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Does Home Depot Repair Lawn Mowers

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How To Maintain Your Lawn Mower | The Home Depot

When new model mowers come to the market, then older models are typically stopped.

It is true that the new model mowers release with recent standard technology which changes the fuels, engine performance as well as other important components.

Unfortunately, older model mowers sales are unpredictable. manufacturers company try to sell them with the larger end of the session when possible.

How Much Does Lawn Mower Repair Cost

Daniel W.

Most of us arent fond of mowing the lawn it can be a hot, sweaty, exhausting and time-consuming chore. So when something goes wrong with your lawnmower, that just adds to the frustration.

When you need to get your lawnmower fixed, you might want to turn to a competent professional to do the job. But how much should you pay? How do you know someones legit or not? And is it really worth it to get the mower fixed?

Bruce The Lawn Mower Guy Jones, a lawnmower repair specialist in North Carolina, acknowledges theres little, if anything, his customers cant do themselves with a bit of time, a couple of tools and some how-to videos on YouTube. But I can do it better, faster and neater, Jones says.

When youre trying to find a specialist like Jones who can do a better, faster and neater job of fixing your lawnmower, here are four questions you should ask.

Lawn Mower Loses Or Cant Maintain Speed

This is a common issue with riding lawn mowers, where you can dictate its speed when cutting grass. If you notice your lawn mower is riding properly and all of a sudden it significantly slows or cant maintain the desired speed, check the drive belt in the motor casing.

More likely than not, its been damaged and or loose. If its loose, then its an easy fix, and all you have to do is reattach it. If its damaged, youll want to buy a replacement which is usually an easily accessible and affordable part.

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Is John Deere Better Than Husqvarna

In comparison more than 30% of Husqvarna lawn tractors will need repair. For zero turn mowers, John Deere wins again. John Deere ZTRs come in at a 30% chance of necessary repairs in 4 years, and Husqvarna proved the least reliable ZTR on the list, with 55% of mowers requiring repair by the fourth year.

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What Kinds Of Lawn Mowers And Weed Eaters Does Home Depot Fix

Does Home Depot Repair Mowers

Home Depot asserts that it can repair any brand of lawnmower or weed eater, regardless of where it was purchased.

The repair shop will gladly fix zero-turn mowers, wide-area mowers, field mowers, and manual lawn mowers.

Home Depot will also repair gasoline-powered lawnmowers and trimmers, also known as weed eaters.

However, you may want to check for any applicable warranties, provided that you purchased the lawn equipment from Home Depot.

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Can I Have My Lawn Mower Protected By Lowes

If you wish to insure your lawn mower beyond the manufacturers warranty, which typically lasts for one year, you can take out a Lowes Protection Plan, which will last up to four years.

That said, Lowes Protection Plan often covers your lawn mower from the day you receive the product.

On the same note, there are different prices for different plans offered at Lowes, depending on the cost of your lawn mower.

Also, Lowes offers Outdoor Power Equipment Protection for products that include riding mowers, push mowers, and more.

Essentially, the protection plan means you can get 50% back on items to keep your products running from Lowes, as well as a Repair Quick Policy.

With that, Lowes Repair Quick Policy will have your lawn mower fixed within seven days and can also offer collection and delivery.

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How To Know When You Need A New Lawn Mower

A carbon-coated spark plug can make for hard starting, and so can old gas or a plugged carburetor. All are easy to fix.


I had a friend who used to pick up broken lawn mowers from the curb on trash day. He must have rescued half a dozen mowers and most of the time the needed repairs were minor. How minor? Like changing-a-spark-plug minor. A carbon-coated spark plug can make for hard starting, and so can old gas or a plugged carburetor. All are easy to fix. The same with replacing broken cables, belts or pull cordsall do-able by the average DIYer.

Other times, a lawn mower has more serious problems, like a bent shaft from hitting a rock, a cracked body from being dropped, or internal engine problems. Thats when you have to ask yourself if its worth fixing. Whether to spring for a repair depends on a few things. How old is the mower? If its more than a decade old, it might be time to think about buying a new lawn mower. Mowers have become more efficient over the years, so there are benefits to buying new. Another consideration is how expensive was your mower to begin with? If its one of those $149 get-you-in-the-door specials, any repair over $75 is going to be foolish.

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What To Consider When Choosing One Of The Best Lawn Mower Repair Services

Dont start searching best deals on lawn mowers near me or try to figure out the best place to get a lawn mower until you have inspected your current lawn mower. Minor repairs can be made at a more cost-effective price than replacing the lawn mower. Consider whether the lawn mower can be repaired or if a replacement is the better option, then look at important lawn mower repair service factors, like the service area, scheduling, completion time, and the brands or lawn mower types the repair service can fix.

