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Do I Need To Roll My New Lawn

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How To Lay Turf: A Step By Step Guide

Leveling Lawn With Lawn Roller – Does It Work?

Step 1: Measuring and Ordering

Laying instant turf requires accurate measurements. Use a tape measure to work out the area of your planned lawn, include these measurements on a sketch of the lawn area with the length and width and any unusual features. As professional instant lawn suppliers, we can determine the amount of instant turf you will need from your sketch. If the area is of a rectangular shape, then all you need do is phone the measurements through and we will work it out for you. Please measure your turf area carefully as we are unable to accept returns following a new lawn installation.

Schedule your order for delivery of turf after preparatory work is completed and you are ready to for your new lawn installation. A key turf installation tip is to laying turf promptly on the day of delivery to ensure a strong beginning and healthy foundation. Knowing how to lay grass effectively can make a big difference in the longevity and enjoyment of your lawn.

Step 2: Soil Preparation

When planning how to lay instant turf on your property, proper soil preparation is essential. For best results, use a lawn rotary hoe or dig the area evenly to a depth of 100mm to 150mm. Eliminate drainage problems for your instant turf in Melbourne by having soil slope away from the house etc.

Check to see that your soil does not require lime, if it does, apply at the recommended dose, then rake in a complete lawn starter fertilizer to optimize.

What Is Rolling Your Lawn

Rolling your lawn is exactly what it sounds like.

Its the process of rolling a heavy barrel across your lawn. It compacts the ground under it as it rolls across.

For serious rollers, you can buy a machine that looks like a steamroller.

For everyday people, you can opt for a handheld piece of equipment for about a hundred bucks or so like this one from Brinly.

  • NEW Easy-Turn Plug: Brinly Rollers now feature a new drum plug design, making filling and emptying your roller quicker and easier than ever
  • Push/Pull Combination: Convenient push or tow-behind design provides versatility for rolling tight areas or larger open spaces. Perfect tool for erasing lawn damage from moles and frost, or packing down loose dirt, seed, or sod.
  • 28 Gallon Capacity: Sturdy roller holds up to 28 gallons of water or sand and is both light enough to push through the yard and rugged enough to withstand towing behind a tractor.

You hold the handle and push the roller in front of you. There are lawn services that offer rolling, but youll probably be better off just doing it yourself.

Theres no special form or anything thats required for rolling your lawn. Just put on a nice playlist to keep you entertained and start pushing.

For best results, play Push It by Salt-N-Pepa.

The roots of your grass will grow in the empty spaces in your soil.

Its also hard for water to seep into a lawn thats been rolled and therefore compacted.

Pros And Cons Of Lawn Rolling

First off, well discuss lawn rolling benefits.

  • Lawn rolling is useful in the spring when trying to level out minor bumps or uneven lawn areas. Prior to rolling the lawn, add a light top dressing.
  • Lawn rolling is also useful for preparing a bare area for seeding. Use a light roller which will push the seed into the soil to ensure more even germination. Of course, seed can also be raked into the soil instead.
  • A roller is also helpful when laying sod. It helps the sod take root and encourages the roots to grow deeper.

While there are lawn rolling benefits, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Lawns are many a homeowners obsession and they take great care to create the perfect lawn, one worthy of a golf course. Just ask my hubby hell tell you all about it. The thing is, golf course turf is not only constantly maintained, but it is also laid down on a special sand base that does not compact. If the homeowner is attempting to attain the smooth turf of a golf course, a lawn roller may seem the ideal solution.

The problem? As you might assume, rolling a lawn also compacts the dirt beneath the grass which, in turn, prevents water from penetrating the soil and causes runoff, which takes with it any amendments from the turf and into the nearby sewer system. So instead of being beneficial, lawn rolling in the spring causes stress right off the bat at the beginning of the growing season.

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Removing Bumps And Divots

Wetting the soil before you roll it won’t help you remove bumps and divots in your yard. Lawn rollers are designed to pack the top layers of soil, not to make your yard more even.

Leveling your yard before you roll is the best idea this means you must remove dirt from bumps and add it to the divots while the soil is dry, recommends Lawnsmith. Roll the area to pack the soil, and check again for remaining bumps and divots. It may take several passes to help you find all the uneven areas of your yard.

Things You Will Need

  • Grass seed or sod strips

  • Straw

Why Is My Lawn Bumpy

Lawn care tool

There are a number of reasons why lawns get lumps and bumps in them. The continual freezing and thawing over spring can cause soil to shift unevenly. Wild animals or pets can dig up areas of a lawn. Even walking on it when it is too soft either in the spring or after a very heavy rainfall can cause depressions to form in your lawn. If lumps and bumps in your lawn are concerning you it is best to contact a qualified lawn care specialist near you to diagnosis exactly what the issue is and the best way to deal with it.

