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What Is Considered Lawn Maintenance

Quote it ALL! How To Do Lawn Care Estimates

Lawn maintenance entails keeping your lawn and outdoor property clean and manicured year round, whether its preparing your lawn for spring by clearing winter debris, mowing lawns throughout the summer, or yard clean up before winter. A regular lawn maintenance service in Bergen County, NJ includes:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways, and patio areas
  • Cleaning of driveways, walkways, and patio areas
  • Spring yard cleanup to remove dead winter growth and debris
  • Summer Pruning of Trees and Shrubs
  • Fall yard cleanup to remove leaves and debris and prepare for winter

Your lawn will also require additional attention to remain lush and healthy. How does lawn maintenance differ from lawn care and landscaping services?

Diy Home Pest Control Lawn Care Gardening And Animal Care Products And Supplies

We all have problems and are in need of solutions that work. DoMyOwn has been helping people control pest infestations in homes and properties, businesses, lawns, and gardens for years. We know this industry and have the best pest control products and supplies to enable people to get rid of pests, insects, weeds, and lawn diseases on their own, without having to pay a pest control company or lawn care company for their costly treatments and services.

We are continually adding new products and information to help you stay on top of the most recent developments in DIY pest management. Do it yourself pest control products are becoming more common as people are becoming more educated on the subject. Whether youre in need of termite control, ant control, bed bug control, crawling insect control, or want to get rid of all those carpenter bees, we have all the professional grade pest products and pesticides you’ll need to get results and protect your home from nearly every kind of bug, rodent, or animal. We can help you capture and aid in relocation of trapped critters and rodents. Even with the recent uptick in stink bug infestations across the eastern United States, DoMyOwn is leading the industry with exclusive stink bug control products and a professional stink bug trap.

All About Making Solid Ground Lawn Care

If you have a large yard or a difficult time maintaining it, you may want to consider hiring a Lawn Care Service. There are many benefits to doing so, and they can also help you avoid having to deal with the hassle of taking care of your yard yourself. When choosing a company, it is a good idea to ask for references and ask for a written agreement before the job begins. It is also a good idea to get a quote from each potential service so that you can determine if theyre the best option for your lawn. Look at these guys Making Solid Ground Lawn Care

It is also important to hire a reliable and competent lawn care service. These companies have a high demand because theyre reliable and honest. Its important to be picky when choosing a service, as you may need to change it later. If youre satisfied with their work, write a reference letter for them and be loyal to them. If they do a good job, theyll appreciate your business and take pride in their work.

The first step in hiring a lawn care service is to find out what kind of services they offer. While each company has different methods and products, they all aim to give you similar results. Some companies offer packages that include a specified treatment schedule. Others have a one-time fee. While most companies are flexible, you should always be prepared to cancel your service at any time. Make sure you research the companys cancellation policies.

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Do You Need To Aerate Your Lawn Every Year

After getting stepped on for months on end, its probably time for a bit of breathing room — for your lawn, that is. Your yard provides the perfect space for family bonding, daily play, and a myriad of activities, but all that foot traffic puts a lot of pressure on your lawn. But its nothing a little poking and prodding cant fix!

Aeration season is right around the corner, so were starting early by answering all of the top questions about this essential treatment. Aerating is an integral part of your lawn care checklist. But what is it? If you aerated your lawn last year, do you need to do it again already?

Here is everything you need to know about adding aeration to your regular lawn care routine.

A Simple Lawn Maintenance Schedule

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost: Exploring Program Pricing ...

We arent always looking for complicated encyclopedia type guides, occasionally we just want simple lawn care tips and tricks to keep our yard looking as good as possible all year round.

We have taken advice from the experts, and whittled it down to a simple lawn care plan that is easy follow and doesnt cost the world.

It should be noted that this plan is written around a northern cool season lawn. Although it can be applied to any zone, but you may have to adjust the timings a little.

In order to keep this guide as simple as possible, we have not gone into detail on what each step is and how to complete it. Where it will help, I will provide a link to a helpful resource in case you need to research each step further.

Apart from the mowing height, we do not mention mowing in this guide. You should mow your lawns as per best practices the main rule is dont mow too short!

  • The Andersons makes a good one
  • 3. Test Your Soil

    You need to test the soil in your lawn to see what nutrients your lawn required and thus choose a fertilizer to apply.

    Make sure you choose a good soil test kit that tests for N,P,K as well as pH levels.

    You will need

    4. Apply Fertilizer and Grub Control

    If you used the soil test kit listed above then you will likely have an idea of the fertilizer you need. But I would highly recommend talking to your local garden center and ask them to help you choose a fertilizer that is right for your grass type and soil test results.

