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Are Honda Lawn Mowers Good

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Gcv160 Honda Lawn Mower Review

Best Lawn Mower? Honda HRX 217 Exposed

Honda lawn mowers are made from Honda company which makes Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower one of the best Honda lawnmowers. Honda GCV 160 is a powerful self propelled rotary-type lawnmower with a very good Honda GCV 160 engine power. Honda GCV160 Lawn Mower has an outstanding 4 stroke type Honda GCV 152cc OHV gasoline engine and it offers more than enough power for easy handling around the yard, cutting through tall grass, or the tough job of cutting your back lawn.

Honda GCVs are built with an advanced technology that lets Honda GXV 160 be much more fuel-efficient than any other similar lawnmowers in this category and it also runs at lower noise levels making Honda GXV 160 Honda GCVs quiet enough to be pleasant even when working in late evening hours. Honda Lawn Mowers GCV160 are very easy to start Honda lawn mowers because Honda GCVs has a feature of an electric start which makes starting Honda GXVs very easy and almost effortless. Honda has designed the automatic engine decompression system that lets you just pull the starter cord once and your Honda Gcv starts up right away without any throttle or choke settings as simple as 1 2 3. Honda lawn mowers come with a well-designed grass catching bag and features like the height adjustment with 3 positions, mulching capabilities, adjustable handle for comfort are some great options.

You Can Buy Honda Lawn Mower From Here Below:

Best Riding Lawn Mower

What We Like: This easy-to-use mower comes with a deck twice the size of walk-behinds and a bigger motor than many comparable small riding mowers.

The HF 2417 HBE is a stout little riding mower that comes stock with the new GCV530 four-stroke OHC V-Twin gasoline-powered engine. The mower is both built to last and to ride in comfort. It cuts grass with a precise 90-degree angle, thanks to its synchronized blade belt system and Optiflow deck. Even more impressive, the mower comes fitted with front and rear anti-scalp rollers and an electromagnetic blade brake clutch for safer operations.

It also has plenty of other convenient features such as sturdy long-lasting tires and automatic headlights as well. As far as many of the best small riding mowers go, this one puts them to shame.

Who Should Buy It: If you have half an acre or more or run a lawn care service, this powerful riding mower could be the perfect addition to your landscaping equipment.

Honda Hrx217vka Mower Review: Performance

  • Powerful engine
  • Variable speed
  • Big debris bag

When it comes to performance, the Honda HRX217VKA 21-inch self-propelled gas mower doesnt disappoint. It comes with a powerful 200cc engine and more torque than the previous GCV190 engine it replaces. It gives you more cutting power and efficiency. Plus, its Select Drive System enables you to change the speed at which it propels forward it goes up to 4mph.

To start the motor, Honda has made it simple. Thanks to its ‘Auto Choke’ system there is no tricky engine choke device. You just use its pull-cord to start. And once you are up and running, you can mow 30% more of your lawn before having to empty the bag.

Thats because of this gadgets twin blade MicroCut System which uses four cutting surfaces that result in ultra-fine clippings. This allows you to store more cuttings in one mow.

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# Honda Hrx217k5vka 187cc Gas 21 In Lawn Mower

The Honda HRX217K5VKA gas-powered lawn mower has become one of the favorite walk-behind mowers because of its easy starting system, power output, and fuel efficiency.

Like the other lawnmowers on this list, the HRX217K5VKA mower also features Hondaâs proprietary GCV200 engine capable of providing more power than all of its predecessors.

This mower can even cut through thick, heavy grass and weeds, and it will provide reliable mowing performance for years to come.

Features and benefits:


This mower features an exclusive micro-cut system, and it has twin blades installed under its deck. These blades are capable of cutting the grass clippings into a fine mulch.


Typically, self-propelled walk-behind mowers are used for mulching. But sometimes mulching can be difficult if you face severe mowing conditions. The versamow system of this mower will allow you to choose the right setting for your mower.

