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Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Work

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Electric Lawn Care Set Vs Gas

SunJoe iON (ion16lm) 40 Volt 16 inch Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Posted by Joseph | Nov 9, 2021 | Lawn Care & Gardening Tools, Lawn Care Basics | 0 |

Have you ever seen a beautiful garden? If so, what do you feel about it? The right plants can make an amazing garden, but having a well-maintenance lawn can make it even better. A garden looks messy if the grass is left untrimmed for a long time. Thats why you need to consider a gas-powered or electric lawn care set. This way, you will have the right gardening tools to make your lawn more aesthetically appealing.

How Do Electric Lawn Mowers Perform

Electric lawn mowers typically perform very well, particularly considering the money and energy they save over gas lawn mowers. Their price more than rivals that of their gas brothers.

While some of the more advanced cordless mowers can match or exceed that of a gas mower, you can find corded mowers that are inexpensive. Anyone on a tight budget typically can find a corded lawn mower at around $100, and some go even lower!

Its important to know that electric mowers are not suited to huge lawns, but millions of lawns in the U.S. alone would be well-suited to the use of an electric lawn mower.

In fact, most lawns whose owners use a push- or walk-behind gas mower can easily be cut with an electric mower. These mowers typically last around 10 years, with batteries of cordless models lasting around five years. Like any mower, the performance of an electric lawn mower depends on how well it is maintained.

Pro: They Can Be Less Expensive

If you are looking to save money, electric lawn mowers might be a wise option to consider. Electric models start as low as $88, the price for the 11-inch, 10-amp Electric Hover Walk Behind Push Mower from Sun Joe. However, this model has a relatively narrow cutting width.

Alternatively, prices for gas-powered mowers tend to start at around $170. For example, the Yardmax 20-inch 166cc OHV Gas Walk Behind Push Mower and 20-inch 125 cc Briggs & Stratton Gas Walk Behind models each cost $169 and cut wider swaths of grass.

So saving a little cash also means you’ll take more time and effort to cut the same area than you would with a bigger mower. Generally, the wider the cutting platform, the more money you’ll pay. For instance, the wider Sun Joe Mow Joe 20-inch model will set you back $170 even though it’s an electric model.

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Ryobi 38 Battery Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower in Ride-On Category

This is our careful selection for the best electric ride-on lawn mower. It runs on 48v batteries and recharges conveniently by connecting to an average 120v outlet the charger cord extends from the mower rear. The 38-inch deck width reduces mowing time with fewer passes, while 2 blades cut super quickly, efficiently, and with impressive power. You can change the cutting height manually with 12 different adjustments.

This option is a glimpse into the future of mowing. With zero emissions and a quiet run, the included USB charging port is a convenient addition, too.

Cutting WidthCutting Height OptionsVoltage

What Is The Best Way To Start A Battery

Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Work?

When compared to gas-powered lawnmowers, the advantage of corded and cordless battery mowers is the ease with which they can be started. Starting up a gas lawn mower can be exhausting, especially when you consider how much pilling youll have to perform.

Simply turn the key on your mower, then click the start button or pull a lever to start your battery-powered lawnmower. If it still doesnt turn on after this, its most likely because you need to recharge the batteries.

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Push Mower Vs Electric Mower: Which One Is Best For You

If you go shopping for a new lawn mower, you may be surprised to see the number of options. Home improvement and hardware stores stock a vast array of gas powered, corded electric, cordless electric, and manual push mowers, any one of which could be a great choice or a poor choice. So, how do you know which is the best?

The Benefits Of Thebattery Powered Lawn Mower

  • The lawnmower can cut the grass and also remove the leaves in the yard.
  • The battery-powered lawnmower does not have any cords, and that means that the risks of being injured are minimized.
  • The lawnmower does not produce any scent or emissions therefore there is no air pollution
  • The battery-powered lawn mowers are usually quiet.
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    How Do Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers Compare To Other Types Of Lawn Mowers

    Cordless mowers have all the advantages that corded electric lawn mowers have over gas mowers and then some.

    They are good for the environment, good for your relations with your neighbors and very easy to use and operate.

    You need to make sure they are properly charged, but other than that theyll work on demand with little in the way of upkeep to be done.

    Of course they are not as powerful as gas powered mowers and are not suitable for cutting long and/or very lush grass.

    They have the obvious major advantage over corded models that you can use them anywhere without the need for an electric power source.

    On the downside, though, even the best models wont run for more than a couple of hours at most and re-charging fully can take up to 12 hours.

    Cordless mowers are also more expensive than corded models and also heavier because of the weight of battery.

    weighs 92 pounds and, incidentally, will set you back about $160 more.

    Ryobi 13 In Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

    Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Pick Up Fallen Leaves From The Ground

    Best Lightweight and Easy-Storing Battery Powered Lawn Mower

    This is a wonderful battery-powered lawn mower option for small to mid-sized lawns. It cuts 13-inch-wide swaths with ease. It’s easy to transport, with help from the convenient carrying handle and fold-down push handles plus the model is very lightweight. Vertical storage helps this Ryobi fit into most small toolsheds or garages. Be the envy of the block with this push-behind lawn mowers sleek and modern appearance. It runs with zero gas or fumes.

