and only a few were somewhat quieter. For all, we recommend hearing protection.

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Types Of Attachments For Riding Lawn Mowers

There are a variety of attachments for your riding lawn mower to make your lawn care a breeze:Baggers Double and triple baggers are available for all models of tractor and zero-turn riding mowers. Baggers collect the cut grass from the discharge for easy disposal.

Attachments are available for lawn tractors, garden tractors, and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. Be sure to check specifications on the attachments youre interested in to see what mowers its compatible with.

The Best Riding Mowers For Different Yard Types

Small to Medium Yards

For small to medium yards, both lawn and garden tractors are recommended. These are two high-performing, yet cost-effective options for those who dont want to hassle with a push mower. Lawn tractors and garden tractors also allow for much more utility with attachments like snow blowers, leaf collectors, and pull carts.

Medium to large yards

As the yard and the mowing job gets bigger, its worth considering additional options other than a lawn and garden tractor. A zero-turn riding lawn mower will allow you to get the job done faster and with more maneuverability.

Yards with obstacles

For yards with obstacles, such as landscaping, trees, rocks, and so on, we highly recommend a zero-turn mower. Trying to cut around landscaping and trees can be frustrating and time-consuming without the highly maneuverable zero-turn mower. For yards with fences, be sure to compare the deck size of the mower with the fence opening size to be sure it will fit. Even for residential homes, professional mowers can be a great option, as theyre designed for spaces with landscaping and other obstacles. With professional and commercial models, you also have different configuration models, such as stand-on and stand-behind mowers with excellent maneuverability.

Sloped yards

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Features We Favor On Lawn Mowers & Tractors

Depending on how much you want to spend, theres a wide selection of mower features and options available. Dont load up on any you wont useits best to cut costs as well as the grass.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Uniform Wheel Sizes

Some mowers have rear wheels that are larger than the front wheels. Gas models with same-sized front and rear wheels tend to be easier to maneuver and tip back for U-turns at the end of a row.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Blade-Brake Clutch

When you release the handlebar, the clutch stops the blade but not the engine so that you dont have to restart the engine to empty a full bag of clippings or to move a toy or branch.

Walk-Behind Mowers: Electric Start

Available on some gas models, electric start eliminates the inconvenience of pull-starting the engine. Most models with electric starts require external charging.

Walk-Behind Mowers: One-Lever Height Adjustment

Some self-propelled mowers have this feature, which lets you raise or lower the entire mowing deck at once. Most others require adjusting each of the four wheels individually.

Riding Mowers: Hydrostatic Transmission

Tractors with hydrostatic transmission can vary their ground speed quickly and smoothly without the need to move any additional controls. Most are now controlled with a pedal rather than a lever.

Riding Mowers: Electric Power Takeoff Switch

For tractors, this switch lets you engage the blades without pulling a lever, a feature that is a bit more convenient and can extend belt life.

Is Huskee The Same As Husqvarna And Other Questions

DIY: How to Change the Upper Drive Belt on MTD Gold Lawn Mower – Bolens or Yard Machines
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I only take execption to 1 thing D-Dog said. Murray is a Briggs and Straton subsidiary and I doubt that MTD is building any Murray stuff. Murray is the entry level line of B& S, as in Murray/Snapper/Simplicity/Ferris.steve

New members with 0 posts, please do not ask me ?’s via p.m. Post on the open board so that all can benefit.1977 Murray Built Sears ST 10 Yard and Garden Tractor1984 Murray 39004 Garden Tractor1999 Murray 46500 Lawn Tractor2007 Husqvarna Built Craftsman YS4500

New members with 0 posts, please do not ask me ?’s via p.m. Post on the open board so that all can benefit.1977 Murray Built Sears ST 10 Yard and Garden Tractor1984 Murray 39004 Garden Tractor1999 Murray 46500 Lawn Tractor2007 Husqvarna Built Craftsman YS4500

New members with 0 posts, please do not ask me ?’s via p.m. Post on the open board so that all can benefit.1977 Murray Built Sears ST 10 Yard and Garden Tractor1984 Murray 39004 Garden Tractor1999 Murray 46500 Lawn Tractor2007 Husqvarna Built Craftsman YS4500New members with 0 posts, please do not ask me ?’s via p.m. Post on the open board so that all can benefit.1977 Murray Built Sears ST 10 Yard and Garden Tractor1984 Murray 39004 Garden Tractor1999 Murray 46500 Lawn Tractor2007 Husqvarna Built Craftsman YS4500ggsteve

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Cordless Electric / Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

Dont want to fill your mower with gas or worry about cords? Cordless mowers or battery powered mowers are the most environmentally conscious choice of the bunch. They run quietly and efficiently, and the batteries can be swapped out when power is running low for even more run time, so you can tackle any job.

How Cr Tests Lawn Mowers & Tractors

To get you ratings and reviews of the latest models by early spring, our testers travel to Florida to conduct tests in late winter at grounds we specially prepare each year. We plant 1,800 pounds of grass seed . We cut 500,000 square feet of grass in three modesmulching, side-discharging, and bagging a total of 3,000 pounds of clippings. We mow both level turf and slopes to get a feel for each and every model. We also review the convenience features on every model we assess.