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Things To Consider When Buying Turf

The most important rule when buying turf is that you should lay it as soon as possible after it arrives. Dont have the turf delivered until youre 100% ready, because it is essential that rolls of turf arent allowed to dry out. Ideally, your new turf lawn should be laid on the day of delivery and then watered immediately. Dried out turf that has been left in the sun too long will struggle to prosper.

These days, its easy to buy turf online. Turf websites provide a variety of grass types to choose from, often including a graph that specifies the turfs winter colour, shade tolerance, wear resistance, salt tolerance, injury recovery, drought tolerance and other factors for each species. Proper mowing height for different grass varieties will usually also be listed. Your climate, soil quality, and location will determine which turf type best suits your needs. If youre unsure which turf is right for you, dont be afraid to ask the experts for advice.

Turf is normally sold by the square metre, so its important to measure your yard properly so you know how much youll need . If your yard is square or rectangular, just multiply length by width . If your yard is circular, multiply the radius by itself and then by 3.14 . If you have a triangular yard, multiply the height by the base width and then divide by two .

Do You Use A Lawn Roller When The Soil Is Wet Or Dry

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Lawn rollers are weighted rollers used to compact the soil when you’re planting new grass. They are typically used on dry soil wet soil can become so compact that grass seed or sod roots can’t become established. However, there is a time when rolling slightly damp soil is key to proper grass growth.


The best time to roll a lawn with a weighted roller is when the soil is dry to avoid too much compaction however, in some cases, rolling slightly damp soil is beneficial.

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Your Lawn Is Not The Same As A Sports Pitch

Sports pitches can cope with this because they build their grounds from scratch on a very sandy base. This enables the surface to be rolled very flat and hard whilst keeping it well drained. For example, the highly manicured lawns at the Wimbledon all-England tennis club are on a 100% sand base!

The difficulty with growing grass in such a harsh, sandy environment is that it is not a natural substance for grass to grow in. The sand does not hold any nutrients or moisture and is not a great home for beneficial bacteria which help the grass to grow. This means that, to keep a sports pitch healthy, the grounds staff need to maintain an intensive feeding and watering regime just to keep the lawns alive!

For very large lawns, groundsmen use a piece of equipment called a chain harrow. This help to flatten large lawns and pitches without compacting the soil. This is only really possible by using a tractor.

Why & When You Should Not Roll Your Lawn

How to Roll Grass Seed into Place for Amazing Germination

Weve discussed plenty of reasons to roll a lawn. But there are also a few reasons not to roll. Thats why most people prefer not to take the risk and avoid rolling at all. However, you dont have to do that. You only should know when its not helpful to roll.

Before that, Lets Learn the Risk of Rolling your Lawn

The ground is made up of 50% spaces which allows water to get through. The spaces are filled with air. Grass root grows through these spaces. They cant grow into the soil if its tough like stone.

But when you roll the lawn, it makes the ground compact. As a result, the soil becomes harder. Consequently, youll have an unhealthy lawn. Thats it will become harder for the grass to grow. Therefore, its better to forgo rolling if you want healthy grass on your lawn.

So, When Should you Avoid Rolling your Lawn?

Though its not always healthy for your lawn to roll, you can do it in the situation weve discussed above. Lawn owners often go for rolling to solve different lawn problems. But its not always a good idea. Following are some situations when rolling a lawn wont be helpful:

Follow these instructions carefully, and you wont damage your lawn.

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Advantages Of Using A Sod Roller

Rolling your sod has a couple of great benefits for your lawn. Arguably the most important benefit is that it helps the roots of the sod come into firm contact with the soil. It tightly presses the sod into the soil, which gives the roots immediate access to moisture. This allows the roots to knit together quickly. It essentially kick-starts the growth process needed for a successful lawn.

A sod roller also helps remove air pockets trapped beneath the sod. Over time, these can result in dead patches as the roots cannot properly form in these pockets. Rolling ensures even growth, and no dead patches!

Rolling also helps your lawn in the long term. It helps to smooth out any unevenness that could occur during the grading stage. If a roller isnt used, the soil underneath becomes soft as it is not compacted properly. This also leads to depressions being made when it is walked upon, leaving you with a bumpy and uneven lawn. These depressions can also make it hard for you to mow your lawn. Save yourself future trouble and use a sod roller!

How To Install Sod

Welcome to one of our most popular page with landscapers and homeowners alike!

