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Do Battery Lawn Mowers Work

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Size And Power Of Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

EGO Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review. Putting The EGO BATTERY Powered Mower To The Test!

Cordless electric lawn mowers come with 12, 24 or 36 volt battery packs. Some of the leading brands are even introducing 40 volt batteries. Although the amount of power each battery size can actually deliver depends on other variables, such as grass conditions and the design of the mower, generally a battery with higher voltage will get you more power and a longer run time.

All things being equal, run times are very approximately as follows:

  • 12 volt battery 30 45 minutes
  • 24 volt battery 45- 75 minutes
  • 36 volt battery up to about 90 minutes

Cordless electric mowers typically have cutting widths between 18 and 20 inches.

How Much Horsepower Does This Thing Really Have

When it comes to actual mowing performance, all I can say about my 40V electric mower is that it’s nowhere close to my old Homelite 4 hp gas mower that I used growing up, which I guess is kinda what I was expecting or hoping for. To be fair, the manufacturer, which I’m not singling out here or even identifying,;never made any horsepower claims about this mower,;but it doesn’t even mow like a “low end” 3 horsepower gas mower would either. A 3 hp lawn mower will bog down when you start running it through thick grass, but will keep going if you’re gentle enough. This electric mower doesn’t bog down in heavy grass, it;just stops. It can’t handle it at all. It will get it done, but you have to be exceedingly gentle with it. So based purely on how it mows, I’d say this 40V electric lawn mower has a best of just 2 horsepower!;

Best Budget: Sun Joe 14

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29 pounds | Run Time: 25 minutes | Cutting Options: Bag | Size of Yard: 1/41/2 acre

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Extremely quiet during operation

  • Only bags clippings

  • Small cutting width

If you have a small area to mow, the Sun Joe Cordless Push Lawn Mower is an unbeatable value. Its on the smaller side with a 14-inch cutting width, and its 28-volt battery delivers up to 25 minutes of runtime per charge. The machine is extremely lightweight, weighing just 29 pounds, and it includes a 10.6-gallon collection bag that keeps clippings off your lawn.;

The Sun Joe mower has three height options that you can adjust manually, and its brushless motor is surprisingly quiet during operation. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting, and theres a battery-level indicator that lets you know how much juice you have left.

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Hayter Osprey 46 Cordless 550

This pricey cordless mower has a 46cm cutting width, making well suited to a larger back garden. It weighs 28kg, which is pretty heavy compared to other battery-powered models, but still lighter than most petrol alternatives.

Its self-propelled, making it easier to push across your lawn, and theres a built-in deck-wash attachment to keep it clean too. The handle height is fixed at 106cm, which is worth bearing in mind if you like to be able to adjust the handles to suit your height.

Is this cordless mower worth splashing out on, or will you wish youd opted for a cheaper model? Find out how this pricey model performed by reading our Hayter Osprey 46 Cordless review.;

A Summary Of Electric Lawn Mower Horsepower Guesstimates

How Lawn Mowers Work

In summary, here’s my best guesstimate of actual electric lawn mower horsepower based on some back of the envelope calculations from my 40V electric mower, and comparisons with actual ownership and use of 4 hp and 5 hp gas mowers, watching a few YouTube videos and reading reviews of the 56V EGO mower, and some feedback from someone I know who has an 80V mower.;

Less than 40V: don’t even freaking bother. You’re talking sub 1 horsepower here. Maybe there are some lawns out there where this might be enough, but certainly not mine!;

40V class: about 1.0 to 1.5 horsepower being as optimistic as possible.;Enough if you have nice even grass and few weeds, but consider this the bare minimum, and totally inadequate if you have thicker stuff and/or weeds to get through. You’ll regret it like I did. There’s a reason why none of these lower voltage electric mowers are recommended by Consumer Reports magazine.;

56/60V class: maybe about 2.0 to 2.5 horsepower also being very optimistic, but finally kinda like a real gas mower. Although I haven’t used one, they seem to be reasonably powerful and enough to cut through taller grass and some weeds, but YMMV, and the video I saw of one choking on some taller grass wasn’t really confidence inspiring for a $499 investment. Given one bad experience with an electric mower, if this one crapped out on me too I’d have instant buyer’s remorse and kick myself for not just getting a gas!

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Bag Mulch Or Just Let It Fly

Make sure the mower you buy discharges clippings the way you want it to.

All the mowers are set up for your choice of bagging or mulching, and all include grass catchers. The Stihl battery powered mower has a plastic container rather than a fabric bag, and a built-in mulching plug that cant get lost. The Black & Decker battery powered mower has a convenient switch on top of the mower deck that flips from grass collecting to mulching mode.

The 19-in. Worx cordless lawn mower and the Greenworks are the only mowers with a side discharge chute. You can order a side discharge accessory for the Neuton. The other mowers discharge out the back when youre not bagging or mulching.