The Overall Score for each model in CRs mower ratings incorporates all that performance data, along with predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings from our latest member surveys. The surveys leverage data on more than 78,000 lawn mowers and tractors that members purchased between 2010 and 2020.

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A Huskee Mower Product Review

The Huskee 42 in. 420cc Lawn Tractor is a popular riding mower thats equipped with a 7-speed transmission, 1.38 gallon fuel tank, 14-gauge steel frame, and 42 twin-blade cutting deck with 6 adjustable cutting heights. Its a basic, yet capable unit that will suit properties that measure up to an acre in size.

Despite its small size, this mower can be a beast out in your lawn. It can reach up to 5 mph in speed and 2.3 mph in reverse, letting you not only trim the grass in your lawn effectively but also significantly cut down your chore time. While its not one of the Huskee zero turn mowers as it has an 18 inch turning radius, it can still be an efficient equipment that youll want to have in your shed or garage as it will certainly add quality to your life.


  • Operator area may be too small for tall and large users
  • Not for uneven terrains
  • Not a zero turn mower


With a promising feature set, good reviews, and a very friendly price, this product is definitely worth considering. If you dont need a high-powered unit or mow a large swath of land, this can already be a good pick.

Editor’s Notes & Price Research

Who Sells Huskee Lawn Mowers?
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    Who Makes Huskee Riding Mowers

    Modern Tool and Die Company

    . Subsequently, one may also ask, what brands are made by MTD?

    Our current family of brands includes Cub Cadet®, Troy-Bilt®, and Remington®, as well as Robomow®, Yard Machines®, Rover®, WOLF-Garten®, and Bolens®. Together they offer a complete range of products to suit every type of customer and every kind of lawn and garden.

    Beside above, is Huskee and MTD the same? Huskee is a “store-labelled” brand made by MTD and is sold by Tractor Supply, among others. Husqvarna, often called Husky, is a part of American Yard Products and Frigiidaire — and makes a higher quality product line than the normal MTD machines, including one of the top-sellling lines of chainsaws in the world.

    Then, what is the best brand of riding lawn mower?

    The Best Riding Lawn Mower

  • Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower. CLICK HERE FOR PRICE.
  • Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Lawn Mower. CLICK HERE FOR PRICE.
  • Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower.
  • Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series.
  • Craftsman R105 Riding Lawn Mower.
  • Husqvarna YTA24V48.
  • Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin.
  • Who makes Craftsman Riding Mowers 2019?

    Here are the Craftsman at Sears mowers, and who manufactures them for the 2019 year:

    • Craftsman T1000 series: Manufactured by MTD. Red color.
    • Craftsman T2000, T3000 series: Manufactured by MTD.
    • Craftsman 30 inch Rider: Manufactured by MTD.
    • Craftsman Zero Turns: Manufactured by MTD Red color.
    • Craftsman Pro: MTD Built.

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    Huskee Lt42 42 In Riding Mower

    • Product Code:KENTQX-00113
    • Availability:In Stock

    The 500cc 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine on the Huskee LT42 Riding Mower ensures you have the power to mow even tough lawns easily and quickly.RMC Reverse Mowing Control allows for mowing in forward or reverse unt..

      The 500cc 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt Engine on the Huskee LT42 Riding Mower ensures you have the power to mow even tough lawns easily and quickly.

      • RMC Reverse Mowing Control allows for mowing in forward or reverse until the operator leaves the riding lawn tractor, turns the key back to normal or turns off the engine
      • 7-speed transmission allows for effortless speed changes without stopping
      • 42 in. cutting deck offers improved air flow and increased vacuum force for optimal cut quality
      • Up to 1 acre/flat terrain
      • Low-Back seat

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    DIY: How to Change the Main Deck Belt on MTD Gold Lawn Mower – Bolens or Yard Machines

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    Huskee 350 Lb Riding Lawn Mower Lift

    I started “Landscape and Lawns Care” to provide clients with lawn care with better service, better products and, most importantly, better ethics. My promise to every customer is to give the greenest grass possible while controlling weeds, insects, and diseases! The most important thing is that I strive to always do the right thing for you, your lawn and your wallet!


  • Huskee Lawn Tractor Price

    I was considering a 1995 Huskee 22hp riding mower with a 50in mower deck. How much did it cost new? What is it worth if in very good condition?

    • It’s hard to say the price of a 13 year old Huskee.I bought a 25hp ,46″ deck Huskee in 2003 for $1700.Check E bay .

  • 13 years ago

    I bought a Huskee lawn tractor about 2003.But They came with 46 inch deck and a single speed transmission to select forward or reverse. It was $1300. Not cheap, but the belt/gear drive pulls my hills without overheating or whineing.At the same time, TSC had a garden tractor with a 50 inch mower and a tranny with 2 speeds forward and reverse. While the tranny had 1 inch axles compared to the 3/4 inch axles on the lawn tractor, it used the same double belt drive . As I remember, LO range was 1/2 the speed of HI on this tractor. Price varied with one that was marked $2,000 and another better model marked $3,000.But the bottom line is do you want a varible speed belt drive , and is the unit in excellent shape.These are MTD’s and not the most desired tractors.


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