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Do It Yourself Lawn Mower Repair

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Regular Lawn Mower Maintenance

DO IT YOURSELF Broken Lawnmower Wheel Repair #diy

Wash the unit as often as practical. Be sure to cover all electrical components to protect them from water infiltration. After washing, dry the lawn mower and grease all fittings. Compressed air or a leaf blower helps dry the mower parts and crevasses that are difficult to access with towels and rags.

Store your mower indoors when not in use. Sun prematurely damages parts, and inclement weather accelerates the formation of rust.

Check oil before each day’s use. Visually inspect all belts, tires and the overall machine for loose nuts and bolts.

If the lawn mower will sit for an extended period, such as during winter, disconnect the battery cables, remove the battery and store it in a warm place and/or use battery tender to maintain its charge.

Diy Lawn Mower Repair

The new mower lost its get up and go today,which prompted a search of the internet for some free advice.Samuel Goldwasserhas a fine collection of tips and instructions for the do it yourselfcrowd. He is of the opinion that most lawn mowers function on a lowcompression ratio and therefore can do without the high octane fuel.Our mulch machinejust needed a new spark plug and a bit of oil to get back in the game.

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How To Troubleshoot Lawn Mower Starting Problems

There are a variety of lawn mowers with different starting sequences, but the most problematic ones have spring-loaded starters. If a lawn mower is no longer working, then it is probably a problem with the starter.

Troubleshooting this is a quick and easy process that requires just a moderate knowledge of do it yourself skills. It can be achieved by following a logical sequence of steps.

Step 1 Remove Rope

Put on the gloves and put the lawn mower on top of a large sheet. Pull out the lawn mower rope or cable, if it is damaged then it will need to be replaced as it is vitally important to the starting sequence. If the rope or cable does not withdraw back into the lawn mower then the problem is likely to be a spring one. Remove the top of the lawn mower for easier access to the working parts. Store it in a safe place as it will need to be re-fixed when finished.

Step 2 Replace Rope

Replacing the starting rope is a very simple and quick process. Make sure the old one is fully unfastened and taken out. Take the replacement rope and use the snap on attachments to fasten the rope to the spool. The old rope would have been attached or coiled around the spool originally. Any good hardware store will explain the process when selling a new starting rope and can offer advice on the best rope to buy for a specific lawn mower.

Step 3 Examine the Starter

Step 4 Lubricate

Step 5 Check the Springs

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Buying A New Lawnmower

When the lawn mower eventually gives up the ghost and needs replacing there are some factors to take into consideration.

Petrol lawn mowers are more expensive to buy and to maintain. They might be beyond your budget meaning that you will have to take a personal loan to help foot the bill. So, unless you have a huge garden you may want to invest in a small, inexpensive electric model. There are three types to choose from, and prices range from around £35 for a basic model to £200 for a more robust model. Most are around £80. While petrol lawn mowers are more expensive, if you have a large garden you will probably need one to cope with all the cutting you will do.

Service You Can Count On

Do It Yourself Lawn Mower : Lawn Mower Parts ? Do

At Mayo Garden Center, we believe quality customer service shouldnt cost extra. We pride ourselves on offering quality equipment repairs, quality gardening products, and unmatched customer service. No matter your need, well take the time to listen to you and help you find the items you want when you want them. We carry a huge inventory of garden and lawn care supplements, plants and flowers, patio furniture, power equipment, and stylish garden décor. We can help you transform your yard or garden into an ideal outdoor living space, and our team of friendly associates is happy to special order any product youd like. Call or visit our showrooms in Knoxville or Powell today.

Get the parts and repairs you need. Call us today!

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Easy Diy Lawn Mower Repairs

I love a freshly mowed lawn. The crispness of the neatly cut grass and the sense of order it brings to my mind is extremely satisfying. However, the lawn mower always seems to break down just when I need it most. When that happens, I count on my skills and Sears PartsDirects wealth of knowledge to do most repairs myself.

These easy-to-do lawn mower repairs can help you, too, return a sense of order to your life and stop the evil eyes from neighbors wondering why your grass is so tall.

Up for more of a challenge or just want more information about your walk-behind lawn mower? Head over to our complete lawn mower repair help page, for everything from troubleshooting tips and repair guides to common parts and frequently asked questions.