Cb Chrome Battery Rechargeable 9b


Many people go for this battery because it is vibration-resistant, durable, and ready to handle the most challenging job. It comes with a dimension of 5.91″ x 4.13″ x 2.72″ and weighs 6.5 lbs. There is the Absorbed Glass Mat technology that is leak-free and sealed to enable it to be mounted in any position. Also, it can be charged and discharged repeatedly without affecting its performance.The model is constructed with the lead-calcium alloy, which can allow for a high-performance operation and maintenance-free. There is a patented sealed post that does not spill or leak, preventing any corrosion from extending the battery life. On the other hand, it is housing, which can be highly resistant to vibration to offer maximum conductivity.I really appreciate a high-quality material because it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety, effectiveness, OEM compatibility, and optimal performance. It comes with an 18-month warranty, making it convenient because you can replace it if there is any defect. Likewise, it has a 30-day of refund window. Above all, it is easy to install because no leaking can happen when mounting.


  • Proof to spill and leak
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • It has a 30-day refund window
  • Ensure high-performance operation
  • It comes at an excellent price
  • It works perfectly
  • It takes too long to be fully charged

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Are Electric Mowers Better Than Gas

In my opinion, electric lawn mowers are better than gas for a few reasons:

  • Electric mowers have zero emissions which makes them better for the environment
  • The total cost of ownership is lower for electric mowers because they require no gas
  • You no longer have to store gas and keep it from going bad

Consumer Reports wrote up a pretty good article comparing a gas vs electric mowers

Who This Is For

SunJoe iON (ion16lm) 40 Volt 16 inch Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower

If you want to be able to stand the sight of your yard this summer, youre going to need a lawn mower. Anything larger than a half-acre gets into riding-mower territory, but a self-propelled push mower is perfect for a half-acre or less. Going at a pace of about 3 mph , it will take about an hour to cut this amount of grass.

If you already own a gas mower thats less than a decade old, you will probably not notice a tremendous difference by upgrading to a newer gas mower. Upgrading to a cordless model is a more noticeable change you could immediately appreciate.

The Original Cordless Mower

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Lawn Mowing Is An Endurance Race Not A Drag Race

There’s an old saying that horsepower sells cars, but torque wins races. Well, that can be true for automobiles if we’re talking about runs down the drag strip, and getting a nice hole shot off the line thanks to a mountain of torque . Watch most any Tesla Model S P85D or higher at the drag strip destroying tons of exotic cars, and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe that’s what the lawn mower manufacturers want you to think, and are preying upon consumer ignorance here by advertising “gross torque” and not even net torque, and are constantly trying to hide the actual horsepower output! Torque alone tells you nothing.;;

But we’re not talking about drag racing here. We’re talking about steady state mowing with very small engines or motors running at their maximum operating speeds. Horsepower is what’s going to win this race and get your lawn mowed, without having to slow to a crawl to avoid your engine stalling. What happens to electric cars at higher speeds or from 50 km/h rolls? They make a ton of torque up to a given speed, but after that they just fall off like a rock and get walked all over by cars that don’t necessarily have more horsepower, but that maintain higher levels of horsepower to higher speeds, and thus “can do more work at higher speeds“. Horsepower is what you need for mowing your lawn, not “gas-like power” or “torque of gas”. That’s total BS!;


How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last

The days of electric lawn mowers being second class citizens in the mowing industry are over! Technology has advanced to the point where electric lawn mowers, their batteries, and their charge time are more than adequate for most peoples yard needs. Read on to find out what you can expect from your electric lawn mower.

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Can They Handle Your Yard

Cordless yard tools with voltage ratings of 40 or more are definitely powerful enough for most jobs. But theres no getting around the fact that battery run-time is still the limiting factor. When youre deciding whether a cordless electric yard tool could replace your gas or corded electric tool, consider two things:

  • How much run-time do you need? Time how long it takes you to do the job with your current machine. Then shop for a tool that has sufficient run-time. If you need more run-time, you can always buy a second battery . Or you can take a break and let the battery recharge .
  • Does your yard get out of control? Be honest about how often you let your yard get out of hand. If you try to cut very long grass or heavy growth, a cordless tool may not have the run-time or raw power to get the job done.
  • With those caveats in mind, heres our advice based on frank discussions with the tool manufacturers, coupled with editors actual experiences.

    Greenworks 25312 19 In Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

    Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Work?

    Weight: 49 lbs. Height range: 1-1/4 to 3-1/2 in. Battery: 40V, 4 Ah lithium ion

    The lithium ion battery in this Greenworks 19-in. cordless lawn mower makes it 20 lbs. lighter than comparable-size mowers. The package includes two 4 Ah batteries that you can use in other Greenworks G-MAX tools. The mower requires only one battery at a time, so you can swap it out if you run out of power. The handle folds up to create the most compact 19-in. mower of the group. This is the only cordless electric mower in our review that has a metal rather than a plastic deck. The metal deck makes the mower feel substantial, but unlike plastic, may be prone to corrosion. We gave this mower our Best Value award because it has all the features we like and includes two powerful lithium ion batteries, all for a competitive price.