Who Buys Old Lawn Mowers

How to Fix Yard Machines Lawn Mower that does not start from Home Depot 550E 140cc Briggs & Stratton

There are several options for selling your old lawn mower. Many people will buy old or broken lawn mowers at yard sales for cheap to later fix and resell. If youre looking to get a little more for that old mower, a yard sale might not be the best bet.

Another option for selling your old lawn mower is listing it online. There are some great apps you can use, including LetGo, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp and Carousell. You can also list your old mower for sale on sites like Craigslist.

NOTE: When selling items online, always meet in a public place such as a busy parking lot.

Be sure to write a detailed description and post good-looking photos to make it more appealing. If your lawn mower doesnt work, you may still be able to try and sell it for parts.

Broken mower taking up space? BOOK A PICKUP

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Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Keeping your lawn mower in prime condition will help prevent operating problems, saving you money in both short-term repairs and eventual lawn mower replacement costs. One great way to keep a mower running well is to drain the gas tank at the end of each season. If you prefer not to drain it, you can add a fuel stabilizer to help see it through the coming cold weather.

If you don’t winterize your mower, the old fuel can clog the engine and your lawn mower may not start come springtime. During the mowing season, regularly check the oil levels and be sure to keep the oil reservoir adequately filled to prevent engine problems. Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer for the smoothest performance.

Keep your foam air filter clean or replace your paper air filter as indicated. The air filter keeps all that dirt and debris that gets kicked up when you’re mowing from entering your engine and carburetor. Keep an eye on your tires and test them at least once a season to make sure the air pressure is consistent on all four tires to ensure you get a smooth, even lawn.

Finally, remove excessive grass buildup from the undercarriage of your lawn mower on a regular basis and keep the blades sharp. With a well cared-for mower, you’ll have the best-looking lawn on the block for years to come.

Clean Or Replace Your Air Filter

A lawn mowers air filter should be cleaned or replaced to keep dirt and debris from clogging the engine.

  • Determine if you have paper or foam air filters.
  • Check your operators manual to determine if air filter pre-cleaner is required. If so, follow the instructions in the manual.
  • Disconnect the spark plugs before removing filters.
  • Replace paper filters when they look dirty. You should keep a few on hand.
  • Plastic foam filters should be removed and washed with warm, soapy water. Air-dry thoroughly, then work about 2 tablespoons of clean mower oil evenly across the filter to lightly coat it.
  • Reinstall the filter according to instructions.
  • Reconnect the spark plugs.

Tip: Be sure to check the air filter a few times during the mowing season, particularly if the mower is getting heavy usage.

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What Can I Recycle

Recycling is simple and convenient in South Carolina.

Each of the states 46 counties has a residential recycling program. Overall, there are 60-plus curbside programs, nearly 600 drop-off centers and more than 900 collection sites for do-it-yourself oil changers.

Almost all recycling programs accept aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard. The items listed below also can be recycled, but residents must check with their county recycling coordinator to find out if the material is accepted or what other options are available.

Visit RecycleHereSC for more information on recycling in your area.

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Landscaping Equipment Can Be Recycled

Home Depot Lawn Mower Repair

If you simply want to be rid of your old equipment, but donât want to contribute to the waste stream, having a professional junk hauling firm pick them up can be a true eco-friendly option.

Lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment can be broken down into metal and plastic parts, cleaned free of gasoline or other substances and recycled industrially. This includes appliances like lawn mowers, leave blowers, wheelbarrows, hedge trimmers, edgers, weed trimmers and even chainsaws. While itâs not exactly a landscaping tool, even your old barbecues can be picked up and recycled!

There can often be other types of metals in an old tool. The question often comes up regarding what types of metals actually can be sold for scrap. Non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and bronze, generally bring more money at scrap yards. While ferrous metals, like steel and iron, are not as valuable, the scrap yards will still accept these metals for recycling.

The website at notes that,

âThe most common metals accepted by scrap yards include copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron and wires. But your local scrap yard may accept additional metals for recycling and give you cash payouts for your scrap metals. Call a few scrap yards in your area ahead of time for a list of scrap metals they accept for recyclingâ

If you choose to sell your old equipment and tools as scrap metal keep in mind how scrap is purchased by the scrap metal reclamation companies.

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Pricing Diagnostic Fee And Deposit

Whenever a customer is looking into a new lawn mower repair service, they will want to ask the necessary questions up front before agreeing to allow a technician to work on the lawn mower. The reason for this is that some repair services may charge a diagnostic fee, while other companies may ask customers to pay a deposit when dropping off a mower this ensures customers arent using the repair service as a way to dispose of lawn mowers they no longer want.

Customers can ask the technician or customer service representative for the pricing and whether there are any additional fees or deposits they should know about. Customers dont need to let situational ignorance force them into making a decision they dont want to make.

Lawn Mower Loss Of Power While Operating

Whats more frustrating than a lawn mower that wont start is one that wont stay on while youre trying to power through your yard. But, dont worry. This is an extremely common issue that has lots of easy fixes, depending on its cause.

