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Does Organic Lawn Care Work

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Sunday Lawn Care Review The Verdict

Organic Lawn Care: How Does It Work?

Keeping your lawn looking great can take a lot of planning and a lot of work. If you want to reduce some of this burden, a lawn care service is your best option. And if you want the benefits of a traditional service without the price tag or chemicals, Sunday Lawn Care is a great choice.

With this service you get products customized to your lawns needs delivered right to your door. You will have to apply them yourself, but Sunday will handle the thinking, the planning, and the timing to make things as easy as possible. Their products are natural and safe for use around the family, are better for the planet, and bring long-term results that rival those of more traditional, costly services.

To find out how much a Sunday yearly maintenance plan will cost you or to learn more about their product line, visit GetSunday today.

How Long Will It Take If I Switch To An Organic Lawn Care Program

Its important to know that it will take time to see the full effects when you switch to an organic approach for your lawn

If youve ever spent time researching how food can be certified as organic, youll know that the process takes years . This is because it takes a while for pesticides to break down and/or dissipate from an area.

The same is true for your lawn. If you decide to switch to an organic lawn, the changes wont happen overnight. First, any previously-applied synthetic chemicals will take a while to seep from the ground or decompose. So while you may be using only organic materials, your property wont be fully free of synthetic substances for at least a year.

Youll also notice some changes in the composition of your lawn as the nutrients in your soil level out. While we can knock back weeds with organic weed prevention, we cant eliminate them entirely like a synthetic herbicide can be prepared to tolerate some weeds in your lawn.

See Clover in the Lawn Good or Bad?

Over the course of about three years, organic treatments and proper care of your grass will lead to a lush, green lawn thats healthy and free of toxic materials. Just give nature some time to bounce back from all of the chemicals that were previously applied and allow all nutrients to get into the soil where they can support the growth of a vigorous lawn.

Should I Put Synthetic Chemicals On My Lawn

Building up the overall health of the growing environment that feeds your lawn- and doing it with organic lawncare maintenance – will get you the same green grass on your own side of the fence, but with better, longer-lasting results and none of the negative side effects from chemicals.

In our country, there is a huge market for products to put on our plants and lawns that promise incredible results: rapid growth, fewer weeds, and a minimum of pests and disease. And while most of these products admittedly do what they advertise, the environmental and potential health risks that come with using them are more significant than Im willing to accept.

It was such a concern for one family they made the switch cold turkey overnight. From a full-on, high chemical maintenance program to completely organic, on all 16-acres of their estate lawn! We were the first crew ever allowed in to document their amazing story.

Synthetic lawn fertilizers, for example, are salt-based. Used in excess, theyll literally burn your grass. But even when used as directed, the chemical buildup in the soil can harm or even destroy the living organisms that Mother Nature has placed there for long-term benefits.

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Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan Review

Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan

With the Smart Lawn Plan, customers can give their lawns all the plant nutrition and care they need to stay healthy and green. After receiving their soil, climate, and lawn test analysis, customers will receive their own customized lawn maintenance plan chalked full of nutrient pouches, lawn tools, and information booklets. It is worth noting that this is an annual subscription service.

Their nutrient pouches include organic ingredients such as seaweed, iron, potassium, recycled produce, and even molasses to ensure that your grasswill stay greener than your neighbours side. This is especially encouraging to know, since traditional home improvement nutrients may contain pesticides and herbicides that could be harmful to the environment and your family.

For a yearly subscription priced at $89, the Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan makes yard work feel like a walk in the park.

Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control

When spring is right around the corner, the impending growth of dandelions and other unwanted weeds could be cultivating slowly in your lawn. Instead of subjecting yourself to an afternoon of weeding your lawn, the Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control service can easily do the job for you.

First up is the Weed Warrior, the organic powerhouse weed control spray. It kills unwanted grass, weeds, algae, and moss with results that can be seen in 20 minutes. The Weed Warrior contains organic herbicidal soap and is available in concentrate form.

Is Organic Lawn Care Safer Than Traditional Lawn Care

Does Organic Lawn Care Work?

Of course, the main reason why most people are interested in organic lawn care in the first place is safety. While a lot of people automatically associate the word organic with safe, the truth is, organic doesnt automatically mean something is safe. Similarly, a synthetic product isnt something that you should assume is unsafe, either.

If you take the time to read the label on an organic lawn care product, you might find that its more harmful than a lawn care product being produced in a laboratory under controlled situations, says Daniel. With organic lawn products, you just dont always know what youre getting. A lot of times these products contain sewage sludge or animal manure. It will stink to high heavens and you dont really know whats in there.