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    Cordless Electric Mowers At A Glance: How Do They Work

    With todays technological advancement, cordless lawn mowers were made possible. Cordless lawn mowers are battery-operated. They operate with less noise, no gas, less maintenance,and no fumes.Theyre a lot easier to start and maintain. Most importantly, this type of lawn mower is the perfect solution to protect the environment from air pollution. Did you know that newer cordless electric lawn mowers only use as much electricity as oven toasters?

    These cordless lawn mowers are popular among average homeowners who maintain small yards. How? Lets find out more.

    Best For Large Yards: Ryobi 54 In 115 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

    Cutting Width: 54 inches | Weight: 796 pounds | Run Time: Not listed | Cutting Options: Mulch or side-discharge | Size of Yard: 4+ acres

    The RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is ideal for anyone with a large piece of property, as it can mow an impressive 3.5 acres on a single charge. It has a 54 inch cutting deck with three precision-cut steel blades, and there are 12 cutting heights to choose from.;

    This battery-powered zero-turn lawn mower has a variety of useful features, including a slow speed option, slow blade option, reverse mowing, and USB charging port. It can side discharge or mulch grass clippings, and its built for comfort with ergonomic control handles, armrests, and two cup holders.

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    Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Faqs:

    Since the market is filled with different battery powered lawn mowers to choose from, picking one out of the bunch can be confusing. We fully expect buyers to have a lot of questions before making their pick, so weve rounded up the most common questions about battery powered lawn mowers to help you gather as much information as possible.

    Maintenance And Ease Of Use For Electric Mowers

    Should you switch to a battery electric lawn mower now? Greenworks Dual Battery Lawn Mower

    Electric mowers are cheaper than gas mowers and are usually powerful enough to tackle most lawns. If you have long, thick grass, or try to cut grass when its wet, this can overtax a low power electric mower, so choose your mower wisely to meet your needs.

    Top tip If youre faced with an unruly patch of pasture that hasnt seen a lawn mower in many years, consider borrowing a gas powered mower for the first pass , then save money and the planet with a more eco-friendly electric mower for maintenance.;

    Electric mowers are also much easier to look after and to store. Aside from basic inspections every once in a while , and a bit of cleaning, the only other requirement to keep an electric mower in good shape is to replace the brushes on the motor.

    For both gas powered and electric mowers, youll want to clean the cutting deck after every use before you put the mower in storage. This means getting a hard brush and water and getting rid of fine lawn cuttings stuck to the blades. If theres a hose attachment, this is easy peasy, just plug in your hose and turn on the water.

    Again, for all mowers, check the general condition of the mower at least once a year, noting the state of fuel pipes, electrical wires, nuts, bolts, paintwork, and so forth. Remove dirt and rust as necessary and apply fresh paint or other rust inhibitor to exposed metal. Grease bearings, levers, and shafts annually and tighten any nuts and bolts as needed.;

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    Pros Of Gas Lawn Mower

    Gas lawn mowers are famous for their performance. They are used best for large lawns and can cut through tall, thick grass with ease. The main benefits of the gas lawn mower include:

    • Gas lawn mowers are more popular and therefore tend to have more of a following.
    • They are also much cheaper to purchase than their battery-operated counterparts.
    • Because of their accessibility, spare parts and skilled labor for maintenance are widely available.
    • The more recent models of gas lawn mowers are designed to cause less pollution.
    • Recent gas lawn mower models are also designed to be quieter than the older more generic versions.

    What Do I Need To Comply With Before Starting

    For reel mowing, you will need a certain type of lawnmower. Our first choice is now clear. This particular model of John Deere greens mower is used to mow golf courses, where the grass is left especially short. Meaning down to about one inch. Most individuals would buy these on the resale market because they are so pricey when they are brand new.;

    As a second option, weve chosen a company named California Trimmer. You may cut from extremely modest heights all the way up to three inches with this model, which is much more adaptable for the homeowner. Lets start with the john deere greens mower and see how it works.

    The back of the mower has a handy kickstand, which youll need because this mower is a little bit different than anything youve used before, and it will save you a lot of time.

    A standard pole start is used, with a Honda engine. These wheels are called transport wheels, and they must be removed before mowing the grass since the mower rests on the back roller when it mows.

    It was created by California Tremor, a US firm. As a full reel mower, it offers greater versatility. A grass box is located on the front of the house to capture the clippings. These days, I often mow without the box and let the blades do a little bit of mulching.

    You can understand why it leaves such beautiful stripes if you look at the front of the machine. Because of the strong steel roller in front, thats whats happening. And on top of that is the reel that performs all the functions.

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