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What Is The Best Commercial Lawn Edger

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Black+decker Le750 12 Amp 2

Lawn Edgers Explained! What’s the best lawn edger for a lawn care business?
  • 2-in-1 tool
  • In-built cord retention and control
  • Powerful trencher for more DIY yard tasks

The Black+Decker 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher is one of the best corded lawn edgers on the market today. Being a plug-and-go tool, I found it useful for fairly small-area edging tasks .

So, apart from just edging, youll find this landscaping tool handy when digging trenches in your yard for planting bushes, installing outdoor lighting, and laying wires in your yard a much easier task to do.

The edging blade is adjustable , making it ideal for controlling the depth and angle of your lawns edge.

To address cord entanglement which is usually a problem with corded landscaping equipment the Black+Decker Landscape Edger and Trencher has a built-in cord retention mechanism, which I find to increase the safety of this machine while edging around curved and rounded yards.

Although it is one of the best lawn edgers that are corded and electric-powered, I found this new design to be poorly designed around the handles, making it difficult to handle compared to the older model.

Another major issue I noticed in my review is that the handle of this Black + Decker lawn edger is not adjustable, so youre stuck with a height that you cannot do something about. For me, the handle was rather low and a little difficult to use.

Honda 647580 Straight Shaft String Trimmer/edger

Last on the list is the Honda 647580 straight shaft string trimmer and edger. It is powered by a 4-cycle 25cc mini 4-stroke engine that runs on straight, unleaded gas, so you won’t need to go through the stress of mixing.

The engine provides high cutting performance with less fuel consumption, and it is easy to start thanks to its quick start system.

This tool 17″ cutting width semi-automatic trimmer head with quiet 0.095″ diameter line provides reliable trimming performance, but it doesn’t last long.

It has a comfortable loop handle design that eliminates vibration while the machine is in operation for less user fatigue and all-day comfort use. The deflector has an automatic line cutter that increases users’ visibility. It doesn’t have speed control.

The ergonomics of the Honda 647580 straight shaft string trimmer and edger is laudable, with the well-positioned control for balance and easy maneuverability.

However, it is a bit heavy. Note that this tool can attach to different variety of 9″ blades for extensive scale cutting.

  • Trimmer’s head doesn’t last long
  • A bit heavyweight

Can I Edge Wet Grass

Can you edge after rain? This is a common question and the answer is yes, but its not a good idea.

Edging damp or dry-ish grass is feasible, as youll get a nice clean edge and the blade will cut the turf easily.

Anything more than that, and youre risking clogging up the machine, with mud and filth being spread everywhere, and one hell of a cleanup operation as a result.

If you really must, dont run the edger too deep stay on the surface as much as possible and youll minimize the amount of material youll be slinging all over the yard.

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Ease Of Installation And Use

Every users understanding of how an edger works is different, and this is why you have to go for a tool you understand. Nothing is more amazing than getting a power tool that you can work with from time to time. After considering all of the factors that have been provided above, make sure you think about your comfort too. Read through the specifications of products before you buy and be sure that whatever product you purchase, you can relate with. Check the installation, usage and maintenance requirements and be sure you can work with all of them.

Best Gas: Earthquake 23275 Walk

Best Commercial Edger

While they do require more upkeep, gas-powered tools like the Earthquake Walk-Behind Landscape and Lawn Edger are extremely powerful and precise, making them a better choice for larger jobs. This high-end lawn edger is powered by a 79cc motor that spins a 9-inch steel blade at a speed of 3,400 revolutions per minute, and the pivoting head offers five different cutting angles to tackle any type of job.

This walk-behind lawn edger has a sturdy four-wheeled design, and you can easily adjust its depth, selecting from five settings between 0.5 and 3.5 inches. The unit includes a durable debris guard that protects you during operation, and it has a built-in holder where you can store hand tools. The Earthquake Lawn Edger is even powerful enough to be used for small trenching tasks, such as the installation of an electric fence.

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How Much Power Do I Need

The cordless trimmers being reviewed here today all use a lithium ion battery, which are the most popular kind of rechargeable batteries on the market today .

These batteries are a lightweight alternative to heavier Ni-cad batteries, and the newest ones are so much improved that theyll give a tank of gas a run for its money.

Lithium ion batteries come in several different voltages from 18 volts all the way up to 82 volts .

For instance, a 40V MAX lithium 4.0Ah battery will provide you with 120 watt-hours of energy. A 20V battery is sufficient for most trimming requirements of a small to medium-sized yard .

An 80V battery will provide about 45 minutes of run time, which is good for larger yards.

Rotary 6477 Edger Blades

This 4-pack of rectangular flat edger blades from Rotary is probably the highest rated we have come across during our research. Not only does it cut beautifully and offers consistently good performance, but its compatible with a large number of edgers.

Because of its flat, hard shape, this edger blade is perfect for carrying out light-duty edging applications. If you think you wont be needing to make much use of your edger in the season, you can opt for these blades. Theyll make your edging experience significantly smoother.