    This one is highly recommended for those with lawn areas on the smaller side or people with limited mobility and upper body strength. With its lightweight, easy carrying handle and folding ability, this mower is perfect for anyone.

    Cutting WidthCutting Height OptionsVoltage

    Available Service

    Briana Yablonski

    Most areas tend to have someone who is a pro at fixing lawnmowers, but they might not be familiar with newer battery-powered models. See if there is a service center near you that can fix any issues or if any locals are familiar with the model you are considering.

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    Best Overall: Ryobi 20 In 40

    Cutting Width: 20 inches | Weight: 60 pounds | Run Time: 42 minutes | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1/41/2 acre

    • Self-propelled to make it easy to maneuver

    • Easy start button

    • Runs quieter than most mowers

    • Side discharge accessory sold separately

    • Can be hard to turn

    RYOBI is one of the top brands for battery-powered tools, and its self-propelled lawn mower offers versatility and convenience for anyone with a small- or medium-sized yard. It has a 20-inch width and can cut up to ½ acre per charge, and you have the option to mulch, bag, or side discharge grass clippings .

    This self-propelled lawn mower has a seven position single-point height adjustment, as well as load-sensing technology that maximizes its efficiency. Rear-wheel drive helps you navigate rough or sloped terrain with ease, and the brushless motor delivers gas-like power without the need for oil changes, spark plug replacement, or other time-consuming maintenance.

    What Is A Battery

    As the name suggests, a battery-powered lawn mower is one that operates on battery power, as opposed to gas or other fuel sources. The cordless lawnmower utilizes stored battery/energy to operate. You charge the battery for the designated time by the manufacturer, then the lawnmower runs with the stored energy from the charge .

    These lawnmowers start with the flip of a switch or push of a button. Therefore, unlike gas lawnmowers, you dont have to add fuel, replace filters, or perform routine maintenance. These battery-powered lawn mowers are easy to operate, and they require virtually no maintenance at all by the owners.

    The primary decision youre going to have to make when deciding on a battery-powered mower is whether to choose a dual or single-battery variety. Therefore, the size of your lawn is going to play a role in your decision. With the cordless variety, you can maneuver freely, however, the duration of the battery/charge life will limit how much time you have to mow the lawn before you need to recharge the battery to finish the job. The lawnmower is powered by a battery, meaning it only lasts as long as the charge lasts. And, remember, the more you mow, the weaker the battery power is going to get as youre nearing the end of the battery life.

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    Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mower Which Is Best

    It wasnt all that long ago when the only choosing a mower simply consisted of deciding which brand of gas mower to go for. Sure, electric mowers existed, but they were pretty much useless and a bit of a gimmick.

    Not so any more! Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years and battery and corded electric mowers are now viable alternatives.

    Which is best for you really depends on a number of considerations. Read on to learn more so you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a gas or electric mower.

    In This Article:

    Taking Care Of The Batteries

    Best Electric Lawn Mower for 2021

    Since your electric mower operates on batteries, they will need to be well taken care of. Batteries are normally sold when purchasing the mower. As soon as you purchase the battery, check the label or box it comes in. This will tell you how to best care for your battery. The instructions will also tell you how it should be charged.

    If you dont follow the listed instructions, this could result in your battery becoming damaged. It could also suffer from a shorter lifespan. While youre mowing your lawn and using the battery, youll notice the battery level listed on your lawn mower.

    Keep a close eye on it while mowing and stop using the battery once it reaches a low battery level. Waiting until the battery dies can harm it and may decrease its life.

    Once you realize your mowers battery has died, remove it immediately. To prevent any battery leakage damage, take your dead battery out and recharge it right away. When you store your mower in the garage during the wintertime, take the battery out. Leaving it in the mower for too long can cause the battery to quit working when you start it back up again in the summer.

    Caring for Your Batteries and Electric Mower in the Winter

    In order for your electric mower to operate efficiently in the summer, it needs to be cared for in the winter. Leave your mower inside of your garage, but grab the battery out of it. Take it inside to store properly. You never want to leave your electric mowers battery inside of the machine all winter.

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    Why Is It The Best Of The Lot

    The BLACK+DECKER CM2040 runs in three- in- one modes. It has a wide 20- inch cutting width this means you finish the chore in lesser time and effort. The variable speeds and Autosense save battery and cut the grass intelligently. This protects the motor your battery lasts longer and the tool serves you longer. The grass can be cut at 6 levels and the EDGEMAX ensures that the grass is cut at every corner and edge. There are two rechargeable batteries that extend the power and runtime. Last but not the least the interchangeable batteries can be shared with the other BLACK+DECKER lawn and gardening equipment family.