Rear Discharge:

This mower features a rear discharge system that allows the mower to dispose of the grass clippings through its rear discharge door. This feature eliminates the need for any discharge chute.

If you want to get the superior cutting performance and extraordinary results, then there isnât a better option for you other than the Honda HRX217K5VKA self-propelled mower.

Best Robot Lawn Mower

Honda HRG 466 PK EH Lawn Mower (18"  Push)

What We Like: Despite its smaller cutting width, we love that this robotic mower does 100-percent of the job for you. Its genuinely one of the smartest mowers on the market, especially for the price.

What can we say about the Honda Miimo to stress just how amazing this little guy is? For beginners, the mower is smarter than many of the best robotic units, with intelligent features like 360-awareness, auto-mowing, built-in microcomputer, and weather sensors. Further, it starts up and stops all on its own once you set a schedule for it. When it is done mowing, it returns to its charging station and repowers itself all on its own. It is for sure one of the smartest lawn mowers around.

Who Should Buy It: If you have had enough of pushing, walking-behind, or even riding machines to mow your lawn, few investments are smarter than this intelligent robot mower from Honda.

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Honda Riding Lawnmower Review 2021 Compilation

Are you thinking about buying a Honda Riding Tractor Mower over the few days or weeks? Which one should you choose? To learn more about our recommendations, then check out our Honda Riding Mower review which outlines what we believe is the best Honda ride on mower in the UK today for the amount of money you need to spend. Our Honda riding mower review will outline all the key technical information you need to know along with the main features and functions that you can enjoy.

In addition, we will outline the mains pros and con which we came across that you can check out further down on this page along with a short selection of FAQs that hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may have.

Honda HF2417 HT Lawn Tractor Mower
Guide is approx. £4.5k – View Todays Price Here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Honda HF2417

Best Honda Tractor Riding Mower Our Number 1 Option

Honda HF2417 HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower

Key Features in Summary:

Fuel filler on the rearWarranty is 5 years

Tractor Mower Description:

Available from: Mowers Online UK Gloucester

Price Guide: Approx. £4.5k at the time of this review

Further images of the Honda HF2417 HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower are outlined below

  • Honda HF2417 HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower
  • Honda HF2417 HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower
  • Honda HF2417 HT Premium Lawn Tractor Mower

Technical Information:

  • 7 mowing heights 3cm to 8cm
  • Grass collection capacity is 170 litres
  • Domestic warranty is 5 years also

# Honda 662320 21 In Gcv200 Walk

Itâs no wonder that the Honda 662320 mower is one of the most popular walk-behind mowers that Honda has ever produced. This popularity has been only possible because of its remarkable performance and exceptional efficiency.

Just like the previous entry on this list, the Honda 662320 mower also features a variable speed system. And this system allows the mower to automatically adjust its own speed according to the operatorâs walking speed.

Unlike most lawn mowers available in the market, this walk-behind mower is categorized as a 4-in-1 lawnmower capable of side discharge, mulching, bagging, and shredding.

Features and benefits:


A mighty GCV200 engine powers the Honda 662320 mower. It starts easily, and it provides the mower with a lot of torque.

Roto Stop:

This feature allows you to stop the mowerâs blade from moving while keeping the engine turned on.

Drive Control:

If you enable this lawnmowerâs drive control feature, it will automatically adjust the mowerâs speed with your walking speed.

The Honda 662320 mower beats all of its competitors in terms of quality and performance. We canât help recommending you buy it.

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Honda Electric Lawn Mowers

While the majority of Hondas range is petrol-powered, the brand also offers a number of electric lawn mowers for you to consider. Hondas range of electric mowers includes the HRG416 and the HRG466, both of which are compatible with Hondas universal battery system, ideal for those who want to fuel a whole suite of gardening tools.

The HRG416 contains a 42L grass catcher, six cutting heights, push button start, 16inch cutting width, 3-Phase brushless motor, and is fuelled by a 36V battery. The HRG466 bumps up the specs a bit, coming equipped with a 18inch cutting width, 50L grass catcher, self-propulsion capabilities as well as mulching capabilities to help you with getting the lawn and garden looking ship-shape.