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    How Often Should You Aerate

    Whether you should aerate your lawn every year depends on how often you use your lawn and the type of soil you have. Compaction will happen much quicker if your lawn is highly-trafficked or has heavy clay soil. In these cases, your property will need to be aerated every year to maintain healthy growth.

    If your lawn is growing well and is primarily for aesthetics instead of play, you only need to aerate your lawn every two to three years.

    Spring Tasks To Foster A Great Lawn

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    The Spruce / David Karoki

    When spring is in the air, you’ll see the first crocuses or daffodils return, marking the coming of the season. These signs should also signal to you that it’s time to get your lawn ready for the growing season. The exact timing of these lawn care tasks depends upon the climate of your region. If you get snow in your area, then start when you are pretty confident the snow season is over. Or time the start of your yard work with the point when the local forsythia plants stop blooming and the local lilac bushes begin to flower.

    For homeowners in most regions, there are eight tasks you should complete in the spring to foster a healthy lawn.

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    Does Landscaping Include Mowing

    Because landscaping often deals with creating or transforming new outdoor spaces, a Bergen County, NJ homeowner may wonder if lawn mowing is part of landscaping. The short answer is yes. As part of a larger landscaping project, mowing may be included in the overall lawn care and maintenance of a property. This is particularly important with uniquely designed areas or with commercial properties that must be kept in pristine condition.

    Specials On Trimming And Hedging Bushes And Shrubs

    All Electric Lawn Care – How Well Does It Cut The Grass? Kobalt Lawn Equipment Review

    We take pride in our quality of work. many years experience. Send us an email and we will get back with you. we will make your home look fabulous. Or call or text 2604945700. The Bourounis Family. Same family that runs cosmos restaurants in Fort Wayne Indiana

    I called All Lawn Care needing someone to do fall cleanup and final mow of the season. All Lawn Care came to my house within 2 hours of the initial phone call to give me a quote and completed the project less than 24 hours later. My yard looks great!Very professional company and I will use them in the future as needed and will recommend them to others.

    George and his crew completely reset our out-of-control overgrown garden and did a great job. Regular lawn mowing has been on point too. Recommended!

    I work 2 jobs and don’t have the time to mow my lawn, let alone do much of anything else right now! George with All Lawn Care Service responded to my request for lawn mowing super fast, and he and his crew made it look beautiful after nearly a month of no mowing! They edged my lawn and I’m deeply appreciative that they left my accidental sunflower patch alone 🙂 They did a beautiful job with the crazy in my yard, and I was definitely ecstatic when I got home that night and saw the major change!

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    What Is The Difference Between Lawn Care And Landscaping

    Lawn care generally refers to maintaining the health, color and vitality of existing lawns through the years. Some services that fall under lawn care are pest control, weed control, fertilization, soil testing, aeration, seeding, deep root feeding for trees and shrubs and irrigation. Landscaping services are much more complex, transforming outdoor spaces through design, construction, and planting. Man-made features, along with plants, create peaceful, outdoor environments. After properties are prepared for landscaping, hardscape elements are installed. These include decks, walkways, lighting, patios, stone walls, fire pits, waterfalls, pool areas, and more. Plants provide the finishing touches to landscape construction projects and garden designs. They may include privacy hedges, foundational plantings, perennial gardens, trees, shrubs, and more. As a homeowner, you will need regular lawn care and lawn maintenance in addition to landscaping services.

    Scottsdale Lawn Care Service

    If you have ever hired a lawn service contractor in the Scottsdale area, you know how it can be frustrating finding a lawn care company who answers the phones and shows up when they are suppose to. At Divine Design Landscaping we have a customer first approach to doing business, that means you are our priority. From answering calls, responding to emails and actually showing up to perform the work our team of dedicated lawn care professionals is committed to providing an unmatched level of service in the Scottsdale area.

    All of our services are backed by the strongest satisfaction guarantee in the industry, nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction. Our commitment to customer service has made us the leading lawn care service company in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. We have professionally branded vehicles, uniformed staff and we are licensed and insured for your protection.

    We are a full service lawn and landscape maintenance company located in Scottsdale. We employ a team of lawn care professionals committed to providing the highest quality lawn maintenance services for your home or business. If there is anything we can do to make your experience better or quote and schedule services for you, give us a call at 235-8686.

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    All Star Lawn Care Hourly Pay Rate

    How much do All Star Lawn Care employees Hourly make in the United States?

    All Star Lawn Care pays an average hourly rate of $46 and hourly wages range from a low of $40 to a high of $51. Individual pay rates will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

    Its Time To Reprioritize Your Schedule


    More Time For You

    If youre juggling mowing the lawn around the kids soccer schedules or your latest business trip, let us take over cutting the grass so that when you get home, you can put your focus where it needs to be on your family.