Because these blades are unsharpened, you will have to sharpen them before using them. Although this might seem like an inconvenience, it actually enhances the blades power. Overall, this is a pretty decent 4-pack, but the low price reflects the durability of the blades.

  • Compatible with Maruyama, Stihl, Green Machine and Echo edgers
  • Highly affordable compared to most other blades on the market
  • Easy to install and offers a perfect fit
  • Not very durable

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Weed Wacker Vs Lawn Edger: When To Use Which Type Of Tool

Its rather self-evident, but true: the best tool to use depends on the job you need to do. Weed wackers can be used to trim grass around walls, posts, stumps and all kinds of obstacles. Many have a rotating head that also lets you comfortably edge your lawn. Trimmers are made to get in hard-to-reach places lawn edgers arent designed to reach.

Lawn edgers are designed for one job, and they do it better than any other tool can, including weed wackers. An edgers vertical spinning blade is built to cut through all kinds of grass and even roots to create a straight, clean edge. Gas edgers, while more pricey, have all the power and heft needed to cut a near-perfect line. An edger can give your lawn a pristine, finished look, unlike any other tool can.

However, a weed wacker, also called a string trimmer, is more versatile than an edger. So if you can only afford one or the other, your best bet is probably a string trimmer.

Benefits Of Using A Lawn Edger

Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)
  • You can use a lawn edger for keeping your pathways and driveway neatly trimmed after you have just freshly mowed the lawn.
  • A lawn edger can be used to keep the sidewalk outside your home perfectly manicured so that your front lawn will be the object of garden envy from your neighbors.
  • If you have flower beds, the edger can neatly cut and trim around the edges of the lawn, which will really make your flowers stand out as the pride and joy of your garden.
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    Buying Guide For Best Gas Lawn Edgers

    Plenty of thought and effort goes into crafting a meticulously gorgeous lawn, especially when it comes to creating boundaries. You may want to show off some parts, like your flower beds, and protect other parts from encroaching weeds, like your sidewalks and pathways. When significant power is required to dig into soil and penetrate dense, rough patches of lawn, you need a gas-powered lawn edger.

    Edgers create boundaries of various widths and depths. You may be interested in an edger for maintenance purposes, aesthetic purposes, or both. Gas lawn edgers are the most powerful edgers available. If you have a big edging project to tackle, a gas-fed edger is an apt choice, especially if you want to get the job done quickly and with precision.

    Whether youre a homeowner or a professional landscaper, this buying guide can help you choose a gas lawn edger. Read on to learn what to expect when using a gas edger, how they compare to other types of edgers and how to go about buying the right one.

    Choosing The Right Power Lawn Edger For Your Garden:

    There are many power lawn edgers available in the market. But we need to choose the right one, which gives your garden a perfectly manicured look. So, we choose some of the lawn edgers for your garden, we are going to mention them below for you: User must not buy used lawn edgers for sale.

    • Size of your garden:

    Its up to your garden/lawn size that which edger is suitable for it. For small size garden, the electric edger reviews will be very helpful

    • Power Source

    There are different types of edgers available in the market some are designed based on electricity whereas some designed based on gas, and some on battery-operated lawn edger.

    • Comfortable and Easy to use

    Make sure whenever you purchase an edger it should be easy to operate as well as comfortable too.

    • Versatile:

    While purchasing an edger make sure that it is adjustable in the terms of height, grass cutting, adjustable blades, easy to move in tight corners. There is cordless lawn edger with blade are also available.

    • Budget:

    The most important thing is the budget. Its up to you that how much you are willing to pay for a power edger or a solid item.

    • Maintenance:

    The maintenance cost of an edge should be affordable. It should not be very high because it is not worthy to spend more than enough money on a solid item.

    • Time
    • Engine

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    Best Power Head Gas String Trimmer

    • Easily handle a wide range of lawn and garden tasks
    • Trimmer, edger, pruner, hedge trimmer, cultivator, & blower
    • Easy to start and runs on regular gas, no messy oil/gas mixing required
    • Less smoke, odor & provides the lowest sound level in the industry
    • Loaded with low-end torque so more can be done with less throttle

    We Make Buying Technical Products Simple

    What Is The Easiest Lawn Edger To Use

    Commercial Grade Walking Forward Edger

    Both types of edgers have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to ease of use. A handheld machine is easy to use right off the bat but can get cumbersome and tiring after a while.

    With a walk-behind version, the ground takes the weight, but they can be more tricky to maneuver.

    For the most part, though, edgers arent the most difficult power tool to use, so long as you have a modicum of common sense, theyre all pretty straightforward, anyway.

    Having said that, I would look at the four-stroke versions, as you dont need to fiddle about mixing oil and gas, and you can get up and running almost right out of the box.

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    What Is The Best Commercial Lawn Edger

    The best commercial lawn edger will depend on your individual needs and the size of your lawn. Corded Lawn edgers are the most powerful as they dont need to be recharged. Be sure to purchase a high-end model that has the features you need. Models that have a high amp capacity and extended reach are the best suited for edging larger areas. Also make sure the handle length and weight is comfortable for you.