Daniel says that there is an automatic assumption that organic lawn care products are like organic foods. They must be heavily regulated and pass different inspections, but thats simply not the case. For this reason, he says that the certainty of understanding exactly what youre getting with scientifically formulated products is just a safer bet all around.

Of course, Daniel adds that he has nothing against organic lawn care, he just doesnt think that homeowners should embrace these programs until they fully understand what theyre getting. He wants to be sure that homeowners understand that an organic lawn care program almost always means more time and more money, for results that may not be nearly as good.

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Get Help Contact The Professionals At Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care

So, what are you, as a Frederick home or business owner, to do? Weve given you a lot to think about, but you dont have to do it alone. Contact the professionals at Royal Greens Professional Lawn Care. Our knowledgeable and trained technicians can meet with you, discuss our various lawn care options and help you determine which program is suitable for your lawn and family. You can learn more about our different lawn care programs, including traditional and organic, by visiting our websites lawn care package page. Or you can contact us by phone at or right here online. We are looking forward to hearing from and helping you.

Live in Montgomery County? Then you may be confused by the different laws governing this county regarding lawn care. Royal Greens has you covered. We have extensive experience working within the county, are familiar with the laws, and will make sure your home or business has a lush, green lawn while adhering to your countys rules.

Want more tips, advice, and ideas? First, check out our blog for other articles on all things lawn and tree care and pest control. Then check us out on social media. Like us on and and follow us on .

How Can I Tell If My Lawn Care Service Is Really Organic

Look for the OMRI Listed logo to ensure the product is truly organic

There are many products and lawn care companies that claim to be organic but that doesnt really tell you the full story.

If youre buying lawn care products at your local garden center, look for ones that say OMRI Listed®. This means that the Organic Materials Review Institute has examined the product and approved it for organic growing.

When working with a lawn care company, ask about the products they use, the frequency of treatments, and the quantity of material used.

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So Whats A Greenish Lawn

First, know this: Lawns suck up more water than any other irrigated crop in the U.S. so their very existence, arguably, is eco-unfriendly. If youre dedicated to protecting life on Earth, replace your lawn with indigenous, drought-resistant plants or artificial turf.

Still, you might think life on Earth isnt worth living unless you can wiggle your toes through cool fescue thats not covered with toxic chemicals. If so, heres some advice:

1. Youll have to devote yourself to precisely mowing , watering , and fertilizing . Diligent lawn care will keep out weeds naturally and promote beneficial insects that will eat the ones you dont want.

2. Forget the idea of lawn perfection. Without chemicals, a few weeds will grow and some patches will turn yellow.

3. Spend a few extra bucks and buy organic lawn products that take the guesswork out of applying non-toxic solutions.

I am an active Realtor specializing in the Douglas County /El Paso County areas. I have experience listing and selling residential properties throughout Douglas County including: Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Franktown, Sedalia, and Larkspur. I am currently expanding my business to Black Forest, Monument, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Falcon, Woodland Park, Divide and Cripple Creek.

To Do List: Good Any Time

How Organic Lawn Care Fertilizers Work: The Ingredients Exposed

Switch to an Organic Fertilizer. This is one of the easiest things you can do, especially if youre not using a lawn service. There are numerous organic options, including pellets or powders that can be applied with a spreader in the same way that most commercial fertilizers are usually spread. See Fertilizing for details.

Set your Mower Height High. Set your cutting height to 2.5 to 3 inches, and cut long. The longer grass will shade out more weeds than will short grass, it will protect the dirt from evaporation, and it will grow more slowly than short grass. Longer lawns therefore need fewer pesticides, less water, and less frequent mowing than short lawns.

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Why Choose Organic Lawn Care

Chemical fertilizers are notorious for killing off insects and microorganisms. While this might seem like a good thing, it can have catastrophic effects. Insects might not seem like a welcome guest in your yard, but many are considered beneficial to plant growth. There are also microorganisms living in the soil which provide nutrients for plants and also function to improve soil quality and plant health. Organic fertilizers do not contain the same harmful chemicals that kill helpful insects. Instead, they replenish the soil with nutrients and assist in creating a healthy environment in which beneficial microorganisms can grow.

Organic fertilizers affect the soil as well as plants for a complete treatment. Chemical fertilizers only treat the plant by improving growth speeds. By not treating the soil, these types of fertilizers leach the soil of essential nutrients, whereas organic fertilizers consistently add nutrients and improve soil quality while also improving growth speeds and productivity.

With continual use, your entire yard can become much healthier. Properly nourished plants are much more resistant to diseases and weeds. If your lawn has been plagued by disease and weeds, it might be time to invest in an organic lawn care regimen to strengthen the quality of soil and the health of your grass.