Honda Lawn Mower Reviews

How Do Honda Mowers Hold Up After 20 Years?

Please read our through our Honda brand lawn mower models with our unbiased reviews that our editors have curated and examined in great detail through many months. We guarantee that our reviews are the best and most accurate that will help you make a qualified purchasing decision that when it comes time to buy a Honda lawn mower.

In 2015, Honda celebrated a major milestone when it surpassed sales of more than 40 million power-equipment products to customers in the U.S. The company began selling these items in 1953 and now operates 11 manufacturing facilities worldwide, which include the aforementioned Honda Power Equipment. In addition, the company conducts research, development, and testing activities at Honda R& D Americas in North Carolina and Honda R& D in Japan. The company hosts a multitude of trade shows throughout the year, allowing customers to see firsthand its many products, which have assisted households and commercial locations for more than six decades.

  • Product
  • Honda GCV170 Engine – Reliable, easy starting power to tackle the toughest mowing conditions.
  • Honda GCV170 Engine – Reliable, easy starting power to tackle the toughest mowing conditions.
  • Product

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Honda Lawnmowers: The Range

Honda manufacture 4-wheeled petrol lawn mowers, rear roller mowers, electric mowers, mulching mowers, and ride-on mowers, all of which offer fantastic value for money and excellent features.

By far the most popular of the Honda lawnmower range is the Honda Izy range. The range includes the extremely popular Honda Izy HRG415PD which is a pushed wheeled mower with fantastic build quality, easy start Honda GC135 engine and great manoeuvrability, making it ideal for the smaller garden. The Honda Izy range includes 16, 18 and 21 models and self-propelled versions are also available meaning no more pushing! Honda lawnmowers are supported with the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Honda Izy lawnmowers come with a standard 3 year warranty.

If you would like to put stripes on your lawn, then consider one of the Honda rear roller mowers. They all feature the same features as their 4-wheeled counterparts but come with the added rear roller.

If you would like to mulch the grass instead of collecting, then Honda have a dedicated mulching lawnmower The Honda HRS536 SD mower is a 21 self propelled mulching lawnmower designed for larger gardens and packed full of features.

Does Mulching Promote Thatch

Some people may be reluctant to mulch grass clippings because they do not want to promote the buildup of thatch. Thatch is formed when the roots, stems, leaves and other parts of the grass build up faster than they decompose.

“Contrary to popular belief, mulching grass clippings does not contribute to the buildup of thatch,” said Dr. Karnok. “In general, proper mowing, irrigation and proper fertilization, and in particular, avoiding over-fertilization, will help keep thatch accumulation down.” More lawn care tips from Dr. Karnok

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# Honda 662340 21 In Gcv200 Walk

And on the eighth spot, we have the Honda HRS216PKA gas-powered push mower. Very few lawnmowers in the market can even compete with the HRS216PKA self-propelled mower when it comes to making your lawn beautiful.

It features an easy starting system, and its GCV160 engine is exceptionally fuel-efficient. This engine is made using Hondaâs proprietary design. Most importantly, it has met the CARB and EPA emission levels of all 50 states of the USA.

Features and benefits:


It features large 8-inch tires, and it is also pretty lightweight. Thatâs why maneuvering this mower will feel like a breeze to you.

Height Adjustment:

The Honda HRS216PKA mower has a 21â³ deck, and you can adjust the deck height of this mower into six different positions. And the heights range from 1 inch up to 4 inches.

Cutting options:

Unlike the other entries on this list, this mower is categorized as a 2-in-1 lawn mower capable of mulching and side discharge.

If youâre searching for a mower that will really serve you for years and years, then the Honda HRs216PKA mower would be a great investment.

Honda Hrx217vka Mower Review: Design

Albrecht Auctions

If you’re looking for a mower that comes with a few ingenious design features, look this way. The Honda HRX217VKA has four large 9 inch ball-bearing wheels, which are specifically designed to help you maneuver the mower very easily.