    Stick edgers or handheld edgers are not as powerful, but are great for small, urban yards or tiny hands. These are also considered the best edgers for old or arthritic hands. Essentially, a good edger should offer durability, versatility, and power.

    Husqvarna 324l Straight Shaft 4 Stroke Weed Eater

    As I mentioned in my post on 4 stroke weed eaters, the Husqvarna 324l is my pick for all-time best weed eater. Its the one that I use around my house, its got a 4-stroke engine, and its really just a great all around commercial grade weed eater.

    The Husqvarna has a 17 cutting swath, a bump feed, and an ergonomic grip. The weight is extremely balanced, making it easy to wield, and the X-Torq engine is both quiet and powerful. The X-Torq technology not only reduces emissions but cuts down on that awful smell. So not only do you not have to deal with the blue smoke of a 2-stroke engine, the only smell you get is that of freshly cut grass .

    This thing cuts through weeds and debris like a knife through hot butter its almost a replacement for a brush cutter. Its got a smart start, making it always start on the first pull. Plus its lightweight, especially compared to other straight shaft string trimmer models. The trimmer line spool is easy to replace, and in a pinch you can always use it as an edger. Ive also never had issues with the carburetor, which is more than I can say for most weed eaters.

    All in all, the Husqvarna 324L brings enough power for all commercial uses, and is incredibly easy to use making it my pick for the best commercial weed trimmer on the market.

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    The Benefits Of A Commercial Lawn Edger

    There are various benefits in using a lawn edge trimmer for your business. Lets explore some of these now.

    • Sidewalk edgers will give a detailed, precise and clean finish to a lawn once it has been mowed and the weeds have been removed. Not only will this give you greater job satisfaction when you stand back to admire your work, but it will keep clients returning to you time and time again.
    • Using an edger tool that has been designed with commercial use in mind will also mean that your job is made easier. Manual grass edgers are excellent for domestic use, but on a commercial scale, something far more powerful and efficient is needed.
    • In the long run, using a trimmer and edger for your business will save you time on maintenance since an edger for your lawn will prevent weed growth. This means you wont need to keep tending to the same job as frequently.

    Southland Swle0799 Gas Lawn Edger

    Best commercial edger on the market?

    Starting us off is this 79 cc walk-behind gas edger from US company Southland. Fully CARB compliant and EPA certified, this machine is offered at the more budget-friendly end of the scale, but is far from a cheap piece of equipment.

    It offers a manual recoil easy start with fuel delivery system, and five adjustable depth positions up to 2.5-inches, while the blade can be angled plus or minus 15 degrees for bevel capabilities.

    The triangular, three-point blade will make short work of a lawn edge, giving you a crisp, clean finish, and it has the ability to straddle the curbside if youre edging near the roadway.


    • No oil and gas mix required.


    • Can be tricky to turn on curves.
    • Might feel underpowered for some.

    It might not be the best gas-powered walk-behind lawn edger out there, but this budget-friendly option offers a lot of bang for your buck, and is suitable for smaller to medium-sized yards, just like these excellent lawnmowers for small yards.

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    Ego Power+: Safe And Convenient Commercial Sidewalk Edger

    Do you consider buying a cordless edger? This item is beneficial. Its lightweight and durable. The tool is powered by a lithium battery. Is it good? You have to replace it. The battery and the charger are sold separately. Calculate total cost beforehand. Meanwhile, with this reliable edger, you get premium mobility and safety.

    You dont have to deal with a cord. So, maintaining a large yard or lawn is possible. You face no trip hazard. Additionally, the case and shield are made of aluminum alloy. The tool is heavy-duty and water-resistant. According to IEC 60529 standard, it meets IPx4 requirements. 56V battery is pretty powerful.

    I think this edger is premium in terms of performance. It features a brushless motor. It improves power and prolongs life of the edger. The tool comes with a large, 8 blade. Cutting depth is adjustable. Its regulated by control wheel. Grass that is up to 3-tall is efficiently trimmed. So, get precise edges along sidewalks in your yard.

    Ego is a reliable business. Its international, innovative and fast developing since 1993. It provides long, 5-year warranty. Additionally, its compatible with PH 1400 Power Head by Ego.

    • battery is not included.

    I highly recommend you using this cordless Power+ edger by Ego. It grants you necessary mobility and safety. No cord means no trip hazard. Due to aluminum case, its durable and heavy-duty. Powerful battery lets you work for about an hour before recharging it.

    Buying Guide For Best Lawn Edgers

    There’s a certain satisfaction to be had when you see a lush, green lawn with clean, straight edges. Especially when that lawn is yours.

    On the face of it, it may seem like finding an adequate lawn edger would be no sweat. But when you study the range of edgers available and the variety of price tags out there the task of finding the perfect lawn edger for your needs grows much more daunting.

    Thats where we come in. At BestReviews, our aim is to provide consumers with up-to-date, unbiased information about the best products available.

    Each edger featured in our product list is a great tool that would satisfy the needs of a certain population of users. Using the product-specific information above and our shopping guide below, were confident that you can find an excellent product to meet your needs.

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