Perform A Soil Test First

Each landscape is different, and each lawn is different. Treating them with a one-size-fits-all fertilizer does not take into account the individual needs of each lawn. A soil test will check the pH levels and the levels of various nutrients in your soil, especially levels of N , P , and K . The soil test might also check for lime, sulfur, and other elements.

This is why the first step we take in organic lawn care is to come to your property and administer a soil test. We need to know which nutrients are lacking and which are in abundance. Both too little and too much of one nutrient can have ill effects. Its kind of like vitamins if you are lacking Vitamin D in your diet, taking more Vitamin C is not going to heal the core issues. Similarly, if your lawn is low on magnesium and you treat it with a general fertilizer that contains a lot of nitrogen, your lawn is going to have issues and is not going to thrive.

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Why Is Organic Lawn Care So Important

Harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers are prolific in the lawn care industry. Theyre on shelves in garden and hardware stores, in tanks on the back of city trucks, and commonly used by all the conventional lawn services available to homeowners. Seeing chemical lawn pesticides and fertilizers is commonplace for most, and many people dont question the use them. So why use organic lawn care instead of all of these readily available chemical pesticides and fertilizers?

Its true that non-organic pesticides do a good job of killing weeds you can often see them working within hours of an application. And chemical fertilizers are often fast-acting, too. Of the most commonly used weed killers , the majority of them are considered to be harmful to human, animal, wildlife, and natural health. And chemical lawn fertilizers arent without fault, either. They come with a whole host of problems, too.

Safe And Effective Too

Lawn Care

Of course, now you might be feeling a bit frustrated if you started this process in search of organic lawn care. You now understand that most programs arent completely organic and those that are, dont work very well.

You may feel as though you still have lingering worries. After all, what you want is something that is both safe and effective. You want the best of both worlds and feel as though you shouldnt have to choose one or the other.

With all of Master Lawns lawn care programs, we use safe products that are not harmful to the environment and that are safe for your family and pets as well.

However, we even go a step further than that and also offer our hybrid Platinum program that uses organic lawn fertilizer including bionutritional probiotic soil additives to reduce the need for pesticides. Though we believe these products can be used safely and effectively we understand that some of our customers still want to limit their use.

With this hybrid approach, were able to do just that.

The Platinum program is what we would call the best of both worlds for our customers who are looking for limited control product usage but still want a spectacular lawn. With the Platinum program you can expect 10 lawn care visits. Well also add core aeration to your package in order to help your lawn become thicker, naturally. This is beneficial because a thicker lawn will naturally choke out weed growth.

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Using Organic Lawn Fertilizers As Part Of Your Lawn Care Schedule

Organically-based lawn fertilizers are crucial to non-toxic, chemical-free lawn care. Natural fertilizers nourish the soil with essential nutrientsnitrogen , phosphorus , and potassium . The best organic fertilizers should have a high nitrogen content to promote lush, green growth in your turfgrass.

The nutrient ratio in organic lawn fertilizers is written as N-P-K. An ideal ratio in any type of lawn fertilizer is 3-1-2. For example, a commercial organic lawn feed could have a ratio of 15-5-10. This means that it contains 15 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphorous, and 10 percent potassium.

During the growing season, you should feed your lawn with an organic fertilizer two to three times. Apply good-quality lawn fertilizer in late May, early July, and then in early fall. Fertilizing at these times helps promote robust, healthy turfgrass growth.

Lets look at five of the best organic lawn fertilizers currently for sale.

Sunday Lawn Care Alternatives

Sunday Lawn Care is a unique lawn care service in that it exists entirely online, with customized products shipped to your door for you to apply. Two years ago, if you wanted this kind of no-brainer service, Sunday would have been your only choice. Since then, though, more companies have popped up copying their business plan.

One of these do-it-yourself style subscriptions is Lawn Serv. This online lawn service also offers natural and organic fertilizers and sprays but with monthly deliveries instead of seasonal shipments. While this does cost more per year, you can expect more products, including weed and insect killers, included with the subscription price. Unlike Sunday, these products are not made by the company but are chosen from other retailers based on a standard for quality and safety.

If applying your own fertilizer treatments sounds like something you would rather not do, then a more traditional lawn care subscription may be a better option. Trugreen offers a long list of different subscription packages so you can pick the services and price that works best for you. All the work is completed by the Trugreen team so you dont have to worry about lifting a finger. The products used vary by subscription but few of them, if any, are natural. Many are considered toxic to pets and people, requiring a drying period after applications before the lawn can be safely enjoyed.


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