There are several things that could cause your lawn mower to cut out prematurely. Here are the most common ones you can troubleshoot and will hopefully resolve the issue:

  • The air filter is dirty: your lawn mowers air filter is one of its parts that need regular maintenance. If you keep losing power, check to see if the filter is dirty and in need of cleaning or replacement.
  • Dirty spark plug: spark plugs are another part you should have on your regular lawn mower maintenance list. If you notice yours is exceptionally dirty, clean or replace it.
  • Significant clippings and debris build-up: similar to the previous issue with the starter rope, checking to make sure the underside of your lawn mower deck is clean and clear will often solve this power issue as well.
  • Mower blade needs attendance: without your lawn mowers blade functioning properly, you arent going to get very far in your lawn care tasks. Upon inspection, you might find its dull, loose, or even bent, causing the machine to randomly shut off. If this is the case, either sharpen, fix, or completely replace the blade.

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Why You Need To Recycle

Metal components are expensive to manufacture and consume a lot of energy. They take a lot of time and materials to make, which may add up when you consider how much we consume. This is why it is critical for us to preserve and recycle wherever possible. By going the additional mile to recycle and reuse our metal components, we not only save money on valuable resources, but we can also inspire our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

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For Over 90 Years Craftsman Has Been One Of Americas Best

How to Ready Your Lawn for Spring | The Home Depot

Since 1927, the Craftsman brand has been offering quality and durability on 6,000+ products from tools and lawn and garden equipment to snow blowers and much more. You can always count on Craftsmana superior brand of tools and equipment tested to meet the most rigorous set of standards.

Today CRAFTSMAN continues to roll out new products for doers and dreamers. Craftsman is a brand that stands the test of time, a legacy used generation after generation. An authentic American icon. For nearly a century Craftsman has been the brand homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts, and master mechanics trust.

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Trustworthy Lawn Mower Repair In Daytona Beach

Yes. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot all send their mower repairs here to Daytona Outdoor Power. We fix all Mowers, Trimmers, Chainsaws, Edgers, Blowers, Pole Saws, Cutoff Saws, and Generators too.

You absolutely wont find a mower repair shop with this FAST turnaround in Daytona Beach, Flagler, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Port Orange.

Bring it to us and well repair it, or we can pick it up.

Heres the link for our lawn mower repair shop with a inquiry form you can fill in.

Lawn mower parts are also sold here if you want to fix it yourself.

Sometimes slight availability problems hinder the speed of some fixes, you know, like older equipment where parts arent so readily available. Well, sometimes even the more current big name brand stuff requires a busy, huge company to get around to sending a part too, and that can take some time. Unfortunately we dont manufacture all the parts needed for every machine, but look at our stock room of aftermarket parts. We certainly have more parts on hand than almost anyone in the nation. Thousands of square feet of aftermarket small engine parts are right here for lawn mower repair in Daytona Beach.

Daytona Mower Repair Parts Inventory

Were keeping up though. In fact, we have an entire bay full of equipment waiting for owners to pick up. Maybe we should start charging for storage. Hmmmm.

Therefore It Is Important To Learn Few Techniques To Repair Simple Problems On Your Own

Final thoughts on lawn mower repair. Fr your rnl/hm mwr, do th fllwing thing for proper lawn mower repair and maintenance From smoking lawnmowers to engine starters, prevent lawnmower repairs. Recent lawn mower repair reviews. Lawn mower repairs and troubleshooting. Aarons honest engine lawnmower repair. The battery should be putting out a minimum of 12 volts. The ethanol in gas currently combines with oxygen in the air and makes a gummy mess that clogs a carburetor Before getting a costly lawn mower repair service, use these questions to assess your problematic lawn mower, and you could even fix your mower yourself. Consider taking your old tools to the home depot for repair. Therefore, it is important to learn few techniques to repair simple problems on your own. You can find a great selection of lawn mower accessories online at lowes. Pick from some of the best providers in your area.

Where petrol lawn mower repairs are concerned, this normally involves buying new parts. Fr your rnl/hm mwr, do th fllwing thing for proper lawn mower repair and maintenance We cover the lowes lawn mower return policy, including time limits, item conditions, receipt requirements, and more. Recent lawn mower repair reviews in portland. To save money, always use these lawn mower repair tips for fixing a lawnmower at home before running out to buy a new mower.

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What Can I Do With An Old Lawn Mower Engine

  • A lawn mower engine can be built into a DIY generator
  • a Go-kart made of wood.
  • I am using a lawn mower powered mulcher.
  • You can make your own power wheelbarrow
  • Convert it into an outboard boat motor if you wish.
  • A MINI-BEEP should be built for the most basic use
  • The Mini Dozer MD196K Bulldozer needs electricity for operations.
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