Rust can be a particular worry when it comes to outdoor gardening tools. But you wont have to worry about rust occurring on the Honda HRX217VKA. Its deck is made from the extremely durable material, NeXite.

Honda is so confident in the durability of this material on the deck, that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Not only does this specially designed material stop it from rusting, but Honda says it should also help keep this mower dent-free.

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Ok But Mulch/bag Control Needs Redesigning

Bought in April 2018 after much research. It performs very well in actually cutting grass and has lots of good features …. However, 2 things detract from it -1) When the bag is over half full, the front of the mower tends to lift from the grass. You need to apply positive up-force to the handle to keep it on an even keel.2) The Mulch/Bag control does not go to full 100% bag nor full 100% Mulch but just wanders around in between with a LOT of slack in the control. I took it back to the dealer 6 months ago and they reckon they are all like that. !!!!!!!!!!!!.

Purchasedin April 2018at Hills District Farm Equipmentfor $1,199.00.

Anyone contemplating this model should do some comparison research. Top of the line HRX21 – – – – with electric start, self propelled, bag or mulch clippings and clutch driven blades are an impressive array of features but with a couple of reservations. Labelled as assembled in the USA, that`s the closest you get to an import guarantee, given the various Honda videos and online adverts praising the neXite polymer base and claims of a limited lifetime warranty on all HRX units, don`t be misled by the promo`s, Honda Australia gives 2yr on all par…

Im a mowing contractor and have been using Hondas for many years now. The 216 was very good but when the front wheel axle grommets wear you start getting an uneven cut.

Best Battery: Kobalt 80

Lithium batteries get better every year, and the Kobalt 80-Volt Max didn’t waste any time leveraging modern innovations. This brushless lawn mower runs on a powerful 6.0 Ah battery and delivers 80 minutes of cutting time on a full charge.

An indicator tells you how much battery power you have left, and the included charger makes it easy to charge between mowing sessions. We also appreciate that this grass cutter has a rear-wheel drive, seven cutting heights, variable speed control, and sensors that automatically adjust the power and speed based on varying grass conditions.

For an all-around reliable mower with multiple customization options, the best option is the Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. The lithium battery can cover half an acre of lawn on a full charge, and the bagging system makes for easy cleanup . But if you prefer gas-powered cutters, you can’t go wrong with the Honda 3-in-1 Variable Speed Lawn Mower, which has an impressive engine, automatic choke, and adaptable speed technology .

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Honda Hrn: Replacing The Honda Hrr216 Lineup

When you sell 300,000 lawn mowers a year from just one line, normal thinking says to keep crankinem out. But Honda Power Equipment isnt satisfied to sit still and theyre replacing the HRR216 series with the Honda HRN216 line.

To put that into perspective, its like Honda replacing the Civic with an all-new model. They sell 300,000 Civics and HRR216s every year.

Honda Vs Toro: Who Makes The Best Push Mower

Honda HRN 216 Lawn Mower Review! Best mower!

CR pits two strong performers against each other in a head-to-head test

When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

Cub Cadet relinquished its long-held grip on the top slot in Consumer Reports ratings for gas push mowers this year, yielding ground to both Honda and Toro.

Models from these two well-established brands now hold the No. 1 and No. 2 in our ratings, so we decided to do a head-to-head comparison: the Honda HRR216PKA, $430, vs. the Toro Recycler SmartStow 21329, $300. What do you get for your money, and which model offers the best cut with the least hassle?

The first thing to understand about these mowers is that most people are going to be really happy with the cut they get from either model, says Frank Spinelli, who oversees CRs lawn mower tests.

The scores they earned in our ratings were deceptively similar, but when you dive a little deeper, there are meaningful differences thatll matter to some folks when it comes to durability, bagging, and handling, Spinelli says.

Heres a look at the two contenders and how they fared in our face-off.

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