    How Much Power Do Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Have

    The most popular brands battery powered lawn mowers like Ryobi, GreenWorks, and Kobalt are running off of a pair of 40 volt Lithium-Ion batteries. EGO is the exception, doing the same job with a single 56 volt battery pack. We did our testing on lawns with bahia, which is a relatively light density grass. All the mowers we testing plowed through that with absolutely no issues. Realistically, any of these mowers should be able to handle any lawn, including thicker varieties like St. Augustine and Floratam. A word of caution though, you need to stay on top of your mowing. We tested one mower in some grass that had been allowed to grow to around 10 inches. It cut through it, but the quality of the cut suffered significantly and the grass stopped the blade several times. Taking a couple inches off the top will be fine, but youre going to run into issues if you need to cut much more than that, especially on thicker lawns.

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    Accessories For Lawn Mowers

    To make grass maintenance easier, most lawn mowers accept auxiliary items. A bagging system is the most frequent, as it makes collecting grass detritus easier. Other popular attachments, such as sunshades for riding mowers that provide UV protection, are more about the users comfort.

    If you want to use a specific accessory, look at how it connects to the mower youre considering and whether it has the right hitch or connector. Riding mowers can take on additional accessories, and some can even handle heavy-duty chores like snow plowing or tilling.

    What Do I Need To Know Before I Buy

    EGO Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review. Putting The EGO BATTERY Powered Mower To The Test!

    For every advancement that we make in technology, an unintended consequence results. You can gain a lot by using an electric mower if it suits your needs but you should be aware of the adjustments that youll need to make.

    The first consideration deals with whether you decide on a corded or cordless model.

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    How To Pick The Right Lawn Mower

    One of lifes simple joys is looking out over a lush green lawn. Cutting all that grass, on the other hand, might not be. Its crucial to have a lawnmower or tractor you can rely on to get the job done right.

    Choosing the correct lawn mower for your garden can be challenging, but our buyers guide can assist you in making the right purchase so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn all year. The size of your lawn is the most critical factor to consider.

    A large lawn is one that is larger than a tennis court, a medium-sized lawn is one that is half the size of a tennis court, and a small lawn is one that is half the size of a tennis court. You may have a variety of power sources depending on the size of your garden.

    The power source, whether its fuel, electric, or cordless, will have a significant impact on performance and cost.

    A hand-push or electric lawn mower can mow a small garden. If you have a medium-sized or bigger lawn, a cordless electric or petrol machine is a good option. If the power cord isnt an issue, make sure its long enough to reach the gardens end.

    Bag Mulch Or Just Let It Fly

    Make sure the mower you buy discharges clippings the way you want it to.

    All the mowers are set up for your choice of bagging or mulching, and all include grass catchers. The Stihl battery powered mower has a plastic container rather than a fabric bag, and a built-in mulching plug that cant get lost. The Black & Decker battery powered mower has a convenient switch on top of the mower deck that flips from grass collecting to mulching mode.

    The 19-in. Worx cordless lawn mower and the Greenworks are the only mowers with a side discharge chute. You can order a side discharge accessory for the Neuton. The other mowers discharge out the back when youre not bagging or mulching.

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    Makita Xml06pt1 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

    Best Dollar-to-Value Match for a Battery Powered Lawn Mower

    Step up your battery powered lawn mower game by getting one of the best-developed push mowers in its category. With an ample 18-inch cutting deck made with some of the highest grade steel in the industry, you can mow around 2/5 of an acre in one single charge. It runs on two 18-volt LXT lithium ion 5.0 Ah batteries. Switch between the higher-powered setting to a Quiet Mode when your lawn only needs a touch-up.

    You shell out a bit more cash for this Makita but you dont have to worry about sourcing the batteries and charger. Youre all set and ready to go for a clean, nature-friendly mowing experience.

    Cutting WidthCutting Height OptionsVoltage

    Maintenance And Ease Of Use For Electric Mowers

    How does an Electric lawn Mower Work

    Electric mowers are cheaper than gas mowers and are usually powerful enough to tackle most lawns. If you have long, thick grass, or try to cut grass when its wet, this can overtax a low power electric mower, so choose your mower wisely to meet your needs.

    Top tip If youre faced with an unruly patch of pasture that hasnt seen a lawn mower in many years, consider borrowing a gas powered mower for the first pass , then save money and the planet with a more eco-friendly electric mower for maintenance.

    Electric mowers are also much easier to look after and to store. Aside from basic inspections every once in a while , and a bit of cleaning, the only other requirement to keep an electric mower in good shape is to replace the brushes on the motor.

    For both gas powered and electric mowers, youll want to clean the cutting deck after every use before you put the mower in storage. This means getting a hard brush and water and getting rid of fine lawn cuttings stuck to the blades. If theres a hose attachment, this is easy peasy, just plug in your hose and turn on the water.

    Again, for all mowers, check the general condition of the mower at least once a year, noting the state of fuel pipes, electrical wires, nuts, bolts, paintwork, and so forth. Remove dirt and rust as necessary and apply fresh paint or other rust inhibitor to exposed metal. Grease bearings, levers, and shafts annually and tighten any nuts and bolts as needed.

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