    One Less Hassle

    Perhaps youre a grandparent who has better things to do than aerate your lawn. Take the grandkids to the zoo while we handle that chore plus any seasonal cleanup that needs to be tackled.

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    Diy Organic Lawn Care

    Timing is key in organic lawn care. Below weve put together a schedule of what you need to do in each month. Weve also listed some common lawn care problems, such as bare patches or brown spots in your lawn, and how to naturally fix these problems using DIY solutions!

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

    All Star Lawn Care Job Openings And Hourly Range

    Hourly pay ranges for the same job title may differ based on the location and the responsibilities, skills, experience, and other requirements for a specific job. To search for jobs in other locations, fill in the title and locations to begin your search.

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    What Does The Background Check Cover

    We use a third-party vendor to conduct a criminal records search in the state in which the business owner or principal works. Our third-party vendor uses a national criminal database to screen service professionals. Businesses will not be admitted to the network if their owners or principals have the following felonies in their available criminal records*:

    • Arson

    From Conservative Alabama To Crunchy California Electric Lawn Equipment Is Quietly Sweeping The Nation

    Winter Lawn Care for Bermudagrass // Easy Lawn Tips for Dormant Grass // Do it All in Just One Day!

    MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. It was a few minutes past 6 a.m., and the sun had already started to boil the muggy Alabama air. Matt Harrison, 38, watched as his colleague backed the public works pickup truck into a parking spot alongside city hall. The two tipped the tailgate and slowly lowered a shiny orange push mower onto the pavement.

    Harrison popped open the top of the mower, where a pull cord might normally be, and instead snapped two battery packs into place. Click. Click. A moment later, the low whoosh of mower blades filled the air. A slight whine from his co-workers electric leaf blower soon joined the din.

    Passing joggers hardly noticed.

    I was kind of skeptical at first, Harrison said after cutting the grass. Until April, he hadspent his 20-year career using gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment. He worried that the electric versions wouldnt be powerful enough, or would die too quickly. It proved me wrong.

    From the mower and blower to weed whips and chain saws, Harrison said nothing on his truck is gas anymore. You aint got to wear ear protection, he said of the battery-powered equipment. And you dont have to worry about coming home smelling like gas.

    An affluent hamlet of about 21,000 on the outskirts of Birmingham, Mountain Brook is a set of three small village centers, each complete with boutiques, mini-mansions and neatly kept lawns. The city voted for former president Donald Trump by a 50-point margin in the last election.

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    All Star Lawn Care Comments And Reviews

    Here’s what people are saying about All Star Lawn Care. Company reviews can provide helpful insights into the company culture, working conditions, benefits, compensation, and training opportunities in All Star Lawn Care. They may also reveal information or provide tips on interviewing skill requirements, and other factors that could help when applying for a position at that company. Reviews may also highlight any negative aspects of a company that will help in evaluating it as a prospective employer.

    fast pace job. Never a dull moment. Management made job fun and enjoyable. Great job if you like being out doors. The only hard part was dealing with the hot weather some days.

    A day of work consisted of waking up at 6 am and going and mowing lawns for 10 hours. I learned how to properly take care of a lawn and how to landscape a yard. The most enjoyable part was getting a break from weed eating and getting to mow a yard. The work truck was always fun because as employees we got along well.

    this job was a good and hard work. a good environment to work in with a good amount of hours each week. enjoyable and family like atmosphere. very good with his employees

    All Star Lawn Care is great place to work and have fun. You meet new people every day and never do the same thing their is always something different to do.

    You’re Just A Few Easy Steps Away From A Beautiful Lawn

    A healthy lawn and/or landscaped area provides you and your family with numerous benefits – a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors, increased value of your home, positive environmental impact, and a beautiful view right outside your front door. At Premium Lawn Service, we understand that your lawn and landscaped areas are more than just a physical part of your property – they’re a living space for you and your family. Premium Lawn Service of Eau Claire, Wisconsin offers a very broad range of lawn care services to make lawn care and landscaping easy. You won’t have to search for different companies to get the results you desire. From planting shrubs to lawn mowing to fertilizing, we do it all. Having irrigation problems or need landscape lighting? We do that, too. See what else we can do for you.

    3 Year Fertilizer Coupon New Customers

    I just wanted to express how please I am with your service. Your servicemen are so nice and helpful in explaining everything to me. If I’m not home, they leave detailed information on what I need to know. My yard is looking better each day. Thank you for all help and prompt service. I’ve already told all my friends and co-workers about you, and will continue to do so.

    Interested in working with us?

    Get A FREE Estimate or contact us today so we can start your service!

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