We have over 56 years of experience growing & installing beautiful lawns. We dont mind sharing some of what weve learned with our customers to help make your sod install experience as great as possible. Here is where youll find some advice and tips to prepare your yard or work site along with tips for your sod installation.
Prep and Installation of Sod

Whether you choose to handle your sod installation yourselfor have your sod professionally installed, it is essential that the area you plan to sod is properly prepped & ready before the new sod arrives.

Beautiful sod can be ruined if its left sitting waiting for soil to be spread, or it is subjected to poor preparation or installation practices.

We provide our customers with extra info & tips when your sod order arrives. The following are basic guidelines for the prep work needed to help achieve a lower maintenance, thriving healthy lawn for years to come.

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How Heavy Of A Lawn Roller Do I Need

In the quest for the perfect yard, lawn rollers are a helpful tool used to prepare a lawn for sod or seed, smooth an existing lawn, or repair lawn damage.

To create that healthy lawn, the roller should be heavy enough to flatten the ground but not be so heavy that it damages healthy grass growth.

Lawn professionals frequently recommend using a 300-pound lawn roller. However, a lawn rollers weight is dependent on several factors, including the soil and the reasons for using it.

Lets dig a little deeper to learn more about lawn rollers and dig deeper on the question of How heavy of a lawn roller do I need?

How To Roll Your Lawn


Ok, so you still want to roll your lawn? If you are going to roll your lawn and there is nothing I can write to change your mind, here are some tips for how to roll your lawn and minimize the damage you’re doing to the soil at the same time.

  • Roll Your Lawn.
  • Do Core Aeration to your lawn 2-3 times.
  • Apply Liquid Aerator. We recommend doing a heavy application immediately after the Core Aeration and again 2 weeks later.
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    Why You Should Not Roll Your Lawn

    Healthy soil is made up of about 50% open space that gets filled with air or water, depending on the moisture level in your soil. Grass roots actually grow in this empty space between soil particles, not “in the dirt”.

    If you don’t have enough pore space in between your soil particles, you won’t have healthy roots. If you don’t have healthy roots, you can guess what your lawn will look like.

    Here’s a graphical example of a healthy soil:

    When Should I Roll My Lawn Garden Care

    Whether to roll the lawn or not to is one of the most debated topics about garden practices. Some people are for it, while others are against it.

    So, before we get to when you should roll your lawn, it is good to know why you should or shouldnt roll your lawn.

    The reason some people are against rolling the lawn is that it compacts the soil.

    Healthy soil is made up of around 50% open space. This space, also referred to as pores get filled with water and air, depending on the moisture level in the soil.

    Besides, roots grow into these spaces and not soil. Therefore, if you compact the soil, the pores become smaller, which makes it difficult for air, water, and roots to move freely.

    As a result, you put a strain on the roots and the plant as a whole. And when it rains, water wont be able to penetrate the soil and lead to runoff.

    With such impacts to the soil and grassroots on the lawn, it may seem as if rolling your lawn is a very bad idea. However, it is not as you can roll the lawn in some situations. These are as follows:

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    When Is The Best Time To Roll Your Lawn Reason You Should Know

    When is the Best Time to Roll Your Lawn & When You Should Not: Planning to roll your wonderful lawn? Its a great idea only if you maintain proper timing. If you randomly pick any time of the year, it may damage the health of the plants and grass. But we know how much you love your lawn. Therefore, in this article, well tell you when is the best time to roll your lawn.

    Rolling a lawn means rolling a heavy barrel all over the area. It will help you to compact the soil. While there are some benefits of rolling, there are some disadvantages too. Therefore, in this article, first, well talk about when you should roll your lawn to enjoy the benefits. After that, well also tell you why and when you should avoid rolling.


    Do I Have To Buy A Lawn Roller

    Laying Sod & How to Prepare Soil For Sod | The Home Depot

    No. You can buy popular brands, including Brinly-Hardy, Agri-Fab, Ohio Steel, directly from the company or at local distributors. You can also rent one from many local home improvement stores, lawn care or garden centers, or tool rental houses. Save the space in your garage and rent one if you feel the need, says Harold Carver of Carver Bros. Turf in Roxboro, N.C.

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    Why Use A Lawn Roller

    There are four general reasons to use a lawn roller:

  • To improve a lawns appearance by leveling the ground or creating lawn lines.
  • To prevent scalping highspots and creating thatch in low spots when mowing.
  • To prevent injuries from tripping or falling when using the yard.
  • To help establish sod or grow grass seed.
  • Roll Your Lawn To Ruin Your Soil

    This is obviously not possible with your home lawn. The more natural, bulky soil is a great home for the thousands of tiny organisms, bugs, grubs and worms. These need access to moisture and air held in air pockets within the soil, so rolling your lawn and squeezing out these air pockets is a very bad idea. This includes building up soil to lay a new lawn.

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