Lawn Mower Repair: To Do Or Not To Do It Yourself

There are several good reasons why a lot of people prefer to do repairs on their lawn mowers themselves rather than having a professional repairman do the work. The foremost of these is the cost of the repair. The most noble reason is the fact that they love doing repairs on anything that needs restoring. However, if the cost is the only reason why you want to do the repair yourself, then you will surely be in for a rude awakening. If you do not have any previous experience whatsoever of repairing anything broken, then you are better off hiring a professional lawn mower repairman to get the job done rather than doing it yourself the wrong way and doing more damage that will add more to the cost of the repair, not to mention the high risk of causing injury to yourself.

Warning! Repairs are no easy task.

Be warned that lawn mower repair is no easy work. Do not get fooled by the videos and images of smiling instructors you see on the internet doing repairs and making it appear like it is a piece of cake. Watching others do it and actually doing it yourself are two different and unrelated experiences. Bear in mind that those instructors have years of experience doing repairs that made it look easy for them.

Safety first

1. Read the Owners Manual regarding Safety Precautions of handling and operating your lawn mower.

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Troubleshooting Your Riding Mower

It can be frustrating when something goes wrong with your riding mower, but don’t let it get to you. You can often fix the problem on your own with a few simple troubleshooting steps. Take care of the smaller problems first before you move on to the more complex. In most cases, the problem will be something small. The following will provide you a checklist to help you diagnose the problem with your commercial mower, brush mower, or riding mower.

Check the Ignition

Make sure that you did not leave the key in the on position from the last use. If it has been in the on position for longer than twenty four hours, it is most likely that your battery has been fully discharged and no longer has the power needed to start your machine.


Make sure that the mower engagement lever is disengaged. If the mower lever is in the engaged position, safety precautions will not let the circuit complete to start the mower. The mower blade should not be engaged until after the mower is started and you are in a proper starting position.

PTO Switch

If your mower has an electric clutch, you will have a PTO switch. When it is in the right position, this switch will engage the electric clutch. It must be in the off position to complete the circuit to the engine. This switch is sometimes called a “kill switch” or “safety switch” because it will immediately shut down your lawn mower when depressed.

Foot Pedal


Check The Fluids

Lawn Mower Repairs And Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot And Repair A Push Mower That Wont Start

A lawnmower which is powered by a petrol motor may need an expert to make it work again. But, there are a few checks you can make before deciding whether it needs a mechanic to fix it. Similarly, with an electric lawn mower. You can check and fix some common problems at home. Cashfloat, a payday loans UK lender provides all the information you need about DIY lawn mower repairs.

Always be careful. Lawn mowers can be dangerous. Always switch off your lawn mower and unplug it, if it is an electrically powered one before carrying out any repairs. Remember that the blades will continue to turn even after it is switched off. Make sure you leave it long enough for the blades to stop turning before you try any repairs. Be careful of the blades and other sharp objects when you are handling a lawn mower.

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How To Prevent Lawnmower Problems

Knowing how to repair a lawnmower at home saves time and money. The easiest way to avoid frequent problems is to maintain the mower. Follow these simple tips to keep the mower in good condition:

Always use the correct type of replacement lawnmower parts. Clean the blade regularly. Make sure to pull the plug so there is no chance that the blades can move while youre cleaning them. Oil any moving parts when needed according to the manufacturers instructions. Change the oil as recommended. Use the correct type of fuel. Recharge lawnmower batteries according to instructions but avoid overcharging them. Store the mower in a cool, dry and covered space when it is not in use. Have the mower serviced as recommended by the manufacturer or warranty.

When To Replace Your Lawn Mower

Although most parts on modern lawn mowers are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace, some repairs are difficult enough that buying a new mower makes sense. One example: serious engine damage from low oil levels or failing to change oil often enough. Major lawn mower engine repairs are not something the average homeowner can do, and a repair like that will almost certainly cost more than buying a new mower. Thats when its time to start shopping.

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Commercial Lawn Mower Repair & Maintenance Tips

Keep your riding mower or walk behind mower running strong all season long.

Like anything with hundreds of moving parts, a lawn mower may require attention now and then. It may be gas related engine starting problems or lawn cutting issues due to natural wear and tear.

While we recommend you trust your local authorized dealer for lawn mower repair and maintenance, sometimes it’s a simple fix . You may not have a storeroom filled with lawn mower parts, but chances are you have a few essential tools and a good deal of self assurance.

Before we go into some of the common repairs you can do yourself:

  • Read your entire operator’s manual to understand your machine and the safety warnings. Many of the procedures explained in this article require and understanding of basic procedures that vary between lawn mower models.
  • Never attempt a repair while the blades are running or the transmission is engaged.
  • Refer the repair to an expert if you find yourself unsure of how to proceed.

Inconsistent Quality Lawn Cut


If you are noticing uncut spots, stringers or discharge problems, this can be due to dull, bent or broken blades. Inspect the lawn mower blades and sharpen or replace them as needed.

Check belt tension for proper spring adjustment. Check for any obstructions either above or below the deck. Ensure the deck is level.

Check the engine RPMs using a tachometer. Inconsistent RPMs will affect cut quality.

If all the above suggestions check out, there is one more trick up our sleeve. You will find a removable baffle at the rear of the discharge chute. Remove the two bolts fastening it to the mower and the triangular plate should come right off. Save this assembly as when the grass is dryer , you will want to reinstall it.

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Common Brands Covered & More

Each lawn mower can break down and require high-quality maintenance, regardless of power characteristics, size, and manufacturer. Therefore, Antson Engines experts are ready to come to your aid to extend the life of your garden assistant. When conducting repairs and maintenance, we use materials recommended by the manufacturer’s guidance!

Allet, Ariens, Atco, Billy Goat, Briggs & Stratton, Castelgarden, Cobra, Dolmar, Echo, Greenmech, Hayter, Honda, Kaaz, Makita, Masport, Mountfield, Mtd, Qualcast, Rover, Sanli, Snapper, Stiga, Stihl, Tanaka, Vermeer, Viking, Weibang, Westwood, Zenoah And More.

Some Of The Areas Covered…


Dismantling Lawn Mowers Stihl Dismantling Calm

1. Unscrew the 3 screws securing the starter , remove the starter. without losing the rubber shock absorbers of the tank.

2. Next, unscrew the 11 screws securing the plastic housing. Please note that the screws differ from all the others in length. remember the places of their fastening)

The screws for attaching the engine to the plastic case also differ

3. Then remove the upper part of the crankcase , disconnect the 2 terminals from the ignition module .

4. Dismantle the air filter cover , the air filter . Unscrew the 2 nuts of the rear housing . We remove the gasket . Disconnect the fuel tank hoses from the carburetor.

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Electric Lawn Mower Malfunctions

Often, any malfunctions with the devices of such a plan are associated with violations in the electrical part. Those who are at least a little versed in electrics say that the contact has disappeared . In any case, repairing a lawn mower with your own hands is best to start with a visual inspection. Typical problems include insulation damage or a start button malfunction.

Lawn Mower Equipment Repairs

Lawnmower Repair & Maintenance: Do It Yourself Service Tips : How to Use a Siphon to Remove Stale Gas from a Lawnmower: Maintenance & Repair

We professionally provide the maintenance and repair of all the parts of the garden machinery for a wide variety of makes and models. If lawn mower repair service is possible without specialised equipment, professionals will make it locally. You do not have to bring the equipment yourself, hire a courier or look for vehicles to transport the machine to a service centre to change the oil or install a new spark plug.

If the breakdown requires a particular intervention, the Antson Engines delivery service will save you from any transportation problems. We offer a collection and delivery service within London and the surrounding areas and carry out warranty repairs on machinery sold by Antson Engines Ltd. We carry a wide range of lawnmower equipment and other machinery spares such as chains, belts, spark plugs, blades, cords & much more.

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How To Clean A Lawn Mower

A couple of times a year, give the mower a good cleaning.

  • With the gas tank empty, turn the mower on its side.
  • Remove any debris that may be wrapped around the blade or caked up on the underside of the mower deck.
  • Spray the underside of the mower deck with a garden hose to loosen dirt and dried-on grass.
  • Scrub the deck with a soft brush and soapy water. Then rinse off with a hose.
  • Dry the mower thoroughly before storing.

Lawn Mower Wont Start After Winter

Whether youve got a Toro lawn mower, a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, or one of the other popular brands, the last thing you want once winter finally lifts and spring has sprung is a lawn mower that wont start.

Before you have a heart attack pulling on the rip cord, youll want to check the fuel, as well as the lawn mower carburetor. Theyre the root causes of more than 80% of all lawn mowers that wont start . Below, well walk you through the steps of how to start a lawn mower when its giving you grief. Check out how to tune up a lawn mower, too.

Youll need hand tools and a socket set, a can of carburetor cleaner and your air compressor to begin fixing a lawn mower that wont start. And youll probably have to make a trip to the small-engine parts store. But after an hour of effort, you just might have an operational engine, and youll save a bundle by fixing it yourself. Lets dig in to see what to do when a mower wont start.

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